Samsung [GP-U999SJVLEAA] SmartThings Button One-Touch Remote Control for Lights, Appliances, and Scenes – SmartThings Hub Compatible – ZigBee – White

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  • We recommend placing the hub in an open area well away from other devices transmitting and receiving 2.4GHertz signals (like WIFI routers). If the signal needs to penetrate walls or floors, we generally recommend sensors be placed within 30 ft of the hub, or that a device that can act like a ZigBee repeater (such as a SmartThings Outlet) be placed between the two devices to boost the range. Temperature 32 to 104 degree F
  • The versatile Multipurpose Sensor is an all in one sensor that can detect vibration, orientation and angle (tilt), temperature and when things open or close
  • Monitor secure areas of your home and be alerted if a door, window, cabinet or drawer opens unexpectedly
  • Get a reminder if you forgot to close your front door or garage door
  • Know the temperature in any room or location
  • Measurements (for combined sensor and magnet): 1.9 inches wide, 1.89 inches tall and 0.57 inches thick
  • Additional Requirements: Samsung SmartThings Hub
  • Range: 50 to 130 ft
  • Communication Protocol: ZigBee, Refer to the Trouble Shooting Steps available below in product description
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Device detailed description

The most versatile device in the Samsung SmartThings family, this sleek ZigBee device acts as a movement, vibration, orientation and temperature sensor all in one. The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor can detect whether an object like a door or drawer is open or closed, sense when valuable or off limits items have been moved or tampered with, offer temperature readings, and feel vibration. It requires the SmartThings Hub. SmartThings offers a one year limited warranty on this product. TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS: &gt, If your device doesn’t connect after removing the ‘Remove to Pair’ tab, hold the “Connect” button while inserting the battery. &gt, Release the button when the LED is lit. &gt, The LED will blink blue while attempting to connect. &gt, Then select “Connect New Device” in the SmartThings app.NOTE: Check User Manual in Technical Specification before use.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Voltage (V)

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎One-Year Limited Warranty. SmartThings, Inc. warrants this product against defects in materials and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.

Product Dimensions

‎1.9 x 0.57 x 1.89 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used


Switch Style


Battery Cell Type



Included Components

‎Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor, Quick Start Guide

Item Weight

Average Battery Life

Frequently asked question

When measuring temperature, does this keep a running log of the temp over time?

Not sure if this is a change, but I see a log every time the temperature changes. I’ve seen this device report 20 temperature changes in 5 minutes. It doesn’t seem to be bound by time.

Why is Amazon telling customers there is a newer version of this item (which appears to be identical yet is more expensive and not Prime)?

2019 update: there *is* a newer version at this point, 'SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor M/N: IM6001-MPP02' via This is the 2016 model.

The sensors requieres a hub?

Smart Things Hub ONLY, not your Echo Plus which has a build in hub. Very misleading. I was able to connect a SmartThings Motion sensor to my Echo Plus without a smartthings hub. Not the Water Sensor

Will this work with the 'wink' hub?

This is officially supported by the Wink Hub as of Sept 21, 2017.

2 reviews for Samsung [GP-U999SJVLEAA] SmartThings Button One-Touch Remote Control for Lights, Appliances, and Scenes – SmartThings Hub Compatible – ZigBee – White


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  • Anonymous

    Multipurpose Sensor vs EcoLink Z-wave Plus Garage Door Tilt Sensor (Tilt-Zwave-2.5Eco)

    I am updating my rating to 4 stars. I did not realize that the multipurpose sensor is a zigbee sensor and requires zigbee repeaters. After adding zigbee repeaters to my network, this sensor works quite well in the garage. The range is no longer limited.
    The 2-star rating is due to the extremely low range capabilities of the multipurpose sensor making it useless to me as either a mailbox or garage door sensor.
    This is a comparison of the EcoLink Z-wave Plus Garage Door Tilt Sensor (Tilt-Zwave-2.5Eco) and the Samsung Multipurpose Sensor using SmartThings. I have had all these sensors less than a month so I cannot speak to longevity.
    Samsung Multipurpose Sensor Pros:
    Allows a larger gap between the sensor and the magnet
    Has a fairly accurate temperature
    Is extremely sensitive to movement
    Samsung Multipurpose Sensor Cons:
    The range is absolutely pathetic
    It is too expensive ($40) for the features provided IMHO
    EcoLink Tilt-Zwave-2.5Eco Pros:
    Has an extremely long range of at least 100 feet
    Is very easy to install
    EcoLink Tilt-Zwave-2.5Eco Cons:
    When used on a garage door, it must be horizontal to register open. That means that the
    door could be partially open enough to allow entry while the sensor still registers closed.
    I first attempted to use the Samsung Multipurpose Sensor on the Mailbox, which is about 100 feet away from the house. It would initially connect, but then fall out of the system constantly. When connected, it worked flawlessly. But the range made this sensor useless to me as a mailbox sensor. I then moved the multipurpose sensor to a garage door, which is in a detached garage about 40 feet away. I also have a repeater inside the garage itself. The sensor still fell out of the network repeatedly. Then I switched the multipurpose sensor with a contact sensor inside the house. The multipurpose sensor has worked perfectly on a door about 15 feet away from the hub. The contact sensor I switched it with, the Dome Z-wave Plus Door/Window Sensor DMWD1, works flawlessly on the garage door. It has never fallen out of the network, but it is more difficult to install because the sensor and the magnet must be extremely close to each other.
    I then installed the EcoLink Tilt-Zwave-2.5Eco in the mailbox and it has worked perfectly. It has never fallen out of the network even once. But it must be installed face down and upside down on the mailbox door to work properly. I installed a second EcoLink for my second garage door which is 50 feet away from the house. It has worked perfectly there also, but the door is raised enough for entry (on hands and knees) before it registers as open.
    Hope this helps as you evaluate your own needs.

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  • Anonymous

    Great sensor, Bad Accelerometer

    I’ll start this review by telling you that I purchased this sensor to act as a garage door sensor.
    I had intent to create programs to open or close the garage door based on the open/closed status. i.e. If the garage door is closed when I return home, then open it. If the garage door is still open after five minutes, then close it.
    This sensor combined with a smart relay on my existing garage door opener was the simplest and cheapest option to achieve the results that I was after.
    This is where the down side of the sensor comes in. It performs well as a thermometer, reporting every degree change throughout the day and night. It also reports activity in acceleration every time the garage door is opened or closed. However, the accelerometer is hit-or-miss, at best, when it comes to reporting a change of status from closed to open. On countless occasions, after the garage door was opened and a change of status failed to be reported, I could simply tap the sensor and the status would change. This failure to report resulted in the garage door being left open all night numerous times.
    I went through every troubleshooting process possible, including insuring proximity wasn’t the culprit, removing the sensor from the app and finding it back in, resetting the sensor itself, etc. Nothing worked and eventually, smartthings customer service authorized a replacement device to be sent to me. (Side note, customer support was great to work with on almost every occasion)
    I received the replacement sensor and thought all my problems would be resolved. Unfortunately this was not the case. To my disappointment, the new sensor had the exact same accelerometer issue.
    At this point I gave up using the sensor as smartthings intended and used it as a simple door sensor on my garage door. It comes with a small second piece to use on a front/back door using proximity to determine the status of the door as opposed to using the accelerometer. I have absolutely no problems using it in this fashion, but wish it worked as intended.
    TL,DR: If you intend to use this on a garage door, don’t set it up as a garage door sensor. Find a way to install with small second piece on garage door due to accelerometer not always reporting a change in door status.

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