Canarm LTD Calibre BPT 48 Frosted Glass 1 Bulb Light Kit, 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades, Grey/White

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ColorBrushed Pewter
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special FeatureReversible_airflow
  • Requires Bond hub (sold separately) to work with Alexa.
  • Calibre 48-Inch one-light type, five blade ceiling fan
  • Has 3 reversible blades that can change from grey on one side and white on the other
  • Accommodates a 1-Each 100W (A-type) bulb. Not included
  • Includes a canopy type handheld remote that provides 3 speeds and a light dimmer
  • Has a double montage complete with frosted glass kit
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Device detailed description

From the Manufacturer

The CANARM LTD Calibre Ceiling Fan has a suave appearance. It’s 3-Each 48-Inch fan blades are reversible with grey on one side and white on the other. It features a dual mount hanging system and brushed pewter finish decorative collar cover. It has a double montage complete with frosted glass kit. Accommodates a 1-Each 100W (A-type) bulb. Not included. The canopy type handheld remote control allows for 3 speeds and a light dimmer. The fan has a C/UL safety listing.
– Check fuses and circuit breakers.
1. Fan will not start – Check wiring connections to fan.
– Check wiring connections in switch housing.
CAUTION: Turn power off for last two items.
2. Fan sounds noisy
– Check to make sure that all screws in motor housing are snug.
– Check to make sure that blade bracket screws are tight.
– Check to make sure that marrettes in switch housing are not rattling against wall of switch housing.
– If fan has a light kit make sure switch housing screws and set screws are tight.
– Some fan motors are sensitive to signals from solid state variable controls. If solid state controller is used, change to an alternative control. (See a Canarm representative for a list of available controls.)
– Allow a 24 hour break in period to eliminate most noises.
3. Fan wobbles – Check that all blades are screwed firmly into blade brackets. or shakes excessively.
– Check that blade brackets are secured firmly to motor.
– Check distance from tip of blades to ceiling. Gently bend up or down the blade brackets until all distances are the same.
– Check distance between blade tip to blade tip. All measurements should be equal. Loosen blade screws and position blade until even then re-tighten.
– Check that the downrod hemisphere notch is engaged in canopy.
– Check to make sure that jam screws in downrod are tightened.
– Make sure canopy and mounting bracket are tightened securely to wooden joist.
– Make sure warpage has not occurred in wooden blades. If so, contact the Canarm customer service department for replacement parts.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Special Features

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎Limited lifetime warranty.


Power Source

Certification Smart device certification

Cutting Diameter Smart device cutting diameter

Assembled Diameter

Mounting Type


‎Calibre BPT 48

Included Components

‎Light Kit

Item Weight

Control Method

Number of Light Sources

Air Flow Capacity

Frequently asked question

can this be hung on an angled vaulted ceiling

We hung ours on an angled ceiling and it works fine

Instructions say this van has a slide switch to reverse the blades. Where is the switch located?

On the top of the fan

How can I get a replacement remote?

I went to the manufacturer’s website and sent an email. They responded very quickly, may have been the same day. They were extremely professional, courteous, and helpful. They ordered the remote for me and I got it immediately.

how do you program the remote?

there are dip switches in the remote and the receiver in the fan, just match up the dip switches. Very easy .

3 reviews for Canarm LTD Calibre BPT 48 Frosted Glass 1 Bulb Light Kit, 48-Inch Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades, Grey/White


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  • Anonymous

    Good modern fan for the price, some flaws

    that work perfectly well with this fan and are more consistent with my other switches and receptacles.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous


    This is a beautiful fan, and a great price.
    Like other reviewers have mentioned, getting the remote receiver to fit under the canopy is a real P.I.T.A. Yes, the canopy should be a bit bigger to make it easier to install the receiver.
    I wasn’t surprised the fan speeds are ‘reversed’ (1 being highest, 3 being lowest) as I have other things in the house made in China that are the same way.
    My landlord installed the fan for me, and although he followed the instructions to a ‘T’, neither the fan nor light worked after he was finished. I called a neighbor who is an electrician over to take a look, and he immediately spotted what was wrong, as a previous reviewer mentioned, the instructions state the DIP switches on both the remote and the receiver must be set the same way. Since all the DIP switches on both the remote and receiver were already set to ‘0’ upon receipt, we left them that way (all set to ‘0’ on both means both are THE SAME). The electrician explained that at least one DIP switch on each MUST be set to ‘1’, and it must be the same DIP switch on both set to ‘1’.
    Once he flipped the first DIP switch to ‘1’ on both the remote and receiver, the fan and light worked perfectly.
    The reason for the DIP switches is so that if you have more than one fan installed in the house (in different rooms), you can set the DIP switches for each fan and remote differently so that if you change the speed/lighting on the fan in the living room, for example, it won’t change the speed/lighting of the fan in an adjacent room at the same time!
    Yes, I think this should have been explained in more detail in the manual, but I don’t think it’s a big enough issue to score down the fan, which works perfectly and looks lovely.
    The other thing I really like about the fan is the design is such that dust will not be as great an issue as with my old fan. The fan this one replaced was a three-light, five blade fan with pull chains for the fan speeds and lights. I use a manual wheelchair and so am not able to clean a fan myself, but even when I had someone clean it for me the chains, light shades, and blades would become covered with dust within just a couple of weeks. Everything that can be enclosed on this fan IS enclosed, which means fewer places for dust to attach. I suspect keeping this fan looking clean is going to be much easier to do!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    The worst Amazon shopping experience I have ever had!

    Do yourself a favor and don’t bother buying these.
    My wife and I really liked the style of these for our kids room…small, and nice design. So I ordered two. Initially, they were out of stock (which we knew when I ordered, so no big deal) and was pleased when I received notice about a week after I ordered that they had been shipped. Great! When they arrived, I was a little surprised to find how poorly they were packaged by Amazon. Both fans were in a larger box, with brown paper as the filler. Both fan boxes would move around a lot inside the larger box. It was particularly disturbing to hear the parts of the fan moving around inside.
    Anyway, I proceeded to open the 1st one. Nothing looked damaged, so I continued with the install. Fairly easy to install, no major issues. Flipped the fan on and the motor housing (where the 3 fan blades go through and attached to the motor assembly) looked strange. It was no longer round but rather oblong…very noticeable when turned on. It looked as if someone sat on it and flatted out the fan.
    That was not going to work…one fan was definitely going to be returned. I opened the second fan. The same motor housing (what I’m calling it) had a dent in it and was noticeably not round.
    OK…0 for 2.
    I’ve never had to return an item to Amazon and, to their credit, it is pretty darn easy. I had UPS pick my return and the two new fans showed up in less than 2 days from when I requested the return. Kudos for easy return policy!
    However, I heard glass moving around in the box with the two new fans. Opened each and, you guessed it…both had broken glass for the light.
    Now, we’re wondering what to do. This is almost getting comical. Four fans, all damaged…really!? Do I give it more shot or just get a refund? I thought it would be inconceivable to have another two fans show up damaged…so I decided to give it another shot. Big mistake!
    Note- the manufacture does an extremely poor job at packing these. Way too much empty space with parts floating around inside…not to mention I noticed that the form fitting styrofoam seemed to break down under the weight of the fan…hence, not giving much support for shipping.
    Upon receiving the two new fans (really the 5th and 6th fans), I opened them up and, to my surprise (well, not really) both had damage to the same part of the fan. The motor housing on both fans had dents and looked like they had been placed under heavy load, bending the part that should be round into something slightly oval.
    Needless to say, I returned these for a full refund. I will say that this manufacture really needs to re-evaluate the way they pack these fans…packed poorly and on the cheap. Compared to the Hunter and Allen + Roth fans I picked up at Lowes, it was no wonder these didn’t survive the shipping. Hey Canarm, buy a fan from one of these manufactures and notice how they are packaged, you may learn something. You could probably drop the for-mentioned fans from 5-6 feet in the air (while still packed in the box) and no damage would occur. If you did that with this Canarm fan, the glass would most definitely break and I’m sure the motor housing would get bent out of shape. Probably what happened to the fans I ordered.
    While I really like the style of the fan and it would probably work flawlessly, if six fans can’t make it to my house on three separate occasions without sever cosmetic damage, I can’t possible say anything positive about this item.
    As stated above, save yourself the time and hassles and stay away from this fan. Additionally, based upon this experience, I will NEVER buy a product from Canarm again and would recommend you do the same.
    Six fans….all damaged.

    Verified Purchase

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