D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug In Wall, Home Control From Anywhere with mydlink App, Works with Alexa (DSP-W110), 0.1′

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Current Rating15 Amps
Operating Voltage120 Volts
Connector TypePlug In
Switch TypeTemperature Switch
Item Dimensions LxWxH2 x 1.2 x 3.5 inches
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Operating temperature:Approx 0 40°C (32 104°F)Turn devices on or off from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere Create on/off schedules for your devices
  • Easy setup Designed to work with existing Wi Fi networks (no additional hub required)
  • Use with other mydlink Home devices and the free mydlink Home app to create a smarter, more secure and more aware home Works with any smartphone or tablet running Android 41 or higher or iOS 70 and higher
  • Electrical rating of 120V/15A/60Hz/1800W (for indoor use) IFTTT compatible Pair with any IFTTT enabled product or app to connect your Wi Fi Smart Plug to the world in fun and useful ways
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Device detailed description

The mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W110) is a compact and easy-to-use device that allows you to monitor and control your home’s electronic devices from anywhere. Use the free mydlink Home app to turn devices on or off, create on/off schedules and enable push alert notifications when a device has been turned on/off. The mydlink Home app will allow you to switch your device on or off remotely and change your schedules on-the-go, so you don’t have to worry about leaving devices on when you’re away.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Switch Type

Mounting Type

Controller Type

Control Method

Connector Type

Connectivity Protocol

Product guides and documentsProduct Documentation (PDF)

Frequently asked question

amazon echo connection

Install the DSP-W110 with 'mydlink Home' app. First, make it works that you can control it by using 'mydlink Home' with your account at mydlink. Then, use Amazon Alexa app. At menu, select 'Skills', search Dlink, then enable/link it to login to mydlink site. You will then have the smart plug under menu's 'Smart Home' w… see more Install the DSP-W110 with 'mydlink Home' app. First, make it works that you can control it by using 'mydlink Home' with your account at mydlink. Then, use Amazon Alexa app. At menu, select 'Skills', search Dlink, then enable/link it to login to mydlink site. You will then have the smart plug under menu's 'Smart Home' which you can edit it. Give it a friendly name, such as 'light'. Then you can say 'Alexa, turn on the light' to control it. If you have Google Home app, at Google Assistant, 'Home control', tap the '+' to add device, find 'mydlink', login, ... it will link it. You then assign the 'Room', give it a friendly nickname, such as 'light', then you can say 'Ok Google, turn on the light' to control it.

Does this work non-DLink Routers?

I doubt it, I couldn't get it to work with the DLink router so I sent it back.

Will the plug still function properly based on only a schedule if the wifi is not working?

I have tried to turn off wifi at home, the plug then acted as a mechanical timer, it would turn on or off according to the scheduled time or you could press the manual button on the plug to turn it on or off as you wished.. Since it is not connected to the internet, the remote control function did not work.

Will this work on a 5ghz network?

Usually 2.4G

3 reviews for D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug In Wall, Home Control From Anywhere with mydlink App, Works with Alexa (DSP-W110), 0.1′


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  • Anonymous

    It is getting better over time

    UPDATE: I must give credit when credit is due. My D-link received a firmware update and it now indicates whether it is on or off. The app is greatly enhanced as well. This bodes well!
    Original review:
    Do you remember the mechanical timers we used to get for our Christmas lights, or for watering the garden? It seems like it was just yesterday, when we could wire together clunky appliances for our home automation projects. Now we have these newfangled smartphones and Wi-Fi routers. What to do?
    The D-Link Wi-FI Smart Plug gives you a whiff of 1985, in a seemingly modern package! It’s the best of both worlds. You can go around entering passkeys and downloading apps, just like the kids do with their Instragrams. But when it’s all set up, you can only configure your Smart Plug in the exact same way you would back in the days! Just set the start and stop times (you don’t need plastic pegs, though, but you have to tap the screen), sit back, watch Ghostbusters and listen to some Michael Jackson.
    The nice thing about the Dlink app, is that there is none of this fancy technology, like geofencing. I mean, who needs to be able to have their fire-hazard-appliance turned off when they leave the house? Well, in 1985, we’d just let the house burn down. Also, with all this talk of ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘App integration’, do we really need anyone else connecting to the Smart Plug? No! The Dlink app is all we will ever need, together with its Dlink appliances. Just like we will never need a refrigerator that is not a Frigidaire, and a car that is not an Oldsmobile.
    The Dlink app won’t tell you if someone turned the Smart Plug on or off by pressing the button. That would be too high-tech, too… 2015? Besides, what’s wrong with walking to the Smart Plug to see if it’s on? It’s got a light on it! Sure, it is technically possible to leave the plug on and not find out about it until we get home to a charred house. But that is just the way things were in 1985, and we did just fine.

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  • Anonymous

    Great Product Marred by Poor setup / Firmware Update often Fails

    I recommend most people will be much happier getting the TP-Link Kasa smart plugs instead. However, if you don’t mind a little hair-pulling frustration, the D-Link smart plugs do work if you can get past the setup and firmware updates. If it wasn’t for these issues this would have been a solid 5-star product.
    I had no problems with the first few of these smart plugs I purchased, but the last one took a few tries to get past the setup. Then after I got it working it wanted to update the firmware, which apparently failed after waiting 30 minutes and I was left with the status light fast flashing red, the device showing offline in the mydlinkhome app, and the normal reset to factory settings procedure not working.
    But I was able to finally get this to work by manually updating the firmware. You need to grab the correct firmware from the D-Link support website. Then, what I discovered is you need to press and hold the reset button while powering the smart plug until the red status light slowly flashes red (trying to reset it while already powered didn’t work at this point). If this works you should notice the smart plug is broadcasting it’s wifi signal and you should be able to connect to it – then using your browser type the smart plug server address to get to the recovery website. In my case it was (I used the WiFi Analyzer app LAN neighbors function to find). From the recovery website you can transfer the firmware you previously downloaded from D-Link. After that succeeds, remove and reapply power to the smart plug and you should now be able to manually reset it.
    I also found if the smart plug shows offline and you are able to manually reset it, using the add new device function from the mydlinkhome app works much better instead of clicking on the offline device to redo the setup.

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  • Anonymous

    Works after some unnecessary setup effort

    I bought two of these products to link with my Echo puck and it works, but in both cases only after at least three tries and a half hour of needless backtracking.
    The plug has several different ways of starting the set up — you can go their website, scan a little card’s barcode with your or download the app. Having had a lot of luck with the app for the Sensi thermostat, I elected to download the app. The app has you create an account. Then it directs you to put the smart plug into an outlet, turn it on then either scan the card with your phone or manually enter the code on the card to identify the plug . After that, I’m supposed to wait for a little light on the plug to turn orange (mine never did, it only turned green. Either blinking green or a steady green. I’m not sure what that meant). The the app instructs you to either press some button on your wireless router or connect your cell phone to the plug’s wireless to link it to your home router. I changed to my cell phone because the symbol on my Dlink router looked more like a status light than a button, and I saw nothing happening when I pressed it.
    If it sounds complex, it is, and it’s subject to a lot of failures. For example, it sometimes it couldn’t find the plug’s IP address (it said it was too far away, but it lied). Sometimes, while I was switching over to my phone’s settings, the DLink app logged me out and I had to re-enter my password. Just…a lot of annoyances.
    To overcome this I applied the tried and true method of simply rebooting and starting over again, gambling it would work before my patience ran out. Luckily it did, but the first plug barely avoided a painful death against the brick wall in my spare bedroom.
    After finally getting them set up I opened the Alexa app, activated the Dlink app (errr… skill) and linked it to the Dlink App. Alexa detected the plugs and allowed me to set up command groups for Alexa. It’s worked for over a week now, so far so good. But as I mentioned above, Sensi’s thermostat setup was a dream compared to this. If I had to do it over, I think I would have shelled out the extra cash for one of the other smart plugs that link to the Echo.

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