[2022 Upgraded]Smart Light Bulbs(Pack of 4), 3Stone 100W Equivalent WiFi LED Color Changing Bulb Dimmable 2700K-6500K RGBCW, Works with Alexa, Google Home 2.4Ghz Only, A21 10W E26 Tunable White No Hub

Special FeatureEnergy Efficient, E26 E27 Medium Base, 3 Year Warranty, Group Control, 2700K-6500K Tunable White, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google Asssistant, Easy to Set Up, Upgraded Brightness to 1050 Lumens, Over 16 Million Colors to Choose From, Voice Control, Scene Modes, Timer, Schedule, Dimmable Soft White LightEnergy Efficient, E26 E27 Medium Base, 3 Year Warranty, Group Control, 2700K-6500K…
Light TypeLED
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Wattage10 watts
Light ColorRGB
  • Upgraded Brightness to 1050 Lumens—Compared to normal A19 smart bulbs, 3Stone A21 smart bulb is made of more solid material and with brightness to 1050 lumens which is 30% much brighter to light up your whole room, equivalent to traditional 100W bulbs. More than 16 million colors are available to choose from to suit your mood anyhow.
  • 2700K-6500K Tunable White— With variations in color temperature available on this smart bulb, it gives you a full range of white from a warm 2700k light to a cool 6500k daylight. Certified 100% Perfectly Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be voice-controlled. Group Settings also available to control two or more bulbs.
  • Built-in Scenes & Timer Option Available— Total 8 built-in scenes are available for you to choose based on your specific needs anywhere and anytime with simply one click. You can also create customized schedules to turn the bulb with a timer function.
  • Easy to Install—There are 3 steps to start your smart life. Scan the QR code to download the APP “Smart Life”, install the lamp, and use the APP to control the Wi-Fi bulb(No Hub Required). Confirm your WiFi is set to 2.4Ghz instead of 5Ghz the first time you install this WiFi bulb, and that a simple on/off flip switch, rather than a dimmer switch, would be ideal for this smart bulb.
  • Energy Saving and Quality Certified—ETL Certificated. Reduce power usage by up to 80%. Rated life span over 250000 hours, which reduces the frequency of re-lamp. No Lead or Mercury and No UV or IR. We are so proud of our product quality so we promise 3-Years Warranty. Contact us if you meet product problems, we promise you to get perfect service and 100% Satisfaction.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

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Material Smart home device material



Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Type of Bulb

Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Special Features

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Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Certification Smart device certification

Average Life (Hours)

Color Temperature (K)

Frequently asked question

Can this bulb be used in an outdoor enclosed post light?

They are outdoor rated so as long as they fit they should be fine.

Can these be used without the app, Alexa only?

You will need to set them up on the Smart Life app (a free app) but after that you can control most functions with voice control or in the Alexa app. However, the Smart Life app is good and useful for things such as setting up scheduled on and off times

If there is a power cut does the bulb lose all the settings ?

No. The settings are in the cloud via the Smart Life app, along with any others you may be using such as the Echo. The wifi setting is not lost either.

Does anyone knows if these lamps work with 220v?

These should work in Europe but you need the E27 size to fit European sockets.



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  • Anonymous

    Bright, functional and kinda fun

    Adding these bulbs to my home, the Smart Life app and, through that, Alexa, was a breeze.

    We’ve been having a lot of fun playing with automation and having Alexa set brightness and color combinations.

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  • Anonymous

    White-light mode is bright. RGB is rather dim


    – Given these use WiFi (2.4 GHz only), there is no need for a bridge device
    – Very bright in white-light mode
    – Very responsive to commands to change color, etc.
    – Works great with Google / Alexa / native app.
    – Bulbs are sturdy, extremely light-weight.


    – The basic setup failed every time. More on this below…
    – The RGB mode is much dimmer than white-mode. Color-range is good, but nowhere near as bright as Philip’s Hue’s bulbs
    – Cost effective
    – Data privacy: The app used to configure these bulbs wants to collect your location (and more) and phones-home to a Chinese-based company
    – Google Home doesn’t appear to have a way to recognize setting a scene. Meaning: In the bulb’s app, if one sets-up a scene called ‘awesome’, and then issue the command: ‘Okay Google, set the living room lights to ‘awesome”, it doesn’t work. It seems limited to simple commands such as adjusting brightness and color.

    Don’t get me wrong: These bulbs are great, and I am replacing my Philip’s Hue system with these for a few reasons:

    – WiFi communication to these bulbs is much better/faster than the ZigBee protocol that Philip’s Hue bulbs use. (However, ZigBee uses much less power…)
    – Granting access to others in your house access to your bulbs is simpler (in my opinion). Through the bulb’s app, you can add users via their email address. Philip’s Hue’s bridge requires you to push a button on the bridge (similar to WPS) in order to grant access to others using apps.


    For best results (from trying this 20+ times), connect your phone to your 2.4 GHz network (not your 5 GHz …). Also: While configuring, it is easiest (in my opinion) to plug the bulb into a socket that is controlled by a light-switch. A ceiling light with a pull chain makes the timing a little more difficult.

    Getting the bulb into setup-mode is quirky at first. The process:

    1. Turn the bulb on, wait for it to power-up
    2. Turn it off
    3. Turn it on, and wait for it to power-up
    4. Turn it off
    5. Turn it back on

    You are now in setup-mode #1 (bulb periodically flashes quickly). However, one needs to repeat the above process one more time to get into setup-mode #2 (slower flashing), which is when it can be configured.

    The app attempts to configure the bulb, but (for me), fails after a 60-second timer. The app then provides an alternative setup option, which connects your phone to the bulb’s WiFi network. Once you connect your phone directly to the bulb’s WiFi network, setup completes in a few seconds.

    Note: When your phone connects to the WiFi network on the bulb, some phones (only tested on Android) will detect the lack of internet access, and prompt to disconnect. Don’t do this.

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  • Anonymous

    Very good WiFi bulb... Not hub compatible.

    I bought these bulbs because they were advertised as being brighter than most other color smart bulbs and, the good news is, indeed they are… at least with the white spectrum. The white cool and warm lighting modes are fantastic! Very bright and very beautiful. The warm-to-cool ratio is easily controlled and very prominent, so whatever your liking, this can do it beautifully! We love the bright warm white color, which is usually lacking (especially in brightness) on multi-color bulbs like this. Very happy with this detail!

    The color is slightly less spectacular BUT not disappointing. The spectrum is decent but could be more saturated and yet the color is very nice for a budget WiFi bulb. In fact, I dare say impressive. The dimming and transition smoothness is also very good, which was a pleasant surprise. The color is NOT as bright as the white levels are, so be advised if you’re looking for a brighter color option. This is just average as color brightness is concerned, but it is still very good and beautiful to look at with some great color-transitioning themes available in the app, which make this fun to play around with.

    My only other complaint is more about the Tuya/Smart Life app than it is the bulb… While the app has some nice scene options (such as ‘Gorgeous’, which transitions colors smoothly in a continual sequence), I haven’t been able to effectively set up a routine with Alexa that could engage these enjoyable scenes, As of the time of writing this review, the Smart Life app does not seem to allow setting the lighting scenes in automations, which is disappointing. The best you can do is select color and brightness (as well as schedules, switch on/off, and timers). It’s adequate I suppose but strange that these scenes are included in the app, but not able to be triggered from automations or tap-to-run routines (i.e. in the Tuya/Smart Life app itself). Of course, the other disappointment/blame is with the Alexa app, which also can only select color and brightness, NOT the Smart Life scenes. Bummer!

    Another thing buyer should be reminded of is that these are WiFi bulbs and NOT Zigbee or Z-Wave. That means they are not compatible with hubs like SmartThings. They are also NOT compatible with IFTTT as of the time of this review. IFTTT seems to have disabled control of Smart Life devices, which is disappointing (though I am hopeful that integration will return soon… The item is still in IFTTT but does not currently work at all for any Tuya/Smart Life compatible devices). One work-around option is to create a virtual sensor switch in SmartThings (you will need an appropriate Alexa-compatible device handler to accomplish this), and then you should be able to search for the virtual device in Alexa app, create a routine to trigger on/off the bulb from the virtual device… that way you can control the device from SmartThings… I tried it… The good news is that it does work… The bad news is that it’s terribly slow. Took nearly 40 seconds for the trigger to respond most times. Unacceptable and inefficient, so I won’t be using this setup. Be advised, SmartThings appears to support Smart Life, until you actually try to use it and then all you get is a network error. Others have complained about this same thing… I suspect this is a work in progress and will eventually be supported by SmartThings, so let’s hope. If that eventually happens, this will make these bulbs a whole lot more useful.

    The bulbs are very light-weight and feels cheap, but it does work and setup was simple and painless. Over all, great looking bulb, if you can get it to work the way you intend. If you have an older router with a lot of devices already taking up WiFi, you could potentially have connection issues at times with WiFi bulbs, which is one reason using a hub is superior. All of my Zigbee and Z-Wave devices work flawlessly all the time compared with my few WiFi devices, which are unreliable… I have a decent Asus gaming router but it’s a few years old now and not the best option for a lot of IoT devices, so I frequently have issues wit WiFi devices (randomly disconnecting) since I’ve pretty much over-extended my device allowance. If you have a newer router, you may not run into this issue, but just be aware and save yourself some frustration. Hub-compatible devices are usually a little more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. Just also remember (word to the novice), hub-compatible devices don’t work without a hub, so you’ll need to also buy a hub (like SmartThings) in order to utilize them. You cannot simply connect them to WiFi as you can with WiFi bulbs like these.

    Until I get myself a latest-greatest router, I will stick with hub-compatible devices from now on (I love my SmartThings hub). They run faster and far more efficiently. Still though, if you’re on a budget and just want to have some fun and do smart home on the cheap, this is a pretty great little bulb that will provide a lot of enjoyment for many folks. Have fun!

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  • Anonymous

    One of the four died after five months

    Not as bright as I’d hoped. But that could be my bad. The real problem was that one of the four bulbs died after only 5 months. All 4 bulbs were used in a group being turned on and off 2 or 3 times a day. Not a very heavy duty application.
    Update 7/20/22: One of the remaining 3 bulbs has now spontaneously reset itself twice. I fear that it will die soon as well.
    Update 9/19/22: The company reached out to me and replaced the two bulbs that had failed. After two weeks, the new bulbs are still working well. Upgraded to 5 stars. Will downgrade again if new bulbs fail.

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  • Anonymous

    Super bright and easy to set up

    These are super bright and easy to set up. A great feature with these lights that is missing from alot of others is being able to adjust the temperature of the white light. These are also one of the few smart bulbs bright enough to use in a bathroom vanity.

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  • Anonymous

    I love it

    I love that it can be controlled with Alexa, I really like that it changes colors and I can control its brightness.

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