Lutron Caséta Smart Hub | L-BDG2-WH | White

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Operation ModeON-OFF
Switch StyleTemperature Switch
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.75 x 2.75 x 1.19 inches
Mounting TypeWall Mount
  • Connects with more leading smart home brands (including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Ring, Serena shades and Sonos) than any other smart home lighting control brand to manage lights, voice assistants, cameras, temperature, shades and music
  • Works with Alexa to support dimming or switching the lights on/off through voice control (Alexa device and Caséta dimmers/switches sold separately)
  • Easy to use and simple to set up, just connect to your router and follow app instructions
  • Clear Connect Technology does not interfere or compete with Wi-Fi connected devices
  • Supports up to 75 Caséta devices so you can personalize your home and expand at your pace
  • Easy installation, simply plugs into a wall outlet for power, and plugs into your Wi-Fi router
  • The Lutron Caséta Smart Hub can be used in place of a Wink hub to control all your Lutron Caséta devices
  • Includes (1) Lutron Caséta Smart Hub, coordinating accessories sold separately
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Device detailed description

Controlling lights, shades and temperature from a mobile device has never been easier or more reliable. The Lutron Caséta Smart Hub allows for setup, control, and monitoring of Lutron Caséta Wireless dimmers and Serena Remote Controlled Shades from a smartphone, tablet and even your Apple Watch wearable. Included Lutron Caséta Smart Hub supports up to 75 devices and works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Ecobee, the Google Assistant, Ring Honeywell, Logitech, Samsung SmartThings, Sonos, Serena shades & more! Use the Lutron Caséta Smart Hub and free app to control lights, shades and temperature from anywhere. Schedule lights to adjust automatically based on the time of day or create your favorite scenes that adjust multiple lights and shades with the press of a button. Enable geo-fencing to automatically turn your lights on/off when you leave or approach home or to notify you that you left your lights on. Control up to 75 Caséta devices with the Lutron Caséta Smart Hub.

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Product Dimensions

‎2.75 x 2.75 x 1.19 inches


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‎(1) Caseta Wireless smart bridge

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Frequently asked question

Are the dimmers in this starter kit single pole or can I use them to replace two dimmers in my home that control the same lights?

Right, so it's a 'mock 3-pole system' by way of the remote. The switch itself is single...but there is a remote that pairs with it and can be mounted in a light switch (2nd location) by removing the old switch and capping off the wires. Then, use the Pico Wallplate Bracket to mount the remote in the 2nd location.

Confused about non-pro vs. pro version: will this operate with ifttt and logitech harmony. the description indicates yes, but lutron site says not.

Both versions (pro and regular) work with IFTTT and Logitech Harmony. In fact, most integration options work with both pro and regular versions of the Smart Bridge, including Sonos speakers, Nest thermostats, Apple Watch, Google Assistant, Hunter ceiling fans, and many others. The list of integration options that are… see more Both versions (pro and regular) work with IFTTT and Logitech Harmony. In fact, most integration options work with both pro and regular versions of the Smart Bridge, including Sonos speakers, Nest thermostats, Apple Watch, Google Assistant, Hunter ceiling fans, and many others. The list of integration options that are only supported with the pro version or the Smart Bridge are currently listed on the bottom of the Lutron Caseta Pro page (

Can it work with echo? Does in wall dimmer switch require a neutral wire ?

It works great with my Echo and integrates easily. These dimmers do not require a neutral wire, they only have two black wires and one green ground wire. The other lutron switches (the ones that don't dim but are on/off) require a neutral wire. I have used both types in my house because they are for different lights.

Is the pro version?

bdg2 is the pro version

6 reviews for Lutron Caséta Smart Hub | L-BDG2-WH | White


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  • Anonymous

    Lights on!

    I bought the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart bridge along with Lutron WiFi and non WiFi light switches. I have to admit at first I was a little nervous but after reading the he instructions and watching a YouTube video, I was ready to rock and roll.
    I ended up changing out the front porch, back porch, and garage/driveway light switches. Then installed the bridge to one of my mesh network routers. So far it has been working like a charm. You have to download the app and then follow the instructions. Name the areas and schedule times to turn on and off lights. (Optional) Or you can simply use your smart phone or tablet to control the on off feature.
    I will end up getting dimmable bulbs and then Lutron dimmable WiFi switches as well as WiFi fan switches. That will allow you to have full control of your lights and fans all throughout the house.
    For the three switches I changed out it took about 40 mins because I had to go outside to turn off the power to the different areas of the house as I was doing the work. The overall process is fairly simple and straight forward. We’re extremely happy with this purchase and will be purchasing more Lutron Caseta products in the near future.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Important for Caseta lights

    If you want to utilize your Caseta lights fully, and truly have a smart setup, you need the hub. We had one in our old house, and so I wanted to emulate the same smart system in our current one. So I installed Caseta switches and needed a hub. This is so easy to install and setup. Now I can control my lights from anywhere, and set up scenes/schedules.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Perfect Light Control

    Easy to install & setup!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Wizardry At Its Best

    I don’t know how they do it, but it works. I installed coach lights on the man door of my detached garage about 70′ from my house. Somewho, the Lutron Caseta switch inside the garage connects online to my phone or computer. It’s magic. The lights come on at sunset, dim at 10 o’clock, and dowse at sunrise. I can access the lights and program anywhere – 600 miles away. It also comes with a remote control that also works flawlessly from 70′ away. Don’t ask me how. Obviously, it’s not reliant on wifi.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic

    This product achieved exactly what I wanted it to accomplish for my bedroom recessed LED lights:
    1. Integrate with Amazon Echo and be able to dim to an exact percentage (‘Alexa, dim the bedroom light to 10%’).
    2. Integrate with Siri and be able to dim to an exact percentage (‘Siri, dim the bedroom light to 10%).
    3. Use the bedside remotes or the Lutron app (so you can control the light when you don’t want to use your voice, like when someone is sleeping).
    I found the installation to be straight-forward:
    1. There is no neutral wire. Just two black wires and a green, ground. It doesn’t matter which black wire goes to which black lead.
    2. The only thing I needed to do was re-pair the remotes after I installed the bridge and enabled Lutron skill within the Amazon Echo app on your phone and enabled iCloud Keychain on my iPhone (which is required for Siri integration). I installed the dimmer first and paired the remotes to ensure it worked with my Cree LR6-DR1000 recessed can lights. It worked fine but when I enabled the smart functionality, the pairing apparently was deleted with the remotes so I had to go back and pair them again.
    3. I plugged the Lutron bridge into an ethernet switch (TRENDnet 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch: ) instead of directly to my router and it installed without a hitch. Unlike others have reported, there was no complicated wireless setup with opening ports, etc. It was completely plug-and-play.
    1. Works great. I upgraded from the Lutron Maestro dimmer. The Maestro dimmer uses the same 5-button Pico remotes and those remotes work fine with Caseta.
    2. As others have mentioned, there is no ‘memory function’ on the wall switch. You have On/Off and the up/down dimming on the main wall switch. However, with the smart functionality and the remotes that have a favorite button, there are other ways a favorite setting can be achieved when you turn on the lights.
    3. You can adjust the ‘low-end’ and ‘high-end’ trim on Caseta. Low-end trim is important if you use LED lights that may turn off or flicker if you dim them down too low. To adjust the low-end trim on the Caseta, hold the ‘ON’ button and ‘Dim down’ buttons on the wall switch for 6 seconds until the LED flashes, then adjust the dimming level until the lights are at their lowest without flickering or turning off. This may take a bit of back and forth. After you have achieved the dimming level you want, hold the ‘Off’ button until the LEDs stop flashing.
    4. Amazon Echo and Apple Homekit (Siri) voice use require you are connected to the same wifi network as the bridge (so neither will operate the device outside the home). However, the Lutron app works well with Off/On and Dim Up/Down functionality and has a slider for dimming percentage. It works well and does not require wifi connectivity (you can use it outside the home). It also has fairly quick feedback. If you use Echo to turn off the light, the Lutron app shows the light off within a second or two.
    Opportunities for improvement:
    1. This product is intended for use within 30 feet of the Lutron bridge, according to their tech support. That seems a bit limiting to me. Lutron stated that it may work outside of 30 feet but they could not guarantee continued connectivity.
    2. This product will integrate with the Maestro line of accessories like the LRF2-ocr2b-p-wh occupancy / vacancy sensor *BUT* you lose Amazon Echo / wireless functionality if you use the accessories other than the Pico remotes. I see this a significant opportunity for Lutron. I’m not clear why consumers need to sacrifice wireless functionality with use of accessories/sensors. I went up to level 3 tech support at Lutron and they suggested that this was an engineering choice and not necessarily a technical limitation of the Caseta system. If so, I don’t understand that engineering choice.
    Finally I will add that the Lutron Customer Service is flat-out amazing when it comes to technical support. I had called, pre-purchase, to compare and contrast the Pro version of the switches (which can do 3-way) and the Pro version of the bridge (which can integrate with some other limited manufacturers like Control4). Interestingly, the Pro version of the switches does not require a Pro version of the bridge. I also called post-purchase to discuss accessories as I detailed above. The main point I wanted to add is that Lutron technical support is fantastic if you happen to hit a wall or have esoteric questions.
    1/17 Update: SmartThings integration coming soon according to the Lutron website. Yay.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great device for automation

    After moving into our house, it took us a year to realize that our switches can be integrated with HomeKit with this simple device. After purchase, within 5-10 mins I had all our switches configured. Note, our network is usually difficult to work with and a lot of devices struggle to get on to the 2.4Ghz network – this one picked up quickly and I’m happy with the flexibility that it provides for our house.

    Verified Purchase

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