LYNX Touch 7000 Control System by Honeywell 7′ full-color touchscreen WiFi ZWave compatible

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  • 7′ color graphic touchscreen – Resolution 800 x 480 pixels – 16.7 million colors – Intuitive easy-to-use touchscreen interface – Easy to understand icons – Menu driven navigation – Quick, accurate programming – Two dedicated keys for easy access to the home screen and emergency functions
  • On-premises video viewing – Integrated video: System supports up to four cameras, which can be displayed individually or in a quad configuration on the touchscreen. Works with compatible Honeywell Total Connect Video products only (iPCAM-PT, iPCAM-WO, iPCAM-WI2/B, ACU).
  • Wi-Fi support – Alarm communication to AlarmNet and lifestyle messaging via the users Internet connection – Two-way voice over Wi-Fi – Enables the LYNX Connect iOS app (available on iTunes) and the app for Android (available on Google Play) Integrated Z-Wave provides control and integration of: – Thermostats – Water valves – Door locks – Sirens – Lighting – Scenes, schedules and rules – Local, automatic and remote control via Honeywell Total Connect
  • Push/Pull content through Honeywell Total Connect – Weather available in Fahrenheit or Celsius (one day or five day forecasts) – Emergency alerts (tornadoes) requires Honeywell Total Connect with Information Services Package – Traffic – News – Dealer/Central station messages (payments due, sales opportunities, community news) – End-user requests for sales or service Advanced Protection Logic technology With APL enabled, the alarm can be reported even if the system is tampered with during the entry and communications delay times. APL can be selected when using a Honeywell GSM or IP communicator. Voice announcement of system and zone status Family message center (for user recorded messages) Works with Honeywell Total Connect – Remote control of security, garage doors and Z-Wave devices – Selected event notifications Voice chime by zone 10 selectable chime tones Automatic stay arming 48 user codes (Installer, Master, plus 46 Secondary, including Duress and Guest) Three panic functions Wall or desk mount Viewable event log stores up to 256 events Exit error feature (detects difference between an actual alarm and exit alarm caused by leaving a door open after the exit delay expires) Case tamper RF jam detection Quick Exit feature provides users with an exit delay after arming their system Night Stay and Silent Exit modes Hinged cover for easy installation Real-time clock display Garage Door Function – Up to four garage doors per system – Unique garage door icon – View and monitor garage door status – Auto-secure feature – Remote notification via Honeywell Total Connect – Garage door control* – Automatically control door via scenes, rules and schedules – Locally open/close garage door from touchscreen or compatible mobile device – Remotely open/close garage door via Honeywell Total Connect
  • Local Mobility LYNX Connect iOS app and app for Android – Same functions and GUI as the L7000 Zones and Devices One hardwired zone Wireless zones 80 programmable plus 24 dedicated to keyfobs Supports wireless bidirectional keypads Internal GSM radio option Wi-Fi module option ILP5 Internet module option Programmable trigger output *Requires 5877GDPK, consisting of the 5877 Relay Receiver and Z-Wave Strobe/Sounder. Not compatible with certain garage doors and garage door openers. Garage door control must have working entrapment protection. See installation instructions for details. LYNX Connect apps are available for a nominal fee in Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store. All trademarks are property of their respective owners..
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LYNX Touch 7000 Control System by Honeywell 7′ full-color touchscreen WiFi ZWave compatible OPEN BOX

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Frequently asked question

Hi, can I puta a wired siren??

Yes you can use a wired siren. Please see our faq link on wha you need and how to connect it.

Will I be able to setup and inform my monitoring central station company about the arm/disarm, zones, intruders...

Yes you can program panel to send that information. For zones you will have to give central station your zone list and they should be able to help you.

how to do a factory reset

Enter the four-digit installer code, followed by '888' into the security system control panel to access the voice prompt programming mode of your Ademco Lynx alarm. Note that the original installer code for Ademco Lynx systems is '4112,' if the installer code was changed when your system was installed, enter the new fo… see more Enter the four-digit installer code, followed by '888' into the security system control panel to access the voice prompt programming mode of your Ademco Lynx alarm. Note that the original installer code for Ademco Lynx systems is '4112,' if the installer code was changed when your system was installed, enter the new four-digit installer code. Press the '*,' '9' and '7' keys in quick succession to reset the alarm system to factory settings. Press '1,' '2,' '3' or '4' to load the factory-programmed default settings of your choosing. Press '0' if you would like to reprogram the security system to custom settings. You must know the installer code to reset your Lynx alarm. If you have forgotten your installer code, contact Honeywell customer service for more information.

what good is the video surveillance with no in house recording option? I don't want some freak at the honeywell cloud storage watching my family.

I dont use that option but it makes it so if you get an alarm message on your phone(&I think you can check anytime) you can view whats going on inside your home. I am pretty sure no one but your security company or you can access your info,video or such unless you give them your security code or info. That would be a … see more I dont use that option but it makes it so if you get an alarm message on your phone(&I think you can check anytime) you can view whats going on inside your home. I am pretty sure no one but your security company or you can access your info,video or such unless you give them your security code or info. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen otherwise which I am sure companies will always want to prevent.

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  • Anonymous

    Great System!

    I was torn between hardwiring my alarm devices to my panel and trying to find a reliable wireless system to use. This system came highly recommended by a friend who has used the Vista system for years, but upgraded to the L7000. The devices have a heckuva range from across my entire property and report immediately to the panel and my app on the phone when triggered, faulted, or bypassed. The 5800 devices also come with an output so you can hardwire them to an ancillary alarm panel input for additional/redundant system monitoring with another system’s panel.
    The panel is easy to learn to use, however, you DEFINITELY need to watch all of the YouTube videos you can find on how to add/program/delete devices. Also, beware that some devices default to one of the three loops when programmed in. These devices may need to be moved to a different loop for proper reporting when monitored. If you can’t find a YouTube video on making those changes, then the certified Honeywell AlarmNet dealer who will set up your monitoring account can provide some tech support to help you get your system devices programmed properly.
    I ordered, installed, and programmed in 30+ door and window contacts, 5 recessed door contacts, 5 Flood monitors, 8 glass break sensors, three panic buttons, 4 smoke detectors and 6 pir motion sensors. They all work like a champ! Order the ZWave, and wifi cards too and you can connect to your wifi in home and even control other zwave devices from your L7000. You’ll need the wifi card to connect your panel to the monitoring center who will call you when there’s an alarm and see to the dispatch of police and fire first responders. Also…..connecting to WiFi allows your panel to connect to the local weather system for monitoring. Case in point…..recently, a tornado tore through the NE Dallas area. The L7000 panel alerted to the tornado warning MINUTES before my family heard the actual Tornado sirens go off! We had a better early warning from the panel, than from NOAA!
    Get this system. You won’t be disappointed.

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  • Anonymous

    The most technilogically advanced do-it-yourself system I have ever seen!

    UPDATE 2/6/2017
    As far as functionality goes, this panel has been nothing but reliable and works great, I stand by everything I originally wrote however I am reducing my review from 5 stars to 3 since the screen has developed severe burn-in. I just purchased a new panel a few days ago for another install, and I didn’t notice how much my panel degraded until I saw this brand new one. The screens Honeywell uses are obviously low-quality and susceptible to burn-in, keep this in mind if you decide to go for this unit.
    Living in a neighborhood that isn’t so great and having an increase of crime I wanted to get some sort of protection for my apartment that wouldn’t require drilling holes and running wires. I searched for wireless alarm systems and The Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 caught my eye, especially since I used to have a wired Honeywell system back in the 80’s and it seemed the operation now is pretty similar to what I knew back then.
    The only screws required were to fasten this alarm panel to the wall, all of the wireless transmitters and the infrared motion detectors were fastened via double sided tape though you can use screws if desired. I was able to purchase this alarm panel, sensors for two doors and six windows, two infrared detectors, and the WiFi module which allows central alarm monitoring and remote control & notifications from the alarm panel for just under $500. Most alarm companies I checked out wanted more than that just to install two doors and a motion detector for twice that price!
    You can use any wireless components that are advertised for the Lynx 5000 / 5100 series alarms, the part numbers usually begin with 58. For my system I purchased:
    (8) 5816 WMWH White Door / Window Transmitter w/ Magnet (Door/Window Sensors)
    (1) Honeywell L5100-WIFI – L5100 Wifi Module for Lynx Touch 5100 (WiFi Module)
    Some notes:
    1. You can use the 5816 transmitters on doors and windows.
    2. The 5800PIR-RES infrared sensor is the basic sensor for residential use. There are two other models which I wish I bought instead, one allows you to turn on or off the pet detection and the other has much wider beam coverage. Unlike this one, those other two also let you activate walk-test mode with a flashlight to verify your aim / coverage is correct. This model you have to remove and replace the battery to activate test mode.
    3. You do not need to use a central station alarm company to use this system, but if you do wish to use central station monitoring or be able to use the Total Connect app to control your system remotely / receive alerts, you will not only need to subscribe to monitoring and/or Total Connect, you will need to purchase a module which connects this system to either the internet (WiFi module) or cellular network (GSM/4G module). You cannot use a POTS / analog line with this unit. You cannot use TotalConnect to remotely control your unit without paying for a TotalConnect plan from an authorized monitoring service.
    4. While the unit comes with a power supply, it does NOT come with a cord/cable to connect it to the power supply. You will need to use thermostat / phone wire other 18 – 22 gage wire.
    Installation was simple:
    1. Install the WiFi module into the panel.
    2. Plug the panel in and boot it up.
    3. Write down a list of each transmitter, it’s serial number, and location you’ll be placing it.
    4. Configure each transmitter in the panel. Each zone gets assigned a name and transmitter serial number.
    5. Place the unit in walk-test mode and one at a time open each door and window and verify the panel alerts you to it.
    6. Place the infrared detectors in walk test mode, and verify the panel alerts you when they get triggered. (The infrared detectors only stay in walk-test mode for ten minutes. After that, they will only trigger once every three minutes unless you place it in walk-test mode again)
    7. Take your unit out of walk-test mode.
    8. Change your installer code (default is 4112) and NOTE IT DOWN somewhere.
    9. Change your master code (default is 1234) and NOTE IT DOWN somewhere.
    10. Add codes for each person in your family if desired. You should never use the master code for normal ever-day use, assign yourself your own individualized code.
    WARNING: When exiting programming mode with the installer code you will be asked ‘Do You Want To Allow Installer To Re-enter Programming?’. ALWAYS ANSWER ‘YES’. If you say no, you will lock yourself out of programming mode and you’ll have to look for instructions on how to unlock it. Do not pay an alarm company to do this for you. They’ll happily charge you $100 to fix this, the instructions to do it yourself are available online.
    Central Station Monitoring:
    There are many services who resell Honeywell’s ‘Alarm Net’ which provides you with the TotalConnect features. I researched quite a few companies and compared costs, they’re all pretty much the same price within a few dollars. I zeroed in on AlarmGrid and GeoAlarm since their prices were inline with each other, since AlarmGrid’s website seemed more professional I went with them for central alarm monitoring. I’ll update my review in time with how that experience goes.
    If you sign up for central station monitoring, you will need to schedule an appointment to have an engineer call you to set it up and you will need to be by your alarm panel to configure it.
    Total Connect:
    This allows you to remotely arm, disarm, bypass zones, and perform other functions from any computer or app-enabled phone. You must subscribe to and pay a monthly fee to use this service. By default it will alert you every time someone arms and disarms your system and tell you who did it. It also alerts you every time someone logs in to TotalConnect, this is overkill and I suggest disabling that alert.
    There is a feature for traffic / weather you can add as part of TotalConnect and costs an additional $1.50 a month or so depending on who you sign up with. It’s a neat feature but I’ll probably be cancelling it in a few months since I doubt I’ll be standing and reading news / weather from my alarm panel when I can do it for free from my phone. It really should be included with the TotalConnect cost.
    There is another feature called APL (Advanced Protection Logic) which is worth getting. If someone breaks into the premises and triggers an alarm, then unplugs or smashes the alarm panel, this will get detected by the central station and they will dispatch the authorities. It typically costs an additional $1.50 per month.
    What I have found is it’s typically $15 a month to subscribe to TotalConnect without central station alarm monitoring, you get notified directly of alarms and it’s on you to contact the authorities. For central station alarm monitoring, add another $10 for a total of $25 a month.
    This is quite a bit of information, but it’s everything I wish I knew before I started so here it is for everyone else. There is some information I have yet to find since it seems Honeywell only provides it to authorized dealers. That information is what the behavior is of the various options you can set when programming a zone. If/when I get my hands on that I’ll post it here.

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