First Alert GLOCO-500 WiFi Environment Monitor with Battery Backup

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Power SourceBattery Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.8 x 2.8 x 3 inches
Item Weight0.25 Pounds
  • Easy, simple setup. Simply plug-in, download the app and start monitoring your home’s environment
  • This monitor will alert you to low level co, especially harmful to infants and elderly
  • When extreme dangerous levels of co are detected, a loud siren will sound
  • LED ring indicates immediate shifts in the rooms environment
  • Plug-in with battery backup to help ensure the monitor is still working during power outages
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Device detailed description

First Alert has helped ensure your family’s safety for over 50 years. Now onelink by First Alert brings you the environment monitor. Have peace of mind knowing that your home’s environment is safer than ever. Perfect for a nursery, living area or bedroom. The onelink home app provides instant notifications if carbon monoxide is detected or if temperature and humidity are not at desired levels. First Alert professional is not affiliated with BRK brands, Onelink by First Alert. Always connected. Always protected.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎10-Year Limited Warranty

Product Dimensions

‎2.8 x 2.8 x 3 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used

Power Source

Battery Cell Type



Included Components

‎Power Adapter, User's Manual, Environment Monitor, CR2 Battery

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Can they interconnect wirelessly?

They connect to an app on your phone. I have two of them in my home.

If one goes off, will all the other ones go off at the same time?


Do you need to pay a monthly fee to connect it to Home Kit?


Cnet (10/15/17) has this listed as an alexa compatible product. is this accurate. i see nothing here to support that.

They have added Amazon Evho capability, here’s a link to the manufacturer’s instruction:

6 reviews for First Alert GLOCO-500 WiFi Environment Monitor with Battery Backup


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  • Anonymous

    Great little sensor!

    Awesome little sensor. I bought two, and aside from a minor connection issue with one (which resolved itself once I restarted it) they have been working beautifully. They aren’t going to change your life, but its good to know (especially the CO2 monitoring). I placed one in the kitchen, and one down the hall near my kid’s bedroom. The LED light ring it nice as well for a quick check, and it works well with HomeKit.

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  • Anonymous

    Doesn't work with Android. Alexa not great either. DON'T BUY FOR ALEXA!!

    I bought it though I knew that I had to use a work-around for Alexa but for full features you should have phone app. Only for IOS so my Android (Google) phone can’t keep track when away from home. It is designed for Apple IOS and Apple Home. if you have these – go for it.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice Backup

    My main carbon detector is in my master bedroom and it is tied into my ADT alarm system. So, I use this carbon detector in my kitchen which is located between my family room and bonus room. Setup was quick and easy, the alarm is loud enough to hear over noises, and the unit has a small, unobtrusive footprint. The accuracy of the humidity and temperature reading are, however, somewhat questionable. These readings are one to three percentage points/degrees off when compared to those provided by my Nest thermometer.

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  • Anonymous

    Really wanted to like - total fail. #UPDATE# finally got it working.

    The product was a disaster from start to finish. Really wanted to like and use this but it’s a total failure. Wouldn’t connect to HomeKit at first. Once I finally got it to connect, it said the battery was low and the device was not receiving power, so first of all I replaced that battery. Still reporting the same two issues. Removed the battery, and plugged it back in, and it was still saying low battery when there was no battery and saying it was getting no charge/power even though it had to be for it to report this false info! Due to the low battery issue, it would do a very loud warning click every minute, which rendered it totally unsuitable for anywhere, let alone a bedroom. Even sent the manufacturer an email, but no reply. Sending it back. Don’t waste your money folks. #UPDATE# finally got it working even though the method I tried wasn’t mentioned in either the manual or from the customer service reps. All working now, although I’m still in two minds about recommending it, due to the confusing and inaccurate instructions and the lack of trained support. As with other reports, it does seem to lose connection to ypur network. Whether that’s due to the network itself or the fault of the device, I’m not sure, but most of my other devices don’t act this way, so I’m inclined to think it’s the device that’s at fault here.

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  • Anonymous

    Save your Money

    Worked ok for the first 1.5 years connected to an Apple Home Pod. Stopped working and indicated needed to be replaced. Contacted First Alert, and they no longer are making this…so what is the point of a 10 year warranty. Replaced with a non ‘home kit’ model. Horrible warranty support.

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  • Anonymous

    This device is quite expensive for what it does. ...

    This device is quite expensive for what it does. Basically it gives you a read on temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide however it only works if you are connected to the same network as the device. Also, the app is poorly designed it took forever to connect the device with the app and after a couple days it disconnected again so I ended up using my home app on iPhone to get the readings. Something that you can plug for carbon dioxide and a room thermometer could work as well as this expensive device. I was hoping I can get notifications of the room conditions while I am outside my house but it does not work.

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