Minut – Noise, Occupancy, Motion and Temperature Monitoring for Vacation Rentals (Airbnb, VRBO & Serviced Apartments)

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  • Monitors noise, occupancy, temperature, motion, humidity and mold risk
  • Detects tamper attempts and recognizes other alarms (such as smoke or CO) going off, equipped with a security alarm and siren
  • Receive instant notifications, and get insight into real-time and historical data
  • 100% privacy-safe: camera-free, no recordings
  • Self-install in minutes: download the Minut App, charge and connect to Wifi, attach to the ceiling or wall
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Frequently asked question

Does it have an audible alarm that emits from the physical device?

It alarms through the app on your phone.... so for example, if the sound level in the room where the Point is located, is above the level you set... it will alarm on your phone. I actually like it.

Does it monitor radon?


Does this work with Hubitat?

It can do throughWe currently don't have an intergation with the Hubitat, however, this could be possible using our API. You can read more about it here: https://support.minut.com/en/articles/1653265-api-connection-and-documentation

Is there a way to ignore certain normal noise? For example my Roomba that works while I'm not home

I have same issue with (my dogs). You can set it to monitor noise (on app) but not set the alarm off for noise. Same thing with motion and temperature. You can set alarms from the app via wifi, if Roomba is off. So far it works fine.

6 reviews for Minut – Noise, Occupancy, Motion and Temperature Monitoring for Vacation Rentals (Airbnb, VRBO & Serviced Apartments)


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  • Anonymous

    On point!

    I’ve had the Minut Point for about two months now and I really like it so far – it’s a really helpful gadget for my day to day life and the installation was quick and easy. In addition to the Point bringing me peace of mind for it’s home security features, while I was at work the other day the fire alarm went off in the house while my wife was home and I was able to phone home and make sure everything was okay after the Point app gave me the notification. I love that it monitors the temperature and humidity in the house also. Taking that a step further, it’s great to see the nice and clean graph of a longer term temperature and humidity fluctuation in the Point app. All in all a great addition to the house and I’d recommend!

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  • Anonymous

    Have an adult with Autism this is a must while you are away from home.

    My son had autism and some times intermittent explosive disorder due to panic attacks. If you have a person under the spectrum you know what I am talking about. This devise will alert me if noises are loud over 5 min. I set mine low a low decibel, say 70dbs. If sound is above that range for more than 5 min I can help him if he is having a panic attack or other issues while I am not there. This devise will alert me by cellphone to quickly check on him through his ‘other’ platforms/devices i have in place &gt, look in on him though the many cameras & speak to him to talk him down. Sometimes his is just vacuuming which is about an 80 db noise.
    This peace of mind is priceless to me & a saving grace to my son & his independence.
    I am not sure the battery is rechargeable when plugged in but as soon as my Minut alerts me of low battery I will see if I can recharge with the cord or if I have to purchase a new one? I have no owned it more than 60 day. I will purchase another if need be!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous


    I recently purchased the Point after trying to find an alarm system for my home that was affordable and effective. The Point is sleek and stylish and fits perfectly in the corner. It doesn’t draw attention or create an eye sore which we have been concerned about with other systems. The app is really what has amazed me! Not only do I feel more comfortable leaving the house for extended periods of time, but the ability to monitor sound, moisture, and temperature is an added benefit that I love. The sensors are so good that it can tell the difference between my dogs walking around the house versus my children. Or even when I take a shower, the humidity level rises. It really is amazing. A few times I’ve forgotten to turn off the alarm when I’ve come home and I can control it from my phone rather than remembering a code or entering a code incorrectly.
    The one challenge that we have had is that our larger dog has set off the alarm once, but again, I’ve been able to turn the alarm off and check the app to see that it was the dog rather than a human based on the levels of sound captured.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy Install, beware of false alarms

    I installed this in our vacation home, and it was a very quick installation.
    Note you must charge it for several hours prior to installation.
    We have experienced three false motion alarms since the installation. After the first, I relocated the unit into a hallway just off the main living area and have experienced two false alarms there as well.
    battery life has been just ok, not sure how viable of an option this is going to be for a property that will be rented regularly – having to pull it down every couple of turns will be quite a pain.

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  • Anonymous

    Very simple & easy home monitoring

    I picked up the Point a few weeks ago and it’s been a pretty nice way to get notified on what’s been going on in my apartment and get alerts when something is happening. It took me maybe 10 minutes to be up and running, so the setup time is pretty minimal. The monitor comes with a USB charging cord, but the package mentions that you only need to do that about once every 6 months – so that’s awesome.
    The app you get with the system is also super polished and it gives you a bunch of graphs so you can see how noise, temperatures, and other things change throughout the day. It lets you setup the notifications for whatever you’re interested in knowing about and change them to be whatever you want. Another nice thing about the app is that it lets you add multiple users, so I was able to get my wife on board too.
    I’m quite pleased so far!

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  • Anonymous

    Misleading product.

    I paid $300 for this product. There was absolutely no hint that I would also have to pay a monthly fee or yearly fee of $120 or $150. They make you create a home on their website to use the device. But won’t let you do that without the monthly fee. When I contacted them they were absolutely NOT helpful. When I said ‘that’s not the question I asked and your not being helpful’ they thanked me and said ‘your welcome if you need further assistance please contact the manufacturer’. Just rediclous.

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