iSmartAlarm Premium Home Security Package | Wireless DIY No Fee IFTTT & Alexa Compatible iOS & Android App | iSA3, White

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StylePremium Package
Item Dimensions LxWxH13 x 10 x 8 inches
Item Weight5.2 Pounds
  • Pan-tilt live view the home
  • Phone, SMS, E-mail and push notification alerts
  • No monthly fees, no contracts
  • Open to future home automation features
  • Almost unlimited expandability
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Device detailed description

Product Description

The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is a DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security system, no monthly fees, no contracts required. The iSmartAlarm App allows the user to utilize their iPhone to arm, monitor and disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time, the App shows who is at home, when family members left or returned and the on/off status of each sensor. The App will alert all designated members with a phone call, SMS message, push notifications and email when the iSmartAlarm security system detects a break-in or unauthorized activity and allows the user to view the home’s status and safety via the streaming and pan-tilt iCamera (viewable at any time, from anywhere, from the user’s smartphone).

From the Manufacturer

The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is a DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security system, no monthly fees, no contracts required. The iSmartAlarm App allows the user to utilize their iPhone to arm, monitor, and disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time, the App shows who is at home, when family members left or returned, and the on/off status of each sensor. The App will alert all designated members with a phone call, SMS message, push notifications and email when the iSmartAlarm security system detects a break-in or unauthorized activity, and allows the user to view the home’s status and safety via the streaming and pan-tilt iCamera (viewable at any time, from anywhere, from the user’s smartphone)

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Frequently asked question

how are the devices 'internally powered' ?? batteries? air? power supply?

The CubeOne and the iCamera are powered by directly connecting it to a power outlet. The remaining devices (remotes, contact sensors, motion sensors) are all battery powered.

Our home does not have very good cell reception or service. I assume that would be a problem with messaging our iphones?

The iSmartAlarm uses your router for its internet connection. As long as your cell phones have coverage away from your home you will be able to access all options. There is no cell connection needed at your home.

can you record activity at home after alarm notification?

You can view the camera at all times thru your phone. The alarm doesn't have to be triggered but you can not record anything. My alarm faces my door and will take a picture if the alarm is triggered. One word of advice though, it is a very poor quality picture. I can't even recognize myself if i accidentally trigger it.

Can it be used without monitoring service? I just want it programmed it to call me.

Yes. It's awesome. No monitoring but if alarm is set off you get a phone call with a recording and a text message. Great service!

3 reviews for iSmartAlarm Premium Home Security Package | Wireless DIY No Fee IFTTT & Alexa Compatible iOS & Android App | iSA3, White


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  • Anonymous

    OK for the price but needs improvements.

    This system does what it advertises but it could be MUCH better. The built-in alarm is NOT loud as advertised. It also should not have to be hard wired into the router. It should have the ability to be located anywhere in the house with a wireless connection to the network AND HIDDEN. I have it set up with no audible alarm and instant on with no delay. If the delay warning goes off an intruder is going to find it and possibly disconnect the whole system before it sends out any message. The door/window sensors are rather expensive. It’s not cost effective to put one on every window so this leaves gaps in security. I just rely on the motion sensor for large areas but if you have animals this will be a problem due to false alarms. The iCamera: I bought this system mainly for the camera ability but I’m pretty disappointed in it and don’t have it hooked up. I have rural wireless internet with an average speed of 3-4Mbps. This is not enough for this camera. When connected it drags my internet down to dial-up speed. If you have cable internet you should be fine though. I wish that info was noted on the description. I would have bought the cheaper system without the camera. ADDED – The Satellite Siren: It works but it’s not very loud. It is only as loud as the cube siren. In a small room it’s ok but it needs to be twice as loud and needs to be waterproof so it can be mounted outside to get the attention of neighbors. FOR THE PRICE THIS SYSTEM IS OK AND SERVES MY PURPOSES.

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  • Anonymous

    Want to like it..

    Ismart Alarm has VERY responsive tech support. I only received one alarm remote and that is defective. It refuses to connect to my system and the only way to reset a part of the system is to take the battery out. One screw was willing to loosen but not the other. Ismart Alarm was more than willing to replace that.
    I’ve been hoping to keep this system, hoping for something to finally click and it to just work all the time consistently. On day one and two it was responsive. I half sleep walk my puppy every morning and often forget to shut off the alarm (NEVER have forgotten to arm it going to bed or work). It never goes off. It records my movement in the house but doesn’t tell me there is an intruder or send me alerts like it did the first time. It has a 30 alert limit and I have not hit that. It only sent me alerts 3 times.. 1 for each sensor I purposely set off. The camera takes grainy pictures. You can tell what is there but in no way is it high definition. Ismart Alarm told me maybe it was (my brand new) case for it and I should remove the protective cover. I can barely tell the difference between my puppy and a blanket on a couch as a dark blob.
    The system is defective. I’d like to try something else.. maybe on a cellular network or just getting a camera system and a few window sensors that aren’t on a system. I will definitely probably get a piper and a smart things.
    Side note ismart alarm also will NOT run zigbee or zwave products. It also doesn’t have much of a web interface. To check each of your sensors to see if they went off you have to click on each sensor, there is no list for everything at once.
    Disappointed. It has a clean web 2.0 style interface. But if you are wanting to know if someone is in your home, this is not the alarm for you. It also doesn’t record video. Rather than create more sensors for CES, the makers should have spent their time improving the system to work all the time. The door alarm looks cool… it wont be out until may and considering the base station is the problem I doubt it will work.
    JUST TO BE CLEAR: this seems to be a common problem… check the ismart alarm forums on their website.

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  • Anonymous

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

    A year later…
    Well, its been a little over a year since I installed my system, and, I’m sorry to say, I rarely use it.
    As you can see from my review below, I used motion sensors in my installation. I have an insane number of old, single-pane windows in my 300 year old farmhouse, and really did not want to purchase the 40 contact sensors I would need to ‘wire’ all my windows as well as my doors.
    ‘You were doing so good,’ you ask, ‘what changed?’
    Over the summer, my fiancee moved in, and brought her two American Shorthair cats with her. No big deal, right, I mean, on iSmartAlarm’s web page, Question #2 under ‘FAQS’ asks whether or not their motion sensors are ‘pet friendly’, and the response from iSmartAlarm is: ‘We have found that pets who are heavier than 30 lbs will trip the Motion Sensor, but those who are under will not. We highly suggest testing out the height and angle used to best fit the needs of your home.’
    Well, Ramen and DimSum are small female cats, weighing in at a hefty 7 and 9 pounds respectively…. so, we’re not talking two beefy maine coon pugilists who could eat a dachshund as a snack. Yet… despite being well under the 30-pound weight ‘limit’… yes, you guessed it… they *always* set off the motion detectors.
    It got to the point where the alarm would go off within 15 minutes of us leaving the house and arming it, depending on the room the kitties were in.
    Adjusting the ‘height’ and ‘angle’ of the sensors (suggestions made in FAQ response #2) proved futile, since, well, cats tend to jump up on things (nature’s little predator loves to be up high and stare down looking for dinner scampering on the floor — isn’t instinct in nature an amazing thing to watch first-hand? — but I digress…) and there’s little point of pointing your motion sensor at the ceiling which is about the only place the cats can’t walk.
    So, it eventually got to the point where we simply don’t bother to arm the alarm system, since it is going to go off. I disassembled one of the sensors to see if there were a potentiometer or other type of adjustment I could make which would make the sensor less sensitive, but, unfortunately, there are no adjustable components internally.
    I’m not keen on investing another $1200 in 40 window sensors at this point (is that even possible with the system, i wonder how much wireless congestion there would be with 40+ devices…), even if I did recoup some of my motion sensor investment by selling them on an auction site. The window sensors appear to be constructed principally for modern construction windows, and I’m not entirely sure I would be able to get the sensors to properly align given how my windows are constructed.
    So, at at the moment, the system is, unfortunately, unused for the most part. The only time we use it is when we both are not home, and she takes the cats with her somewhere. The cats are a couple of years old, so, with a lifespan of about 15 years, I’ll post an update on this review in another 13 years or so when I can reactivate the system.
    In summary, adding to the review from a year ago: If you have pets which have free roam of your home in areas where you plan to use the motion sensors, you will either want to consider an alternative system which offers some type of adjustability on the sensors, or a different product entirely.

    Original Review, December 2014:
    For background: I’m a 30+ year IT veteran with a solid background in electronics. I was looking for a ‘simple’ home security system which I could install myself, was wireless (a requirement, as my home is a 300 year old 3500 sq ft. farmhouse and I cannot run wires all over the place due to its post-and-beam construction), I could control from my iPhone, and wouldn’t require me to have any form of monitoring contract. Despite many of the poor reviews, I decided to give this system a try, figuring my IT/electronics knowledge would allow me to overcome any problems. I ordered the premium system with the camera, and 10 additional wireless motion detectors to install throughout my house.
    I received my order, and started to go through the setup process. The first portion, getting the centralized ‘brain’ (iCube) set up was fairly easy. I plugged it in to my network, downloaded the iPhone app, and was able to configure the iCube quickly. It obtains an IP address from your network router — I wanted to give it a static IP address outside my normal DHCP client range, the only way I was able to accomplish this was to create a reservation with my router. There was no mechanism to configure the network parameters of the iCube manually via the smartphone app, or via a web browser once the unit is on the network. Had I known this in advance, I would have pre-configured my router w/ the MAC address of the iCube (which is located on a sticker on the bottom of the unit), but it wasn’t a big deal to create the reservation and then re-boot the iCube.
    Once the iCube was set up, I started the process of setting up the sensors. 9 of my 10 sensors added without a glitch. The 10th sensor refused to detect at all. I tried swapping batteries (the sensors come pre-packaged with batteries and a small plastic tab you remove to ‘activate’ the sensor). Upon further examination of the packaging, it appeared the sensor had been a return to the amazon vendor I purchased the items from, so clearly it had been a defective sensor someone else returned but the vendor was not aware of this and ended up reselling it to me. I arranged a return of the sensor to the vendor via amazon and awaited a replacement.
    My attention then turned to the ‘iCamera’. I wasted at least 8 hours of my time trying to get this thing to work. My iPhone app refused to detect the camera on my network, despite the fact I could clearly see it had leased an ip address and I could connect to it with Safari on the iPhone. The iCamera setup involves two steps. Step 1 is to connect it to the wired network in your house, configure it with the applicable wireless network settings, and Step 2 disconnect the wired connection and install it wherever you wish and it will continue to communicate on the now-configured wireless side. Despite the thing leasing an IP address, and being otherwise 100% functional on my network via a web browser, it simply would not talk to my iPhone app.
    This is where the ‘ugly’ comes into play. I attempted to contact iSmartAlarm tech support for assistance. This was incredibly painful at best. I filed a ticket online, and communication back and forth would take at least 1 to 2 days between responses. So, file a ticket Monday night, receive a response asking me to perform simple network troubleshooting steps I had already performed (they didn’t read my message apparently telling them I could talk to the thing via a web browser), and then send off my reply and wait for a response Friday morning. Finally after two weeks of this asinine email Ping-Pong, they issued me an RMA tag to return the camera for another one. Off it goes, via UPS ground, back to California.
    A few days pass, and I receive my replacement motion-detector sensor from the amazon vendor. I activate the sensor by removing the plastic tab, launch my iSmartAlarm app on my iPhone, go to ‘more -&gt, Device settings -&gt, Add -&gt, Devices’. I get a message one item is to be added. I click on add… a few moments pass, and I receive an obscure error message telling me no devices are found. It then returns me back to the device list, and my new sensor is not in the list (obviously since I received an error message). So, I try the process a 2nd time. This time, the iSmartAlam app doesn’t even see the motion sensor at all, I get a ‘no devices found’ right off the bat when I click ‘Add’.
    Also, now, some of my other sensors are no longer appearing on the device list. Figuring the abnormal device add may have messed up something in the iCube configuration, I rebooted the unit (complete power cycle). No luck. a couple of devices are still missing. Moving around the iPhone app a little, I find an option ‘refresh sensor list’. Well, this can’t be a bad thing, right? I mean, my other 9 sensors were previously added and working, so they must be out there. Click refresh. Poof. Only 2 out of my 10 sensors are now present in the device list.
    ‘WTF?’ I think. Okay, back to the iPhone app, and detect sensors again. Nothing detected. No matter what I try in the app, I am only seeing 2 of my original 9 sensors, and cannot get the app to detect either the ‘new’ replacement sensor, or any of the previous 7 installed sensors which were working.
    More email Ping-Pong with tech support. 5 days later ‘Try removing the battery from the sensor for 5 minutes and then put the batteries back in and try adding the sensor again’. Nope, didn’t work.
    Finally, I asked if it is possible to hard-reset the iCube so I can just start from scratch, figuring my configuration somewhere is totally corrupt and the only way to get this back on track is to manually restart the entire process all over again. Of course there is no way for you to do this yourself, since you cannot talk to the iCube via a web browser or its USB port, and there is no hard-reset mechanism physicaly located on the iCube. If you want to hard-reset and start over, you have to contact iSmartAlarm and have their tech support do this for you. I get a reply 2 days later: ‘Yes,’ the iSmartAlarm tech says, ‘please confirm if I want this done by return email.’
    I received that email in the morning when I woke up. Earlier that same morning, I also receive a firmware update on the iCube as well as a new iPhone app update (the iPhone app update clued me in something had changed and I looked at the iCube status via the iPhone app and determined it had received a firmware update.) Figuring, ‘why not try adding the devices again, I have nothing to lose’ before I respond to the affirmative to tech support and wait for another 2-day turnaround before they reset the iCube, I try the remove-battery-wait-5-minutes-re-add-device… Praise JESUS! It worked! After another hour of this process resetting the remaining 9 sensors (which, mind you, is a major PITA because you have to take them down off the wall, remove microscopic screws smaller than mouse turds, and pull the batteries out, wait 5 minutes, put them back in, let the sensor boot and talk to the iCube, and then re-add the device via the iPhone app…) I now had all 10 sensors up and operational.
    ‘But wait, there’s more!’ Don Pardo exclaims! The news gets better! A week later, I receive my replacement iCamera (almost 1 month to the day I shipped it back! What fantastic turn-around time!) This one, out of the box, works like a charm! Easy setup, no problems, virtually plug-and-play.
    I started this process on November 12th. I finally had a functional security system (in total) on December 19th. 5 weeks.
    The Good: The system does work, as advertised, WHEN it works. As long as you have no problems. No monitoring fees, enable and disable from your smart-phone, receive alarms on your phone, etc. (all this works great). Completely wireless.
    The Bad: Extremely limited ability to configure the system. There is a USB port on the bottom of the iCube, but I couldn’t get it to talk to my laptop via that mechanism. The only way to configure the system is through the smart-phone app. This aspect of the system really needs more work. Despite the iCube itself being hard-wired into your network, it has no web interface either. The system really needs some form of configuration utility other than that which runs over the smart-phone.
    The Ugly: When something goes bad, it really goes bad, and you have zilch to work with. If a sensor isn’t working, you have no idea why. If your iCube stops responding to the network, you have no idea why, because you can’t plug into it. If you need to contact tech support… expect extremely long delays and potentially WEEKS to solve a problem while you play e-mail Ping-Pong.
    I give this 3 out of 5 stars. It definitely does work, and hopefully over time the company continues to develop more add-on products (for example, some sort of remote key-panel you could mount near an entry door would be nice to allow for activation/deactivation via a key-code, rather than needing to pass out annoying key-fobs to people), while at the same time developing some form of front-end interface which can be communicated via the iCube USB port or via a web browser. It sure would help with diagnostics and setup. I can definitely see a lot of potential with this system, but at the moment, unless you’re extremely tech-savvy (or, just plain lucky) you may want to consider an alternative.

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