Honeywell Home D6 Smart Mini-Split Controller Thermostat

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BrandHoneywell Home
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Controller TypeVera, Amazon_alexa
Model NameHoneywell Home
Maximum Range10 Meters
  • Smart, Wi-Fi enabled, works with the Honeywell Home app
  • Portable temperature sensing
  • Auto home and away mode
  • Mounts to table top stand or wall
  • ENERGY STAR -certified
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Device detailed description

Upgrade to a connected solution with our D6 Pro Wi-Fi Controller for your ductless heating and cooling system. With our mobile app you can easily adjust the temperature from wherever you are. It works like a smart thermostat — set the mode to cool, heat or auto.

Features and specification

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors


Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎5 year limited warranty.

Product Dimensions

‎0.69 x 3.56 x 3.65 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used

Power Source

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Included Components

‎D6 Pro Smart Ductless Controller, 6' power cable, plug-in transformer, tabletop stand, wall mount adhesive strips (2), back plate, installation guide, quick start guide

Item Weight

Frequently asked question

What brand and model no for aux mini split asw-h12a3 or any aux mini split?

The thermostat doesn’t work at all. It should not be sold because it cannot be updated

Work apple homekit siri app ?

It works with Amazon Echo units

Can it be controlled from the total connect 2 app, if it connected to a lyric alarm ?


Will this work on the carrier infinity cargrq2423hw 2 ton, 2 zone, mini split heat pump system ? we have one outside unit and 2 indoor units.

It should. There are many listed carrier units in its guide. Look for the install guide online and that should give you the specifics of model if supported.

4 reviews for Honeywell Home D6 Smart Mini-Split Controller Thermostat


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  • Anonymous

    Easy to set up, but lacking features

    I had no issues whatsoever setting this up with my Mistubishi heat pump. I followed the directions and the set up was easy and worked on the first try. Even setting up the app was hassle-free.
    Now that it is set up, it works without a hitch. Adjusting the temperature, mode, and fan speed works as expected.
    That said, it does lack features I would really like to see. Mainly…
    1) The app only has four fan modes: Low, Medium, Fast, and Auto. My heat pump has twice as many fan speed settings, including a quiet/whisper mode that the Honeywell cannot enable. This means that ‘Low’ on the Honeywell isn’t the true low setting of my heat pump, which is disappointing.
    2) Setting schedules is not nearly as robust as it should be. You can either use geofencing OR set a time schedule – not a combination of both. Not only that, but the time schedule cannot be customized on a per day basis. Either every day is the same OR you can have the weekend separate.
    3) No battery. It needs to be plugged in at all times, which is a bummer. I knew this when I bought it, of course, it is just that battery power would make for a cleaner setup and would make the initial set up easier.
    …while writing this review, it disconnected from wifi for no reason and beeped loudly in complaint. I hope this isn’t a sign of issues to come. I will update this review if it is problematic.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great Universal Thermostat for Daiken Heat Pumps

    I gotten this thermostat based on the recommendation of my installer. He recently installed a Daiken Heat Pump for me and the Daiken WIFi control was a ‘pain’ to install and configure. So he recommended the DC6000WF1001 for my Daiken to access remotely.
    Installation is pretty straightforward. You determine the location and plug it in. There are two options to install, wall mount assembly and tabletop, I opted for the tabletop, it’s on a desk next to the heat pump which gives a clear path to the RF signals. It needs to have a line of sight to access the unit. Once you plug in the unit it goes to the setup screen where you input 6 variables. They are as followed:
    1) Controller Location – Tabletop or Wall mount press + to change desired option
    2) Temperature Scale -Fahenreitt Celcius press + to change the desired option
    3) Outdoor Configuration 01 Single -02 Multi + to change the desired option
    4) Multi Outdoor Unit Model – 02 -99
    5) Ductless Unit Brand – numeric code see page 19 for a list of Brands
    6) Ductless Unit Model – numeric code see page 19 for a list of Model
    I stumbled a bit during the setup. I did make a mistake on entering the wrong Ductless Unit model and it wouldn’t work. During the installation for the WIFI it goes to a temporary Wifi called Lyric and then you put your wifi name and password. It failed on the first try and had to reenter which took the second try. As soon I entered the correct code for the Daiken I heard the Daiken unit beep when the Dc6 connected to it. If you don’t hear your unit beep, you entered the wrong model code.
    I’ve been running the unit for a few weeks from my vacation home. Here are a few observations That i have and might tweak things.
    The temperature is locked at 61 degrees, you can’t go below. My nest thermostats are set at 50 degrees and I had to turn off the heat pump and run it for an hour or so at a time. I need to reach out to Honeywell to see why this can’t be set any lower.
    I realized that the location of the control is important. I set the Honeywell Thermostat on a computer desk right under the indoor handler of the heat pump. Between the Nest thermostat across the room which is on an inner wall and this, there’s about 5-6 degrees difference. i may move the thermostat to the inner wall.
    I got it working with both Google Home and Alexa. Using Android Auto I’m able to control the Honeywell App by voice which is cool. it also gives the temperature too.
    Suggestions for Improvement
    The app doesn’t offer a history of consumption. It would be nice to see a history of how much heat or cooling was used like the Nest app.
    Daiken offers a 20-minute max mode for heat or cooling, I wish it supported that.
    So far it’s working well and I’ll update my review with any changes.
    Update 3/17/19
    I now give this zero stars.
    I moved the thermostat from my desk to the outer wall which seem to help normalize temperatures. However, the issue I’m experiencing is the unit once turned on remotely, it will keep running well past the temp you set and won’t turn off. I set the temperature at 61 degrees (which is the minimum) through the Honeywell app and a few hours later when I checked the app the temp was 78 degrees. Calls to Honeywell Support are as followed 1) wait 30m to speak to a rep 2) they run diagnostics 3)then blame Daiken. I had my Daiken tech out to look at the unit and the Daiken remote is working fine in setting temps and the unit turns off when the target temp is reached. Since it’s 3 months, I’m trying to get my money back from Honeywell or Amazon but it’s doubtful at this point. I’m sorry I bought this POS and I’m looking at two alternatives, Cielo Breeze Plus and Sensibo Sky Smart Controller.
    **Updated 3/26/19
    They won’t take it back. I’m done with Honeywell and this company. What POS!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    These work fine as long as you have a dedicated 2.4GHz SSID

    The other reviews complaining about connection problems are probably trying to split off their main 5GHz network with a 2.4GHz one with the same SSID. These thermostats don’t like that.
    In fact, they didn’t even like when I split off a 2.4GHz network with a different SSID from my TP-Link mesh system.
    Okay, I thought, I know how to solve this – I bought a cheap $30 2.4GHz router off of here, connected it up, hid the SSID to thwart nosy neighbors, and voila. It works.
    And do you know what the best part is? These thermostats are insanely cheap – like 1/4 of what others cost, so even with the $30 expense of setting up another WLAN, I am still controlling my entire home from my phone from literally anywhere for under $200 total. Other solutions cost $100 PER THERMOSTAT.
    These work. You just may need a little bit of technical know-how in order to get them going, and Honeywell’s support isn’t much help, but I hope this review is. Good luck!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works great with Fujistu units, easy enough to tie into Home Assistant

    Setting up is an absolute pain, I would highly suggest using an iOS device to set them on your wifi network. I could not get them connected to my wifi with an android device, but no issues with an older iPad on iOS 15.
    Once they’re set up, they work great. Indoor humidity readings are accurate, the thermostat works exactly as expected, everything seems to work as advertised.
    The packed in USB power adapters are iffy at best. Two of the three units I ordered had ones with crazy coil whine, but swapping in a new USB adapter fixed that small issue.
    I purchased these because they can be tied into Home Assistant, and that setup was also easy. I would suggest adding all the units to your Residio app before you attempt to bring them into Home Assistant, as the Integration can get confused if you add devices later.

    Verified Purchase

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