Ascend Smart Wi-Fi 15 Amp 7-Day Indoor Programmable In-Wall Timer, Works with Alexa, Auto Dst & Astro On/Off, White

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Operation ModeAuto,Automatic
Current Rating15 Amps
Operating Voltage120 Volts
Contact TypeNormally Closed
Connector TypeWire Nut
  • Remote access from anywhere, no hub required
  • Fully set and schedule at the timer or via the ascend app
  • Voice assistant integration with Alexa
  • Alexa built-in
  • Works with the Google Assistant
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material



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Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Warranty Description

‎3-year limited

Product Dimensions

‎1.33 x 1.75 x 2.75 inches

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Power Source

Switch Style


, , , ,

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Certification Smart device certification

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, ,

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Product guides and documentsInstallation Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Assume there is a battery inside to make programming persistant through loss of power. Can this battery be changed?

No battery that I am aware of. it will download program from the internet if there is a power lose.

Can I program this when I am away from home?

Once in 'cloud mode', you can do everything remotely -- turn on/off, program, etc.

is Alexa required or can I just download the app to my iphone?

Alexa is not required. You can just download the app and be done. But if you want voice control, then you will want Alexa or Siri etc

do you need a special bulb adapter for this to work?

No special bulb adapter. You install it like an electrical light switch and set it to dusk to dawn. It’s Wifi ready which means you can monitor your lights through an APP too.

6 reviews for Ascend Smart Wi-Fi 15 Amp 7-Day Indoor Programmable In-Wall Timer, Works with Alexa, Auto Dst & Astro On/Off, White


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  • Anonymous

    Not an easy connection

    I had a timer that was connected to my phone to turn on and off our outdoor lights. The timer is in the basement. I wanted this one to use to connect w/our Alexa and use on our phone. It has been so difficult to connect it to our Wifi that I am using this as the same one I paid $20. I hope to eventually have enough extra time in my schedule to call tech support and set this up. I thought it would be worth the higher cost to have this, but so far, I am not impressed.

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  • Anonymous

    An easy to read, reliable in-wall timer

    Over the years I’ve used several older model Intermatic in-wall timers for my outdoor lighting. They’ve all worked very well, but I never liked the dim display that was very difficult to read. This new Ascend model fixed that problem. The bright display is easy to read under any lighting conditions. Installation was a bit difficult. First, the older model timers didn’t require a neutral wire but the Ascend model does. The instructions didn’t make this very clear, but a call to their excellent tech support department took care of that. The other problem was getting all the wires to fit in the electrical box. It’s an extremely tight fit, but doable. Any homeowner who hasn’t had a lot of electrical experience should probably hire a licensed electrician. I would have given 5 stars if not for the installation difficulties.

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  • Anonymous

    Terrible instructions / outstanding tech support

    I was experiencing no end of frustration trying to set up my new in-wall Ascend Wifi Timer.
    I finally contacted Intermatic’s tech support and was greeted by a Tech Support Rep named Ken.
    Ken waked me through the entire set up process in about 10 minutes, spoke in clear to follow terms, explained the process and how to use the timer.
    He knew every aspect of the process and how to connect to my iPhone.
    Needless to say, I was very impressed with Ken’s assistance, and look forward to using the timer.
    Thanks again Ken.

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  • Anonymous

    These work great I highly recommend

    Works very well. I lost a fob from the key release getting accidentally pushed. So this solves that. It does make it hard to release the key but I don’t have to do that much. Wish they had it in blue color too.

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  • Anonymous

    Great Timer

    I replaced the earlier model of this timer because it was was so hard to program. I was happy to see them simply the process and how reliable it is. I highly recommend this version.

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  • Anonymous

    Junk on every level

    I have a lot of IoT/cloud device experience. Since these, inside, seem to be a rebadged Zentri, they use a pretty standard system (like you see with Tuya IoT systems) where the units, when first powered up (or reset), act as a wireless AP broadcasting an SSID usually related to the MAC Address of the unit. (The router reports the units as being Zentri based units. Zentri was recently acquired by Silicon Labs.) You then log into that, run the App, and it communicates with the unit. In my case, I bought two units which immediately updated their firmware from v2.0 to v2.0.2 as soon as the Android app connected vie their SSID’s. I was able to configure them to log into the AP I have dedicated to IoT stuff which is on a tagged VLAN on my network that can’t access any computers, just the internet via my Enterprise grade router/firewall. The router reports them as having successfully logged into the correct AP as well as having acquired the correct IP addresses that I tied to their MAC Addresses. However, at that point the Android App stopped being able to find or communicate with them even while logged into the same AP & VLAN. (I can see both the phone & units are on the same IP subnet, which also has Internet access, yet the phone can’t locate the units, which implies they are not responding to a local broadcast from the phone.) Because I can’t access the units on the local network, I can’t configure them for ‘Cloud Access’ via the phone. Unfortunately, like a lot of this IoT junk, Intermatic only allows cell phone App control rather than Web access, so there’s no way to figure out if the units can see Intermatic’s cloud other than my setting up a packet sniffer. The Intermatic website is useless for trouble shooting. So at that point, I manually set up the schedules from their panel menus, so the units do function. I presume, since they can get IP addresses from the router, that they can keep their clocks properly synchronized, which is the main issue with timers. (These units replaced Intermatic ST101C’s whose clocks would drift by almost an hour in the course of a year – horrible.) I don’t really care about the cloud access stuff, and since I have the units on an isolated VLAN, I’ll not waste any more time on them unless these timers show their clocks are drifting.
    Update 11-30-2019
    I noticed that after about 18 months, the clocks on my two units had drifted off the correct time by about 5 minutes, despite them being on my network and hence having access to Internet time (NPT) servers if Intermatic bothered to implement even the most basic of network functions. So I factory reset my two units, went through the setup again. This time the app upgraded their firmware to 2.04. same behavior as 18 months ago – the app can’t locate the units even though they are on the network (& confirmed by looking at the router). Adjusted the schedules manually through the front panel since the app could not locate them. So net result is the same – switches work, clocks will start drifting, and the app can’t see them. No hint of any cloud capability. I should also point out that on the same network, I have a Honeywell WiFi/cloud thermostat, Rainmachine WiFi/cloud sprinkler controller, Flume WiFi/cloud water monitor, Sense WiFi/cloud electricity monitor and four Tuya WiFi/cloud Smartplugs. Everything works flawlessly except these Intermatic switches.
    Update 1-8-2020
    Put a packet sniffer on the network, factory reset the STW700W units, and reconfigured them using the Ascend app while monitoring the network traffic. Unlike all my other IoT devices mentioned in my 11-30-2019 update, the Ascend app while connected to the STW700W switches own SSID, doesn’t really configure the switch to Intermatic’s server, it really only sets up the unit to connect to the local WiFi network (from it’s own SSID). After that, it wants to talk to the STW700W switch via the local network WiFi to finish the job of connecting it to the Intermatic servers. This is what, in the business, we call “bad architecture”. The issue is that if the VLAN is properly secured, it’s running Level 2 Isolation which blocks this process. So to work around this, one has to temporarily turn off the Level 2 Isolation for the SSID one wants the STW700W switch to use on your network, then have the Ascend app finish configuring the STW700W switch’s connection to Intermatic’s servers. Once the STW700W’s are communicating with Intermatic’s servers, one can turn the Level 2 Isolation back on for that VLAN, which then forces the Ascend app to communicate with the switches via the server all of the time.
    Update 8-10-2020
    Once again, one of the timers stopped communicating with Intermatic’s Cloud Servers yet according to my router the switch is connected to the LAN and the switch’s display also indicates it’s connected to the LAN. The fact that these switches have such massive WiFi connectivity issues is appalling. I have noticed that even when a switch is controllable through Intermatic’s Cloud service, the switches still can’t keep their internal clocks synchronized.
    Update 10-22-2020
    Since my 8-10-2020 update, one of the two of these switches, or the other, would lose connection to the cloud, and hence the app, despite loggng into my WiFi network. Throwing the breaker to power them down & force a cold boot would not help, only fully resetting them & re-registering them to the app. And then in about a week or two, they’d fail again. So today I replaced them with cheap $14 Tuya, Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT compatible smart wall switches that Amazon sells under a variety of vendors. I’ve used several of these cheap smartwatches for a couple of years and never had a problem. I only kept working on these over priced Ascend units because I like the displays. No more. I’d suggest people pass on these.

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