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Apple Aims to Thwart Unwanted AirTag Tracking With Tweaks

Apple Aims to Thwart Unwanted AirTag Tracking With Tweaks

Apple on Thursday announced updates to AirTag coin-sized tracking gadgets to prevent them from being utilized to covertly track individuals rather of simply finding lost secrets, wallets or other items.Launched early in 2015, AirTag devices are designed to be attached to things people tend to lose, synching wirelessly to iPhone designs, iPad gadgets, or iPod Touch gadgets to signify where they can be found.Reports rapidly emerged of AirTags being utilized for more dishonest ends, such as being privately stuck on an automobile to later on take it or learn where the owner goes. “We’ve become aware that people can receive undesirable tracking alerts for benign reasons, such as when borrowing someone’s secrets with an AirTag connected,”Apple stated in a post.”We also have seen reports of bad stars trying to misuse AirTag for malicious or criminal functions.”Apple said that it has been dealing with authorities and security groups to stop misuse, which it maintained is rare.Newer iPhone designs will alert owners of an”unknown device spotted “when they sense an unknown AirTag in range.AirTag software is being updated to display an alerting the first time it is used, encouraging that tracking people without their approval is

a criminal offense in many locales and Apple will share the identities of owners with cops when warranted.Apple said it is working on enabling iPhone handsets to more precisely locate AirTag gadgets to assist people discover any planted without their permission.” AirTag was developed to

help people find their individual possessions, not to track people or another individual’s property,” Apple stated in the post.”We condemn in the strongest possible terms any malicious usage of our products.”Apple late last year launched software application so individuals with Android-powered mobile phones can identify if an AirTag is nearby..embed-container p>

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