Leviton 3W102-E Clamptite Hinged Cord Outlet, 2-Pole, 3-Wire, 125V, 15A, Thermoplastic, Black

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  • Ideal for replacement of plugs on tools, appliances and extension cords
  • Hinged design provides fast, easy assembly
  • Rugged PVC plug and connector resists moisture and chemicals
  • Built-in cord grip adjusts automatically for use with 18-12 AWG.
  • Total Power Outlets: 1
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Device detailed description

The Leviton line of residential plugs and connectors has been expanded with the addition of a grounding model available in four colors: Black, Gray, Orange and White and our best-selling 515PV and CV in Orange. Leviton Plugs and Connectors are rugged, easy to wire and feature brass plug blades and connector contacts for maximum conductivity.

Features and specification

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Product Dimensions

‎1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

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Frequently asked question

need 1 for a 10/3 gauge wire?

THIS PLUG WILL WORK WITH A MAXIMUM OF 14 GAUGE WIRE -- THE CORD CLAMP & COVER WILL NOT CLOSE COMPLETELY WHEN USING ANYTHING LARGER THAN 14/3 SJT/SJO (14-gauge/3-conductor) CORDS/CABLES. The largest cord I could safely use with this Leviton Plug was a 14/3 SJTW cord & had to firmly close the cover with one hand whil… see more THIS PLUG WILL WORK WITH A MAXIMUM OF 14 GAUGE WIRE -- THE CORD CLAMP & COVER WILL NOT CLOSE COMPLETELY WHEN USING ANYTHING LARGER THAN 14/3 SJT/SJO (14-gauge/3-conductor) CORDS/CABLES. The largest cord I could safely use with this Leviton Plug was a 14/3 SJTW cord & had to firmly close the cover with one hand while tightening the screw. If you need to replace the plug on a 12/3 12-gauge or 10/3 10-gauge electrical cord - I *highly recommend* using one of the larger, round Leviton plugs w/ the cord clamp that tightens independently from the plug housing. -- Those plugs will handle Cords up to 0.590' Diameter. -- Anything Larger than 0.590' Diameter, and you will be forced to use the Leviton Industrial 'Black & White' Plugs, which feature an insert in the cord clamp/strain relief -- you can remove the insert to allow for use of larger cords up to 3/4' (0.750') in Diameter. Thank You All & Please Be Safe When Working With Electricity❗⚡ ⚡

Where do you route the green wire? Does it run right up along the outside of the white piece? Looks like a tight fit between the case screw and wht pc

I just went straight up and over, and then just work the screw between the wires when you go to close up the plug

Why does this product title include 'Not Available' in its title when it shows as fully available below? Please do not post titles such as this.

Yes, yes. It's right there in the very first line of the items name (in the Larger fonts) - 'Leviton 3W102-E Not Available....'. I need one - will order and see!

Can this be used outdoors?

I would not recomend outdoor use. There is no seal water would easily enter and short or corrode the internal contacts. I suppose one could fill the thing with liquid electrical tape, as its called. But thatcis not its constructed purpose.

6 reviews for Leviton 3W102-E Clamptite Hinged Cord Outlet, 2-Pole, 3-Wire, 125V, 15A, Thermoplastic, Black


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  • Anonymous

    BLACK Wire goes to Brass screw, WHITE Wire goes to Silver - Tips included.

    Silly me, got a new hedge trimmer, & learned to pay attention to where the cord is, before you chop down that stupid plant that’s been bugging you. My 50′ cord is now only 44′ long, but this is way cheaper than buying a new one ($25+).
    I liked that this plug looks more like the original, but was concerned about the reviews stating it’s too hard to fit. Took a shot, & it wasn’t too bad. I made a guess as to how long to strip the wires, then had to take a couple more guesses, but other than that, It was fairly straightforward. (strip 1.5′ off external sheath, 0.5′ off the internal wires)
    I hate that the vendor does not provide any instructions at all, nor even a picture of what’s inside, so you’re just left wondering. See my pics, and it will be very clear what to do, & what I did.
    I very much wanted the whole wire sheathing at the entry point, with no stripped wires sticking out, so the length of the stripped wire matters a lot, and there’s very little play in the lengths you can cut/fit.
    * I cut back the exterior sheathing to about 1.5′
    * I cut back the 3 wires inner sheathings to expose 1/2′ bare wire.
    * My extension cord is pretty thick, & the inner wires = size 14 on the electrical stripper.
    * I twisted the sheathing a lot, as I removed it, because these are strands of wire, not solid.
    * I used a screwdriver to loop the wire ends around, to prep them for screwing on.
    * ** Loop wires so they go with the cut end aimed in the direction the screw turns, so it doesn’t push them off, when you tighten the screws.
    * BLACK Wire goes to the BRASS Screw, WHITE Wire goes to the Silver Screw. Green goes to Green.
    * My wires were still frayed a bit after tightening, so I wrapped a piece of electrical tape on to hold them in position. Not ideal but I really worked those wires in there, and they just wouldn’t all stay.
    * DO NOT Wrap the entire thing in tape, as you need to keep that screw hole clear to seal it.
    * Once you have the screw hole cleared, shut it. If it doesn’t shut all the way, you’ve likely got a wire laid over the hole. (I did). Just open it up, make sure the hole is clear, and try again.
    * Once you’ve got it shut properly, screw it shut.
    Mine did shut well after I moved the wire, and I was happy, but since I don’t fully trust screws in plastic to never come loose, I slapped a piece of electrical tape around that screw, too, just to be sure it doesn’t come apart down the line.
    It’s stretchy tape, so it conformed to the shape perfectly, and looks good on the black plug.
    It fits, matches fairly well with the other end of the original plug, & once I figured out all the things I’ve spared you figuring out, I could do another one in 5 minutes, instead of the half hour I spent on it. (Hubby had to use some electrical testing equipment to figure out which wire went to which screw.)
    Also, some reviews suggested this was plastic, & therefore likely to shatter if it hit the floor. I won’t say that couldn’t happen, but I don’t think it would shatter. It’s not that kind of plastic. I wouldn’t repeatedly slam in on bricks to test it, but I wouldn’t panic if I dropped it on the cement floor, either.
    Overall, a good solution to a ruined electrical cord. (My Bad… but now I’m redeemed – for less than $4. Bucks! Yay! : )

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  • Anonymous

    Don't strip too much wire


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  • Anonymous

    Easy, secure and professional look.

    I have bought these before. The Levitons are the cleanest look and secure hold.
    When done, the plug looks factory.
    I like the low profile, factory look and it holds tight. I use this to repair old ends or make new ends from old computer power cords.

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  • Anonymous

    I hate throwing away good 3 wire cables from old electronics.

    My wife needed a short extension cord for her laptop. I looked through my junk drawer and found an old 3 wire electrical cable from a VCR we had recycled, It was the perfect length. I just had to cut off the end plug, separate the wires, strip the insulation and connect them to the hinged outlet. For just a few dollars I had a custom length extension cord.

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  • Anonymous

    Works fine

    Getting wires cut to right length (not too long), helps it go together smoothly.

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  • Anonymous

    Hace su trabajo

    Hace su trabajo a una fracción del costo en lugar de remplazar toda la extensión

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