Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch, Z-Wave Plus Home Security ON/Off Controller, 40 amps. Electricity Consumption & Monitoring

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Operation ModeON-OFF
Current Rating40 Amps
BrandAeon Labs
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.9 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Actuator TypePush Button
  • Zwave Controller – Electronics don’t always have to be turned, just when we need them. Zwave Heavy Duty lets you automate and schedule the operation of the high-power devices wired into it.
  • Wireless 220v Remote Control Switch. – In the event of an emergency, Zwave switch can be used to turn off the electronics that Z Wave switch are connected to. That’ll help prevent further damage to the electronics and your home.
  • Money control – High-power electronics tend to be those that cost the most amount of money to run. Heavy Duty Smart Switch can calculate and report your spend in watts and kilowatt hours in real-time
  • Compatible with zwave hub, SmartThings, Open Z-Wave, Wink, Vera UI7, HomeSeer, Home Assistant. Z-wave certification Number: zc10-14090014
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Device detailed description

Aeon labs heavy duty smart switch is a control and monitor device for heavy duty appliance and utilities. It can fully control your high powered appliances and services wirelessly or with an automatic Schedule. You can save money immediately with both its scheduling and energy monitoring features. You’ll receive real-time reports of just how much electricity you are paying for. You’ll then be able to using scheduling and automatic controls to reduce the money you spend on the appliances that need up to 40 amps of power.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


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Product Dimensions

‎5.9 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches

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, ,

Included Components

‎Heavy Duty Smart Energy Appliance Switch

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Frequently asked question

Will this work on 220v?

Yes it is designed for 220v

What's the proper way to wire this for a hot water heater? (us/canada, 240v, 2 x 120v hot (each with a different phase) + 1 ground (no neutral)

The switch itself requires a white / neutral. So you would go from the breaker box to the switch with 4 wires (white/neutral, red/120v, black/120v, and ground). Then you would go red/black/ground to the water heater.

Will this work with the Samsung Smartthings Hub?

Yes, this absolutely will work with the Samsung Smartthings Hub (at least the 2nd gen hub). I've had it working perfectly with the Smartthings Hub G2 for almost two years. I hate it when people people answer questions on here or elsewhere, but don't actually answer them... such as 'contact the manufacturer,' etc. What … see more Yes, this absolutely will work with the Samsung Smartthings Hub (at least the 2nd gen hub). I've had it working perfectly with the Smartthings Hub G2 for almost two years. I hate it when people people answer questions on here or elsewhere, but don't actually answer them... such as 'contact the manufacturer,' etc. What a stupid waste of people's time.

Is this UL certified? Thx

No, z-wave devices are not yet UL listed, this is coming next year. the ZW078 is labelled as conforming to UL Std's, but is not officially labelled as 'UL Certified' or 'UL Listed', no zwave devices are.

4 reviews for Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch, Z-Wave Plus Home Security ON/Off Controller, 40 amps. Electricity Consumption & Monitoring


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  • Anonymous

    Works well!

    I was able to connect my dryer to this. I’m using it to sense when the dryer cycle has begun so I can automatically start the dryer booster fan. I have no trouble setting it up in Hubitat.

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  • Anonymous

    So far so good, it does function like a switch.

    Picked this up hoping to reduce energy consumption by my water heater when nobody is home. I have it paired to my Smartthings v2 hub. First thing to note, the instructions leave something to be desired.
    First step is cut the power to the circuit. I’ll say that again, cut the power to the circuit. Take a jolt of 240vac and you won’t have a good time. After you turn the breaker off, check to make sure there really is no power at the circuit location. Double check it. If you’re not sure, make sure your life insurance is paid and up to date and your affairs are in order.
    Installation is pretty straight forward if you’ve got some electrical experience. The package includes ring terminals for 10ga and 8ga wire. I didn’t use them since my wire is solid and the connections are intended for a slip under fit. I think the ring terminals would be harder to use given the space and stiffness of the wire.
    The switch includes a pair of seals for lack of a better word through which your wire penetrates. I’m really not sure what value they offer since they don’t actually seal.
    You’ll note a pair of clamps to hold your wire down. These are plastic and again I don’t see any value to them. The only thing holding the wires in place really is the terminals, not the clamps, so you don’t get functional strain relief. If the wire is likely to have any strain for any reason, secure it. Mine isn’t likely to, but I may still make changes eventually.
    The switch has terminals for two loads, ground, and neutral. For my water heater, there is no neutral. Connect everything up with the white wire going to L2 on both sides and the black to L1. Ground goes to ground in case you weren’t sure. The instructions advise having whatever appliance you’re connecting turned off when you restore power to the circuit. I attached to my water heater and it doesn’t have a power switch. I turned the breaker on and while I walked back over to the switch location (next to my water heater) got the Smartthings app open on my phone. Initially it didn’t find the switch (light on the switch was blinking). I did a power cycle on the switch and it connected. I don’t know if that was coincidence or causational.
    The hub saw it for what it is and I was able to turn my water heater on and off from it. I found a custom device handler on the Smartthings board which offers some additional ‘stuff’, I reverted to the default one for simplicity. Additional searching on the Smarthings board revealed a smartapp which allows me to run a custom schedule on the switch. It’s been only 24 hours after install so I don’t know if I’ll see a return on my investment or not. I do see some geeky satisfaction however, and that’s worthy to me.
    I deducted a star for three reasons – the instructions are poor, the seals are useless, and the strain relief is flimsy. I’d buy it again however even with these caveats. Time will tell how long it lasts.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Bit of a learning curve like all the zwave stuff, but working great now that it's in!

    This is a great little box.. It loses one star for me, because of a couple of minor things.. First, it’s basically waterproof, but there’s no waterproof way to get cables into it.. There are little rubber grommets that you have to cut/puncture to push wires through, which is pretty good, but not ‘waterproof’. That being said, they’re on the bottom, so there’s no reason water would go UP into the box. Regardless, I’d have liked to have seen some other kind of method used to route wires.. Second is the AWFUL documentation. It’s just not there.. I wanted to control a regular 20 amp, 120v pool pump, and so if not for the high amperage, I’d probably have bought a cheaper switch, but this one was rated for 40amps, so i bought it.. It is ‘expecting’ to switch two hot legs. There’s 2 hot, one neutral, and one ground for the input side and the switched load side. The documentation explicitly says ‘neutral required’ so I hooked up my white wires to neutral, and used ‘H1’ for my black, leaving ‘H2’ (the second phase) empty. The switch wont even come up… Figuring no harm could be done by switching the neutral, I took the white off N and put it on the H2 pins, so technically there’s no ‘neutral’ in the box, but it’s switching hot and neutral to the plug. Wired this way, it works great, so the switch itself is powering itself across the two hot leads. I ASSUME it is ready to handle 220v if someone really has 2 hot leads, but I didn’t test it this way. Third annoyance is that once the box is installed and closed up, you have no way to locally control the load. You HAVE TO control it through your zWave controller. Under the hood, the ‘include’ button will manually toggle the load on and off, but you dont have physical access to that button once the lid is on. This is annoying.
    All that being said, once it’s working, it’s GREAT. I got it loaded up on my Vera UI7 system, and although it seemed to give me some errors, I just waited a few minutes while Vera sorted everything out, and now I have control of my pool pump from anywhere in the world which is cool because I like to try to save power, but still turn it on when it’s sunny so that my solar heater has water flow. A cool bonus is the real-time readout on Vera showing my how many watts my pump is taking.
    Overall it took me an hour or so to get it going, but it’s been flawless since, and I’m probably going to buy 2 more for my water heater and well pump, only so I can turn those devices off if Vera detects a water leak.. That’s cheap insurance against a burst water pipe!

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  • Anonymous

    It works...

    The unit is not as sturdy as your typical ‘grey box’ timer. The wiring holes are molded-in, so I was only able to find one flex tube connector style that fit. The manual only shows wiring with a common wire, but my water heater does not have a common, just L1, L2, and Ground. I was not sure this would work without the common, but it did. I had to press the power button to get the switch to join my Z-wave network. It seems to be working so far except that the Current readout is stuck at 18.15 Amps. Will update if it fails early.

    Verified Purchase

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