HomeSeer HS-LS100+ Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor

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  • LEAK SENSOR: Sends Z-Wave commands back to your hub when water is sensed or has not been sensed for a period of time.
  • TWO MOUNTING OPTIONS: Simply place the unit where you want it or attach it to the provided cable probe wall mount for even greater accuracy.
  • SECURE: Works with Z-Wave S2 encryption for the highest level of security.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with most Z-Wave hubs. Device handler available for SmartThings new app users.
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Device detailed description

HS-LS100+ is a compact, easy to install Z-Wave Plus smart water leak sensor that’s designed to send Z-Wave commands when a water leak is sensed or has not been sensed for a period of time. Use with your smart home hub to issue notifications or to automatically control devices (like smart water valves).

Features and specification

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

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Frequently asked question

Is there a low battery notification on zwave or a sound?

The sensor is designed to broadcast the battery level when requested by the controller. However, this feature is not supported by all hubs.

Can this unit be used in reverse? for example, alert when it is not in contact with water. the use case is to monitor the fill level of a pool or spa

Yes but that will depend on your home automation system. With Hubitat - you just set the device to alert you when it doesn't detect water.

Connected sensor with samsung hub.set up to shut off water valve. it worked the first time.then not work with the shutoff switch. whats wrong?

Sounds like a connection issue. I'd start by re-setting the sensor and water valve, then re-connect them both to the hub and run a new routine.

Does this have a built in alarm that sounds on the unit itself that can make noise?

No, it only alerts via z-wave. It's not really a stand-alone device. If you have a z-wave hub, the hub can provide some notification action when the sensor detects water. The sensor also detects temperature and vibration and sends alerts on those criteria as well.

6 reviews for HomeSeer HS-LS100+ Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor


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  • Anonymous

    Works well, device handler not that hard to do on SmartThings

    Good product and works well. The device handler issue isn’t a big deal for SmartThings users. The instructions tell you what to do and you copy and paste the code and you’re done. I am an engineer but I think most people could do this. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the temperature is not being reported. To be honest, I’m not sure the product I have supports it or if there is another model that has that feature but the device handler asks you how often to report temperature and no matter what you choose I have not seen one reported. Ultimately I got this for leak detection not temperature so no biggie but leaves you just a tad disappointed that it isn’t included/working.

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  • Anonymous

    So far so good

    Recognized and paired with Smartthings after publishing the device handler in the IDE. I like the dual nature of the unit, usable with a wired probe or just by placing the body. Nice compact unit, not as small as the Smartthing’s very small leak detector, but I was not happy with the reports of failures with that one. Range is fine from my basement sump pump to the ST hub. I’ve tested both the probe and body detection and they work fine. The probe adapter unit is magnetically held to the body. I have an Iris-based Utilitech detector from Lowe’s that I got on sale that uses 3 plain alkaline AA batteries, which is convenient. This one uses a 14250, 1/2 AA, lithium battery. I was not familiar with the 14250 form factor before this, and it isn’t as widely used as a CR2 or CR123A, so take that size into account. I test all my leak detectors every few months and will update this review in the future.
    Add 12/27/19: The ST app is reporting the batteries at 1%, but they’re done, unit is dead. New battery in, it fired up and detected fine.

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  • Anonymous

    Battery life seems good so far but I've only had them a couple ...

    I have several of these in my home. Connected to a SmartThings hub. Took a little fussing around to get it connected but no real problems. As others have mentioned I also couldn’t get the temperature to work with this item. Not a huge deal since I bought it specifically for the leak sensor capabilities. I have a couple of SmartThings devices in my home which does transmit temperature, so having these for temperature isn’t necessary. Battery life seems good so far but I’ve only had them a couple of months. I’ll report back after a year or so. There are a couple that out of the box had a 80% so batter reading, I suspect this is due to the ‘inexpensive’ generic chinese battery that it came with. The base on this thing is really nice. Well built and thought out. The prongs on the remote sensor are even spring loaded so they are sure to make contact with the surface they are detecting on.
    My reason for taking off a point are that that the unit is somewhat difficult to get open. It twists but the things is rounded smooth and pretty flat, and it’s difficult to get a good grip on the thing. I suppose they were trying to make it stylish, but personally just a good old rectangular box would have been fine.

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  • Anonymous

    A little tough at first to get setup but then works very well.

    Slightly complicated but once setup its good.
    For SmartThings use the device handler at
    Be sure to use non-secure inclusion mode – I used secure inclusion mode (held button for 5 seconds) and was a huge headache. Refer to the instructions – hit the internal button once quickly and pair with SmartThings. I would add the device handler first so it should automatically find it.
    If reading this is confusing (you are not familiar with device handlers, IDE, etc), for SmartThings then do not purchase this water sensor.
    I can not speak to it for other smart hubs.
    I am using it to detect water in my upstairs bathroom behind the toilet which has overflown before.

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  • Anonymous

    Paired right up with homeseer3

    Paired without problems with homeseer3. Kind of expected since it is the same brand.
    It’s a nice little device that’s kind of difficult to open as other have stated.
    Hopefully the battery will last a while so it will not become a issue.
    This thing reports pretense of water, temperature and MOVEMENT. !!
    There is also a temperature alarm like for a frost warning.
    This sensor could be used to monitor if something gets moved with the help of the tempering sensor.
    I lifted it up and it reported it.
    Quite cool.
    I will order another one for the garage where our water heater is located to keep an eye on it.
    Battery shows 99%.
    I will update the review once the battery starts to run down lower. I left all settings a default.

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  • Anonymous

    Good leak sensor so far

    Using with Home Assistant. A little tough to get going. By default it doesn’t report the devices status so it will show offline after a restart until manually woken up. However, after programming the config, it wakes up once a day to at least report it’s working. That’s my only complaint.
    As a leak sensor, it works perfectly good. No issues at all with response. Also has a temperature sensor so I can keep up with attic temperature where it’s installed.
    Will likely buy more to put under the dishwasher and sink.

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