FIBARO Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus Multisensor-Movement, Temperature, Light Intensity, Accelerometer, FGMS-001, doesn’t work with HomeKit

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Power SourceBattery Powered
Item Weight0.05 Pounds
Number of Batteries1 CR123A batteries required. (included)
  • All you need: dependable motion alerts, quick light reports, real-time temperature readings, and vibration notifications sent straight to your z-wave hub. Use them to automatically trigger smart lighting, security sirens, or your connected thermostat.
  • And more: all data is transmitted to your system using encrypted signals, protected by tamper alerts. With the multifunctional led, you can access temperature readings and test your z-wave signal straight from the device. Plus you get over 20 advanced settings to customize the sensor and make it your own!
  • Hub required: this sensor will work beautifully with any open z-wave system like smart things, Vera, nexia, home center lite, or home seer. It is not supported by wink or alarm panels ( pulse, alarm, and others). this is the z-wave version, not for apple home kit.
  • Ultra small: install the smallest 4-in-1 sensor anywhere without ruining the view. It attaches to any flat surface with a single screw or a piece of adhesive (both included). hide it well or show it off using the flexible mounting bracket and customizable led indicator.
  • You’re covered: this is a z-wave plus certified and ul listed device created and built in Europe from quality materials. Support portal and documentation are available on the Fibaro website so if you ever need help, just ask!
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Device detailed description

Inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, Fibaro has designed the world’s smallest, wireless motion sensor shaped it like a cat’s eye. The Fibaro motion sensor combines four useful functions into a tiny, wireless Z-Wave motion sensor! It functions as a motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and a vibration (accelerometer) sensor, thanks to its built-in accelerometer. The multicolor LED Pupil of the Fibaro motion sensor informs family members if it has detected any motion or the current temperature of a room. Set the color and its intensity to your liking and, as soon as you enter a room, you will know immediately what the temperature is. It can also trigger pre-set scenes such as lights turning on when you walk in the room. Please note that some of the advanced features of this device may require the Fibaro home center 2 (HC2) or HC lite controller. Our motion sensor is compatible with most Z-Wave controllers such as HC2, HC lite, Vera, Nexia, urc, Clare controls and home seer.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎1 year

Product Dimensions

‎1.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches

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Included Components

‎Motion Sensor, User Manual, Mounting Brackets

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Product guides and documentsInstallation Manual (PDF)User Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Is this the Eye of Sauron?

It's actually an Eye of Killrog.

Can I use this motion detector in an Alexa routine to turn on a pair of Amazon smart plugs?

Thank you for the question. Unluckily, you cannot use FIBARO Motion Sensor with Alexa. We recommend checking our FAQ for Alexa - 28th questions concerns your query. Regards, FIBARO Team

Is this compatible with the Google Home system?

Thank you for the question. No, it is not dedicated for the Google Home, however, you can integrate Google Home with FIBARO System (you need a FIBARO Home Center gateway). Therefore, you can control FIBARO system via Google Home app. More you can find here… see more Thank you for the question. No, it is not dedicated for the Google Home, however, you can integrate Google Home with FIBARO System (you need a FIBARO Home Center gateway). Therefore, you can control FIBARO system via Google Home app. More you can find here Regards, FIBARO Team

Can this be used to detect temperature in another room and such as upstairs and have nexia turn on the AC?

Most home automation systems should allow you to program this functionality, but that would be up to the software on your hub, not this device itself.

4 reviews for FIBARO Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus Multisensor-Movement, Temperature, Light Intensity, Accelerometer, FGMS-001, doesn’t work with HomeKit


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  • Anonymous

    Pretty Fly for a White Eye

    Update (9-5-20): I have had a 1st GEN Smart Things Hub for about 2.5 yrs which has played beautifully with Fibaro and Alexa Routines. Just the other week, I found out my Smartthings Hub died, so I bought a 3rd GEN Smartthings hub. With the new hub, the Fibaro no longer works with Alexa routines, Samsung and Amazon support could not make my routines work again with my Fibaro. I had to buy Smartthings compatible wifi devices and set new ‘automations’ in Smartthings to get my automated systems working again with the Fibaro motion sensor. Between the new hub and new devices, I’ve probably spent $150 and about 5 hrs in wasted ‘tech’ support between Amazon and Samsung. Moral of the story: New Smartthings hubs don’t seem to have the interplayability that the original hub had.
    So, this is my 2nd attempt in bringing an idea to ‘life.’ (Bought the Apple exclusive version on accident when I was needing something that could be used with Smart Things.)
    Set up was super easy and fast. All I required was a motion sensor and when I saw this was an eye, I had a few ideas for it.
    It’s cool, it’s creepy, and when it’s re-engineered into a picture – it hits all the macabre notes I intended.
    Is it worth $45. … not really. Also, I haven’t figured out how to remove the 2 second delay for the lights to come on – I hope that this is something that can Interfaced directly into Smart Things.
    Overall, I really like it – but it’s pricey for a motion sensor and I am not a fan of the default delay.

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  • Anonymous

    When it works, it's GREAT. But it all too often doesn't WORK

    August 1, 2021. This was a replacement for my Samsung branded smartthing (ST) motion sensor when it died (refused to factory reset). I REALLY want to like this product. It’s compact, its cool shape makes it infinitely adjustable. But it and my ST hub just continue to not play nicely together. As such, I can’t recommend it. Read on ..
    Pros: compact shape- Spherical device makes for infinite positioning, which is super helpful when trying to fine tune wherewhen you want this to trigger. Adjustibility- this device does have a significant set of parameters accessible through the ST app. COOL: The eye of Sauron look is neat. BUT
    CONS: 1) setup- is a NIGHTMARE. Whatever you do, DO NOT deviate from the steps. If anything goes wrong, you’ll need to completely remove the device from the smart things app. Then reset it. Then try and add it again. Once I got it set up, it worked… For about 3 days. 2) power mode- apparently this device enters a ‘low power mode.’ When this happens, it loses connection with the ST hub, app. I couldn’t get it to reconnect no matter what I did. It continuously showed as ‘working’ but didn’t work. 3) reconnect is nearly impossible- to effectively reconnect the sensor to ST, one must completely remove the zwave device from the hub, which requires one to move the item code to the hub (now that it worked just fine in the room I had it, but refused to be removed until I moved it closer). So, I removed the device and reconnected it. 4) connection- when connected, the ST hub all too often didn’t register any changes to the device, if made in settings, or even that the device was working. For example, the motion sensor blinked to show motion detection, but never reported this to the ST app. Sometimes the app would show motion detected when none existed. 5) support: This was the ultimate deal breaker. The documentation for the device needs some translation help. The support website requires a login and then isn’t especially helpful. I read through all the FAQs and information pertaining to ST (and z wave). Most of the items were 2 or 3 versions out of date. I get it. These guys don’t work for Samsung. That’s cool. But it HAS to be one of the most, if not THE MOST prolific integrations they have. Good think sorry for this would be fairly up to date. Nope.
    Summary: I like the IDEA of this device, but the execution, to paraphrase Saturday Night Live, is ‘not ready for prime time.’ If you have ST, or don’t like tinkering to try and get things to work, move along.
    HUGE shout out to Samsung for discontinuing their ST sensor. S I’ll keep looking for a decent replacement, but this one ain’t it.

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  • Anonymous

    Does work with Samsung SmartThings with a device handler in your Samsung Account

    Does work with Samsung SmartThings, however, you need create a device handler in your Samsung Account, then add the device handler (on github search for fibaro-motion-sensor-zw5.src), and then pair the sensor. I had to do it twice because I did not create the device handler first. Then I had to wait two hours for the sensor to update. But now I have all of the settings!! You should search for the Fibaro manual for a detailed explaination of all of the settings.
    I bought this one because of the temperature option. Otherwise, I am using Dome Sensors which are cheaper but also need a device handler. The Dome ones are magnetic so I can attach them to shelves. I used a command strip to attach the Fibaro to the wall.
    Both can be used on the app StringIfy.
    I am giving it only four stars because they are expensive. However, I will purchase a second.
    Amazon would not post my review until I removed all of the external webpages, otherwise I would have given you better directions. Good Luck!!
    Update 08/02/2018
    I like this motion sensor because it also has the temperature. I wanted to use this at the other end of house, but the z-wave signal was not strong enough (I had to add four Dome outlets to extend the range).
    Also, using a great device handler from github and Artur Draga , I am checking the tamper code to alert me when the dry stops moving.
    Just like other say, it does give quite a few false positive motion alarms. At least I think they are false positives. I have two that give the motion alert at least once a night between them. I checked my camera at the same time, but did not see anything, however, the camera did pick up a bug that was flying around at night. I keep increasing the settings. If you do not need the temperature, I would recommend the Dome motion sensor with a device handler from github from krlaframboise.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice but don't trust the mount

    This is a great multi sensor that pairs easily and works well with smartthings. The mounting system needs a little attention. It doesn’t grip the sensor very well and I wouldn’t trust it to be mounted on a door Or any place it may get bumped. The mount barely grips the sensor and can easily fall out.

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