Honeywell TH8732WF5018 Thermostat, Lyric w/WiFi

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Item Dimensions LxWxH7 x 4 x 7.19 inches
Controller TypeVera, Amazon Alexa
Special FeatureMounting Screws, Wall Plate, Lyric TH8732WF5018 Thermostat
Power SourceAc/dc
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • Smart Cues – The Smart Cues feature sends you maintenance notifications and extreme conditions alerts to help extend the life of your HVAC system
  • Geofencing – Using your smartphone location, Lyric adjusts the temperature as you come and go for comfort at home and savings when you’re away
  • Fine Tune – Considers both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity to reach set point, ensuring 72 Degree really feels like 72 Degree
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately)
  • Control on the go with the Lyric mobile app
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Device detailed description

This programmable thermostat can be controlled anywhere by smart phone or tablet. The Lyric is ideal for customers who are always on the go and want optimal comfort and savings they don’t have to think about. Environmentally conscious homeowners will appreciate the energy savings. Tech-savvy users will enjoy the smartphone app, as well as features that will allow for further home integration in the future.

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Product Dimensions

‎7 x 4 x 7.19 inches

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

I see two model numbers out there for the Lyric. Can anyone tell me the diference if there is one?

I have an RC model, and TH. The newest appears to be the TH model. The wiring connections are easier in the TH model. On the RC model, I accidentally broke a couple of the push in tabs. Honeywell support was awesome. I inquired about purchasing a replacement wiring portion - and an entire new model was on my front… see more I have an RC model, and TH. The newest appears to be the TH model. The wiring connections are easier in the TH model. On the RC model, I accidentally broke a couple of the push in tabs. Honeywell support was awesome. I inquired about purchasing a replacement wiring portion - and an entire new model was on my front porch the next morning. Note - JUST PUSH THE WIRES IN - you don't have to push the tabs in like much older thermostats. I am very pleased. Note I did have a problem configuring it with a Samsung S4. Likely due to security settings, I used a generic Android tablet, and works like a champ. Also keep in mind - you do need a common wire for this to work.

Does the product need a 'c' wire to run. My system only has a white and red wire. Will it run the wifi?

Yes it will work without the c wire. However the display will go to sleep when no motion is detected . With the c wire the display stays lit at all the time. I have two of these one with a c wire and one without and both connect to wifi fine with the only difference in the display backlight.

Is this compatible with the Smartthings hub/controller?

No it uses it's own app they also say that it will be comparable with the new IOS home automation.

Can two (or more) Lyric Thermostats coexist in the same home (i,e. multiple HVAC units)? Can the APP handle and set up multiple units?

While I only have one HVAC the app is setup to add additional thermostats and it certainly appears you can have multiple users/thermostats/HVACs operating together in the app. Love the Lyric.

2 reviews for Honeywell TH8732WF5018 Thermostat, Lyric w/WiFi


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  • Anonymous

    Good product, but wait for retail version

    I haven’t had a fancy thermostat before so I have nothing to compare this to except my old dumb thermostat. I did a lot of research on the Nest and this and ultimately chose the Lyric because of the geofencing. I can’t train my girlfriend to adjust the thermostat when she leaves and her work schedule is fairly random so scheduling wouldn’t work for us.
    After a lot of research on the Nest it seemed a lot of people’s problems were coming from lack of a C wire, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t face that with the Lyric. I had extra unused wires that weren’t hooked up to my old thermostat, so hooking up a C wire was easy and straight forward.
    – Easy install and it works
    – Looks nice
    – Setup is made fairly easy with the app
    – Customer service was great. I called them twice during install and they answered with no wait. They spoke English as a native language and were helpful.
    – Arrived with dead battery
    – Arrived with the thing that looks like a button above the small display pushed in. This is a window/filter for the motion sensor. I took the thermostat apart and put it back where it belongs
    – I can’t find the iPhone setting to change the geofencing range. On my Android phone I found it, ‘use small geofences’
    – This is not the version that will be in retail stores
    – The setup app features a different wiring plate. Not a big deal because everything is labeled pretty much the same
    – The customer service on their website refuses to answer the folks who have asked what else has changed between the version you can get here and now, and what the newest revision is.
    – There is still clearly a lot that needs to be added in to the app, and from what I can gather they haven’t made any feature updates recently. Hopefully that changes with the retail release.
    – Geofencing is not adjustable except for choosing between 500ft and 7 miles. I work 4 miles from home, so It would be nice to adjust it to 2 miles or so. My dumpster is over 500ft away, it seems like a pretty short default setting.
    – There are settings that I don’t know what they do because there is no user manual
    – My old thermostat would run the fan for a bit after the AC shut off, this doesn’t seem to do that and there doesn’t seem to be a setting to enable it
    – Not enough data available to the user. How hot/cold it was outside, humidity levels inside, when the ac/heater turned on and off, how long it ran, etc. A place to enter my energy use/cost and have it track it would be nice. A similar experience to all the fitness and food tracking apps/sites would be great.
    Ultimately it seems like it has a lot of potential and is already pretty solid, but I would advise people to just wait for the retail release which is coming in August.
    Update 7-17-14
    Honeywell reps called yesterday to follow up with me from the call I placed when I first received the thermostat about the little round falling into the thermostat. I told them I fixed it, but they insisted on sending me a new thermostat in case there were any other problems with the device. I received the new thermostat today and installed it with no problems. Adding the new device and removing the old one in the app was very easy.
    I also took the chance to ask the person if there were any differences between the two revisions that have the different back plates, and he said the mounting and wiring plate changed, but everything else is the same and the two revisions will receive the same future updates. He also said that the one I would be receiving from them is the newest version, and it’s the same one I got from Amazon with the horizontal wiring terminals rather than the split vertical ones. So it’s possible that we are all getting the new versions and the app was made with a pre release version that they were showing at the trade shows and whatnot, but who knows.

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  • Anonymous

    Close but not quite ready for .. anyone?

    TL,DR: The Lyric is probably not ready for the average consumer, and the early adopter is going to be disappointed. &&.5/&&&&&
    This is my first ‘smart thermostat’ so I didn’t know exactly what to expect compared to a Nest or one of the new Apple units.*
    Setup was relatively straightforward, although I found the lack of paper instructions or even a piece of paper (or note on the box) indicating that all instructions would be on the web a little disorienting. I was talking on the phone while unboxing, and thought I’d mindlessly set the instructions aside. Hope you have the infamous ‘C’ wire, hook everything up, pair up the phone and you’re set. Pairing the phone is impressively straightforward, although it would be great that if your phone already new your wireless password it could provide it to the wall unit. All easy, although the thermostat wiring industry is pretty ripe for a digital reboot. Even RS-232 is better than this random color coded shenanigans.
    Once everything is up and running things works like you’d expect, as long as you expect Fahrenheit. _I_ expect computer-y UIs to be able to switch trivial unit conversions back and forth for me, so I’m a little disappointed that I can’t figure out how to make any of this display in Celsius.
    The phone software seems adequate although confusingly laid out and geofencing works as described, although again I’m a little surprised that the geofence only works at two fixed radii. Why not show your house on a map and let you pinch-zoom the radius exactly as you want it? Maybe this is a limitation of the underlying mobile OS geofencing APIs, I don’t know. In any case, whoever’s responsible for them should figure out how to make (a) resizeable radii, and (b) arbitrarily shaped fences. You know, like the real world that we move through, rather than the perfect circles we are overlaying onto it. I work in between the two. The small size doesn’t allow enough time for my house to pre-cool on my way home, the large size would mean that the A/C would run the entire time I’m at work. Maybe I’m an outlier in this situation and it’s not worth considering. Honeywell, any comments?
    The desktop and web interface is terrible, primarily because it doesn’t exist. Why not? Sure my phone is handy, but sometimes I’m working on a PC and it seems stupid to have to dig into my pocket to adjust the thermostat. Most other ‘smart home’ things let you get at your device from any other device once it’s been smartified, rather than restricting you to one limited remote control with a needlessly skeuomorphic UI. If I used IFTTT I’d want to IFTTT the hell out of this, but I can’t. I can’t even program my own timer thing in the language of my choosing without reverse engineering their network traffic and spoofing it. Not that I’d do that, because if you’re buying a Lyric you’re too lazy or too busy to build one yourself.
    The wall-mounted front panel interface is … well I don’t know, because once you’ve got the interface on your phone or PC or whatever else, who wants to go over to the wall to monkey with something? Light switches, sure, because they are still contextual (mostly) to the room you’re in. For us in the 99% who can’t afford individual climate control zones per room, what’s the point of a wall unit UI? Put a thermometer there to measure and represent the whole house state, plaster it over with a blank wall plate, reduce the complexity (and cost) of this device by 3/4, and call it done. The phone that is required to use this system is already going to have a 100 000 000% better UI than whatever we can cook up to integrate into the hardware here at a reasonable price point, so just stop while you’re ahead.
    That’s really my main gripe about this thing. Sure the mobile phone access is great and a desktop/web UI is inevitable, but the Lyric’s relationship with the future is too uneven. Get rid of paper instructions? RESOUNDING YES, WE ARE THE PAPERLESS FUTURE! Get rid of an antiquated tradition to go to one place in your house and fiddle with a thing in the wall to adjust the climate control? NOOOOO! NOT FOR US QUITE YET!
    We’ll get there, of course, I just hoped we were closer by now. A NetBurner module, thermocouple, and some contact closures and the bulk of the hardware to accomplish this should be in the $25-50 range, the same as a traditional programmable thermostat. Fix up the software on an Agile release cycle with copious user feedback, and you’ve got disruptive potential to break into a huge consumer market. For $250 in 2014, the Lyric succeeds in being a marginally novel way for me to turn off the A/C when I forget before leaving town for a week, but that’s about it.
    * I don’t actually know if the much rumored Apple smart home stuff exists. Maybe it does by the time you read this review.
    Update 2014-10-11
    Since September 29th, I’ve had daily ‘We’re having trouble activating your shortcut’ errors whenever I cross a geofence. Sometimes the system figures it out a while later, other times I need to manually enable the shortcut to make it work. The error message isn’t useful at all – the error message and the ‘more info’ area contain exactly the same message, neither of which are a solution or possible cause.
    In addition to all of this, since I need to manually activate the shortcut so often now, I’ve found that the Android app likes to notify me of what I just did via the Android notification service. I can see that _maybe_ being useful if some other device activated the shortcut, but my own? That’s just silly, and yet another useless notification that I need to clear.

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