Myfox Home Alarm Starter Pack (Wi-Fi, Wireless Smart Home Security System, iOS & Android)

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  • Door/window smart sensor: Vibration analysis to catch the intruders before they can break into your home
  • Proactive Security: The 110dB siren sounds while the doors are still closed and your house is safe and sound
  • Easy To Use: System installs in 15 minutes from your smartphone
  • Hands-free Disarming: The Bluetooth Key Fob automatically recognizes users and disarms the alarm
  • No contract 24/7 Professional Monitoring: Through a click in the app, get a team of professional operators to watch over your home 24/7. $9.99/month, no commitments, no hassle
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Device detailed description

Product Description

The Myfox Home Alarm is the only smart home security system that catches the intruders BEFORE they can break into your home. It triggers the siren while the doors are still closed and your home is safe and sound, thanks to a door & window smart sensor that can tell the difference between normal events and a break-in attempt.

From the Manufacturer

At Myfox, we’ve worked to go beyond standard security measures to create a system that brings peace of mind to families – knowing their homes, possessions and loved ones are safe – without costly recurring bills or the need for professional installation, unlike complicated traditional systems.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Batteries Included?

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Warranty Description

‎1 year limited warranty

Product Dimensions

‎6.8 x 6.8 x 1.7 inches


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Included Components

‎Wireless Smart Home Alarm Security System

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Frequently asked question

Is any paid subscription needed for this system to work? If not, what features do I get with the subscription service? Thanks.

You don't need any paid subscription to be able to use it. Without any subscription, you will work and it will notify.Subscriptions are if you want to have the video on the cloud for 1 or 7 days (without a subscription it is only in real time) or if the alarm is fired, the company calls the cops for you.

Can you set up mutliple cameras with this system or are you limited to one (cameras bought separately of course)

It allows you to ad up to 50 sensors, 50 keyfibs and 4 cameras.

Can you use (2) sirens? I have a guest house I'd like to put one in.

Yes you can. I have one internal and one external installed and both work ok. However, I would suggest the internal siren which comes with the kit is a total waste of money as a burglar can easily rip it off and remove the batteries

Does the premium pack include a wall mount for the camera?

No, Camera has a small removeable base attached by magnets. It will sit on a flat surface, but that's it.My fox sell a wall mount atadditional cost

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  • Anonymous

    I feel it is a very good product. The main issues that I have with ...

    Okay…. So I purchased ANOTHER unit for my main home. The one at the vacation home once I got it setup has been working pretty well… other than I did have the alarm go of a couple of days ago just by someone knocking on it… a woman, and not extremely hard. I have adjusted the sensitivity now but we shall see. Now, on to this new unit. So I purchased the kit with 4 key fobs and 4 sensors, plus purchased another 8 sensors… so no small purchase.
    My first issue was trying to get the link to stay connected to my network…. it connected fine right off the bat, then 4-5 hours later it dropped off and I was unable to get it connected again. It would error out every time, even after NUMEROUS hard resets. I finally called support which were no help at all. The good thing now though is you actually have a toll free number you can call 24/7.. .kudos to Myfox for that. But with that said, I called on Sunday morning, and it is now Tuesday evening and they have still not contacted me back, and they told me they would possibly call me Sunday, and Monday at the latest….
    The good news is, I was able to get the link working, and this tip may help others… They name the device Myfox Security by default… well my router does not like spaces in the name, so I believe that is what caused the issue. Why it connected initially for 4 hours I have no idea, but I finally was able to get it past the errors by renaming it to something with NO spaces or special characters. That’s the good news… The bad news is the fact that I had an awful time getting several of my sensors to link, and now I have the one on my basement door keeps giving false alarms…So I am not a real happy camper right now. I will contact their support again but I am not very hopeful they will get it fixed. I will provide another update if/when I hear back from their support.
    I debated between 3-4 stars for this product, partially because of price and support. I do believe the price is a little maladjusted, and the overseas support is severely lacking. However, with that said, I feel it is a very good product. The main issues that I have with the product surround installation instructions and support. I’ll start first with the instructions…. I consider myself very tech savvy, but I had a couple of annoying issues when doing the install of the IntelliTAG sensors. This was escalated from annoying to very aggravating once I sought to get support involved. Support is EMAIL only…. I believe I read where someone else said they had a quick response, mine was not… up to 24 hours, which in the fact I was installing this in a vacation home, and would be leaving in a couple of days… time was of the essence. So to get a response in 24 hours, and usually it was vague, so to respond to that email and wait another 12-24 hours was infuriating. If the company is not going to supply an 800 number for tech support, at least have an online chat setup. The emails I would get had very poor English translations so a couple of them didn’t even make sense. But, with that said, I was able to voice my frustrations very loud and clear and I had a couple of senior level folks reach out to me and resolve the issues. They even offered me their cell numbers for future reference should I not be able to get any other ongoing issues resolved. They were very apologetic, and they did say they were already developing a plan for the support as they realized it was lacking. This is a fairly new company/product here in the states so I believe they were being very honest with me concerning making the support better. The product itself has worked flawlessly (knock on wood) and despite the initial installation difficulties concerning placement and syncing of the sensors, it was quite easy. In their defense, I was doing something incorrectly was why I was having difficulty with the one sensor, but in my defense I felt it was b/c of poor documentation. The only other issue is the fact the key fob needs to have better identification and have the key ring hook given the ability to swivel . What I mean by that is if you are new to this system and you are leaving your home n the dark, it is VERY hard, if not impossible, to see the markings on the fob. It either needs to have embossed/raised markings so to tell even by touch, or color coded, or have the markings in DARK BOLD print/images. Also the key fob ring hook sits awkwardly on my key ring, and I would rather that it have the ability to swivel at least 90 degrees so it would lay flatter in my pocket. I spoke to the senior level folks mentioned above about this and they said they are working on this as well. But again, overall I believe it is a very good product, just price and support I feels needs some adjustments.

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty nice for an Unsupported System

    I bought the starter pack and two of the security video cameras.
    This product has a WiFi hub which connects to sensors and a siren. When an event is detected the siren sounds and you get push notifications to email or via the app which is now called ‘somfy protect’. Everything has battery backup. This system is no longer supported in USA and any attempt to reach support will fail. So -1 for customer service. I will note that prices on this starter pack unit are low but prices on extra sensors and cameras have shot through the roof- higher than retail price so consider this if you need more sensors and cameras.
    #1- the product will sound an alarm to scare off intruders when an event is detected- you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night and manually actuate an alarm from your smart phone. This appears to be the cheapest system to include a sensor and WiFi hub and Siren that works to sound alarms automatically and also uses WiFi for push notifications.
    #2- this works on my data network which uses 4G LTE (I have a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot) at my remote factory.
    #3- the sensors and cameras are tricky to configure, keep at it, took me a few hard resets to get everything working. The door sensor is ‘closed’ and ‘open’ but my door swings both inward and outward from a middle position. The door sensor cannot comprehend this situation. But it still works when the door is moved, although it always begs for a recalibration.
    #4- the myfox security cameras integrate well with motion sensing to sound alarms when motion is detected. Configuration is tricky and the privacy shutter seems to open and close on its own despite the efforts to direct privacy or not from the app. I can keep them open now after trying hard. Works with 4 cameras maximum per hub.
    #5- the cameras have an unbelievably powerful IR beam for nightime viewing- it is amazing actually. Resolution and IR illumination are the best I have ever seen from 3 prior cameras. I am very impressed by the dark viewing ability.
    The video buffer on the cameras is 24 hours to cloud storage but stops after the trial period (10-14 days not sure)- then it records 10 seconds only when motion is detected (24 hours with a fee). This is actually good for me because I have this on a 4G LTE network and don’t want to use pricey data writing video continuously to the cloud– I’d rather get a loud alarm and 10 seconds of data. No onboard video storage is also a downside.
    Overall, the system works very well (had it for about 3 weeks), you show up and unlock the motion sensitive door with an old fashioned key, at which point the included bluetooth dongle on your keychain disarms the alarm automatically and sends you a notification of disarming. Arming and disarming can also be done from the dongle or smartphone app. You can watch live video on the app remotely (4 cameras) and check the status of everything. Seems pretty good if it was only supported and if the sensors and cameras were a little easier to configure. But I am happy overall thus far.
    The cameras do run a little warm/hot when they are just sitting there so they must use a good amount of power.

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