Power by SimplySmart Home, Dual Outlet Timer/Automation, DIY, USB Charger, Nightlight, No tools, No wiring, Snap on, Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, Android, Smart Home, App

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  • 1 SECOND SETUP requires no tools, no wiring and no professional assistance! Plugs directly in existing power outlets – simply plug and go!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH AMAZON ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME for easy integration with your existing home assistant and voice control over lighting and appliances. “Alexa, please turn on the reading lamp”
  • INCLUDES DUAL AUTOMATED POWER OUTLETS for Independent control of each outlet. Set timers for each plug or use the app for remote On & Off. Automation has never been this easy
  • FEATURES DUAL MANUAL SWITCHES for real time On & Off control of each outlet as well as dual integrated USB sockets for easy charging of mobile devices and built-in LED nightlight for added safety and convenience
  • FREE SWITCHMATE APP available as free download for both Android and iOS Mobile Devices
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Device detailed description

Switchmate gives power a whole new meaning. Just plug Switchmate Power into your existing power outlet, and within seconds, you can control your lights and appliances through the free app on your smart phone. With features like “Welcome Home”, lights turn on automatically as you arrive home or enter rooms. Set multiple timers to automatically turn lights on/off, even when you’re not home. With Switchmate, just Snap, Tap, and Start enjoying smart lighting and devices. It’s THAT easy!

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎1.96 x 4.88 x 2.5 inches




Included Components

‎Dual independent socket control receptacle

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Output ampe.?

Assuming this is 10 amp. Manufactures response of 110 has to be volts, not amps.

How do you install the batteries on the switch are power outlet?

The ones you plug in do not need batteries they are run by electricity. You plug them into the electric outlet. Then each plug in you can control by Bluetooth with the app the light switches need batteries

will these work with the echo plus

I have mine working just fine with all of my Echo devices. No problems so far after a couple of weeks.

Work with 220v????

Hi there, Switchmate Power is compatible with 120V outlets. Sincerely, Switchmate Support

6 reviews for Power by SimplySmart Home, Dual Outlet Timer/Automation, DIY, USB Charger, Nightlight, No tools, No wiring, Snap on, Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, Android, Smart Home, App


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  • Anonymous

    Not works well with Alexa

    I didn’t like because it’s glitchy and inconsistent. Not connecting well with and without Alexa. With Alexa it starts to work in a way that is not scheduled at all. Feature of turning on and off by itself without Alexa also not responding. Its wifi connection very bad. I don’t recommend it.

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  • Anonymous

    If you want to only use app this works fine

    First I had an issue connecting to my wifi router but got it connected with bluetooth just fine. Later I went to set up wifi again. I do have strong security but it was a Linksys AC1200 dual band. I tried all sorts of trouble shooting. Thankfully I had an old ISP provided D-Link router with weak security to get it configure. Once configured that worked fine also. However, I have not been able to get it to connect to my Alexa echo dot, it keeps saying that the Hub requires a firmware update to connect. I ensured the switchmate device was fully updated and confirmed my Alexa dot was up to date as well. I don’t recommend this if you’re looking to use the voice activation service through Alexa.

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  • Anonymous

    t waste your money (and time)

    Yes, it talks to Alexa, and yes, it need to be periodically reconnected. A real pain if the plug is behind furniture. And No, it does not control the Switchmate light switch acting as a hub with Alexa, as I was told by their support that it would.
    Regarding the Switchmate light switch, Yes it connects to the IOS or Android app and No, not to anything else. I was told that the Wink 2 Hub would control the Switchmate lightswitch, but, guess what, and no surprise, Switchmate dropped support of the Wink 2. I had counted on that as the way to control the lightswitch via Alexa, but, nooooo.
    So I ditched all the Switchmate stuff, bought a Versa Z-Wave Controller and a virtually identical competitor to the Switchmate lightswitch, Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Single Gang Toggle Wireless Light Switch TLS-ZWAVE5. Fits over my fireplace toggle switch, and guess what, It works perfectly with Alexa. i can now turn my fireplace switch on/off with an Alexa voice command, ‘Alexa, Turn on (or off) the Fireplace’…and it turns it on, or off.
    So Folks, don,t waste your money (and time). I was told by Switchmate that the power outlet would work with the Switchmate light switch and it does not, and, I see no indication it ever will. How come there are no 0 stars for an Amazon review?

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  • Anonymous

    Product keeps losing program timer settings

    I contacted the Switchmate support as the programmable smart receptacle keeps shutting off timer settings. The brochure received with the device says – one-year warranty, contact SwitchmateHome.com for support.
    The company just emailed me stating the following: ‘I do apologize, we no longer make that product and no longer provide a warranty for them. ‘
    I will be returning this to Amazon today.
    I did return the other one and got a refund from Amazon.
    This unit is still working, but we will see for how long.
    Switchmate no longer manufactures this product and will not warranty it, regardless of what the paperwork states.

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  • Anonymous

    do not buy. app doesn’t work.

    the app isn’t a working app so you can’t actually use it to turn things on or off. when I downloaded the app it asked for a verification code which was never sent. and the app doesn’t connect to the power outlets, or switches but says coming soon. this shouldn’t even be sold.

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  • Anonymous

    Firmware not ready for prime time or Alexa

    I hate to do this, as the concept and the design and manufacture of their devices is great. However, the actual use and execution is just not there yet. Particularly, if you expect to use Alexa to control Switchmate devices. Or even the outlet’s basic timer functions.
    I have gone back and forth with tech support for a number of weeks trying to get the devices working properly. They finally issued enough software and firmware updates and had me do a full reset of the first generation light switch. Now it works as expected.
    I assumed they had finally gotten the bugs out of the software and firmware. So I then purchased the second generation switch and this outlet. The outlet also acts as a hub and has both Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. The expectation is all devices can be controlled from your phone’s App or Echo, without concern for Bluetooth limitations etc. Apparently, the outlet and the newest switches have an updated version of Bluetooth that operates over greater distances. (BTW, through watching some product announcement videos and asking tech support a number of questions, I learned all of this. It certainly isn’t on their website. Also, Switchmate has an Alexa skill, which I have added. It functioned perhaps the first 36 hours.)
    The outlet simply will not operate its set timers for more than a day or two. After that, it just starts turning off and on as it chooses. Or nothing at all. Not unless you set it up again. Then a day or two later, it fails. Even though the timers are still loaded and set to run etc., is visible on the App and indicates it has its WiFi connection. And Echo devices think it is offline most of the time. It is useless there.
    I had intended to use the timer in the outlet to run a fake TV light so my house looks occupied when away. Apparently, I’d have to fly home within 48 hours just to get the timers going again. I have since received a TP-Link outlet from Amazon and that is now my solution. The Switchmate outlet is now relegated to the hallway functioning as a nightlight and a hub. Also, if there is any power interruption, the device totally loses its timer settings. It does, however retain the WiFi credentials. There are also no IFTTT offerings.
    Hopefully, they will pull it together and in six months or so all of this will be sorted out. But I don’t intend to make any additional purchases until the ones I have, function as expected.
    My apologies for the lengthy review. But best for others to know this is in Beta.

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