Sensative Z-Wave Plus Indoor/Outdoor Flood Prevention and Water Sensor Strips Drip, Works with SmartThings

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Power SourceBattery
Number of Batteries1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)
Control MethodVoice
  • Ultra-thin Z-Wave Plus sensor notifies you when water leaks or freezing temperatures are detected
  • Included temperature and light sensors monitor ambient temperature and light
  • Communicates with Z-Wave devices up to 131 feet (40 meters)
  • Compatible with most Z-Wave controllers, plus Ring, Raspberry Pi and more
  • Up to 10 years battery life
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Device detailed description

The Sensative Strips Drip Water and Temperature Sensor, Z-Wave is a Z-Wave Plus ultra-thin multi-sensor that notifies you when leaks or freezing water temperatures are detected, as well as ambient room temperature and light levels. The miniscule design of this sensor allows it to be installed where other leak sensors can’t fit, ensuring that you have the most complete safety coverage within your home. Once a leak is detected or water temperatures drop into freezing levels, the Strips Drip will send a signal to your Z-Wave controller to notify you of the potential danger. The Strips Drip Water and Temperature Sensor is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. With a battery life of up to 10 years, the Strips Drip is built for consistent and reliable reporting throughout your home. Installing the Strips Drip Sensor is simple. The sensor comes with mounting hardware to secure it into your preferred location and it only needs a few seconds to be added to your Z-Wave network. NOTE: Compatible Z-Wave controller or hub sold separately. Contents: Sensor, Screws & Plugs, Magnet, Mounting Plate, Cleaning Sachet, Manual, Quick Start Guide. Specifications: Manufacturer Part #: 1102012/2. Features: Leak detection alarm, Temperature reporting and alarm, Ambient light reporting (0 to 64000 LUX). Temperature Accuracy Ranges: +/- 2 degrees C (35 degrees F). Frequency: 908.4/916 MHz. Range: Up to 40 meters, signal may be extended up to 150m with Z-Wave repeaters. Dimensions: Sensor: 195 H x 15 W x 3 D mm (7.68 H x 0.59 W x 0.12 D in). Mounting: 193 x 14.7 x 2.7 mm (7.60 H x 0.58 W x 0.11 D in). Operating Conditions: -20 to 60 degrees C (-4 to 140 degrees F). Power Supply: Built-in LiMnO2 battery. Lasts up to 10 years. Magnetic Range: 15mm (0.6 in). Z-Wave Notifications: Binary, Notification, and Basic reporting types. Wake Up Intervals: 30mins to 24 hours (default 24H).

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Frequently asked question

Can i use this out side to detect of my pool is over flooding?

Per their web site 'Suitable for outdoor use'

My sensor was installed last March...I am getting notifications from several sensors that the battery life is 15%...what do I do now?

I think you have to buy a new one.

Can it survive being in large amount water and are pads reusabel after leak alarm?

Yes. You just need to dry it out between uses.

Why does the batter run out in8 months?

Mine lasted about 2.5 years. It could be based off how many times the door opens and closes

3 reviews for Sensative Z-Wave Plus Indoor/Outdoor Flood Prevention and Water Sensor Strips Drip, Works with SmartThings







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  • Anonymous

    Great form factor, but one major flaw

    I was really excited when I found this product because it ticked all the boxes for me: great form factor that fits easily and discreetly under my aquarium, Z-Wave, battery that should last as long as the product itself, and a sensor that indicates the level of moisture. All good things.

    The problem is the foam padding that is supposed to conduct moisture to the sensors. It retains water so long that, once triggered, the sensor stays ‘wet’ for well over a day. Even blasting it with a hair dryer doesn’t reset it. Eventually, I had to pry the thing apart to dry off the padding and the sensors by hand. This has happened twice now. The adhesive that’s supposed to hold the unit in place on the floor is pretty much gone as a result.

    This product might be fine for leaks that are both rare and low-risk. For me, after a couple of unfortunate incidents involving my cats and the aquarium pump, I can’t wait multiple days for the sensor to dry out. I’ll have to look for something else.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works, and works well

    This little unobtrusive strip does indeed work well, and has the benefit of reporting an accurate temperature too. Though the initial pairing (at least in the case of with my SmartThings Hub) is a little finicky, it was still completed within a couple minutes of taking it out of the box. This is my first Sensative Flood Prevention sensor, but I have been using their open/close sensors for about 18 months without any issues. So far all have proven reliable and the battery life seems to be holding up as well as they claim. They fit in places others will not, or at least fit without being as noticeable. I feel that offsets their slightly above average cost somewhat. I do recommend them.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great form,‘extremely sensitive, leak, temp, and luminance

    About the size snd shape of cardboard fingernail file with no cords makes this easy to put anywhere. I needed a sensor under my reverse osmosis filter in the kitchen sink cabinet. There is only 1 inch from the bottom of the filter and cabinet floor, this sensor easily slipped in. The RO manufacture was nice enough to provide a free leak sensor. They were right… Good thing I was home to hear the alarm, The “easy” connectors were all to easily prone to leaking. -I’ve since upgraded the connectors. Rather than just having a useless alarm if not home, this sensor is set up to turn off the water main in the event if a leak automatically.

    This leak sensor is good for any flat surface a cardboard file can fit, no cords, no replaceable battery. They do includ a screw mount, you likely can mount this vertically but I’m not sure where the water sensor is on the unit.

    This sensor is so sensitive it can detect moisture when held un your dry hands. Is also measured temperature and luminance.

    This eadily paired to my SnartThings hub.

    I have not owned this long enough to vouch for its battery life but I have no reason to think it won’t last to at most of the 10 years they claim. All my water sensor s (of other brands) have had in readable battery life.

    I highly recommend this sensor snd this is on my buy again list.

    Verified Purchase

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