Kwikset 99540-001 Obsidian Keyless Entry Door Lock Z-Wave Plus Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

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  • Sleek, low-profile design with a glass-like surface that has patented SecureScreen technology to help prevent code detection from fingerprints on the touchscreen
  • Does not work via zigbee or amazon key, and is incompatible with xfinity, User Codes – Up to 30 customizable user codes for increased security
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub are sold separately)
  • Expand your security system solution with home connect technology, your obsidian keyless entry lock will now communicate wirelessly to security and home automation systems via Z-Wave Plus
  • Enter your home with user codes instead of having to carry keys and when the batteries are low you’ll be notified with an audible beep and visual flash
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Device detailed description

The Obsidian touchscreen smart lock with home connect technology enables the lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home. The lock allows the user (through a web enabled device) to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive notifications via email or text. The Obsidian is a key way less, low-profile, one-touch locking motorized deadbolt. With your personalized code, you can enter your home with the convenience of keyless entry and the LED illumination provides increased visibility. It features patented SecureScreen technology to prevent code detection from fingerprints on the touchscreen. Obsidian is easy to install, program and use, and operates on 4 aa batteries. This single cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked by using the keypad or key from the outside as well as the turn button from the inside. The crisp, clean appearance of the Satin Nickel finish adds to the overall look of the product and brings a modern feel.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, 1 year electronics warranty

Product Dimensions

‎9.74 x 4.24 x 3.99 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used


Power Source

Battery Cell Type



Included Components

‎Exterior Touchscreen, Interior Assembly, Latch, Strike, Adapter Ring, Mounting Plate, Batteries, Installation Hardware, Installation Guide

Item Weight

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Frequently asked question

1 year electronic warranty. I'm hoping it would last longer than that. How long have you had yours?

Although I haven't had it for but a couple of months, I love it. It's built solid and I actually like that it is not the 'connected' kind because having that feature makes it tend to be obsolete faster. I expect this to last for years and have no indication yet that I will be disappointed.

can the feature where you press 2 random numbers be deactivated? i dont need that

Yes it can

Is this waterproof ? i.e. from rain for exterior door ?

I would say it can be easily made waterproof. Have a foam/ruber disc behind the keypad with a hole in it. They keypad itself is sealed except for a small bit that inserts into the door

Will this lock work with Alexa?


6 reviews for Kwikset 99540-001 Obsidian Keyless Entry Door Lock Z-Wave Plus Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt, Satin Nickel


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  • Anonymous

    Works Flawlessly

    Operation: The lock works flawlessly. Basically you touch the screen and it lights up. Put in your code in and it opens immediately and quickly. I saw a few reviews saying that the keypad was not responsive or that the bolt was slow. That has not been my experience at all. The keypad is very sleek with excellent fit and finish. I looks and feels the way you would expect it to from the photos. The interior operates with a simple thumb latch which is smooth and solid.
    Install: The install is still super easy. The most important thing is to make sure that the strike and corresponding hole in the jam are properly located. If not, I am pretty sure that the motor will have to work hard to push the bolt and the batteries will not last long. You can check this by engaging the bolt with a screwdriver before installing the rest of the lock.
    Programming: Entering the codes is incredibly easy. You can put in 5 codes in a couple minutes or less. It also has little switches to control: whether or not it automatically locks after 30 seconds, whether the status led blinks, audio beeping on or off, and, whether you want to use the random number generator to prevent fingerprint patterns of your passcode. If you have the latter on it just will automatically light up two numbers for you to press before you put in the passcode. Having the ability to control these things and not being stuck with features you don’t like is really nice.
    Pairing: I had no problem pairing it with the smart things hub and it works perfectly.
    Batteries: They were very easy to install and they seem like they would be easy to change when the time comes. The bottom of the keypad also has two hidden terminals for you to power it with a 9v battery in emergency dead battery situations, which is very nice.
    Minor criticisms:
    -The instructions are adequate but not amazing.
    -I had a couple of questions before I purchased. The hold time for support was a little over 10 minutes which seemed a little longer than I would have liked. On the plus side, support reps were helpful, knowledgable and native english speakers so maybe it is worth the wait.
    -I really wanted this in polished chrome but they only offer two finish options.
    -I feel like the interior component is somewhat bulky for my taste, but it seems like they all are.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Looks Great, Ultimately Frustrating

    Used the Kwikset Obsidian keyless deadbolt for 3.5 years. It looks great, but has a faulty touchscreen and ultimately the locking motor ended up failing on us. We ended up replacing it with a model that has physical buttons.
    Touchscreen: In direct sunlight (not sure if it is because of the heat or the sunlight), it frequently fails to register your touch. You’d have to touch it 6 or 7 times before it even registers a touch. Very frustrating. Reminds me of the old cell phone touchscreens from 2003. Works fine in shady, cool conditions.
    Battery Life: We had to replace the 4 AA batteries every 1-2 months. This, like most electronic deadbolts, doesn’t work with rechargeable batteries, because they don’t provide enough oomph.
    Product life: The mechanism started failing after about 3.5 years. I don’t know how long these are supposed to last, but it eventually just stopped being able to grab the deadbolt and the motor would just whirr and grind.
    Conclusion: get something with physical buttons, like the Kwikset SmartCode Contemporary Single Cylinder Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    If batteries are low, a 9 volt battery can be used to unlock the door.

    The Kwikset Obsidian lock was easy to install and easy to program. I watched the you tube video on how to install the lock and the you tube video on how to program the lock. My old lock was electronic with a key. I like this lock because there is no key site that can be picked to open the door. The Kwikset Obsidian lock is the only electronic lock that I have found that provides a way to open the lock when the batteries are low. I would recommend this lock to a friend.

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  • Anonymous

    Poor quality

    I do not recommend this product. After only a couple of months, the screen sometimes does not work. You have to kind of jiggle it to get it to work. It was very difficult to install as well.

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  • Anonymous

    Beautiful looking lock with very poor user design making battery replacement much harder than it needs to be.

    I really wanted to like this product. It looks great, but changing the batteries is seriously a pain. Our first set of batteries lasted only 4 months (which either means do not buy Amazon brand batteries, or I’m going to have to change the batteries 3 times a year). Here is what I learned when trying to change the batteries:
    1) It’s hard to figure out how to do it if you didn’t install the lock. There is absolutely nothing intuitive in the product design that would let you know how to change the batteries. So step 1 is…go find your instruction manual. Hope you saved it!
    2) You have to disassemble the interior side of the lock just to replace the batteries. you first remove the plastic panel (which is also not intuitive at all), then remove multiple screws to take off the outer metal frame, then remove the ‘battery pack’ (which is not marked ‘battery pack’ but is marked ‘door’). Then you replace the batteries and put the entire thing back together.
    3) It’s just a very poor design IMHO. It would not have been hard to design the product so that you can replace batteries without disassembling the interior portion of the lock. Even the plastic panel that is supposed to ‘slide up’ to let you add new codes is poorly designed. you have to have a screwdriver to get it to slide up, and that can lead to scratching of it’s nice black shiny surface.
    We were planning to buy another one. But I think I’ll look for a different brand or at least a different design…this one is pretty but not very user-friendly / functional.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy to use and pair to zwave controller

    It is easy to use and pair to the controller. Installation was not easy, but that had to do with my door not having standard door holes.
    My only complaint is that it cannot be configured via zwave. Zwave functionality is limited to lock/unlock and status reporting. You cannot set passcodes through zwave.

    Verified Purchase

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