Enerwave Z-Wave Plus Ceiling Sensor, Z-Wave Sensor, Ceiling Mount Sensor for Z-Wave Home Automation, ZWN-BPC-PLUS, White

Power SourceBattery Powered
Maximum Range12 Feet
  • Compatible hubs: SmartThings, Zipato, HomeSeer. PIR motion sensor with Z-Wave Plus technology. Trigger Z-Wave devices when the Z-Wave sensor detects motion
  • Receive alerts on your mobile device, activate other Z-Wave devices to turn on lights and appliances, adjust the thermostat, or activate scenes
  • Four PIR motion sensitivity levels to adjust to the needs of the room, 12 ft. motion detection radius
  • Utilizes Z-Wave Plus, which features 50% improved battery life, 67% improved range, 250% more bandwidth than Z-Wave classic. Backward compatible
  • Battery powered (2x AA batteries included), battery life of 2 years, low battery notification, adjustable PIR motion sensitivity
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Device detailed description

The ZWN-BPC-PLUS is a Z-Wave Plus sensor that works as part of a home automation system. Install and add it to your Z-Wave network to boost your security system and provide comprehensive automation to your home. Use the ZWN-PBC-PLUS to trigger lights, fans, alarms, and more. Activate events or a scene when the sensor detects motion. Set the sensor to send text alerts when the sensor is triggered, or turn on a group of devices when motion is detected. The automation possibilities are endless, especially when coupled with Z-Wave Plus. Also known as Z-Wave 500 series, Z-Wave Plus features 50% improved battery life, 67% improved range, 250% more bandwidth than Z-Wave classic, and is backward compatible with Z-Wave classic devices and hubs. The ZWN-BPC-PLUS sensor is compatible with SmartThings, Zipato, HomeSeer. This smart sensor is battery powered (requires two AA batteries, included) with a battery life of two years. The ceiling mount Z-Wave sensor works at an optimum height of 8 feet-10 feet and has a 12 feet motion detection radius. It includes mounting stickers and screws for your choice of installation and features low battery notification and four PIR sensitivity levels.

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Frequently asked question

I can't get this sensor to be included as a motion sensor with my wink hub. What is the correct way of doing so?

This will only work with SmartThings hub, and not with Wink.

Does this work with Vera systems?

I tried this device a year or more ago and could not get it to work with Vera. There have been updates to Vera in that time. Check for the device on your Vera and see if it is listed. I ended up getting the Nyce NCZ-3043-HA ZigBee Ceiling Motion device and it works great with Vera.








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  • Anonymous

    Design difference compared to previous version

    I have the older version of this product which works great and is the most responsive motion sensor I have found. This version is also highly responsive but does not have the configuration options of the older version to support my application. My application is for occupancy sensing where Off Delay is controlled through a program in my controller so I need something that will send an On every time motion is detected without having to wait for the devices Off Delay time. With the older version, I could set the Off Delay to 15 seconds.

    The new version (PLUS), is also very quick to respond to motion. However, the Off Delay is a multiplier (N) of the Wake Up Interval. I.e. N x Wake Up Interval. So if you want the Off Delay to be 5 minutes you can set N=5 and a Wake Up Interval of 60 seconds or N=1 and a Wake Up Interval of 5 mins. This also means the minimum Off Delay is dependent on the minimum Wake Up Interval which is 60 seconds. Challenge is if the device is waking up every 60 seconds 24 x 7 this is a big battery drain. With the older version the Off Delay was independent of the Wake Up Interval so I set the Wake Up Interval to 24 hours, and the Off Delay to 15 seconds and its been about a year so far on the first set of batteries.

    So I contacted the manufacturer and they replied right away and understood what I was trying to accomplish and confirmed this version of their product would not meet my requirements. However, what they did is offer to exchange my this for the older version which did meet my requirements. They paid shipping for both the return and replacement and within few days I had the version that did exactly what I needed.

    This is exceptional support in not only understanding what a technically advanced customer was asking, but swapping the product out for another version without giving me the run around.

    For those of you reporting battary issues, try increasing the Wake Up Interval if your controller and use case will allow and this might help.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works perfectly after you make the custom device handler

    I’m using this in our kitchen with a SmartThings hub v2. It works great. Exactly what I hoped for. You will need to create a custom device handler for this unit, but that is really not a big deal. There is a link to the code in the manual and on the Enerwave website. The directions for creating it are also there.
    My one complaint is that I wish this unit had a light sensor. It would be really helpful to be able to use it to turn of lights when there is motion during the day on a dreary overcast day rather than having to rely on a sunset/sunrise schedule.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    NOT VERA Compatible

    No good information on this device. The official web site states it is compatible with Vera. It isn’t. Product help PDF at manufactures site links to the wrong product therefore offers NO help. There is not support option on the site either.

    Verified Purchase

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