Fibaro FGFS-101 ZW5 FGFS101ZW5 Flood Sensor, Z-Wave Plus Water Leak Detector-FGFS-101, White

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  • The ultimate Z-Wave Plus water leak sensor/detector, with temperature and tilt sensor
  • Get alerted on your smartphone/tablet/email, trigger certain lights, activate specific scenes, or even sound an alarm when water is detected
  • Three 24K plated Gold telescopic feet always makes contacts with both even and uneven surfaces and never corrodes
  • Built-in temperature sensor can alert you If there is a sudden rise or fall in temperature, which can help prevent damage due to frozen pipes
  • Z-Wave Plus certified sensor with enhanced features such as longer battery life and better range: ZC10-16025007
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Device detailed description

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is the most functional water leak sensor for your smart home. It is designed to either be placed on the floor or a wall with the gold-plated water-sensing probes Extended by a connected wire. The device can be battery or VDC powered (12/24 VDC). it has a built-in tilt sensor that reports any movement of the device to the central Z-Wave controller. The Fibaro Flood Sensor is buoyant and can float on the waterfall surface. It has a built-in temperature sensor that can alert you if there is an increase or decrease in temperature, which can protect your home from damage caused by frozen pipes. The Fibaro Flood Sensor is compatible with most Z-Wave smart hubs such as Home Center 2 and Lite, SmartThings, HomeSeer, Vera, Clare Controls, and Nexia.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎1 year

Product Dimensions

‎3.8 x 3.7 x 1.4 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used

Power Source

Battery Cell Type


‎FGFS-101 ZW5

Included Components

‎Flood Sensor, 1xCR123A Battery, User Manual

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

What is the difference between the fgfs-101 zw5 and the fgfs-101 zw3 other than price?

The 'ZW5' version is Z-Wave Plus certified.

I see 12/24 vdc external power supply option. How many amps does it require? Any recommended power supplies?

Hello, 100mA will be enough. Power consumption is 0,4W. Regards, … see more Hello, 100mA will be enough. Power consumption is 0,4W. Regards, Fibaro

Where can i purchase the external probe for the fibaro flood sensor? part number?

Does it work with Vivint Smart Home systems?

Thank you for the question. We did not test our device with this particular system. We advise you to contact the Support of Vivint Smart Home to learn if our device can be used within the system. Regards, FIBARO Team

6 reviews for Fibaro FGFS-101 ZW5 FGFS101ZW5 Flood Sensor, Z-Wave Plus Water Leak Detector-FGFS-101, White


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  • Anonymous

    Expensive but worth every penny compared to water damage

    Have purchased two of these and will likely purchase two more. Put one in an area by a back door that we knew was prone to leaking in heavy rain and it was just triggered giving us time to act quick. Due to the heavy rain, we are running the AC and a dehumidifier which are both draining into a condensate removal pump. The safety switch on the pump can be tied into the leak sensor’s wired probe extension screw terminals (SENS1,SENS2) inside. Now I’ll get a notification if the pump fails or is off/unplugged and might overflow, in addition to if water was pouring on the ground using the standard contacts on the bottom. Only thing I had to do was change the switch wires in the pump to normally open instead of normally closed.

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  • Anonymous

    Seems to work ok in battery mode only

    I purchased this device primarily because it had the ability to be powered by an optional AC adapter and it allowed for adding (optional) wires that I could extend into a sump pump hole. When I tested it right out of the box with the battery and the wires attached, it worked flawlessly constantly providing updates when I shorted the wires with my hand. But once I added the AC adapter it was inconsistent and wouldn’t always provide notifications to the Smarthings app that I’m using it with. In addition, like another reviewer experienced, the battery went from being new and showing 100% (battery only) to constantly being at only 4% (battery and AC adapter) in less than a day. Guessing it’s a firmware issue and/or it’s related to the device being a Zwave repeater when powered by an AC adapter and perhaps still sucking some ‘juice’ away from the battery.
    It’s now day-2 and I’ve reset the device and removed the AC adapter. The battery it came with now shows 45% but the unit seems to consistently provide updates appropriately of being ‘wet’ when I short the wires. More testing is needed to get a comfort level that it’s consistently working as expected.

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  • Anonymous

    Good product - only semi functional with Hubitat

    Good product. Being able to use this with a DC power supply and the internal battery as backup when the power goes out was the primary reason I purchased 2 of these. Its also great that an external sensor can be wired in as well.
    I used this for the DC power: 12V Power Adapter for Yamaha PA130 PA150, UL Listed Power Supply AC Adapter. Just snip the barrel end off. And yes this is probably overkill, but I wanted something UL listed.
    Overall: great product.
    Note: I purchased this to use with a Hubitat C5/C7 z-wave hub. Good: built in driver for the sensor. Bad: Driver is half broke and Hubitat knows this. In 8 months there has been zero effort to fix this. Buyer beware. Problem: The device works on EITHER battery OR DC. But not both. According to Hubitat – they didn’t bother finishing the driver. More information: surf the Hubitat forums. DO NOT BUY THIS EXPECTING THAT HUBUTAT WILL FIX THIS PROBLEM IN THE NEAR FUTURE! OR EVER! OR that your pestering them will have any effect.
    If you’re looking for something for Hubitat and only want battery OR DC or you just want the external sensor capability, there are problably better (cheaper) options.

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  • Anonymous

    Solid Flood Sensor

    I’ve used a lot of battery powered IOT devices over the years and the results are spotty. Devices can disconnect from the network frequently, eat through batteries fast and just be unreliable. My experience with these flood sensors has been really good compared to other devices. My use case is in Home Assistant with a Aeotec Z-Wave Get 5 stick, and they were very easy to connect to the z-wave network (triple tap the toggle inside the case). Battery in my first device is going on a year without swapping and there have been no disconnections from the z-wave network that I’m aware of. Really solid all around. Worth the premium price.

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  • Anonymous

    Instructions are incomplete

    I like how easy this was to integrate with my Smart Things hub. But when I tried to use it with a DC power supply, there were two issues not mentioned in the instructions:
    1. There is no opening for the wire. I had to drill one in the top of the case.
    2. It doesn’t sense water if the battery is inserted.
    Once I got past these, works fine and I get a notification on my smart things app when it detects water.

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  • Anonymous

    Highly versatile, perfect for hot attic use

    I needed two water sensors to monitor the HWH and A/C evaporator drain pans in my attic which can get as hot at 130+ deg F in the summer. So that ruled out all battery-powered sensors as the battery limits them to ~100 deg F, and converting other ones to battery operation by fab’ing a dummy battery wired to a DC power source I found very challenging. These Fibaro water sensors are actually designed for running off a direct power source (allowing a 15 deg F to 130+ deg F operating range) AND have the ability to use an external wired sensor. The external power source was $5 and the remote sensor wire (doorbell wire) was $0.75/ft. And these have a super handy terminal strip for both connections. They paired easily with my Smartthings hub and tested out well. They also provide the added benefit of giving the exact temperature in my attic, key information to have when temps drop below freezing and you’ve got water pipes in the attic. For my use case, this was the perfect solution.

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