Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5, Invisible Z-Wave Plus security and open / close sensor, Battery powered

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  • Z-Wave security sensor designed to monitor when doors or opened or closed.
  • Invisibly installed within door / door frame.
  • Battery powered. Lasts 1 year. Battery included.
  • Compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways including Fibaro, HomeSeer, Indigo 7, SmartThings, and Vera.
  • Z-Wave Plus certified. Certification #ZC10-14120008.
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Device detailed description

Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 is a battery powered, Z-Wave Plus based, magnetic door sensor with an extremely small form factor. Unlike other Z-Wave door / window sensors, Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 offers a unique, invisible installation – it’s easily installed within a doorframe meaning it avoids altering a room’s aesthetics without ever compromising on functionality. Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 can send Z-Wave signals to up to 5 associated devices within its own network, and does so simply when the door it’s installed within open or closes. Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 also has low-battery alerts and offers a simple method of replacing the battery. Compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways including Fibaro, HomeSeer, Indigo 7 for Mac, Samsung SmartThings, and Mios Vera.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

Product Dimensions

‎1.6 x 0.8 x 2.5 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used

Power Source

Number Of Pieces



Battery Cell Type

Mounting Type



Included Components

‎Magnet, Sensor unit, Screw(x2)

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Can these be used outdoors? I'd like to put a sensor on my two wooden gates.

I agree with the post from Christopher, they don't specifically say for indoor use only, but they are also not designed to be weatherproof. The sending unit could probably be protected well enough if the inside of the hole drilled for mounting it were lined with plastic wrap and perhaps the recessed area where it screw… see more I agree with the post from Christopher, they don't specifically say for indoor use only, but they are also not designed to be weatherproof. The sending unit could probably be protected well enough if the inside of the hole drilled for mounting it were lined with plastic wrap and perhaps the recessed area where it screws into the facing sealed with some silicon. This might make it a little tougher to remove when time to change the battery, but that should be infrequent. My sensor has been installed for 4 months now and still shows 100% battery life. I would, however, be concerned about how far from your wired z-wave mesh the gate sensor would be located. The further from a wired device a battery operated sensor is, the less reliable it is and the more battery it will consume. My door is right next to a wired light switch, so the 'mesh' is only about 2 feet away.An alternative would be to use wired dry contact sensor (like ) on the gate itself and run the wire to the nearest indoor/sheltered location where you could hook it to this sensor/relay:

It says operating distance is 300 ft. Does that mean the hub must be within that distance? If it's not, does an extender make it work?

Daniel is right. Z-wave is a mesh network and many device may work as a repeaters. Don't trust the 300 feet range, this is outdoor and ideal distance while inside it is about 100 feet, but would't recommend to extend 60.

Has anyone installed this backwards in a steel entry door? Does it work?

I installed it as my pool Pump timer and when I close the metal Box where the wiring is it will not turn on/off using app when I open the door works fine.

Does anyone know how long the battery is suppose to last for? I cannot find it on Aeon Labs' website...

it depends on how long they've had them on the shelf. i purchased 3 of them. 2 lasted about 1 year, the 3rd one less than a week. you never know what you get. have a couple on hand just in case. also, be very careful when pulling it out to replace. don't short or damage anything in there...

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent Sensor

    I ordered 2 of these. They come in a little box with the right amount of packaging. I don’t feel like I am paying more for the packaging than the device as is sometimes the case.
    I struggled a little bit to get the circuit board assembly out to pull the pairing insulator. An easy trick is to slightly squeeze the outside end of the case, which if done in the right place will allow the board to pull out easily.
    The actual pairing with my Smartthings v2 hub was 100% seamless. I was a bit concerned because of other reviews, but Smartthings must have fixed any previous problems. Also no need for modified api programming either. It just works.
    I used a 3/4 in Forstner bit. It worked great. The manufacturer include the English measurement to reduce confusion. A spade bit would have also worked just fine.
    I actually needed to ream out the 3/4 hole somewhat to get the main sensor body to fit in a way that I would be able to get it back out to change the battery at a later time.
    The short magnet part fit perfectly snug with the hole from the 3/4 bit. It did not require adhesive. I will need to monitor this because temp and humidity changes may loosen the fit in my wood door frame through seasons and time.
    I chose to install this sensor in the top of my door so that later I won’t need to look at or repair that big 3/4 hole. It will also never fall out up there or get tampered with. I didn’t even use the screws.
    In operation it may not be quite as precise as I had hoped. The sensor indicates ‘closed’ about an inch (25.4 mm) before the door is completely closed. I may modify the magnet to reduce this range if it causes any functional problems with my door lock management. If anyone has insight to adjusting sensitivity, please leave a comment.
    For those wanting temperature. I would suggest that knowing the temperature of the core of your door or doorframe has no value unless you are trying to study the insulation properties of your door.
    I did mount the sensor in the door itself. I am not worried about the impacts damaging the sensor because it is a heavy door that fits well and closes smoothly. If I were concerned about durability I would be concentrating on making my door close better.
    The CR2 lithium batteries registered 100% when first installed and measured in at 3.04 volts and 2.98 volts, so I know it is not just programmed to make me feel good. This is outstanding compared to other recently purchased sensors that have arrived with only 75% life remaining. Battery discharge rates are very predictable for a given battery. In the future I am planning to return devices or expect a discount on devices that come with partially depleted batteries and not purchase those brands again.
    The little led is annoying and I might put some tape over it as another reviewer suggested. I don’t really want to advertise exactly where my door sensor is located.
    In conclusion this sensor does its job and does it well. It is invisible and easy to install. Reliability and battery life are not yet known. So far Aeon has my business over other brands for sensors and devices.

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty darn pleased after the first day!

    I was a little skeptical that an invisible sensor such as this work, but it sure does. I had assumed the long cylinder of the device was mostly an AA battery, but in reality there are two little circuit boards and a replaceable battery that is also a cylinder, maybe one third the size of a AA battery.
    I ended up using a 3/4′ drill bit to bore a hole in the top jamb of the door opening, both to hide the sensor and also because I have glass panels on each side of the door opening that would prohibit the sensor placement in the jamb. I could have bored into my wooden door as an alternative, but I elected to keep the door solid and use the upper jamb instead.
    One hint I’ll offer – my door is wooden and is a bit warped at the top so it pulls away from the jamb stop. I had already bored the hole upward into the jamb through the gap between the jamb and header, and into the header. I had centered this hole in the section of the jamb that contains the door. Had I also centered the hole for the magnet in the door itselt, the magnet and sensor might not have aligned. Fortunately, my door was thick enough to allow me to offset the placement of the magnet boring so that it would line up with the sensor/transmitter. I had also taken into consideration there is a gap between the vertical edge of the door and the jamb as I placed the center of the boring in the door that houses the magnet. Translation – measure from the jamb to the center of the hole for the sensor as well as the magnet.
    I activated the sensor on a SmartThings hub. OK, it was mostly by accident….there is a little microswitch on the end of the sensor that places in a discovery mode – I had inadvertently pressed it as I was trying to figure out why it wouldn’t pair with the hub. That would have been a great hint for Aeon to disclose in the installation instructions. Once I pressed the button, it paired immediately, then launched into a setup sequence on my SmartThings app.
    I don’t have any idea how long this battery will last. I don’t know if SmartThings has the capability to monitor battery life as does my Vera Lite controller in another property. All I can offer is that this is a great solution for an invisible door sensor. I’ll be buying at least one more for the property where I have the SmartThings hub. I’ll also be getting some for my Vera Lite property.
    1. Before you drill into the jamb and header or

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