Leviton DDMX1-BLZ Decora Digital 450W LED/CFL, 1000W Incandescent Dimmer and Timer with Bluetooth Technology, Neutral Required,White, Ivory, Light Almond

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Switch StyleDimmer Switch
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.12 x 1.43 x 4.13 inches
Mounting TypeWall Mount
International Protection RatingIP00
  • Combination dimmer, 24 hour programmable timer & countdown timer with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control lights using a smartphone or tablet
  • App provides local control within a 30 foot range without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection
  • Compatible with 1000W Incandescent, 450W LED/CFL, 1000VA Magnetic Low Voltage, and 1000VA Mark 10 Powerline
  • Single pole or 3-way/multi-location control when used with the DD00R-DL Decora Digital dimmer remote (sold separately)
  • Neutral wire required for installation
  • See LED bulb compatibility in the technical specifications below (comparison chart PDF).
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Device detailed description

The next generation of lighting control technology is here with the new decor a digital dimmer and digital switch with bluetooth technology. These innovative Devices work using the decor a digital dimmer & TIMER app that can be easily downloaded to smartphones or tablets and paired to the Leviton dimmer or switch using bluetooth technology. Decor a digital controls with bluetooth technology provide local control within a 30 foot range without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection, bridging the gap between traditional dimmers and whole-house automation systems. Decor a digital dimmer – a powerful device combining the best of Leviton dimmer and TIMER functions with today’s technology. Just use your smartphone or tablet to control, adjust and time lighting for daily activities or to ensure a ‘lived-in’ look while away. Decor a digital switch – users enjoy the combined functions of a standard wall switch and a countdown or Programmable TIMER switch in one attractive device. Using the app to set TIMER functions makes it quick and easy to control lights. Decor a digital dimmer & TIMER app – compatible with apple and Android smartphones or tablets, offers simple, intuitive on-screen menu options to independently control dimmers and switches within a 30 foot range. Decor a digital Devices are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, outdoors or anywhere full control of lighting is desired.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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, ,

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Product Dimensions

‎2.12 x 1.43 x 4.13 inches


Switch Style

Certification Smart device certification

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Included Components

‎Dimmer^White Face and Ivory and Light Almond Color Change Kits^Mounting Screws

Item Weight

Control Method

Connectivity Protocol

Frequently asked question

Does downloading the app require one to set up an account and provide personal information?

No personal information is needed. It does give you an option to register, but that is not necessary. It only connects via Blu tooth. Very simple app.

If the smartphone used to schedule the on/off timer is outside of the Bluetooth range will the set program still turn the lights on/off as scheduled?

Yes, the schedule is stored on the phone and the device (switch) so the phone isn't turning the switch on and off. Bluetooth is just used to do any realtime changes or upload new settings.

Can i just wire this in place of my current light switch and not have to worry about anything blowing up? Also, does it come with a faceplate?

There are instructions on how to wire the switch. It is slightly different than a typical light switch, as it needs constant power to run the Bluetooth. That being said, i followed the instructions and mine has been in for months and has not blown up. And no it did not come with a face plate.

For the dusk/dawn feature to self adjust, does the phone have to be connected via bluetooth (to update the time)? Or can I set it and forget it?

My switch did not adjust for daylight savings. I have had serious issues reliably configuring the switch through the application, too. Neither of my Android phones will properly set the location now, so the sunrise/sunset feature is useless even though that's what I bought it for.

3 reviews for Leviton DDMX1-BLZ Decora Digital 450W LED/CFL, 1000W Incandescent Dimmer and Timer with Bluetooth Technology, Neutral Required,White, Ivory, Light Almond


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  • Anonymous

    Works very well

    Things I liked: I use this device to schedule and dim my pool light.. It was easy to install, works as I expected.
    Things I didn’t like: The printed instructions for advanced programming with features I wanted to use, were complicated. However, the instructions for that same functionality in the app were easy to follow. The printed instructions should have recommended that the user download and use the app for advanced programming. The other feature I was a bit disappointed in was that the bluetooth feature is supposed to work within about 30′ of the device. I found that the bluetooth doesn’t work through walls. I use this switch in an outside location with a ‘while in use’ cover which protects it from the elements. I needed to be outside, have line-of-sight to the device, and be within about 15 ‘ of it to get it to pair and to adjust settings. That said, for my use I don’t expect to change the settings on the device very often, if ever. There is a Wi-Fi version of this switch for anyone who needs to program it remotely.

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  • Anonymous

    great switch, complicated install with 3-pole config

    Going with the Leviton bluetooth smart switches gives you a big advantage over a traditional timer smart-switch: they’re extremely easy to configure! Yes, you can also turn them on or off by using the Decora app on your phone, but that is slow and cumbersome. Where these really stand out is when you want to just program a switch and forget about it.
    I like that these aren’t connected to a cloud service or connected to my wifi. Yeah, someone can probably park their car in my driveway and hack into it to turn a switch on or off, but that is about the extent of it.
    Range is 30-40 feet. Outside of that, when you launch the app, it will simply tell you that the switch is out of range.
    I notice that if you have an extended power outage (a few minutes or more), these seem to lose track of time and your schedules get way off. To fix this, I find I have to launch the decora app (within range of the switch), then open the switch, then simply click on ‘schedule’ to review the schedule. In doing that, time seems to be correctly set back onto the switch. I really wish this wasn’t necessary, but I’ve had two power outages in the last month and both times, all of my switch schedules quit working.
    I installed this in a 3-pole configuration (in my case, two light switches controlling the lights) so I had to install the companion Leviton DD0SR-1Z remote. Without this remote, the main switch cannot work in a 3-pole configuration. The 3-pole installation is a lot more difficult than a traditional light switch installation. And this Leviton is on the hard-end of 3-pole configurations because the wiring between the remote and this has to be just right so they can coordinate. I ended up having to hire an electrician and it took him about 2 hours to figure it out.
    In the end, I’m happy with this. I wish it kept time during power outages, but those really don’t happen very often for most people. If I needed remote control (outside the home) or wanted a much faster app interface, I’d probably buy Belkin Wemo. But Belkin explicitly doesn’t work in a 3-pole configuration.

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  • Anonymous

    Finally, a smart way to control my exterior lights that is easy to program

    I bought this Leviton DDS15 to replace an aging Intermatic timer that had become erratic. I was never a fan of needing to manipulate the tiny buttons hidden behind the manual on / off switch on that device at least twice a year when Daylight Savings Time started and ended but there were no other options at the time.
    I am controlling three exterior lights on the front of my house and since those lights can be turned on or off in two different locations, I also purchased the DD0SR companion switch because I have what is commonly called a 3 Way switch set up.
    The quick change front plates for white, ivory and almond all coming in the box is a nice feature, I can see where it would be very beneficial for both those who sell these units (to keep inventory to a minimum) and for people who are in the industry, such as electricians or lighting control people, since there is no need to stock three different colors. It also appears that you can special order color change kits if you want other colors besides the three that come in the box.
    The 3 way installation isn’t for a novice in electrical wiring, the instructions are clear, you just need to be sure you are reading the section that applies to your particular situation. Since my 3 way installation encompassed only two physical locations that is the situation I am commenting on.
    First, set aside any knowledge or previous experience you may have connecting 3 way light switches, that was the hardest part for me. Once I started with a ‘clean slate’ with no preconceived notions based on past experience the process went much better.
    Second, the DDS15 and the DD0SR both need a connection to the neutral electrical wire. This is much different than any timer I had ever connected before because none of the previous units I have installed needed neutral, even the simplest regular light switch has no need for a connection to the neutral wire.
    Third, you need to be sure you know which wires go to the load you want the timer to control (in my case the front lights). You also need to know which wires are supplying the electrical power to the box you are working in and do not even think about hooking this timer up without shutting off the breaker that supplies power to the box. If you are not familiar with how to accomplish these preliminary tasks, play it safe and get a hold of someone that does. This is not an installation where you can ‘get through it by trial and error’.
    Those who have hooked up three way switches before will recall there is usually a cable containing four wires that runs between switch locations, and usually there is a white, black, red and ground wire contained within such cables. Since I had the cable that supplies the power to the box from the breaker panel, and the cable that went to the lights (the load) as well as the four wire cable to the other switch location in the same electrical box, that is where I placed the DDS15. The instruction sheet that comes with the timer has a specific section for this situation, they also have sections for other possible situations.
    I removed the existing timer and the switch at the other switch location before I began the hook up of the DDS15.
    As I mentioned above older timers didn’t need a connection to the neutral (usually white) wire, but both of these devices do. Since there was no neutral wire in the second switch location, I went back to the wiring instructions. What I found was that out of the four wires in the cable between the two switch locations, I only needed to connect three of them including the neutral.
    That is the big difference between these devices and a normal three way switch installation between two locations. These devices use the neutral wire and one other wire as a communications pathway between them instead of actually carrying power between the two switch locations like a normal 3 way installation would.
    In this case the instructions said connect neutral to both devices at the appropriate location and one wire between the terminals on the two devices marked ‘red/yellow’ along with the ground wire on each device. I used the white wire of the four wire cable to carry the neutral from the box where the DDS15 was to the second switch location solving the problem of no neutral in the second box. I chose the red wire to go between the two ‘red/yellow’ terminals on the two devices. I connected the grounds and coiled the black wire on the four wire cable up on each end and tucked it in the box since it isn’t needed for this type of install. The other connections to the DDS15 are pretty standard, one for the incoming power, one for the load being controlled.
    So, essentially the DDS15 does all the actual turning on and off of the lights, the DD0SR is called a companion because it just signals the DDS15 to turn the lights on or off from a different location.
    Once everything is connected, you restore power at the breaker panel and touch the top of the rocker switches on each device to turn the lights on and touch the bottom of those same rocker switches to turn the lights off. There is a little green LED that is on when the lights are off, and off when the lights are on which is similar to how an illuminated light switch works. If the turn on / turn off test passes, you are ready to button everything up at the switch location(s) and download the app so you can connect to the DDS15 via bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet for programming.
    Since I want the front lights to come on at sunset and go off at a preset time, but come back on in the early morning hours when I leave for work and go off at sunrise, I thought that would be a huge task to program. I was completely wrong about that being difficult.
    The programming couldn’t have been easier. If you want the timer to do something at sunrise or sunset, be sure to have your location services option enabled on your smartphone or tablet when you program the timer. It also helps to have your WiFi on because the timer uses the location information from your smartphone or tablet to determine the latitude and longitude of your location. It uses this information to automatically adjust the time it does its turn on / turn off thing based on the sunrise and sunset times for your particular spot in the world.
    That is huge, no more fooling around with the timer during the twice yearly daylight savings time clock adjustments and no more adjusting for the changing amounts of daylight between winter and summer. Set up the timer and it does the work for you, and it does it better than you could, since it adjusts itself daily if you use the sunrise or sunset functionality.

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