Smart Light Switch, 2 Way WiFi Smart Switch Button, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, Remote Control with Timing Funtion, No Hub Required,Smart Life APP Provides Control from Anywhere

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Operation ModeON-OFF
Current Rating10 Amps
Operating Voltage120 Volts
Contact TypeNormally Open
Switch StyleSPST
  • 1.Device Sharing:Share your device to your family members. Smart Switch makes your life smart and easier.
  • 2.Hands-Free Voice Control:Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control.
  • 3.Control From Anywhere:Control your lights or fan with the FREE mobile ‘SMART LIFE’ phone app (Compatible with Android & iOS).
  • 4.Timer Function:Take full control of your Home&Office lights.The App’s timer feature enables 7 day programmable schedules that will allow you to plan the exact time to turn lights/fan on or off automatically.Auto on/off features provides your choice of 1min/5min/30min/1hour etc. countdown options.
  • 5.100% Money Back Guaranty: CE, ETL and FCC approved for safety and quality assurance. We offer you 1 year warranty to let you buy with confidence In case any problem happens to the Switch, contact the seller of us without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction.
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Device detailed description

Product Description
The Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of your lights from anywhere,no hub required,it can easy replace the traditional switches directly,
then you can start controlling your lights from your mobile phone by ‘Smart Life’ APP(ios or android).
The smart light switch also a normal switch,simply the switch to toggle your lights on or off.
-Control Lights from Anywhere.
-Set Schedules for Lights.
-LED Night Navigation.
-Type: Smart Wall Light Switch
-Material: PC flame retardant polymer
-Operating Voltage: AC 110V-240V/50Hz~60Hz.
-Max Power: 1100W/gang (Resistance loading)
-Capacitive load: 400W/gang
-Working current: Max 10A
-Working humidity: &lt,80%
-Radio protocol: WiFi 2.4GHz
-Standby power consumption: less than 0.1mA
-Operating environment: -20~45°C, (-4~113 F degree)
-Life long: more than 100,000 times
-Switch Dimension: 128*84*23mm
Package Includes
-1x Smart Wall Light Switch
-1x User Manual

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Product Dimensions

‎5.04 x 3.31 x 1.28 inches

Switch Style

Certification Smart device certification

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Controller Type

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Item Weight

Control Method

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Operation Mode

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Frequently asked question

Does this control two on/off switches in one gang box?

Yes this controls 2 circuits. You can control them separately or both on or off

Anyone figure out how to turn the blue led off?

The blue LED represents that the switch is connected to your Wifi, why would you want it turned off?

I set this device up to control a fan and a light. Works great from app but with Alexa it turns both on/off at the same time. No independent control??

I initially thought the same thing, but during the setup process, just give each switch a different name (example office fan and office light), THEN have Alexa discover the device, and ensure you name each switch in Alexa exactly the same as in the Smart Home App. Alexa will then see them as two different switches. Wha… see more I initially thought the same thing, but during the setup process, just give each switch a different name (example office fan and office light), THEN have Alexa discover the device, and ensure you name each switch in Alexa exactly the same as in the Smart Home App. Alexa will then see them as two different switches. What a relief.

Can this switch support 2 input lines?

It only has one input voltage line. It has 2 separate output lines. If both items are using 115 VAC, this is not an issue. If you are trying to use a different voltages or type, this will not work for you. Being that the smart switches require 115 VAC, you have to use 115 VAC.

5 reviews for Smart Light Switch, 2 Way WiFi Smart Switch Button, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, Remote Control with Timing Funtion, No Hub Required,Smart Life APP Provides Control from Anywhere


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  • Anonymous

    Good switch with occasional Wi-Fi issues

    I like that this switch has tactile buttons as opposed to the inductive plates of most others. This is highly compatible with gloved hands!
    It does tend to drop Wi-Fi periodically and requires updates/resets to reconnect. Of all the IoT devices we have, this one is the least reliable in that regard, but it doesn’t bother me much because the IoT aspect of it is really just a backup in case I forget to turn my shop lights off and don’t want to run across the way to turn them out.

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  • Anonymous

    Great switch, a bit annoying to install

    I have about 20 SmartLife wall switches/dimmers/plugs throughout my home, from various manufacturers. For the most part, they are all the same- big box with a few wires coming out of the back that you splice in, then jam the box in there and hope it doesn’t break.
    This switch is a bit different- there are no lead wires coming off it, just labeled screw terminals on the back. While I understand that this likely due to there being 3 different switched load lines, it did make install a little more complicated. Before the switch arrived, I went to my local hardware store and got 3 feet of 14 gauge copper wire to make the ‘pigtails’ (I tested 12 gauge, it fit just fine, so I’d suggest matching whatever your home uses).
    Install was lengthy, but easy. The longest part was getting the ends of the wire to be the right length so they wouldn’t be sticking out of the screw terminals (hint: its shorter than you think). For good measure, I also wrapped them in electrical tape. This switch, unlike all the others I’ve used, is pretty shallow, which made getting it into a the electrical box a breeze.
    Setup in SmartLife took all of 2 minutes. To re-name the individual switches, press and hold the ‘Switch 1/2/3’ text and change it.
    I am only using 2 of the 3 physical switches, both of which go to my ceiling fan (on for the fan, one for the lights). I use the third switch as a ‘remote’ to turn on a series of SmartLife plugs that control lamps. There is no delay when using the soft-switch function. The only thing I’ve noticed with this switch compared to others is the loud ‘click’ the switch makes when you toggle it.
    Overall, this is a great switch, once you get it installed.

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  • Anonymous

    Worked well for 2.5 years then -_-

    Well it worked beautifully for over two and a half years. Now manually pressing the buttons doesn’t work. We can only use our connected WiFi devices to operate it. So if the WiFi goes out, we’re in the dark. :-/
    I’m annoyed that I will have to buy a new switch.

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  • Anonymous

    Good buttons, features, price and looks, Bad wifi reconnection abilities

    After using these switches for several months I am dropping the rating to 1 star. After they disconnect and I force them to reconnect (see the original review below) a few times they will go into a mode where they ignore all inputs and permanently stay disconnected. This does not seem to be a signal strength issue, it happens even with the switches not installed in the wall and sitting a couple of feet from the router. I have tried multiple different routers and it happens with all of them. I bought 4 of these switches and all of them have the same issue, I have no other connection issues with any other devices in the house. After about a week of use (and several manual resets by holding down the button within that week) they will become unavailable with no way to reset them until you flip a breaker switch to depower them.
    They are so close to being great, but after months of troubleshooting I will be removing them, as switches I can frequently not use are worthless.
    Original Review:
    It is amazing how hard it is to find buttons for home automation. If you want multiple buttons that fit in a wall switch, then your choices are basically limited to this, an 8 button scene switch, some touch sensitive switches or lutron caseta. Each have their own issues, the 8 button switch’s buttons are tiny, the touch sensitive buttons don’t have tactile feedback and are unreliable at registering touches, lutron caseta is proprietary rf and requires an expensive $140 hub to work with things other than lutron products, multiple hubs if you have much sq footage. This then is the only option that provides decently sized tactile buttons at a good price.
    Good stuff:
    They installed easily. The back uses screw terminals instead of attached wires which allowed me to keep my box much cleaner. The internal size is within standard and not oversized like some wall switches so it should fit most boxes. It does not power on in ‘setup’ mode, you must hold any switch down for 5 seconds before it will enter setup mode and allow you to connect it to wifi. After entering setup mode the smart life app detected and connected it with no further issues, I only had to enter my wifi credentials. I use a dedicated wifi access point on 2.4Ghz for smart home devices, so 5Ghz oddities were not an issue for me.
    The buttons have a nice travel and do not squeak when pressed like many other smarthome wall switch buttons. You can configure the lights to be on when the relay is off, off when the relay is on, or off always. You can configure the wifi light. You can configure the state the switches should be in after a power loss. This simple set of critical features is missing on so many smart home wall switches and finding them all present on this cheap and unique switch was awesome. They relay’s in these are a bit louder (clunk) than some others but not outside of reason.
    I was able to connect it to home assistant on localtuya with no issues. All three buttons were easily set up and controlled, with the ids for the switches being on DPS 1/2/3 and no other configuration needed unless you want to control the other available options (wifi, leds, relay power on) also from home assistant.
    Ok stuff:
    I left some of the relays disconnected and am using the buttons to control scenes, unfortunately there is no way to tell the associated relays they do not need to fire.
    You end up with a ‘device’ and then also three ‘switches’ for alexa, if you are using the tuya alexa skill. Turning the ‘device’ on and off via alexa changes the state for all three switches at once. This isn’t really needed as you can create groups in alexa config, and has prompted some of the confusion that you see in other reviews. Just name the device something you won’t ever say, and configure the switches to names you will use.
    Bad stuff:
    The big issue with this device is it will not continually attempt to reconnect to wifi if it loses its connection. After it loses connection it will try to reconnect for 60 seconds and then stop trying until it is reset in some manner. The red wifi light just stays on solid forever. There is no reset switch below the main switches like most other smart home wall switches have, and given that these are wall switches to power cycle them involves flipping a breaker switch. They do not actually lose their wifi configuration when they cease trying to connect, so power cycling them does allow them to reconnect… but obviously flipping breakers regularly is not optimal. You can also hold down a switch for 5 seconds and they will re-enter setup mode, if you leave them there, not opening smart life or configuring them again for approx 5 minutes they will exit setup mode and attempt to reconnect using the existing wifi configuration. This workaround is the only reason I will be keeping them, but I am knocking off 2 full stars because this simple issue should not exist. Perhaps they can fix it with a firmware update some time in the future.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    One of the only dual smart switches out there - works great 99% of the time - WiFi could be better

    Works great as a dual smart switch for a single box – these are very hard to come by.
    Install is pretty simple, and the switch does not take up a lot of space in your wall box – VERY important for older homes like mine that don’t have newer/larger wall boxes.
    The switch by itself works great – buttons have a good feel and turn on and off easily. The Smart Life app is pretty easy to use, I also integrated it into my Smartthings app with no issue to use in automation.
    My only issue is the WiFi – I have two of these switches, and both of them disconnect from Wifi every couple of days. Most times they will reconnect by themselves, or I’ll have to hold one of the buttons for 5 – 10 seconds to put the switch back into ‘pairing’ mode – if you don’t use the app to make changes, the switch will just reconnect back to the WiFi it was configured for.
    I have one of these switches one room away from a WiFi AP, and it still disconnects… and about 8 TP-Link Kasa smart wall switches throughout my house that never disconnect. I’m hoping that a firmware update can resolve this, but in the mean time, it works pretty well and I’m dealing with the disconnections as they come…

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