Schlage Z-Wave Motion Sensor with Nexia, RS200

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Power SourceBattery-powered
Item Weight0.22 Pounds
Maximum Range39 Feet
Battery Life26280 Hours
  • To utilize the great features of remote access and control your Nexia system provides, a monthly subscription of $9.99 required.
  • Set Nexia to notify you with a text message or email alert when activity is detected in the home
  • Set Nexia to record a short video when activity is present
  • Incorporate into a scene so the lights turn on where there is activity
  • The Schlage Motion Sensor allows you to remotely detect activity within the home allowing you to stay in touch and in control
  • Simple installation and set up–no drilling required
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Batteries Included?

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Warranty Description

‎1 Year Limited Mechanical and Electronics Warranty

Product Dimensions

‎2 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

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Power Source

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Included Components

‎Mounting hardware, Battery

Battery Life

Item Weight

Compatible Devices

Maximum Range

Product guides and documentsInstallation Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

can you program this through veralite to message you only during certain hours, or if you're on vacation, etc.?

I have only used this with the Nexia system but yes, you can set a schedule for it just to work during certain hours in vacation mode and have it text or send an email to you if it senses motion. I have mine sensing at night and when it sees anything it turns in the lights in that area and activates the cameras.

Does it take video or do I need a sperate device for it?

It does not take video so yes you would need a seperate device. This item only detects motion and temperature.

Can this be used outdoors?

I had one installed outdoors and it stopped working after a year

What is the detection range for line-of-sight motion? Does it depend on the jumper settings?

Line of sight detection up to 100 feet. Sensitivity setting does not reduce range.

2 reviews for Schlage Z-Wave Motion Sensor with Nexia, RS200


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  • Anonymous

    Good battery life, but single function and larger than others

    I have tried 7 connected motion sensors, including Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi-Sensor, Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor, Ecolink Motion Detector, Enerwave Z-wave Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor, Philio 4-in-1 multi-sensor, Schlage Motion Sensor, and SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor.
    Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi-Sensor has multiple functions. However, the battery does not last long.
    Ecolink and Schlage are almost identical. (Their open/close sensors are almost identical. I assume that they share the same manufacturer.) The battery life is extremely good.
    Enerwave has a different design so that we can mount the sensor at a different location from others. For example, if I just want to the motion sensor to be triggered only when people are directly below the sensor. Unfortunately, the support is bad and thus it does not integrate well with other. While some people claimed it could be integrated with SmartThings. In reality, many people including me cannot make it work. Don’t buy this if you plan to integrate with SmartThings.
    SmartThings sensors are reasonable in terms of its form factor. However, the battery does not last long. It also has more false alarms than the Ecolink and Schlage motion sensor. There is a way to plug in USB power, but unfortunately AC power or USB power may not be available everywhere.
    Philio is a multi-sensor. Unfortunately, it may not be a good idea to have a PIR motion sensor and the open/close sensor on the same sensor. The open/close sensors are often mounted on the door or the window. If I have curtains or window blinds, then the PIR motion sensor will be blocked.
    WeMo motion sensor seems very stable. It is sensitive enough, but it did not generate false alarm in my experiment. Furthermore, it uses WiFi network, which is more stable than the Z-Wave or Zigbee network in my house. However, it must be AC powered. This limits where I can put it. Also, any further action/decision must be taken place in the cloud. It is not the best choice.
    Aeon, Ecolink, and Schlage allow users to adjust the sensitivity. However, there is no good feedback system for the user to adjust the sensitivities. It requires a lot of tries and errors.
    Personally, I would recommend different items for different purposes, depending on whether you have a good WiFi, Zigbee, or Z-wave network, whether you have a good AC power, whether it is easy for you to change battery, whether you want to have multiple functions, e.g., temperature or luminance sensor.
    In general, you don’t care of changing battery often, Aeon Multi-Sensor is a good choice. If you don’t really want to change the battery every six months, Ecolink or Schlage is better.

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  • Anonymous

    Small, reliable, excellent battery life, works well with HomeSeer

    I spent hours researching each of the mediocre options available in Z-Wave motion sensors. Most were too big, had poor battery life, reported false positives, and/or had communications issues.
    I had, until that point, not considered the Schlage RS200HC for two reasons: (a) It required a non-rechargeable battery, and (b) there was no information available on compatibility with non-Nexia systems. Once I realized that none of the other options would do, however, I decided to take the plunge and order the RS200HC. And it was the best decision I could have made.
    – The sensor is small and lightweight. It’s inconspicuous, looks like an ordinary hardwired unit, and doesn’t invite people to mess with it. It turns out the CR123A lithium battery I was initially concerned about actually helps in this regard, being much smaller than the 2-3 AA(A) batteries required by other Z-Wave motion sensors, and allowing the RS200HC to fit in a small case.
    – Battery life is fantastic. Schlage advertises three years, and while I don’t expect to get that much out of mine (I have them installed outdoors), I can nonetheless see them lasting a long time. Five days after installation, both batteries are still reading 100%. Update: Nine months later, the batteries are at 99%.
    – It can be mounted flat or in a corner, and the mounting kit includes both screws and double-sided tape.
    – The RS200HC works great with HomeSeer. After pairing, you’ll see four new devices: Root, Power Management Alarm, Battery, and Binary Switch. HomeSeer reports that the device is manufactured by Ecolink, runs ZDK version 4.54, and supports classes SENSOR BINARY, ALARM, MANUFACTURER SPECIFIC, VERSION, ASSOCIATION V2, WAKE UP, BATTERY, and CONFIGURATION V2.
    – Communications range is very good for a battery-powered Z-Wave device. The RS200HC on my back porch was able to talk to the Aeon Z-Stick at the front of the house before I even optimized my network, which is unlike other battery-powered Z-Wave devices (Kwikset locks, I’m looking at you).
    – It’s made in Taiwan, for those who care.
    – The instructions aren’t clear on the screwiness that may occur if you try to enroll the sensor with the cover off. When the cover is off, the tamper switch is activated, the LED glows solid red, and attempting to pair the sensor can create a mess–at least with HomeSeer. Mine reported random battery levels (from 99% to 66% to 88%), incomplete devices were created, and motion sensing didn’t work. Putting the cover on, removing the screwy devices, and re-enrolling the sensor fixed everything. To avoid problems, install the battery, customize the jumper settings, snap the cover on, and wait for the LED to turn off before adding the sensor to your Z-Wave network.
    – Some people have reported issues with the plastic peg that pushes the tamper switch when the cover is on. I didn’t have this problem with either of my sensors, but mine did ship with a rubber-band-like contraption that makes the tip of the peg wider. The whole thing is quite shoddy, but it works.
    – As with any battery-powered Z-Wave device, response is not instantaneous and it may take a couple of seconds for events to be triggered after motion is sensed. Even so, the RS200HC is pretty quick to wake up compared to other battery-powered Z-Wave devices (Kwikset locks, I’m looking at you again).

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