Hive Smart Home Thermostat, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Requires C-Wire & Hive Hub

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Wattage20 watts
UsageIndoor Use Only
Unit Count1.0 Count
Number of Items1
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • You will receive (1) ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostat for Home. This thermostat is an expansion unit for multi-zone homes. Requires the Hive Hub to operate.
  • Set up to 6 daily heating and cooling schedules from your phone for easy home automation
  • Remotely programmable: adjust your digital thermostat from your phone before you even get home
  • Stay comfortable and keep your home within a set comfort zone even if there’s a cold spell or heat wave outside
  • Requires connection to C-wire (or Common wire) to ensure constant flow of power to your thermostat
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Device detailed description

The Hive Active Thermostat can be self-installed, but if you need a little help we’ve got you covered. We’ve partnered with HomeAdvisor to bring you instant access to a nationwide network of Hive Pros who can get you set up right away.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Warranty Description

‎1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Product Dimensions

‎1.89 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches


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Included Components

‎Hive Active Thermostat

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Frequently asked question

This says it will control up to 5 zones. I have an upstairs and downstairs thermostats. Will one unit control both or do I need to buy two?

Hive can control up to 5 separate zones in a property. If you currently have 2 thermostats Hive would replace both of them and you would be able to control each zone from each thermostat. Each zone will support up to 3 heating stages and 2 cooling stages.

Does this have the Energy Star approval yet?

We achieved Energy Star Certification on the Thermostat in December 2018, customers may be eligible for rebates through utilities or efficiency programs in their area when they purchase a Hive Thermostat.

What is c wire?

The C wire is the common wire for the thermostat, this is needed to give power to our thermostat. If you don't currently have a C wire you can get a technician to install one or Hive Active Thermostat is compatible with most C wire replacement solutions. If you have to use one of these, we recommend you request a profe… see more The C wire is the common wire for the thermostat, this is needed to give power to our thermostat. If you don't currently have a C wire you can get a technician to install one or Hive Active Thermostat is compatible with most C wire replacement solutions. If you have to use one of these, we recommend you request a professional installation. We have tested the following C wire replacement solutions: - Venstar Add-a-wire kit - Fast Stat 1000

Does this work through your phone when your out of town?

Yes you can control your devices from your phone when you are out of town as long as you have your devices connected to your Hive Hub and you have internet on your phone to access the app.

2 reviews for Hive Smart Home Thermostat, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Requires C-Wire & Hive Hub


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  • Anonymous

    Works as advertised...overall it's better than I expected.

    After looking at the NEST (and a few other ‘smart’ thermostats), I decided to go with this less expensive option when Amazon emailed me a special one-day deal. Installation was a breeze and I’ve never installed a thermostat before even though I’m pretty handy and can figure most things out. Word of advice: take a few photos of the wiring set-up of your OLD t-stat BEFORE you start pulling apart the wires. This helped tremendously as there are several wires that I was unaware of. Luckily most of them matched up perfectly with the HIVE unit (even though some of them are labeled slightly different on the HIVE diagrams, ie: some might have an extra letter or there might be more than one spot for only one wire, don’t worry. The main wires (especially the ‘C’ wire) will match up and that’s the important one.)
    After installing the hub (router) for the wireless setup (as instructed), it took a while to do a software update after connecting to my network. I let it do it’s thing (also as instructed) then I went to install the t-stat. As I mentioned, installation was actually pretty easy. The old unit came off the wall quickly and simply. I pulled the wires through the hole on the new HIVE unit and used the enclosed screws to install it. There’s also a handy ‘level’ built-in to the unit so you can level the stat (under the cover, it sits at the top of the frame mount). After mounting it, I installed the wires to where I thought they should go based on the HIVE diagram(s) and instructions. One note: in the HIVE manual, they include some handy small label stickers with letters so you can label your wires BEFORE you remove them from the old stat. DO IT! It will help immensely.
    I have an android phone (LG g6) and installed the HIVE app and created an account. The only issue I had after installation was getting the unit to connect to the hub/router. Have patience: it took longer than expected but after about 30 minutes of me leaving it alone it finally connected. The wall unit will prompt you upon initial setup to use the manual controls to distinguish what type of furnace you have. If you’re not sure, you can change it. (I know my type of unit, but if you’re not sure, call your HVAC person that works on your unit and they’ll tell you, OR….google the manufacturer/model number and look it up. You should also be able to call a local HVAC company and they can tell you over the phone if your unit is a heat pump, etc. by giving them the manufacturer and model number.
    I was able to use the phone app almost immediately to control the stat (which was the entire reason for me buying this unit). It’s been connected for several weeks now and is working perfectly. I’m happy with all facets of the system, from the style and appearance of the stat itself to the performance of the unit.
    I don’t have an Alexa or Google Home (yet) so I can’t attest to the compatibility to those units, but I would recommend the HIVE to my family and friends as a less expensive alternative to the NEST system but one that seems to work equally as well (after also seeing the NEST in use at several friends’ homes.)

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  • Anonymous


    I bought this mainly because I cannot get a single smart thermostat for the same price as this whole kit. So far I have set up the HUB, thermostat, one smart bulb, a amazon dot, and google mini.
    HIVE APP: So far the hive app is been OK. It is not complicated to use, but not the easiest. I dilike the connecting to new devices. Sometimes it takes it time trying to find new smart items, but have not had an issue with it not finding them. Setup was simple enough for someone electronically inclined.
    Thermostat: Just got this installed. It looks great compared to an older digital screen one. I did have to get the ‘C’ wire adapter to have to powered correctly as my wiring was not correct to just wire it to the house. I like the fact you can either set up Cool only, heat only, or setup a comfort zone that will turn heat or cool on as needed. The thermostat will also lock if you dig into the settings. This comes in handy with a toddler running around changing it to 85° all the time.
    Smart light: Most of my house has a smaller bulb fitting so I cannot use the larger smart bulbs in most of my lighting. I only have one installed in my dining room, which for some reason all of my smart devices have this named as ‘dinning’ room. Somewhat annoying when I say to turn the DINING light on and it says it cannot complete this task becuase it does not know what they is. I explicitly have to say the word wrong to get it to turn off or on. Or I can just go on any of my three apps to change it.
    Motion/door/window sensor: I have not installed these as I have not had the time or wanted these on my system currently.
    Compatibility: Works great with my amazon dot (gen2) and my google home mini. I have not had any issues with syncing or anything. The main downside is using three different apps. I have the HIVE, Amazon alexa, and Google home apps to ensure everything communicates smoothly. I do not have to open every single one of them to do one thing which is nice, as I said they are pretty self sufficient. I do not have a nightly routine or leaving routine made for either the google or the dot, but I may at some point. They are currently mostly used for playing shark do do and goofy goober for the kid.
    Smart outlets: I attempted to set one of these up. I was unsure of what exactly they are used for other then to turn something one and off. I attempted to set it up on a Xbox one and maybe I did not set it up correctly, but it would not turn it on. Perhaps this is more for a light/lamp items.
    Over all, for the price of the system, I got it for less then $200, you cannot beat it. Even if you did not want the hub, bulb, or smart outlets the thermostat still is compatible with smart systems. I was hesitant at first, but over all its a good system that works with the other smart systems.

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