Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW120 ZW120-A Door/Window Sensor Gen5, Small, White

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  • Simple DIY installation with screws or by double sided tape
  • Triggers intelligence and security Related events
  • Hidden security tamper detection technology
  • Z-wave certification Number zc10-15110015
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Device detailed description

Aeon labs door/window sensor Gen5 is a battery-powered Z-Wave magnetic contact door/window sensor. The D/W sensor will send radio signals up to 5 associated Z-Wave devices within its own Z-Wave network when the main unit separates from the smaller unit (I.E. The door or window it is attached to is opened). bidirectional mounting plates and a push button release clasp allows for easy end-user installation. The Aeon labs D/W sensor also has tamper prevention capabilities and low-battery alerts. The sensor is 20% smaller than the first, and also includes the latest stable Z-Wave technology including Z-Wave explorer frames.

Features and specification

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

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Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

Product Dimensions

‎1.1 x 0.9 x 2.9 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used

Power Source

Number Of Pieces



Battery Cell Type



Included Components

‎Magnet Unit, AAA Batteries(×2), Magnet Unit Outer Shell, Double-Sided Mounting Tape(×6), Bidirectional Mount Plate, Sensor unit, Screws(×4)

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

How long does the battery last

15 days in my case. Don't know if this is happening in all sensors or is just a failure of mine. This sensor uses 2 AAA batteries.

U unable to pair with Vera plus

If Vera Plus supports Z - wave then yes it should work

Does this switch works with iris hub?

Hi, thanks for the question. Please note that this is Aeotec Door Window Sensor Gen5, it's a sensor that designed for detecting the ON/OFF status of the door. If you are looking for a Z-Wave Switch, please feel free to take a look at our official website at: … see more Hi, thanks for the question. Please note that this is Aeotec Door Window Sensor Gen5, it's a sensor that designed for detecting the ON/OFF status of the door. If you are looking for a Z-Wave Switch, please feel free to take a look at our official website at: As Iris supports some of the Z-Wave devices, it should be working with Aeotec Door Window Sensor Gen5, however, we haven't tested them yet, it would be suggested to check with Iris about this. Should you have any other question about Aeotec Door Window Sensor Gen5, please feel free to let us know by reply. Thank you very much. The team at Aeotec.

Does this support an external connection?

No it doesn't have any external interfaces. This uses zwave protocol and needs a compatible hub for its functioning.

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent door sensor. Very good sensitivity and tolerances. Works perfectly with Home Assistant.

    UPDATE (5/2018: after 11 months of use): the batteries I installed last year just died. I think I am getting a more or less a year out of one pair of AA batteries. This time the batteries died more gracefully without falsely reporting that ‘door is open’. Could have been some other issue last time?
    UPDATE (6/2017: after 12 months of use): the original battery just died! So 12 months on one set of batteries — that is pretty good!
    However, the battery died in a somewhat dangerous way — the sensor just started reporting the ‘door is open’ every hour randomly even though the door was closed. I think it is dangerous so I am taking one star from my rating. I was travelling when the battery died so no one was at home for a week. I am REALLY glad I didn’t wire a siren to respond to ‘door open’ events when I am away – my neighbors would have gone crazy.
    UPDATE (4/2017: after 10 months of use): the original battery still works fine. I am very surprised!
    The door is opened at least several times a day. Over the 10 months and every day use: there are ZERO problems with detecting an open door event. There were 2 instances when it failed to detect the close event and thought the door was open when it was in fact closed (I attribute those to RF interference) – so it works with ~99.9% accuracy.
    Original review:
    This is an excellent Gen5 sensor. (make sure that you have a new Gen5-capable zwave controller!)
    * Super-easy to install (you can use either screws or double-sided tape: both included)
    * Great tolerance: it allows for up to 2cm (~0.8′) gap between before triggering!
    * Gen5: can be paired as a secure device
    The ~0.8′ tolerance is exactly what I was looking for!
    My door design is such that the door is ‘sunk’ into the door frame. So the magnet unit and the sensor unit cannot be perfectly aligned next to each other between the door and the door frame since the door frame sticks out.
    I never could install any door sensors on my door until I got this one!
    The gap between my sensors is well within the tolerance of this unit and I get very reliable detection of door opening and closing.
    Connected it to Home Assistant and it is working perfectly now.
    Other comments:
    * 2 AAA batteries are included into the unit
    * to pair you need to open the battery compartment:
    – don’t confuse the button on top for Z-Wave Action button. Z-Wave Action button is inside. The top button is just for opening the battery compartment
    Overall, highly recommended if you have a Gen5 capable controller.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Possible poor cold weather performance

    I bought two of these. One is installed on the front door of the house. The other is on the personnel door into my garage. The interior one is working very well. Nice quick response to changes in state, good battery life ect. The other one has not updated its status since the first day it was installed. It’s been about two weeks now so I decided to see if I could get the darn thing going. I moved my hub closer in case the signal was too far away. I was skeptical about this because two other devices at the same door were working fine. Sure enough, this didn’t help. I removed the device from its mount and got a signal from the device pretty quick about the tamper switch (two seconds?). So the signal was getting back to the hub.
    I brought the device into the house to do some testing. I had planned to remove and reintroduce the device to the z wave network. Before long, about five minutes, the device began sending open and closed status signals erratically. I grabbed a refrigerator magnet to simulate a door opening and closing. I could not get a reliable result. Maybe the magnetically activated switch was getting stuck. The tamper switch was activating in a completely reliable manner, so it was not a wireless signal problem. If I put the magnet near it, it would not show closed so I tapped on it. Boom closed. Remove magnet and it doesn’t show open. Tap on it and boom, open.
    I checked this procedure several times and it seemed to indicate that the switch was sticking somehow. I decided to take it apart. I found the switch inside but it is not serviceable. But then something cool happened. It started to work as expected, and reliably. Nice. I put it back together and checked its operation again. It seemed good to go so I installed it back on the garage door. I tested it a couple more times once it was up and that was it. It worked two times to indicate the door had opened and closed then it got stuck showing door open. Dang. I shut the door and looked at the smart things app and waited. About 20 seconds later it showed that the door was closed again. Pretty slow response. Additional attempts to get it to update its status while installed on the door proved unsuccessful. The door has now been left open for30 minutes and the device appears to be stuck closed again.
    I’m disappointed. I believe that the temp might be affecting the operation of the door sensor. The manufacturer says that it should work down to 0 degrees celcius but not this particular one. 35 bucks down the drain.
    Update: I found a workaround. I moved the reliable device to the garage door and brought the other device indoors. So far so good. Still concerned about the device reliability. I will have to replace it. I just don’t have confidence in it any more.

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  • Anonymous

    Probably OK for a window or interior door. I wouldn't trust it on an external door.

    I’m not sure what the problem is with these. I have one on my front door and back door. They seem to fail about 1/5 times. It seems to randomly not send an update on open or close. I’ve tried new batteries, pausing 10 seconds between opening and closing, repairing in both encrypted and clear mode. I also put both into an active state and ran a network heal. The problem still exists with both units. We’ll sometimes open a door, and the open isn’t sent. Or we’ll close the door and the close isn’t detected. So it throws my automatons off. Completely unreliable for purposes like locking doors automatically when you close them. A few times I’ve arrived at work only to see the door sensor still thinks the door is open so it didn’t lock the door.
    The LED is flashing, so it is detecting the open/close. But looking at the zwave logs, it randomly chooses to not send the packets. My Ecolinks do not have this problem.

    Verified Purchase

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