1st Generation August Smart Lock – Red

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  • Secure – Safe, keyless access to your home with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Easy DIY Retrofit Install, – Replace the interior of your existing deadbolt, outside is unchanged
  • Total Control – You control who has access to your home and manage how long their access lasts
  • Always On – Powered by batteries means it’s always on, even if your power, Wi-Fi, or cable go down
  • Kindly refer the installation videos, August Smart Lock works with the free August app to create keys, grant access, view the activity log, and more, available for Android(TM) and iOS.
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Device detailed description

The August Smart Lock is the intelligent, secure way to manage access to your home from your iOS and Android devices.
Warranty is only effective for US and CA customers.

Features and specification

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Product Dimensions

‎3.26 x 3.26 x 2.21 inches

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Product guides and documentsInstallation Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Will this work with my double sided keyed dead bolt?

I don't believe it will. It needs to have a standard dead bolt on the outside and a standard lever on the inside so you can adapt it with the included hardware.

If someone who has the copied key tries to open the door, is the door open? or the August get it unlocked because it is not me.

The door will open to anyone with a key

What kind of batteries does this uses?

It uses 4 AA batteries

Does this work with Amazon Echo?


6 reviews for 1st Generation August Smart Lock – Red


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  • Anonymous

    I'm happy with it

    Overall, I give it an A-. I’m happy with it. So far so GOOD. Sometimes the phone app takes a bit to connect to it via bluetooth, but that might be due to it being on the other side of a metal door. It’s sturdy and very nicely finished. Haven’t had it long enough to comment on battery life, etc.
    One think I really really like is the ability to assign a limitless number (or at least seemingly limitless number) of personal app invitations/codes. If it keeps on keeping on, I’ll be a very happy camper.

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  • Anonymous

    So far so good! I selected this smart lock for three main ...

    So far so good!
    I selected this smart lock for three main reasons:
    1. I did not have to replace the whole lock (less work) and I could keep my existing keys (convenience)
    2. The ability to send electronic keys valid for specific dates / times to anybody. Super convenient if you are renting your place or have contractors of any sort coming.
    3. It looks cool (actually really great if you picked the red one 🙂 )
    The installation was overall really easy as long as you are willing to read a few simple steps by steps.
    I would have put 5 stars if it had a Windows Phone compatible app.

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  • Anonymous

    this smart lock is great

    When it works, this smart lock is great! Problem is, it’s still buggy. Half the time it doesn’t unlock. Setting seem to get reset and I have to go back in after realizing my door didn’t lock to set it back up for auto lock. If the bugs could be fixed this would be fantastic lock. Love the red color of it.

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  • Anonymous

    Buyer Beware: you need bluetooth AND data plan to unlock the smartlock!

    I would’ve given it 2.5 stars if I could (between ‘I don’t like it’ and ‘it’s okay’), based on the current design and the experience (using the lock and dealing with the customer service) so far.
    I’m running an airbnb business and after some guests lost the key or forgot to return the key upon their checking out, I got August Smart Lock and thought it would be a great solution for me, based on the company’s youtube videos and the basic introduction on their corporate website.
    Unlike a few other owners and reviews, the installation was a breeze for me, it took us literally 10 minutes to install it. And I tried it with 2 other friend’s phone and it worked all great before I rolled it out to my airbnb guests. Unfortunately right from the first week I experienced quite a bit of the problems.
    To start with, none of my Android-user guests can unlock the smartlock. August’s customer service was responsive and helpful, but the solutions provided were rather tedious: ranging from requesting my guest to ‘reboot the phone’, ‘turn off Wi-Fi and re-open the app’ to even ‘un-install the app from the phone and re-install the app’. August said some Android phones’ wifi may interfere the Bluetooth communication and unfortunately these tedious measures are the only way to go.
    Many of my guests see results (i.e unlocking the smartlock successfully) after doing a mixed of these suggested actions, but then within the next 30 minutes it doesn’t work again.
    My iPhone-user guests were with much better luck, they all seemed to enjoy this new toy of mine and raved about it (such as how modern and advanced it is, how convenient that they don’t need to bring a key anymore).. that is until my second week when 3 out of my 4 iPhone-user guests couldn’t open the door either.
    After numerous emails back and forth with the August’s customer service agents and being all frustrated, somehow all a sudden it crossed my mind that maybe you can’t open the lock with only Bluetooth!
    I confirmed my theory with the customer service agents, and to my astonishment I confirmed that to unlock the smartlock, you not only need to turn on the bluetooth but also need to use your cellular data — August smartlock app is using bluetooth to communicate with the lock itself, but at the same time, you’re using cellular data to communicate with August’s backbone server.
    And that’s exactly why some of my guests can use the lock while some can’t — for those from local and with their data on can easily use the lock, while most of the International travelers who normally keep their data roaming function completely off will not be able to use the lock.
    After a few more emails back and forth, August claimed it’s the best way to design this way so the server can confirm and authenticate the person who’s unlocking your smartlock ‘real time’ while that someone’s using/ access to the lock. But personally I see it as a bad design.
    The solution? August asked me to either make my Wifi available for my guests right at the main entrance door, or get an ‘August Connect’.
    But to be honest neither option is ideal for me.
    The new product August Connect, which I see is an idiotic product. — it’s essentially a remote buzz, so while your guests are waiting to enter at the door, you can buzz them in, wherever you are. The problem is, how would you know your guests are there waiting at the door for you to buzz them in when you are away — especially if these people don’t even have the cellular signal to call you or send you a message. And also, what if you’re in another country in a completely different time zone or if you travel to somewhere that you don’t have cellular signal to be reached at? Beside more importantly, who would want to be bugged to operate a remote buzz during their travel? This totally goes against the purpose of the whole smart lock concept.
    I feel the whole August Smart Lock security design needs a revamp, also, the requirement of cellular signals (data plans) as well as bluetooth to unlock the smartlock needs to be explained, or even highlighted in August’s introduction/ promotion campaign, which I didn’t see anywhere (August did and only did mention/ highlight that it doesn’t connect to your wireless network or electrical so there is no worry for the blackout)
    Bottom line is, if your guest clientele is purely local, say your dog walker, renovation contractors, house sitters and etc, then August Smart Lock may serve your needs (oh and don’t forget they continue to have bugs for Android users — you can google up the review at Google Play store). If your targeted guest clientele is more International and your guests don’t have data roaming, then this lock is not for you!

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  • Anonymous

    Ok, But Improvement Needed!

    Really good device, but is takes minutes usually to connect by bluetooth and with the August connect than it should. The Auto-Lock feature is very useful, and the geolocation feature that unlocks the device is good, but very inconsistent when it works. I still find that I use my key much more often than I thought given the product description.
    Hopefully these issues will be worked out through software/firmware updates – sooner rather than later, please!

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  • Anonymous

    Good Locks, Connect unit is slow to respond

    Locks works well – just very slow – the connection between the lock and the connect unit is slow – takes about 30 seconds to lock / unlock once Alexa has given the command. I have excellent wifi connection to the router – and the connect unit is less than a meter away from the lock – but the Bluetooth connection is poor – I tried many locations without getting a better connection – but it still works – just slow. I purchased 3 locks and connect units in total.

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