Kwikset 99250-102 Kevo Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit, Satin Nickel

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Lock TypeConversion Kit
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.2 x 6.4 x 3.2 inches
ColorSatin Nickel
Finish TypeSatin Nickel
  • Kevon Convert upgrades your existing Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin or Schlage deadbolt into a smart lock that you can lock/unlock within Bluetooth range using your smart device (check device compatibility below before purchase)
  • Use with Kevon Plus Connected Hub to remotely lock or unlock your door from anywhere (sold separately for $99)
  • Kevon Convert now works with Alexa voice commands (requires Kevon Plus Connected Hub)
  • Not Touch-to-Open – you will need a Kevon 2 (99250-202) Smart Lock
  • Smart Home compatibility with Alexa, Ring Doorbell, Sky bell, Nest Learning Thermostat, select Honeywell Thermostats, Android Wear and IFTTT
  • Download the Kevo app to lock or unlock your door, send digital keys, and track home access from your compatible iOS or Android smartphone (check list of compatible smartphones, below, before purchase)
  • Kevo Convert features an optional auto lock that will lock your door 30 seconds after unlocking for safety and peace of mind
  • Please see Installation Manual and Compatibility PDF (titled User Manual) under Technical Specification section for additional information
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Device detailed description

The Kevo Convert smart lock conversion kit that transforms your existing deadbolt into a smart lock. With the Kevo App, you can enter your home with the convenience of keyless entry. Kevo Convert is easy to install, program and use, and operates on 4 AA batteries.

Kevo Convert now works with Alexa voice commands (requires Kevo Plus hub, sold separately). You can lock/unlock (PIN required) and check lock status.

Compatible Door Locks:
Standard deadbolts are compatible.
If you have a standard deadbolt mounted separately from the handle below it, it is compatible with Kevo Convert.
Kevo convert is compatible with Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin Prestige, Baldwin Reserve, Baldwin Estate, and Schlage standard deadbolts.
Android Compatibility*:
Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X,6, 6P,9, HTC One M9 Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Active, S6, S6 Active, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Active, S7 Edge, Note 4, Note 4 Edge, Note 5 Android Wear Devices
Apple iOS Compatibility:
iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 4th Gen, Air, Air 2, Pro (12.9-inch), Pro (9.7 inch), iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4 Pod Touch 5th Gen, 5th Gen (16GB Mid 2013), 6th Gen Apple Watch – notifications only.
*Kwikset is working diligently to add new Android device compatibility to Kevo. Each device is put through a rigorous security and user experience test to ensure that our users have the most secure and best possible experience with Kevo.

Kwikset is pleased to announce that Kevo eKeys will be completely free of charge starting February 1, 2017.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, 1 year electronics warranty

Product Dimensions

‎11.2 x 6.4 x 3.2 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used

Power Source

Battery Cell Type

Installation Method



Controller Type

, ,

Included Components

‎Kevo Convert Interior Assembly, 4 AA Rayovac batteries, Baldwin conversion hardware, Setup Guide, Kwikset conversion hardware, Schlage conversion hardware

Item Weight

Control Method

Lock Type

Frequently asked question

can i still use the key to enter if needed?

Yes it only changes the back of the door

Is this compatible with bhp deadbolts? It is a stand-alone deadbolt.

The Kevo Convert is not compatible with bhp deadbolts. This model is a conversion kit for a standard deadbolt.

My deadbolt is hard to close. Sometimes I have to pull on the door handle toward me to lock or unlock the deadbolt. Could this present a problem?

yes. i had to keep adjusting my lock until it was completely free before lock would work properly.

Can i use a deadbolt with a keypad outside and use this conversion kit? i would like to have both keypad and kevo options

Kevo Convert is not compatible with a electronic keypad for the exterior deadbolt. Please follow the link provided below for viewing the compatible deadbolts.

6 reviews for Kwikset 99250-102 Kevo Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit, Satin Nickel


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  • Anonymous

    It’s okay, slow, connection sucks but works

    I have 3 of these, and I needed to get extra hardware for 2 of the Kwickset locks (had to get a long tail to connect to that Kevo). The Kevo doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so to get internet connections you need their hub which works but that latency (phone to app to internet to router to hub to lock) takes a while. Maybe 20 seconds from the time you say “unlock” to the time it moves, if it connects at all.

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  • Anonymous

    Reviews are deciving

    I was really on the fence for quiet a while about purchasing this product. However as of right now I’m pretty happy I did. There are a lot of reviews Bout installtion being a nightmare. It was so easy If you follow the steps laid out.
    The problem lays in the Bluetooth technology which is a nightmare. There needs to be an update for that I can’t connect to the lock once I leave the app when I’m standing right now t to the damn door. It tKez me less time to get my key which defeats the purpose of hBjng the extra feature of keyless lock added to the door.
    Hoping that is fixed sometime soon otherwise happy.
    Hoping I can add more stars with an update in Bluetooth.

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  • Anonymous

    Turns your existing deadbolt into a smart lock with some caveats

    Kevo convert lets you convert your deadbolt into a Bluetooth smart lock which you can control with their iOS or Android app. This is for those of you who need to keep your existing deadbolt because it’s part of your door handle set. In my case, I have a double door with a custom brass handle set (see photo) with a custom deadbolt. Since I can’t replace it with an electronic keypad deadbolt, I needed an electronic lock that works from the backside. There are basically only two choices: August or Kevo Convert. The August lock is far more expensive ($200) and requires a mounting plate that wouldn’t work. That’s why I decided to give the Kevo Convert a try even though their instructions warn it will only work with a standalone deadbolt.
    Installation was not too difficult. It comes with 3 different mounting plates and only one of them would work with the type of deadbolt I had. After removing the screws on the backside of my door handle set, I removed the deadbolt turn handle leaving a hole. I then used the original screws to reassemble the door handle hardware with the Kevo mounting plate on top aligning its hole. One tricky thing is that my deadbolt uses a flat blade so I had to experiment with whether to have it in the vertical or horizontal position. You’ll know when have it wrong because the lock won’t work.
    Kevo provides 4 different adapters and I picked the one with a vertical slit. After connecting the adapter to the deadbolt stick, I put the Kevo Convert unit over it twisting the center round axle until it lined up and snapped into place.
    While the hardware installation is not hard, getting the darn thing to work reliably is a different story. Be wary of anything that relies on Bluetooth – Kevo Connect is no exception. First you have to install the Kevo app from the AppStore onto your iPhone. Then you have to sign up for an account which requires providing answers to 3 poorly chosen security questions. After that you have to pair your phone with the lock which does not work reliably. Be prepared to do this over and over again until it finally responds after repeated communication error messages.
    Next, you have to calibrate the lock by pulling out the battery pack, opening the door, extending the deadbolt, and then holding down the program button while inserting the battery back. After that you press the program button once more and if all is well, the lock retracts and extends the deadbolt a few times and the LED is green if you’re lucky.
    If this doesn’t work, then you have to go back to step one by disassembling the lock and seeing what the problem is. In my case the deadbolt latch mechanism was very old and did not operate smoothly. The slightest resistance will cause the lock motor to abort. I ended up replacing the latch mechansim which required drilling larger holes. I also had to experiment which direction the deadbolt blade had to be oriented. Once I finally got the latch replaced and the blade properly oriented it finally worked and I got the green light.
    However, you’re not out of the woods yet. You’ll find that the Bluetooth connection with the lock is tenuous at best. It’s not uncommon to have to press the lock / unlock button in the app 4-5 times before it responds – just maddening! Also, your deadbolt has to be perfectly aligned. In my case, if I slammed the door, the deadbolt would not extend because it hit the metal latch plate. When this happens, the lock will try to repeat this every 30 seconds sounding an alarm each time. I eventually kludged this by putting some rubber bumpers on the door to keep it from slamming.
    As for its email a key feature – Kevo gets a fail. They require the recipient to also install the app, setup and account, and answer the stupid security questions. That makes the feature practically useless.
    So that’s my love / hate relationship with Kevo Convert. I love it because it’s the only product that lets me open my front door using my phone instead of a key. I hate it because it’s not terribly reliable and the app execution is terrible. As long as you know these limitations, it’s worth a try if you’re handy and have a half day on your hands.

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  • Anonymous

    Not bad for under $50

    Easy install when directions are followed as written.
    Only hiccups were user error, would take other’s complaints on setup with a grain of salt.
    App to control lock is a bitch glitchy, but hoping for improvements in the future.
    In the absence of the Kevo bridge, you will need to be &lt,30 feet from your lock for it to work.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Kevo Convert...the good, the bad, and the ugly

    I didn’t purchase this on a whim. Looked at almost all of the feedback I could find online, and saw mixed reviews. But, it was the fit for my need, so took the gamble. Eyes were wide open on the ‘bluetooth only’ limitation (not wi-fi), and was thoroughly prepared for the installation. (I, in fact, hired a locksmith to ENSURE smoothness in the bolt movement to avoid the ‘binding’ issue.)
    Cutting to the chase….it works at 2 days in. That’s the good. Installation…that’s a two-part answer. The physical installation is pretty much a snap, although there are gotchas. The pairing process…a sadder tale, which I will regale you with now. On the physical install, be aware that the installation plate mounting screws may be too long. Easily remedied if you have tough enough cutters. Pairing was a disappointing exercise in frustration.
    As mentioned in other reviews, the Kevo app leaves a lot to be desired, but the least of the problems. Setting up the initial app is non-trivial, and their instruction approach needs to be completely different. What’s that mean? Waiting until you’re at the installation step to pair the device to go through the multi-stage hoops of setting up a Kevo account is very poor work flow. Word to the wise….use your computer to fully establish a Kevo login BEFORE you install the app. Why? The first time in, you need to establish a login, password, confirm your account via e-mail, AND create 3 security questions and answers. When you download the app, just being able to login and pair the device will be easier.
    So once past that hurdle, it took about 4 tries to get the smartphone to pair with the lock. I can’t tell you what magic I ultimately happened upon to get it to work, but know this. If the little animation doesn’t change on your phone after pressing the button to program, it’s not connected. You will see a new animation once the pairing process is actually working. After pairing, it then immediately wants to do a software update that ‘may only take 10 minutes’?! This never did work after numerous tries (a call to support the next day confirms the animation needs to show the update process is working, so I get that fun project in my future). Fortunately, and they don’t tell you this on the app, you can skip this step for later, and get down to the business of actually ensuring the install works and is complete. I’ll update this review once I have, in fact, completed the software update.
    That’s the good, and the bad….now the ugly. Oh yeah, super easy to send a repairman a one-time access eKey to get in? Not even close. First, I need the repairman’s e-mail address, not just mobile number. Second, the repairman has to go through all the same steps as I do to set up the app to get a one-time key! Get e-mail, download app, sign up, get a login, confirm e-mail, set up 3 security questions, and then finally accept the key. The chances of a service provider doing all that…1%. Chances of service provider telling me to go f**k myself? 99%. I can get an eKey for my hotel room via my phone at check-in via an SMS message. If Kwikset wants the services of a Product Owner (for all you Agile fans) for free, give me a call. I have a handful of Epics to make your product actually useful.
    And, as an aside, if you think Kevo Plus is going to solve your Bluetooth limitation, better look again. I started researching after the lock install, and here’s the sad truth, from what I can glean. (If I’m wrong, btw, please set me straight.) The Kevo plus requires an Ethernet connection to function. Let that sink in. I have a $100 TV that has built-in wi-fi, but the Kevo Plus needs an internet connection. So, let’s say you think…no prob, I got a spare plug on my router…what’s the big deal? The Plus still opens the Convert via Bluetooth. So, if your router happens to be on the other end of the house, behind a few walls, good luck having that work reliably.
    Hidden somewhere in all of this is a great product waiting to be set free, for those of us not invested in full home automation. Unfortunately, making it a 6-step, 15 minute process to get an eKey, and having notoriously unreliable pairing, just make the ultimate prize a joyless victory. I hope the ‘customer success’ wonks at Kwikset scour reviews for neutral or negative net promoter scores, and think long and hard about the feedback. I have one question for the product manager of this line…how is it possible in 4 years the Plus hasn’t been revved to support wi-fi internet connectivity, so I can put the bluetooth device conveniently close to my Convert? No, I have two questions: How is it possible that I can’t update the Convert device firmware without standing next to my front door ‘gently touching my phone next to the back panel’ for 10 flipping minutes?

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Like the Product - Confused by the Lack Detail to Quality

    The product seems to work pretty well. Easy to setup and a simple use via the app. For now, I definitely recommend.
    However, as shown by the picture, I received a battery that was far beyond its best years. Strange to receive an old and unusable battery in a purchase like this.

    Verified Purchase

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