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Zigbee2MQTT external converters availible

An external converter is a text file with a description of how to work with one or another ZigBee device if it has not been added to the official support.

You can use the base not only to find your specific device but also as a template. After all, manufacturers have a lot of completely identical functional devices that differ only in the manufacturer’s code. In addition, it happens when the supported device does not have all the functionality implemented and it can be added just through the converter.

FrankEver Tuya Zigbee Valve

Model ID:TS0601
Manufacturer name: _TZE200_5uodvhgc

Aqara Human body Exists Sensor FP1

Manufacturer name: lumi.motion.ac01

Aubess Tuya Zigbee Smart Socket 16A 3800W EU

Model ID:TS011F
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_gjnozsaz

Bseed Tuya ZigBee Wall Power Smart Sockets

Model ID:TS011F
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_o1jzcxou

ZigBee Fan Coil Thermostat

Model ID:TS0601
Manufacturer name: _TZE200_dzuqwsyg

Aqara smart wall switch H1 pro (no neutral, double rocker)

Model ID:lumi.switch.l2acn1
Manufacturer name: LUMI

Thermostat AVATTO ZWT81 v.1.21.1-1

Model ID:TS0601
Manufacturer name: _TZE200_ye5jkfsb

Zigbee electricity meter 3 line 100А

Model ID:msh.pzem.3f
Manufacturer name: MySmartHome

Zigbee electricity meter 1 line 100А

Model ID:msh.pzem
Manufacturer name: MySmartHome

Aqara smart wall switch H1 pro (with neutral, three rocker)

Model ID:lumi.switch.n3acn1
Manufacturer name: LUMI

Tuya Zigbee Smart Curtain

Model ID:TS0601
Manufacturer name: TZE200_gubdgai2

Tuya Smart Life Zigbee Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Model ID:TS0201
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_qaaysllp

Yanohi Tuya Zigbee Smart Light Lamp E27 Dimmable RGB+W+CCT

Model ID:TS0505B
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_12sxjap4

BlitzWolf BW-SHP15 Zigbee Smart switch EU Plug

Model ID:TS011F
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_mraovvmm

Moes Zigbee Humidity / Temperature Light Sensor

Model ID:TS0222
Manufacturer name: _TYZB01_kvwjujy9

Moes TV 01 ZigBee3.0 Smart Radiator Valve Actuator

Model ID:TS0601
Manufacturer name: _TZE200_e9ba97vf

WDYK Din Zigbee relay

Model ID:TS011F
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_1hwjutgo

UseeLink Zigbee 3.0 Smart Strip

Model ID:TS0115
Manufacturer name: _TYZB01_vkwryfdr

Haozee Tuya Zigbee 3.0 EU Plug 3680W 16A

Model ID:TS011F
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_w0qqde0g

Girier Zigbee Mini Smart Switch

Model ID:TS0001
Manufacturer name: _TZ3000_majwnphg