Lockly Secure Plus, Bluetooth Smart Lock, PIN Genie® Keypad, 3D Biometric Sensor, Auto Lock – Satin Nickel (PGD628FSN) – Latch Edition

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Special FeatureBiometric, Touchscreen, Patented PIN Genie Technology, Bluetooth, Smartphone, eKeys & eBadges, Offline Access Codes™Biometric, Touchscreen, Patented PIN Genie Technology, Bluetooth, Smartphone, eKeys & eBadges,…
Lock TypeBiometric Lock
Item Dimensions LxWxH7.8 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches
StyleFingerprint Reader
  • Home, Office, and Rentals: A versatile smart lock for your home, Airbnb rental property management and offices with high security and relaibility.
  • Multiple Ways to Unlock: (1) Patented PIN Genie digital keypad, (2) 3D biometric fingerprint reader, (3) Smartphone app, (4) Alexa and Hey Google voice control (with the optional Wi-Fi hub) or (5) Physical key.
  • Peek-Proof Digital Keypad: Patented PIN Genie keypad has four virtual buttons with three different numbers per button. The numbers change after each use by mixing the location of your PIN number. Super easy to use – Impossible for someone else to guess, even if they are watching you enter your code.
  • Your Finger is Your Key: Quick access (&lt,0.5 sec.) Second Gen 3D biometric fingerprint sensor stores up to 99 fingerprints.
  • Mobile App Control: Lock and unlock your door using the Lockly App. Monitor open/closed door status from anywhere with real-time alerts sent to your smartphone (with the optional Wi-Fi hub).
  • Voice Control: Unlock, lock, or check door status using your voice with Alexa or Hey Google (with the optional Wi-Fi hub).
  • Programable Auto Locking: Never worry about forgetting to lock the door with customizable auto-lock feature.
  • eKeys & eBadges: Grant revokable access to family, friends and visitors via Lockly app.
  • Offline Access Codes: Grant access codes to trusted users. Codes work offline without Wi-Fi or Internet.
  • Warranty: Limited 5-year mechanical and finish warranty and 2-year electronics warranty.
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Device detailed description

Compatible with most standard doors 1.38 in. to 2 in. thick – universal fitment with both right-swing and left-swing doors and installs with standard tools in 10-minutes to 15-minutes.
Highly secure keypad worlds first patented peek-proof keypad, displays an always shuffling set of numbers across 4 buttons and is different every time, so while your access code remains the same, the location of the numbers differs, making it near impossible for prying eyes to guess the correct code/
Convenient keyless entry lock/unlock and manage your door access with your iOS/Android smart phone or by entering a preset access code on the digital keypad, backup physical keys and backup power options included in case of emergencies.
Advanced 3D fingerprint sensor – store up to 99 fingerprints and detects physical fingers only, preventing the use of copied or lifted fingerprints.
Zinc alloy built lock with a rust and corrosion resistant matte black finish backed by a lifetime finish warranty.
Auto lock feature – custom auto lock feature can be set to automatically lock your phone 5-seconds up to 5-minutes after unlocking, making sure your deadbolt is always secured.
Long-lasting power: powered by 4 AA batteries (included), the Lockly secure smart lock lasts up to 1-year on normal use, low battery warning can be viewed on your app, all mounting hardware included.
Limited 5-year mechanical and finish warranty and 2-year electronics warranty.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Item Package Quantity


Special Features

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Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎7.8 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches

Batteries Type of batteries used


Number Of Pieces



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Battery Cell Type



Controller Type

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Included Components

‎Interior Assembly, Interior Mounting Plate, Exterior Assembly, Sheet Metal, Latch, Strike, Strike Screws, Plate Screws, Set Screws, Protection cover, VIP Card, User Manual, 3M Sticker, Template, 2 Backup keys

Item Weight

Control Method

Head Style

Lock Type

Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)Installation Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Does this lock connect to a wifi router? if not, how does it 'track as soon as your ... family members are home' and send push notifications?

The lock does not currently connect to the wifi at the moment, however, it does with our WiFi Hub, which releases in January 2019. By using eKeys, family members and trusted users can unlock the door using their iOS or Android app, and when they do so, the record is saved on the app for you to review anytime.

How far does the bluetooth reach? I want to be able to open the door with the app from about 30ft away

Hello! Using the basic and the plus version of the lock, it only has the standard bluetooth range of 10-15 ft. If you want to have a feature in which you can control the lock anywhere and anytime you wanted to using the application, I advise you to purchase the Pro version which includes the WiFi Hub that allows you … see more Hello! Using the basic and the plus version of the lock, it only has the standard bluetooth range of 10-15 ft. If you want to have a feature in which you can control the lock anywhere and anytime you wanted to using the application, I advise you to purchase the Pro version which includes the WiFi Hub that allows you to have remote control over the lock and have a real-time notification of door access. Plus the fact that you will be having much savings than purchasing the Lockly Secure Plus and the Wifi Hub separately.

Any current information on apple homekit compatibility? the answers i am seeing are 2.5 - 3 years old.

I don’t know the answer to this. This model is at least 3 years old. I have it at least that long.

Can this lock be bumped or picked?

We regularly innovate and update our property cloud technology services (the heart of Lockly smart locks) which run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect against picking, bumping, hacking and other common forms of lock break-ins. We are proud to be one of the most secure and advanced smart locks on the planet.

6 reviews for Lockly Secure Plus, Bluetooth Smart Lock, PIN Genie® Keypad, 3D Biometric Sensor, Auto Lock – Satin Nickel (PGD628FSN) – Latch Edition


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  • Anonymous

    Highly recommend this lock. Fingerprint scanner is a must

    This is my go to brand for smart locks. Have owned several and all are amazing. The fingerprint scanner is an amazing feature if you need to enter the house with one hand while distracted.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    No deadbolt

    Returned because of safety concerns. No deadbolt easy for an intruder to “pick” the lock

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent product.

    Easy to install & setup. Assign different people different pin #’s. Kids sneak out and come back in late? You can see what time they opened the door. Uses fingerprint or pin code. You can assign temporary pin codes or one time use. Whatever fits your specific needs.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    For The Price...

    At this price I have to be bold with my review. They could have used higher quality materials for one ( they say so themselves). As far as I know its not IPX rated, if it is, its not a very good one. The fingerprint reader is honestly not very good. I would say its 3/10ths the quality of any smartphone reader. If your finger is less than perfectly clean it probably wont read, slightly wet? not a chance. Even when it works perfectly its slow. The magnets that hold the lock hole cover in place are not strong enough to resist light brushes of your finger as you carelessly close the door so the flap is usually hanging down exposing the keyhole (a visual pet peeve of mine). If you want the lock assembly to feel firmly attached to oversized doors, the tape they provide is not enough. You must drill a hole through your door, this way the lock assembly can fit the optional ‘anchor post’ (as I call it). If you use the anchor post, lockly actually mounts nicely. However, now if I want to use a different lock in the future and not have a hole in my door, ill have to replace the door, or fill the hole with glue and sawdust (not ideal). I bought four of these, so they better last a long time. This version (latch version) works much better than the deadbolt version. The Deadbolt version sometimes doesn’t open when the correct code/finger is input, it thinks it has, and becomes stuck closed while I input the correct code/finger until its decides to start working again ( everything is properly aligned and not jammed physically, it works usually). When the touchscreen is off/sleep, sometimes it can be slightly less than easy to ‘wake up’ the screen for code entry than other times. That’s pretty much the bad as I see it. All that being said, the part I like about it is, I haven’t used a key on my house since I installed these locks. also I can go out of town and grant temporary access to only certain parts of my home so my friends can take care of my animals or whatever I need without them having access to snoop through all the rest of my house ( not that they would). When they watch my animals I can see who, and when someone accessed what doors so I know who got fed when. I also like that you can easily hold a 9v battery to the lock to temporarily power it so you can get in without a key even if its dead. I like the app. If they would up the quality or lower the price lockly would be 5 star. As of now I would say if you have $1,200.00 to spend on 4 locks, and are willing to give it a shot, expect a 3 star product.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous


    Easy to use with kids so they aren’t loosing keys and can always get into the house

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Two Important Install Notes!

    Received this lock and was impressed on how well it was not only built but packaged to boot.
    To some the install might look a bit daunting but if you use the BILT app (instructions upon opening box advise you on how) it’s actually very straightforward and easy to install.
    I have a read a few reviews where people say the unit is loose and doesn’t appear to be built well. I couldn’t disagree more. It seems to be built extremely well and I would argue if it appears anything less the install wasn’t done properly.
    One issue I did run into was upon initial install the outer handle wouldn’t turn the spindle and engage the latch to allow the door to open regardless if it was locked or not. After installing it and reinstalling it and having the same issue, I started to become frustrated and called Lockley customer service. Their customer care was very prompt and professional and immediately had a solution for me. You simply go into settings and hit ‘calibrate’. The lock calibrated itself for about a minute and worked perfectly fine after that. Figured I’d add this as the rep told me it’s a common issue. Hoping this saves some of you some frustration and potentially returning it should you feel it is defective.
    Lastly, as far as the operation goes, I have read some reviews on the fingerprint scanner itself not working perfectly. I have not had an issues with mine. On initial setup, the app will give you the option of a ‘deep scan’ once you set up your initial print. I highly recommend doing this as it makes it much easier for the lock to recognize your print. Also I noticed to apply just the very tip of your finger when unlocking versus the tip and middle part of the print. Doing this assures it will unlock it first attempt just about every time.

    Verified Purchase

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