Leviton DH15S-1BZ 15A Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology Switch, No Hub Required, 1-Pack, White

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  • HOMEKIT: Control from anywhere and create schedules when paired with an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad and the Apple Home app.
  • DECORA SMART HOME APP: Leviton Decora Smart Home app provides custom settings and local control over connected lights – turn your lights on/off individually or turn off entire room at once.
  • VOICE CONTROL: Use Siri to turn lights on/off with just your voice, “Siri, Turn Porch Light On”.
  • RATINGS: Requires Neutral Wire, Dimmable LED and CFL up to 600W, incandescent up to 1800W, fluorescent ballast loads up to 15A.
  • MULTI-LOCATION: Facilitates multi-location (3-way) switching with DD0SR-1LZ coordinating remote (no LED indicator) or DD0SR-DLZ matching remote (with LED indicator).
  • LEVITON: Making your home smarter and safer since 1906. Designed, engineered, and supported in USA with a 5-Year Limited.
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Device detailed description

Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control lights and more from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Free “Leviton Decora Smart Home” app provides advanced lighting control settings including fade rate, minimum/maximum brightness, LED response activity, bulb type selection and more. Engineered to work with sensitive, low wattage bulbs, ensuring “off means off”. It uses the latest generation of Leviton’s technology for smart lighting control for a single LED bulb in a hallway or a strand of holiday lights, ensuring LEDs do not glow when off. Rated for LED and CFL technologies up to 600 Watts with support for legacy incandescent lighting loads up to 1800 Watts. 120V, 60Hz, neutral required. DH15S is for use with HomeKit installations and utilizes the Apple TV for scheduling and remote access capabilities. If creating a comprehensive smart home via hub like Samsung SmartThings, Leviton recommends the DZ15S. If you do not wish to use a hub but still desire voice controls and select third party device integration, Leviton recommends the DW15S. Screwless wallplate shown, but not included. Optional screwless wallplates available in several colors and sizes.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎Five-Year Limited

Product Dimensions

‎2.1 x 1.4 x 4.1 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used


Switch Style

Certification Smart device certification

, ,

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Included Components

‎Device, Color Change Kit

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Frequently asked question

Do you have to have a neutral for this switch to work?

Yes, neutral wire is required.David KellerLeviton… see more Yes, neutral wire is required.David KellerLevitonSenior Director, e-Business

What WiFi standard do these use? 802.11a?b?g?n?ac?

These Leviton switches and plugs ONLY connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network. Leviton claims that they can connect to 802.11 B, G or N radios, operating at 2.4 GHz. Any WiFi that supports newer standards at 2.4GHz will work with these, provided you did not disable the older standards in your router.

I have my perimeter light (outdoor 10 flood 9 w each led) with 3 switches (3 different locations) will this switch work? not? any recommendation?

You can use three separate smart switches and with the Apple home app put the switches in the same “room” and then you can turn them on and off at the same time by turning on and off the “room”.

Does the switch work (manual operation) if the wi-fi is down?

Yes, in fact I was testing turning the lights on/off before I even downloaded the app and set it up. It worked just fine. It doesn't quite work like a normal switch, where it moved to a on position or a off position. This switch always stays in the middle and it clicked up for on and down for off but always goes rig… see more Yes, in fact I was testing turning the lights on/off before I even downloaded the app and set it up. It worked just fine. It doesn't quite work like a normal switch, where it moved to a on position or a off position. This switch always stays in the middle and it clicked up for on and down for off but always goes right back to center. When it's not get up, you get a green flashing light on the bottom center. Once it's programmed it goes solid green. I think you can turn the light off in the app if you want it off.

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  • Anonymous

    Best Apple Homekit support switch made and works great. Must buy!!!!

    So I looked at a number of switches and this one looked like a WINNER to me. What I like about it, is It fits a normal wall plate. You don’t get a special one that comes with it. That would be a problem as I have a duel switch wall plate. This of course works with Apple’s Homekit. It also connects over Wifi and not Bluetooth like some others. Bluetooth is limited to about 30 feet. Wifi, works everywhere, even away from Home. Of course it still works as a manual switch. it clicks up and down. It doesn’t rock up or down like a normal switch. So feels a bit different. If you have a Apple TV 3 or newer which supports Homekit, it will allow you to control the switches outside of your Wifi Network. So if you’re at work, you can still turn lights on/off. Out with only Cell service, still works.
    Once you use their App to program it, which is pretty easy. Apple Homekit devices have high security and simple setup. Once it’s setup in their app, it’s now in Apple’s Home App. So you can control it in that app, or just use Siri. So I have one switch in my Garage which is controlling 10 T8 fluorescent bulbs on the south half. I can now say ‘Hey Siri, Turn on South Garage lights’ and they turn on, and say ‘Say Siri, Turn OFF South garage lights’ and they turn off. I can use my iPhone or my Apple Watch. If you just hold the home button down and activate Siri, you can just say ‘Turn South Garage lights On’ and on they go. Installation was easy enough for me. Warning. You need the White Neutral wire in your light switch Box to make this work, besides the black wires and ground. Double check this. You can pigtail a white wire off from the white wire bundle you may have. That’s what I did. I also mounted a switch next to the first for the outside Garage light. So it’s a Simple ‘Hey Siri, Turn on Outside Garage light’ I also installed one for the other half of my garage. Which only controls 2 T8 bulbs. This is the light normally turned on/off all the time. This one is of course called ‘North Garage Light.’
    This doesn’t work with the Echo which may be a negative for some. If you’re in the Apple world, then great!!! You can also setup automation in the Home App. For example when your iPhone gets close to home the light turns on by it’s self. When you leave home, it goes off on it’s own. You can set up a timer to turn the light(s) on/off at set times. Good for when you go on Vacation. Makes it look like someone is home and moving about. With the MyQ Home Bridge which add’s Siri control to your Garage door opener coming out soon, you could link you opening the garage door to also turn on your garage lights, or any other light in your house that’s connected to one of these switches. Wouldn’t that be nice, and not that hard to do.
    One final thing. Using my new MyQ Home Bridge from Chamberlain to give Siri control to my Garage door. I have Linked my Garage Door and my North Garage Light together using Apple’s Home App and automation settings. So when the door opens, the light comes on and when the door closes the light goes off. So you can either use Siri to open/close the door, or you can use one of the remotes on the control pad in the garage. Any way you use to open and close the garage door the light with also go on/off. It’s pretty nice. This last switch had no ground wire as it’s a older house. There was just the black HOT and Black LOAD wire on the old normal switch and the 2 white wires connected together. 2 white wires added, pig tailed to the other two, One connected to the white wire location, the other to Ground. Because they end up at the same place in the end anyway. Hot wire to hot side and load wire to load side. It works just fine. It wouldn’t be up to legal code doing this, so fair warning. I can control everything with my iPhone or my Apple Watch!!!

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  • Anonymous

    If you've been waiting for home automation to mature, the time is now.

    UPDATE 5:
    These switches have been performing great since the update! My only complaint would be sometimes there is a significant delay between the switch being operated turned on manually and the new state appearing in homekit. However, I’m still able to control it just fine. I recommend these for anyone that is ready to automate their lighting.
    UPDATE 4:
    After the 1.4.13 firmware update, these switches work great! I can finally recommend them.
    UPDATE 3:
    The dimmer version can be reset without using the breaker by pulling the dimmer bar part way out of the switch. Use a fingernail and gently pull from the bottom.
    Unfortunately, these switches continue to be unreliable and rarely all work at the same time. Siri is always reminding me that some HomeKit devices have failed to respond.
    I’m surprised that Leviton hasn’t attempted a firmware update to resolve these issues.
    After spending thousands of dollars and hours of time upgrading my home network, and even installing a whole house surge protector, I’m not sure what else I can try to make these switches work. Even the switches with near perfect wifi signal will occasionally be unresponsive in HomeKit.
    UPDATE 2: Here’s what I’ve found to make these more reliable. I have not done a scientific test on each element or setting, but this is the configuration I am running with better results:
    A) Use Siri – avoid the Home app. The switches will regularly show as Updating or No Response in the Home app. However, when controlling them via Siri, they seem to respond much more reliably.
    B) If you have 2.4 ghz interference, try running your network as 5ghz only. The switches WILL connect to 5ghz. I am running multiple access points on separate, un-congested 5 ghz channels with the same SSID. The APs are hardwired back to the router – I am not using a range extender repeater. Note that 5ghz has less range and wall penetration so you will need to take that into account when laying out your network.
    C) I have a 4th generation Apple TV configured for HomeKit. It is hardwired to the network and set to never sleep.
    D) I am not currently running IGMP Snooping multicast optimization on my networking gear. I’ve read conflicting reports on it regarding HomeKit’s multicast so I left it off.
    E) I got a new iPhone. It is possible ‘battery-gate’ was affecting HomeKit speed.
    UPDATE 1: After using these for a couple months, I can no longer recommend them. I own 7 and a few times a week at least one of them will not respond. Sometimes I will be able to reboot it and make it active by holding the top button for seven seconds, but other times this will cause the switch to go into full factory reset and I have to reconfigure it: annoying.
    I’ve tried reconfiguring my hard wired Apple 802.11ac wireless access points to be on uncrowded frequencies. I upgraded to the latest iOS beta. I even replaced my ethernet network switch. Sadly, it is these Leviton switches that are the problem.
    If these worked more reliably, I was going to do my whole house as well as other family members. Maybe Leviton can save these with a firmware update? Until then, I cannot buy more and neither should you.
    Great hardware and software that works as advertised. The switch is easy to install and configure and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in home automation.
    It looks and feels like a normal switch, which is important to me. I don’t need my home to look like the cockpit of an airplane which some of the competing switches do with their design. The only difference you may notice from a normal switch is:
    1. there is an optional on-switch LED you can configure to represent the switch state.
    2. The internal power relay makes a noticeable but temporary click sound when the switch is remotely controlled.
    3. The physical rocker doesn’t stay in a specific position. The top and bottom of the rocker are actually buttons. When you press one it makes a quiet click, turns the light on or off depending on which button you pressed, and the rocker returns to the neutral position.
    I like how security is a central focus of HomeKit so I don’t have to worry about these switches being hacked and joining a botnet. Each manufacturer must include special hardware and software that meets Apple’s security specifications. The connections are end-to-end encrypted so that even Apple cannot control your hardware. This is the main reason I went with HomeKit versus competing home automation platforms.
    Initially I had some trouble where switches would occasionally not respond. However, I reconfigured my wireless network and reliability improved.
    I hope Leviton has success with these switches and creates other HomeKit products, like outlets.

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