Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLBAA Magnetic Motion Sensor, White, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

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Model NameSamsung SmartThings
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Special FeatureMotion Sensor
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Receive alerts when there’s unexpected movement in your home
  • Home Automation: Set devices to automatically turn on or off as people come and go to minimize energy usage
  • Detection Ready: Adjust the sensor with the quick tilt magnetic ball mount to capture motion up to 15 feet with 120 degree view range
  • Requirements: Must have SmartThings App and SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality (connected devices sold separately)
  • Compatibility: Works with Google, Alexa, SmartThings, and Z-Wave and ZigBee communication protocols
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Device detailed description

Monitor your home and with the SmartThings Motion Sensors. Receive 24/7 alerts on your smartphone anytime there’s unexpected movement in your home. Let the motion sensor turn things off for you by setting devices to automatically turn on or off as you come and go. It even monitors the temperature. Requires a SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality and SmartThings App. The free SmartThings app requires Android (6.0 or later) or iOS (10.0 or later). This device is compatible with the SmartThings ADT Security Hub, but is not compatible with ADT professional monitoring services. Includes: battery, magnetic ball, wall-mounting pads, quick-start guide, and health and safety guide. 1 year Samsung SmartThings limited warranty. Technical Details: Power: 1 x CR2 battery Communication Protocol: ZigBee Range: 50-130 feet, depending on your home’s construction Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F Intended for indoor use only compatible with previous versions of SmartThings Hubs, including F-HUB-US-2, F-H-ETH-001, ET-WV520KWEGUS, ET-WV520BWEGUS, ET-WV530BWEGUS, and F-USB-US-M-1 Material – Plastic.

Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Special Features

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Warranty Description

‎1 Year Limited

Product Dimensions

‎2.23 x 2.19 x 1.98 inches

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Is the base screwed in and then magnet?

The other answer is wrong for the motion sensor. The ball bearing base sticks to any flat surface with the included foam tape. The sensor attaches magnetically to the ball bearing, which lets you point it in any direction.

does it sense temperature as well?

It senses battery, temperature, and vibration.

it will be work with sonoff switch?

yes... you might want to try using IFTTT (If This Then That) application to do it though.

Does this measure Light levels as well as provide motion sensing capabilities?

Thank you for your question! The SmartThings Motion Sensor only detects motion and does not measure light levels. ~Samsung Brand Ambassador

5 reviews for Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLBAA Magnetic Motion Sensor, White, 1 Count (Pack of 1)


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  • Anonymous

    Worthy upgrade of motion sensor but tape mount only

    This new motion sensor is a worthy upgrade to the older model of which I have several.
    -The mounting system now uses a ball-and-socket joint with magnet. This allows you to point the sensor directly at your target area which improves placement flexibility and increases the effective range and sensing speed. You can mount the sensor facing directly down/up or sideways and still point the sensor almost straight ahead. There is about a 170 degree range of motion.
    -New model uses a CR2 battery which should be easier to obtain and universally compatible as opposed to the hodgepodge of disc batteries in the older models.
    -The main negative is there is no screw installation option for the mount. The sticky tape attached to a blank outlet cover with no problems but will likely tear off drywall texture upon removal. If you have an adhesive-safe place to mount it, then it works well.
    -No plug-in power option like some other 3rd party sensors have. You are stuck with using the battery.

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  • Anonymous

    Fantastic motion sensors

    I bought two of these motion sensors at the beginning of January. Both are located outside, though protected from the elements. One is on my front porch, underneath an eave, directed at the door. The other is inside my mailbox at the street. The mailbox is all metal, the motion sensor is mounted at the back of the box, held in place by the magnet on the device, very easy installation, just snaps in place without any mounting bracket. When the mailbox is opened, the sensor detects motion and sends an alert to my Smartthings hub, forwarding it to an Amazon Alexa routine to let me know that the mailbox is being accessed (with both an Alexa voice and a smartphone message), the mail has been delivered.
    The sensor on the porch is about 15 feet away from a Smartthings ZigBee repeater located in the garage. The mailbox sensor is about 50 feet from the same repeater. Both motion sensors have operated almost flawlessly since I installed them seven months ago. Once I thought I had a problem with the mailbox sensor because I kept getting repeating alerts. Turned out that the mail deliverer had not closed the door on the box, and every passing car was triggering an alert. Only happened once in seven months.
    I had my doubts when I installed these indoor units outside (and in a metal mailbox). I didn’t know how they would operate under extreme weather conditions. During winter the temperature was well below zero on several nights. And now during summer the temperature inside my mailbox often reaches well beyond 120 degrees for hours on end. I know this because the motion sensors have built-in temperature sensors as well, and report every one degree change back to Smartthings, recording it in the log. The log is filled with entries every day. In addition, battery life is amazing. The batteries in both of the sensors are at 83% remaining life after seven months of weather extremes.
    These motion sensors have surpassed my expectations! I am very impressed.

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  • Anonymous

    Great for controlling lights.

    These motion detectors work really well. The mounts allow a lot of flexability for installation, they pair quickly, and are very responsive. It was not in the listing but these provide temperature as well. In the Smart Things app you can enter an offset for the temp sensor if the calibration is off, but you can not change the ‘reset’ timer. That might be avaialble in the IDE I have not checked.
    These are zigbee sensors and work in the 2.4GHz range (according to the FCC ID). This is the same as many wifi devices but i’ve not yet experianced any interference. Zigbee range is 10-200 meters, I’m using them at just over 10M, but through several walls, and have no issue. I’m not sure how long the battery will last it’s a CR2 cell so pretty big, but the detectors do provide battery level reading. I’ve had zwave motion detectors up for over a year with no battery issues, I would assume these would perform similarly.
    Contolling lights is the test for any motion detector. I was using the monoprice z-wave detectors and they are slow to react, presumably to prevent false triggers, but what happens is you are through the room before the lights come on. These Smart Things sensors do not have that issue, they react very fast but do not trigger when cats enter the room. They are also significantly cheaper than Zwave devices. win win.

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  • Anonymous


    Great little sensor. Sleek and discreet, plus the magnet mount makes it SO EASY to position. Had for two years, and started getting false alarms from time to time. Troubleshooting led to nothing. Frustrating, but not a big deal UNTIL at 4:11AM this thing started going off every minute. Battery was at 27%, but a Google search led me to several people reporting the battery reading may not be completely accurate, AND that low battery = false alarms. Changed the battery and no more false alarms. SO, this would get 5 stars if not for that issue. Still a top pick for ease of use, mounting, etc., now that I’m aware of this one bug.

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  • Anonymous

    Updated: SmartThings has resolved the ongoing motion sensor issue.

    Updated – 10/5/20: It appears SmartThings has resolved the motion sensor issue and my Samsung Motion Sensor is again triggering Alexa Routines. Raised the rating back to 5 stars now that the issue is resolved. Hopefully future updates do not break existing function.
    Original Review:
    As far as I know you can only run this via the SmartThings App in order to integrate it with Alexa. Recently Smarthings forced its users to install a new version of the app which knowingly breaks the ability for sensors such as this to actually trigger an Alexa Routine, essentially rendering this 100% useless. They apparently have had months to fix the issue, yet it remains and again FORCED their customers to upgrade to the new version. I would stay away from this unless you are in the market for a sensor you can no longer use.

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