AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switch Remote Works with AduroSmart/SmartThings/Hubitat

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Operation ModeON-OFF-ON
Switch StyleDimmer
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.04 x 3.31 x 0.43 inches
Mechanical Life Expectancy3 years
Controller TypeVera, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa
  • Wirelessly control your ZigBee wireless lights comfortably from anywhere up to 90 feet in your home (no hub required).
  • Switching and Dimming: Turn lights on/off and change the brightness of up to 20 lights from 0 to 100%. Comes with a 3 year battery life and includes a standard 1 gang magnetic base that covers your existing wiring box to give you ease of use and the cosmetics of a standard light switch.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with ERIA wireless controlled lights, outlets, and hubs.
  • Installation free: No wiring required to easily add wireless dimming into your home without needing to call an electrician.
  • Hub Integration: integrating with the AduroSmart ERIA hub, SmartThings hub or Hubitat hub unlocks the full potential of this switch . You can customize your buttons to switch your lights and devices as you like.
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‎5.04 x 3.31 x 0.43 inches

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‎ERIA Dimmer Switch

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Frequently asked question

Does this work with SmartThings Hub?

We are glad to tell you that the ERIA dimming switch is now compatible with SmartThings and you can configure it as a button switch.

Can all 4 button be configured on smartthings??

Yes it works like a 4 button switch , you can configure each button.

How do I buy the remote version with numbers (123) as pictured?

je ne sais pas

Does anybody have a fix for the multiple events being sent with each button press?

Hi there is a handler update in the SmartThings hub , use this handler and the issue is fixxed. If you have any questions you can always reach out to us on our web chat that is on our website and we will assist you.

5 reviews for AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switch Remote Works with AduroSmart/SmartThings/Hubitat


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  • Anonymous

    Feels cheap, missing features I’d expect -- hostile customer service to boot

    I have the dimmer. It’s fine, but I’d say it’s a C quality product.
    – price is low, and you get a 4 button controller.
    – two of the four buttons support a press and hold, the other two are used for some pairing and unpairing, and don’t send a zigbee command.
    – it paired well with a third party zigbee hub, though the instructions to do so were vanishingly absent from the booklet and the website — with controller in pairing mode, press both middle buttons to reset it, wait for green light, then press and hold the “off” button and wait for the green light again.
    – The dock / wall plate is nicely done. The magnets seem to work well.
    – The buttons have a lot of play in them, which means when you use it you have to be dead on in the middle or you’ll just flex the plastic and the switch won’t actually engage. You could sum this up by saying that it just feels cheap.
    – It has two bright LEDs which blink when you press a button. The red one isn’t often used because it’s an error light. The green one flashes every time you press a button. If you’re using this to turn on a light in the middle of a night, it’s bright enough to shock your night vision.
    – The remote (without the dock) doesn’t sit flat. In order to mount it without the faceplate, you’ll have to come up with some wedge or modify the remote. In our case, we want to use a command strip to mount it to the underside of a shelf, though we haven’t yet succeeded.

    Update – after asking customer service about the LEDs, we got a snarky response and no help. I guess if the product works for you, that’s good. It’s cheap and sometimes that’s what you need. I won’t be buying anything from Aduro anymore.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous


    I would not buy this again because it’s very flimsy. It also sticks out a little from the wall leaving a small gap with both the included faceplate or a standard decora plate.
    I’m not going to return it because it’s only used in a closet. It does work like it says it does. It links up with ZHA and sends events, although this combo does not appear to support any double or triple taps.
    Furthermore with this setup dimming requires pressing and releasing the button once for each step. If you hold down the bright or dim button it won’t cycle through the settings.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Integrates well with the Hubitat system

    I now have a total of three of these remotes controlling two dimmers. One is stand-alone. The other has one directly controlling and the second configured to do a virtual button push on the one directly controlling the dimmer. These work very well I am very happy to have discovered these.
    Why only four stars? First off, the cover is hard to remove and even harder to put back on after putting the holder on the wall. I was sure something was going to break as hard as I had to hit it to get it to snap back in place. It did survive. It shouldn’t be that hard to work with. Second is that it appears to only come in a stark white color. The switch plates in our house are all almond color so the cover stands out. An option to have different colors would be nice.
    If you don’t mind the white color only, then this is a good remote to get to operate a dimmer. The cost is reasonable and it functions properly.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great looking, hard to integrate into SmartThings

    The remote looks nice on the wall with the wall plate and I would imagine it would be seamless when paired with an ERIA Hub. But if you’re like me and have a SmartThings hub, things get a bit tricky. On and off commands work fine, just make sure to specify on for the on button and off for the off button, using toggle on or off freaks things out. To get the dimming function to work, I had to use webCoRE to write my own piston. This was also not as straightforward as it should have been because the remote seems to send the hub multiple events per button press which was a pain to overcome. An update to the integration would be much appreciated. I’m still rating 4 stars because it is the only good looking multi-button wireless remote with a wall plate that talks to smartthings.

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  • Anonymous

    Fits in standard plate, inexpensive, works well

    These cost a bit less than the Hue Dimmer and can be used for a similar purpose if you’re willing to TouchLink them. I prefer to use them with my Zigbee hub, Hubitat, for a variety of more powerful purposes. (Hubitat supports these devices natively, if you’re using a different Zigbee HA hub like SmartThings, don’t expect it to work unless they have a driver/device handler for it or if it’s on their whitelist, it should work with Zigbee LL as described above).
    Unlike the Hue Dimmer, these fit in a standard decorator plate, which besides the price is their main advantage (if you only want to use them on Hue, the app doesn’t ‘see’ them so you won’t be able to, for example, cycle between scenes with multiple presses, unless there’s a way to set that up that I don’t know about, so the Hue Dimmer may be more functional if you value that). They are arguably a bit better-looking, too. Both only come in white, and both also come with their own mounting plate (for on-the-wall or anywhere installation), but again, the Eria can be mounted in any decorator plate (they even include wire nuts if you want to replace an existing switch with it).
    My only issue is that it takes a second or two after holding the ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons for it to send a ‘held’ event (release any quicker and you’ll just get a ‘pushed’ event). Some of this could be specific to my hub, Hubitat, but I imagine it’s only interpreting what the device itself sends. In any case this means that if you want to configure it to start dimming when the button is held and stop dimming when it’s released (emulating what you’d expect), you’ll have to hold it down for a while before it will even start. This can mostly be worked around by using ‘pushed’ to just step the brightness up/down by a specific level, but I still wish the ‘held’ delay was a bit less.

    Verified Purchase

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