iHome iSP100 Wifi Outdoor Smart Plug, Water Resistant Featuring Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Voice Control OPEN BOX

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  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Broadest smart home platform support, compatible with – Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Apple home kit, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, wink
  • Broadest smart home platform support, compatible with Apple home kit, Nest, smart things, wink, Amazon Alexa and Google assistant
  • Global remote access. 24/7 control and notifications with home’s highly secure and encrypted data and privacy protection.
  • Designed with 6” outdoor power cord for convenient use with outdoor GFI covered outlets
  • Rugged rain resistant outdoor design
  • Wi-Fi enabled wall plug lets you control small appliances using 1800 watts or under, great for controlling lights, window air conditioners, fans, portable heaters, coffee makers, home audio systems and more
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Device detailed description

The home control iSP100 outdoor smart plug is made for easy control and scheduling for outdoor lighting, decorations, small appliances and more, up to 1800W. The iSP100 rugged outdoor design works with covered GFI enabled outdoor 120V power Supply. The iSP100 works with the broadest range of leading smart plug platforms, including Home Kit, Alexa, Google assistant, wink, and Nest allowing you to use your favorite apps to control the iSP100. Our broad platform support allows you to control the iSP100 via voice using Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

, , ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Batteries Included?

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Warranty Description

‎1-Year Limited

Product Dimensions

‎1.81 x 1.77 x 6.26 inches




Included Components

‎Outdoor Apple HomeKit Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Item Weight

Product guides and documentsSafety Information (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Can this work with google assistant and homekit at the same time as in one person has android in the house and the other has ios?

Yes it will the accounts just need to be linked. We have iOS phones and tablets but use google home mini to control by voice.

why do this phone home when attach to HomeKit hub? is the security hole/botnet intentional?

What are you taking about? It's a smart plug, it is controlled by the ihome app through the ihome cloud. This is by design and intentional.

Is this able to dim outdoor lights?

No. Strictly on/off. FYI-if you’re having issues with controlling this device it may be due to your WiFi not having enough band width. I had to replace my router before my “system” would reliably control the iHome connect devices. It also helped with my Sonos system as well. Great Switch for outdoor use!

Does this work with the wemo app?

I have the temperature monitor and it only works with the IHome app.

4 reviews for iHome iSP100 Wifi Outdoor Smart Plug, Water Resistant Featuring Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Voice Control OPEN BOX


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  • Anonymous

    Great outdoor smart plug

    The iSP100 seems to work great with HomeKit. It linked up first try for me. This is the black outdoor plug I’m reviewing. For some reason there are 2 other product on the same review. (A white indoor plug and a water sensor). The people that seem to have problems with this plug may be having issues with 2.4 and 5gh networks. This plug works on 2.4 as a lot of smart home products do. I made a IoT SSID that is only 2.4gh so I don’t have issues. 5gh is faster but 2.4 is longer range so it’s better for small things that don’t need fast data.
    The app try’s to make you sign up which you don’t need to do if you are using HomeKit and have an Apple TV or iPad that stays in your home. I was able to add the plug using the apple home app and then update the firmware using the iHome app.
    Make sure to mount the plug facing down if outdoors. I seen a few pics of the plug facing up which is not safe as water could leak down into the plug. The cover is made to work with the plug side facing down.
    Update: I have used the plug for my outdoor Christmas lights for a month now. It has worked with no issues.

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  • Anonymous

    Almost 2 years old and still going strong

    I own three of these outdoor units to power things like landscape lighting. My last purchase was January of 2018 so they’re almost 2 years old now.
    They’ve experienced summer highs in the upper 90s and winter lows below 0F (Midwest weather in a nutshell). They run on 2.4GHz WiFi using DHCP with long lease times, and I have them fully integrated with Homekit via an Apple TV hub in the house.
    They have ALWAYS worked. Every. Single. Day. I’ve never seen them drop from WiFi, and never seen a No Response in the Home app. With Homekit automation, they power on at sunset every day, and off around 11pm. In addition to three of these outdoor iHome outlets, I also run seven indoor ISP6X units for everything from bookshelf lighting to humidifiers and holiday lighting and those, too, have been 100% rock solid. I don’t have mesh WiFi, just a simple Airport Extreme in the middle of the house running both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi.
    For Homekit use, these have been awesome. I only use the iHome app for firmware updates. Everything else is done through Homekit. My only suggestions to those experiencing connectivity issues is to make sure your WiFi has a 2.4GHz band in addition to a 5GHz, that the signal is decent where these are located, and that they’re connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi and not the 5GHz. I’d also recommend making sure your router isn’t filtering/blocking any protocols like Bonjour or mDNS between your 2.4GHz WiFi, 5GHz WiFi, and Ethernet internal networks.

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  • Anonymous

    Use the iHome app

    I’m using two iHome iSP100 and two iHome iSP6X outlets to turn on and off by Christmas decorations. I set them with the manufacturer’s iHome App on a sundown to 10 PM scene, which is easy with iHome (HomeKit) app after it’s setup. Initially I had problems because I used the Apple Home app to setup the first device. I didn’t have any problems after using their iHome app for setup and updating firmware.
    SETUP – Before plugging in or connecting any iHome device, it’s best to download/register the iHome app and connect it to your wifi. Then plug in the device and connect to it using the iHome app. After which you need to update the firmware though the iHome menu. Skipping any of the steps will cause problems with functionality in the Apple Home app.
    There are some nice features in the iHome app with lets you clearly name and tag these in ‘Service Type’ as decorations or tree. I also created a ‘Room’ Christmas Lights, so I can turn the Christmas lights on/off with Siri voice commands.
    I have the Google mesh Wi-Fi network, so I don’t have any problems with any devices receiving a Wi-Fi signal. My outdoor devices include, MyQ, Nest Hello, Rachio, and Sonus. So if you’re having problems connecting these devices, consider the Google router (3) mess system.

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  • Anonymous

    Intermittent wifi signal loss, solved with wifi extender.

    I have this plug running my landscape lighting. The plug fit inside the low voltage transformer box, which is a Lightkiwi, so I put it inside the box to completely protect it from the weather. The plug connected fine to my wifi, even inside the stainless steel transformer box. The box is approximately 35-40 ft. from my router. It works great when it’s working. It’s nice to say ‘Alexa, turn on the outside lights’ and ‘Alexa turn off the outside lights.’ I have had the plug for 6 weeks. In that time it has stopped responding to Alexa and the wifi connection cut out 3 times, once every 2 weeks. I have had to unplug and plug it back in twice and delete the plug from the app and reinstall it once. The transformer box where the plug is is just off my patio so it’s not really a big deal to me. To reinstall it takes 3 minutes once you know the process. It works okay and I will deal with the intermittent outages. Giving it a 3 star in case whoever reads this is more bothered by that than I.
    Update: there is an outlet inside my house in almost the exact same spot where the outside outlet is that the plug is plugged into. I put a wifi extender in the inside outlet so there is now an extremely strong wifi signal about 6′-1′ from the plug. Have not had anymore issues with the plug dropping signal or having app problems. Bottom line is it needs a very strong wifi signal. For the cost I put into my landscaping lights $40 for a wifi extender ended up as just a part of the project and worth it to be issue free.

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