WiOn 50055 Indoor Wi-Fi Plug-In USB Wall Tap, 1 Grounded Outlet, 2 USB Ports

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  • Control outdoor electrical devices from anywhere – using your smartphone with no hub required
  • Great for indoor lighting and electronics to deliver convenience and ease when charging electronics
  • Monitors energy usage
  • Up to 12 ON/OFF settings per day, including countdown, random/vacation, and sunrise/sunset schedules
  • Schedule daily, weekday, or weekend schedules
  • 125Vac, 60Hz, 1000W Tungsten, 15A Resistive, 15A General Use, 1/2Hp, 500VA Electronic Ballast, 8.3A Ballast
  • Control electrical devices from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet
  • Monitor energy usage and costs at anytime
  • Expand your WiOn system by simply adding up to 12 smart switches
  • Programming options include – multiple on/off settings, countdown, random vacation, and sunrise/sunset schedules
  • Affordable home automation – works with your existing Wi-Fi router and free WiOn app
  • Manage computers, gaming consoles, entertainment centers or any device that can be powered off when not in use for energy savings
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Device detailed description

Control and monitor your lights and appliances with your smartphone from anywhere with the Woods WiOn indoor outlet! Save energy by monitoring the energy usage of a plugged-in device, schedule the crock pot to have a meal ready when you walk in the door from the office, set your coffee pot to brew at the same time every workday morning, or turn off your downstairs fan from comfort of your bed. Simple control, all at your fingertips. With WiOn smart switches, wirelessly connect all of your favorite devices using our simple, feature-filled products. No knowledge of electrical wiring needed! No need to buy special electronics–the WiOn indoor Wi-Fi outlet retrofits your existing electrical devices to completely modernize your home, at affordable prices. Download this user-friendly app, connect your device to your smartphone using your existing Wi-Fi network, and begin controlling your device from anywhere – at home or on the go using Wi-Fi network or mobile internet (3G/4G/LTE). There are no set-up fees, no hub required, and no monthly charges. You can even expand your system to include multiple indoor and outdoor smart switches, which do anything from lighting the front porch to turning on and off outdoor holiday decorations automatically. With WiOn, wirelessly updating your home is as easy as 1-2-3!

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎Limited 1-Year Warranty

Product Dimensions

‎2.75 x 5 x 7.38 inches


Power Source




Included Components

‎WiOn 50055 Indoor Wi-Fi Plug-In USB Wall Tap, 1 Grounded Outlet, 2 USB Ports

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

will this work with amazon echo?

I just got an update, 6/9/2017. They now support amazon echo. You can connect your account in the wion app settings.

Does the 50055, with the USB ports, cover one or both outlets on a standard 2 outlet plug?

it covers one

Can I use my 1500W/12A space heater with this timer?

It’s capable, but not recommended. The unit is rated 15A, but I would never suggest pushing the load that close to max.

Are these devices listed by ul, eil, or another teating lab?

Yes it is a UL certified

4 reviews for WiOn 50055 Indoor Wi-Fi Plug-In USB Wall Tap, 1 Grounded Outlet, 2 USB Ports


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  • Anonymous

    Cool little WiFi enabled timer.

    Follow Up: Had it for a few months now. Only used it for real one time. But it worked fine that time. I will keep it at 5 stars.
    Only had this for a couple of days so far, so if things change, I will follow up. You may see most of this same review material in another WiOn product since I have more than one.
    I really have no CONS for this. Maybe that the night light does not appear to have a way to turn it off?
    The night light is kind of cool. There is a smooth green light that comes on at dusk and turns back off at dawn. Once you tell it your zip code, it figures out when that is without you having to tell it each day. As said above, this could also be a CON since I don’t see a way to turn it off. It doesn’t use that much power, so I am OK with it.
    There are 2 USB ports. They are always powered on. They are not on the timer. Only the 120 VAC outlet is timer controlled. I bought this more to play with than with an actual purpose. Over time this might bother me, but for now I am only expecting the AC outlet to be used with the timer. I really wasn’t buying a UBS port device at all.
    Once you get the app working there is a feature with this timer that tells you almost real time what the voltage is and how much power is being consumed. It also tracks power usage over time. More a curiosity for me, but someone might find this useful.
    On your mobile device go to your app store and download the app. If you try to use it before there are any timers set up, it will tell you to set one up and that is pretty much all you can do. Once you have the app ready to go you can plug the timer in.
    Plug the timer into the wall and the blue light will flash slow at first and then fast. Get your mobile device out. Go to your wifi set up option and look for the new router to show up. The WiFi SSID starts with ECO- and is followed by a bunch of numbers. Connect to it. Once connected, start up the app. It will ask what WiFi SSID you want it to connect to. Pick the one you want to use. You may see more than one in your home. If you only have one, there is only one to choose from. It will also ask for the WiFi password for that SSID. It will ask for your zip code. It uses your zip code to determine sunrise and sunset. Name the device. Save and exit. There will be a quick pop-up saying it is connecting you back to the WiFi SSID you told the WiOn Timer to use. This is quick, so you might not see it. Once you are back on your home WiFi, open the app again. The device should be there and you can now set up timers.
    With the new device highlighted in the app, under the Settings option, you can tell the timer to use the cloud or not. Without the cloud, you can only control it when you are on your local WiFi. If you set it to use the cloud, you can control it from anywhere. Either over your cell phone’s data network, or on someone else WiFi. After you select control from the cloud, you have to click the check mark in the upper right to have it save that setting.
    If you have a second (or 3rd) mobile device, I think you just have to be on the same local WiFi and it will see the devices you set up and you can now control them. It was that simple for me. My phone recognized the cloud control after I turned it on from my tablet, but my wife’s phone made her set it to on again just for her. Not sure if that was a timing thing or if each mobile device has it’s own setting for cloud control. Anyhow, if you can not control a timer when you are not on your home WiFi, check that setting when you are home, turn it on, and save it.
    I have tested this from a 3G and 4G location and both work. I also used my WiFi only tablet from 2 different WiFi locations other than at home and it worked. One was another home WiFi, and the third is my work where it is proxied and has lot’s of filters blocking stuff through the firewall. It seems to only need regular HTTP access since it was not blocked from my work. No special ports need to be opened on a firewall.
    So far I am happy with it. The gui on the mobile app is fairly intuitive, but it doesn’t want you to use your phone’s ‘back’ button. That will exit the app no matter where you are in it. Get used to using the back arrow within the app instead.
    Picking a second device, if you have more than one, involves sliding the devices around the circle on the top left. I tried to just select a different one, and it will not do it. It looks like I can turn the other devices on and off, but can not set timers until the name is highlighted. Slide them until the one you want is at the bottom left of the circle. It will highlight and then you can change settings and change the timers on it.
    It has 5 different kinds of timers.
    Programmable Timer:
    You can pick the ON and OFF times. You also pick the days of the week for it to run. This one repeats every week until you delete it.
    Countdown Timer:
    Has the option for an ON date and time and then an OFF date and time. The only difference I see between that and a Programmable Timer is that you can’t have it repeat every day. It looks like a one time timer. It does not appear to delete itself once it has run. You have to manually delete it.
    Astronomical Timer:
    You pick an ON time based on minutes before or after sunrise or sunset. You also pick an OFF time based on minutes before or after sunrise or sunset. You pick the days of the week for it to repeat.
    Vacation Timer:
    It says the device will turn on and off at random times and gives you 3 options. At night, during the day, or all day long. There is no start and stop date option so I assume you start this timer and then have to manually delete it when you want it to stop. I have no idea yet how often ‘random’ is. If you have a Security Timer set, a pop-up will tell you that this will replace that timer. You can’t have both at the same time.
    Security Timer:
    You give it a Start date and time and an End date and time. It looks like an all day Vacation Timer except it has a start and end date. I assume it does not delete itself when the End date passes just like the Countdown Timer. If you have a Vacation Timer set, a pop-up will tell you that this will replace that timer. You can’t have both at the same time. The difference is that a Vacation Timer is always on while this one has a scheduled Start and End date/time.
    I know there are questions out there about what if 2 timers overlap. The logic is very basic. It is NOT like the power button on a TV remote. It does not toggle on and then off and then on and then off again with each press. It is a ‘discrete’ type power button. That means On will only/always turn the power on, and Off will only/always turn the power off. If any timer starts, the power will stay on if it is already on or turn on if it is not. When any timer reaches time to turn the power off, the power will turn off or stay off if it is already off. When the last timer reaches power off and the power is already off from another timer, it will stay off. Very simplistic. You as the human have to pay attention to how you set timers if they overlap. The machine only follows it’s rules of ‘try to turn it On, or turn it Off.’
    As an example. If you turn a light on at sunset and turn it off at sunrise every day of the week, that timer will do exactly what you expect. If you then add a second timer that turns that same light on at midnight and turns it off at 2 AM, the light will come on at sunset. It will stay on at midnight. It will go off at 2 AM. It will stay off at sunrise. When sunset comes again the next day, the every day of the week timer will turn it back on again.
    The description says 12 timers maximum. It let me create 13 timers. When I tried to add a 14th, it said the maximum is 12. I did not wait to see if all 13 worked. I really only need 2 of them, so I just created that many to see if it would let me and then deleted all of them again.
    About the 12 timers … They may be confusing since they are independent timers and not tied to each other. That means all 12 are running all the time. Compared to mechanical timers, that can be confusing. The timers are not serial in any way. Meaning, it is not that timer 1 runs first and then timer 2 and so on. All 12 are always running at the same time. That means you have more possibilities of different timers for different days of the week, but the limit of 12 also means if you want to do more than 12 timers in the same day, you are screwed! This is a limitation. Not for me, but maybe for others. However, since you can control the timer from pretty much anywhere, that advantage is much more useful than having 100 timers that repeat every day like some mechanical ones can do.
    I had no WiFi problems like so many others talk about in their reviews. I can’t explain why. Maybe time will tell. If I start having problems, I will update my review. I am a networking person, so the WiFi in my home has a very strong signal and works very well.
    I read about security concerns. Since I am not 100% certain how the cloud features work, I have mixed feelings about those reviews. I am not sure if there is a backend server or not that stores my WiFi password. I did ask WiOn support about network outages. They said the timer stores it’s timers locally so it will still work without the cloud. They also said the app is only used to talk to the timer and make changes to it. That makes me think that there is no backend server and it is a direct signal between my mobile device and the timer. I don’t feel like setting up a network sniffer like one person did to see the traffic. But, here is my thought! WiFi is not that secure to begin with. Anyone who really wants to hack you can get your WiFi password in a couple of hours by sniffing and recording your traffic. Unless you have state secrets on your home WiFi, I would not worry about it much. If you are close to a lot of neighbors, maybe you might care. I am not. You would have to be trespassing to get access to my WiFi. Hence the yard light! If I see you trespassing, I will ask you what you are up to. So, for me, even if it is not the most secure protocol out there, I am not that concerned about it. If you get into my timer and turned my yard light on or off, I will know about it within 24 hours and undo what ever you did. 😛

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  • Anonymous


    The App does not allow you to select your router from a list or enter it manually like the tutorial video shows it does!
    If it won’t let me select my router how am I supposed to connect it I have another product from them that works perfectly but this is a piece of crap!
    I want to say the device is probably awesome but the software sucks and does not respond the way it does in the tutorial video.
    Okay, after hours of trying everything my nerd brain could fathom, every combination of router, every different sequence of prioritizing the step outlined in the instructions, and various combinations of the above, I read all the instructions, the support page & the FAQ, NONE OF THAT HELPED!
    Right about then, I was about to box it all up and return all 3 of them, when I thought of one last thing I hadn’t tried and that was not in any of the help document, it was the one thing I should have tried first but didn’t because it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the help files or instructions, I REBOOTED MY IPHONE!… I have no idea why that solved everything or why that wasn’t the first thing they suggested in the trouble shooting guide, help sources or instructions, but I’ll be damned if that didn’t SOLVE IT ALL!
    So there you have it folks, just reboot your iPhone before you begin any of the process!
    Now they worked like a dream!
    Thank you WiOn for an amazing product!.. but please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!… Update your Troubleshooting, FAQ, Online Support & Setup Instructions to show REBOOTING YOUR PHONE AS THE VERY 1ST. STEP BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH ANY OF THE OTHER INSTRUCTIONS!
    You will save a lot of people having to go through the nightmare, I had to go through!

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  • Anonymous

    Customer service is a scam operation.

    Had problems with the final step of setting up the device. When entering the password, I would get an error message. 1st time I contacted customer service they had a tech call me. Once on with tech he did not have me run through the set up again are or check to make sure I was inputting information correctly. The tech went right into a script of telling me that my computer was corrupt and they needed to run diagnostics on it. For around $200. He said my fire wall on my system had too many intruder attempts from my gaming, social media and porn habits. He insisted this was the problem and he needed access to my computer. I hung up. I don’t own a computer. I have an iPad and an iPhone I run the app. After trying to self diagnose and googling possible problems with it, I recontacted tech. After taking my info they told me they would have a technician call me. I asked if it was free service to have tech work with me and they answered yes. Then I mentioned the last experience that they tried to sell me a service at about $200. And they text chat ended and disappeared.
    After playing with the WiON smart plugs a bit more I figured out that I needed to copy my password from my router page and paste in the box on my WiON app set up page. And not type it in. For some reason that was the issue.
    The plugs work great. I am concerned about WiONs costumer service ethics.

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  • Anonymous


    Overall I like it. Phone app control is really nice. I missed the part where it said the usb ports aren’t connected to the timer though. Either that or that info just wasn’t there when I ordered.
    And that blasted night light!!
    WHY can’t I turn that off!? I like my room DARK at night and that stupid, bright-green light is very disruptive. SO tempted to pop the d*mn thing open and disconnect that infernal green light. I’d move the timer to a different socket but I have nowhere else to put my plant.
    I might just look for a new timer plug that DOESN’T have a nightlight built in.

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