GE CYNC Smart Dimmer Light Switch + Motion Sensor, Neutral Wire Required, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Switch, Works with Alexa and Google Home (1 Pack) Packaging May Vary

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Operation ModeON-OFF-ON
BrandGE Lighting
Switch StyleToggle Switch
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Item Dimensions LxWxH4 x 3.5 x 6 inches
  • Upgrade your smart home and make traditional bulbs smart: The Cync smart dimmer light switch allows you to make traditional bulbs smart. You can control lights from the switch, or from the Cync App using scheduling and scenes
  • Add convenience with your WiFi Dimmer Light Switches: Get convenience and comfort with dimming from the Cync App and enhanced functionality like out of home control and scheduling, so you never come home to a dark house
  • Easy, DIY Installation: Easy to install on your own or with the help of a professional. Works for newer homes built after the 1980s and requires a neutral and ground wire and 2.4GHz WiFi to enable smart control
  • Alexa and Google Home Compatible (devices sold separately): Using the smart light switch’s built-in WiFi, connect to a compatible voice assistant for hands-free voice control
  • Save energy and money: Motion and ambient light detection turn light bulbs on or off based on the amount of natural light or motion in the room to save you energy and money
  • Packaging May Vary as ‘C by GE’ is transitioning to CYNC
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Device detailed description

The Smart Motion Sensing and Dimmer switch adds smart bulb functionality to traditional bulbs and keeps smart bulbs smart. The smart Wi-Fi switch works as dimmer switch while enhancing the traditional bulb functionality to include motion sensing, out-of-home control, scheduling and scene setting. Pair with a voice assistant like the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and experience voice control without an additional hub required. When Cync or C by GE smart bulbs are installed, the smart switch allows app or voice control even when power is turned off at the switch. With motion sensing and ambient light detection, set lights to turn on or off based on natural light and motion in the room. Smart scheduling disables motion sensing during times you do not want to be disturbed. Now you can control your lights with touch, app, motion or voice and get more from your lighting.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


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Batteries Included?

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Warranty Description

‎2 Year Parts/Labor

Product Dimensions

‎4 x 3.5 x 6 inches


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, ,

Included Components

‎Dimmer Switch – Occupancy

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Frequently asked question

I have a ceiling fan, can this work with that as well? It has bulbs too.

If your ceiling fan and the lights attached to the ceiling fan are controlled by the same switch, this will not work as intended.

I have ge smart lights, if i buy this and turn the switch off will the light bulb still work properly?

This took me a while to figure out but as long as all the bulbs being powered of this switch are C by GE light bulbs and you tell the switch that through the C by GE app on your phone, then yes, they will remain always connected. However, if just one bulb off the switch isn't a C by GE smart bulb this setting won't work right.

Are these compatible with Smartthings (Zwave, wifi, or Zigbee)?

C by GE Smart Switches will work through wifi but will need to be connected to our C by GE app first. The Smart Switches will not work with Smartthings.

Is there a way to change the settings so that the lights come on in a 'slow fade' rather than just turning on quickly when there is motion detected?

There are three settings for this switch and none of which provide you with a slow fade setting.

2 reviews for GE CYNC Smart Dimmer Light Switch + Motion Sensor, Neutral Wire Required, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Switch, Works with Alexa and Google Home (1 Pack) Packaging May Vary


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  • Anonymous

    took several hours working with support to get these to work: smart 3-way dimmer and toggle

    NOTE: the latest version of the C BY GE app for iOS requires iOS 12 or higher. Even though the FAQ says they are supporting the older app for older iOS versions, you have to ALREADY have the app as it is NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. I had to wait until I could get to an android device to do the installation.
    I used both chat and phone support. Chat gave me the wrong wiring instructions and phone support went through 4 iterations until we got it right. I will say that phone support was fantastic overall as they stepped me through the entire process until we had the 4 switches working. Once we got the first pair working, the second was very easy. There are some things to be aware of before you start. First, use these switches if you don’t have access to neutral wires in both boxes. For the dimmer I had access to a neutral in the LINE box, but the neutral just passed through the LOAD box and wasn’t accessible. In the Toggle switches I had no neutrals at all. Second, your old wires may be curled around a screw terminal. In this case you either need to straighten the ends out or clip and strip the wires. You may or may not have room for the additional wire nuts in the box. I used WAGO clamping connectors (3 and 5 connection) and these provided tight connections where needed. The push-in WAGOs were not secure enough on the stranded wire but do work great on solid wire. Third, be ready to trim the ends of the wires in the box to the proper length as they may be a bit too long, mine were. Fourth, look at the youtubes on how to do this safely, including using a power tester, to determine LINE vs LOAD wires and to ensure that there is no power in the box. If you have 2 or more switches in the box it is possible that power can be coming into the box from multiple breakers, so there can be live wires even if the switch you are working on has the breaker tripped. Fifth, I had to remove all the switches in the box to replace the one I wanted to change because I had to rearrange the wires to fit the larger CbyGE switches in there, so be careful if you have more than 1 switch in the box. Sixth, you might need a new wall plate depending on the configuration of your switches. These switches come with nice snap on wall plates but of course that won’t work with multiple switches in a box, so get the wall switch you need before you start the project.
    This process worked for me on a pair of the smart 3-way dimmer switches and a pair of the smart toggle switches. This should save you some time and effort. Here are the steps:
    1) Determine which 3-way switch is the LINE and which is the LOAD. If you don’t know how to do that then google it as there are a lot of video how-to’s. This is an important step, apparently, to get things to work. I don’t understand why, but I didn’t question it. My gut tells me I should be able to replace either switch first and it shouldn’t make any difference.
    2) With the power off at the breaker, match up the two traveler wires to each other, you need to know which traveler on each side is paired to the one on the other side. I used a long length of landscape wire (any long enough wire should work, like lamp cord, etc.) and connected one end to a traveler in the LINE box. Then I ran the landscape wire over to the LOAD box and used a multi meter to test each of the traveler wires to find the traveler that had continuity. I labelled this TRAVELER #1 on both boxes. The other traveler wires were obviously TRAVELER #2. There are other ways to do this and youtubes show you how, but this is a real quick and dirty way to get it done.
    3) Starting with the LINE side, connect 1 black wire on the switch to the LINE wire in the box + connect 1 of the 2 travelers (call it Traveler #1). Then connect the second black wire on the switch to the second traveler (Traveler #2)
    Now go to the load side and do the same thing except you are now hooking up the LOAD wire, Traveler #1, and a black wire from the switch together. Then connect the second black wire from the switch to Traveler #2.
    That’s it.
    Now the App is very flaky and fails often when trying to connect the switch to WIFI. The solution is to completely exit the app and restart it. At one point I had to restart my android phone. For one switch, after a half dozen tries I couldn’t connect the switch to my wifi, so in my case rebooting the router solved the problem.

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  • Anonymous

    EXACTLY what you need if your wall switch controls the 'wrong outlet' in your home!

    We just bought a new home and if you are like me, this product is EXACTLY what you need!
    In our living room the 2 wall switches both controlled 1 outlet. UNFORTUNATELY though, this outlet is where we placed our entertainment center (TV, Soundbar, PlayStation, Wii, etc). So shutting this switch off would turn ALL that equipment off! If you have a PlayStation you know what happens when you kill the power to it (hard drive inspection, possible data damage, etc). So this would NOT work!
    I was NOT rewiring our house and tearing out drywall to fix this so that the switches would instead control lamps in the room.
    Enter the Cync ‘wire free switch’ and ‘Cync Smart Plugs’.
    With the wire free switch you can control a myriad of different Cync items. From directly controlling individual light bulbs (dimness, color, and on/off) to controlling the smart plugs.
    The BEST part about these is the way they can mount! Not only can you stick them to ANYTHING via the double adhesive tape included with the kit but they also CAN mount into a standard wall box! Both mount options look great and even using the tape you can’t tell that the switch was just stuck there. However, for my application I used the wall box mounting. Allowing me to get rid of the switches that killed my entertainment center!! After bypassing the wiring for the switch (so outlet ALWAYS has power) I removed the old switches and pitched them in the round file (trash). I then used the old screws from the switches to mount them right into the box where those old switches were.
    I also purchased the ‘smart plugs’ to use with lamps that are on the other side of the room! This allows you to setup your switches and plugs any way you like! Both switches can control both plugs if you want, but we set it up so that each switch controls a different lamp in the room. The app is great and works with Google and Alexa. We have Google ‘home’ smart puck things. Just tell Google to turn on or shut off the ‘lights’ which will do them both or call them by the names you set up in the Cync App to control them individually. We call one ‘living room light’ and the other ‘living room door light’.
    The ONLY ISSUES we had was setting up the multiple plugs with Cync on my Samsung S9. They seem to be having an issue with WiFi connection setup of the plugs with Android.
    I WILL give their customer service the ABSOLUTELY HIGHEST praise I can EVER give ANY customer support though. They were absolutely amazing! They helped us through everything and even messaged me out of the blue when they hadn’t heard from me in 2 days (because I was busy with the move to the new house). How many times have you had customer support contact YOU to see if everything worked out ok or if you were still having issues?!?
    I WILL say if you are having issues with the plugs that what we did was… Set up the new plug in a NEW room rather then trying to add it to an existing one. We also had to use my wife’s iPhone to set it up. It also DID fail when trying to add it to the same room as the other plug! However, you CAN move items around after setup. So we added it the a NEW room with the iphone which DID work. Then I moved everything around and renamed it with my phone.
    I DON’T discredit them for this issue AT ALL because it did work and they ARE working on trying to figure out exactly WHAT the bug is with the Android version. Plus their customer support is SO amazing that it makes up for any little issues, especially since they are resolved!
    I am actually about to purchase more switches as well to use on the ceiling fan in my son’s room. The fan is hard wired and the lights on it and fan/speed can ONLY be controlled via the pull cords. His switch ALSO activates the dang plug where we put HIS tv, and playstation!!
    To solve this in his room I will be buying the Cync Smart bulbs and replacing his wall switch with one of these wire free switches! Then connecting that switch to control all 3 bulbs in his fan simultaneously. I will probably get him the cool color changing ones too. Since this switch can do that as well! Even if you don’t use that feature… For some reason this switch is cheaper then the ‘basic’ version that only does on/off.
    Hope this helped someone because I couldn’t find out EXACTLY if this switch could or couldn’t do what I needed it to. Now knowing it can I figured I’d share the results!

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