Smart Light Bulbs,Color Changing Light Bulbs That Work with Alexa and Google Assistant,2.4GHz WiFi & Bluetooth Music Sync Multicolor LED Bulbs,7W(60W Eqv.) E26 A19 for Smart Home Lighting-4PACK

Special FeatureAccurate color, App remote control, Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, IFTTT supported, Gifts for men or women, Decorations for holiday, parties, casual time, For living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc, Smart bulbs, Color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, WiFi enabled, Easy to set upAccurate color, App remote control, Amazon Alexa, Goo…
Light TypeLED
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Wattage7 watts
Light ColorMulticolor
  • Voice ControlEasy voice control of all 4pack A19 E26 E27 Base Smart bulb via integration with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Assistant this includes turn on/off, brightness/temperature and scenes. Ex, you can say, ‘Alexa set the bedroom to warm.No Hub/Bridge Required!
  • APP & Remote ControlKeep connecting WiFi smart light bulb with your home network (only supports 2.4GHz Wifi), you can remotely control smart light bulb on your smartphone when you leave home or travel
  • Timing & Group ControlNever come home to a dark house – by using light schedules on the ‘Smart Life’ app and be greeted with warm light. The timer function enables smart led light bulb power on and off automatically, Time Setting for Sunset –sunrise,Group control function allows you to control more than one smart light bulb at the same time for scene setting
  • RGBCW Multi-Color And Dimmable BrightnessRGB+ Cool white + Warm white smart bulb Choose What Color You Want with 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable The light brightness can be fixed percentages from 1% – 100% output. No Droning-No Flashing
  • 90 Days Free Trial And 1000 days Tech Support7W 600lm smart bulb A19 shape with E26 base, equivalent to 40-60W traditional incandescent bulbs. Saves up to 90% energy, Last longer and energy saver: Approximately 50,000 working hours.if you encounter any problem or need support, please feel free to contact us on Amazon directly.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

, ,

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

Country of Origin

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Type of Bulb

Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Special Features

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Included Components

‎User manual

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎4.7 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches


Power Source

Assembled Height

‎2.4 inches

Assembled Length

‎4.7 inches

Assembled Width

‎2.4 inches

Specific Uses

Light Direction Smart home bulb Light Direction

Incandescent equivalent

Bulb Features Smart bulb additional features

Average Life (Hours)

Bulb Diameter Smart Bulb Diameter

Bulb Length Smart Bulb Length

Maximum Compatible Wattage (W)

Frequently asked question

Are these wifi bulbs difficult to setup?

set up Easy for my boy,These are super cool bulbs! Paired perfectly & natively with SmartThings. My kids love being able to set the color. I have one for our movie/play room for a non-distracting but usable light while watching movies, and also so they can put it into party mode

how to Link Smart Life account to Alexa?

None of the lightbulb in the 4pk worked for me. Alexa nor their app discovered any of the lights they sent.

can i change the color of the bulb via Alexa ?

Yes, you can voice command your Alexa to control the smart light bulbs, such, turn on, turn off, dim the light, change colors etc. For more questions, you can contact us at [email protected] Best regards, … see more Yes, you can voice command your Alexa to control the smart light bulbs, such, turn on, turn off, dim the light, change colors etc. For more questions, you can contact us at [email protected] Best regards, OHLUX-SMART LIGHT USA

Why are my lights turning on but not blinking to set up?

Dear Dia Vu, Thanks for your inquiry,There have 6 steps for set up if still not blinking pls directly contact us for Order inquiry or send Email [email protected] ① Make sure your WiFi is available for 2.4Ghz … see more Dear Dia Vu, Thanks for your inquiry,There have 6 steps for set up if still not blinking pls directly contact us for Order inquiry or send Email [email protected] ① Make sure your WiFi is available for 2.4Ghz ② Download the Smart Life app from Apple Store or Google Store, register an account and login ③ Click '+' in the upper right corner - All devices - Lighting Devices ④ Install the smart wifi bulb into E26 socket, then turn the switch 3 times: on-off-on-off-on until it's flashed quickly ⑤ Click 'confirm light blinks rapidly' and then input the correct WiFi password (2.4Ghz WiFi only) ⑥ Within 1 minute, it will be connected



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  • Anonymous

    Great lights, slightly irritating setup

    The setup itself on these bulbs are fairly straight forward, but it may take a few resets and retries. I had to reset them 4 times by clicking the light switch (on,off,on,off,on) before the app found them to connect. Overall though the app itself is straightforward and easy to use. It auto exported to the Alexa app and worked just fine. The lights are very bright, and has a great range of colors compared to other brand bulbs I purchased. The music ‘color’ feature is fun to use, though I have not figured out how to tell Alexa to set them to music, or if it is even possible. I just use the Home app they tell you to download to use them.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Finally connected to Alexa

    (If you are in a rush – skip to first and second tip)

    So the idea was awesome and I couldn’t beat the price. I finally have Alexa in my house (after debating between Google and Apple finally coming out Siri enabled devices) and thought these looked like a first jump-in point.

    First I downloaded the Smart Life App and created account using Google – same Google Account I use for Amazon. It worked.

    Anyway, I wanted to put them in my upstairs hallway so I replaced one of the 3 lights, flipped the switch on/off/on/off/on and it began blinking. Sweet! I followed the directions and it timed-out when it was registering. (Second spot on the sequence.) it said I should make sure I had the Wi-Fi password correct (it was) and my Wi-Fi had 2.4ghz (it does) I tried it again, and bam! It worked. I replaced another light (of the 3 on the same switch) and it began blinking immediately- no on/off… required. Cool! It connected quickly. Then I replaced the third one and it didn’t blink – on/off/on/off/on with the light switch – nothing. Solid white light. Tried about 5 more times and ALL started blinking… So 30 minutes in and now I got a strobe dance party in my upstairs hallway, which would have been cool if I programmed it like that, but I didn’t. So I just went through the procedure and it ADDED ALL OF THEM! Freakin’ Rad! It also removed the first 2 so they were named 3, 4, 5. So:

    First tip – add ALL lights on the same switch at the same time. You would think the directions would say that somewhere but guess what – it doesn’t and there is not a link anywhere on the packaging for a website, customer service, email address, nada.

    I played with the app, set each light to the same color, used Soft white setting as all our lights in the house are and matched perfectly. Individually set them all to the blinking color fast setting, and it was pretty cool – once a year when the kids have friends over, but I am looking forward to holiday colors. The Smart Life app works well.

    Now to connect to Alexa – frustrating as all hell. I am VERY tech savvy (compared to the layperson). I’m not just writing that because I can use a smart phone and turn on a tv. I build networks, give me a pile of parts, a Swiss Army knife, some duck tape and a Red Bull and I’ll build you a computer. I’ve built my own apps – front end, back end, blah blah blah. And this is what caused the frustration. I followed the directions exactly. Yes I can also read a recipe. In the Alexa app I found the Smart Life app easily. It asked for my login (very confusing that they have the country code for a phone number even if you used an email address.) Every time I typed in the Google account I used it said my password was wrong. It wasn’t. I hit the password reset button more than once, it send me a 4-digit code, I entered, said it didn’t work, or wrong password, or the app failed. I tried it from the app to Alexa and it said it was not the most updated version of the app – I had to paraphrase because it was obviously translated from Chinese – I am assuming Chinese because I received emails from 智能生活 – not joking I just copied that from the sender in the email. If it is a different language I apologize. Nothing worked. I read in the most recent reviews (I always read the 3-stars because they tend to have a working product but had issues with it as I have) and someone mentioned using the Tuya app instead. Indeed it is exactly the same build, but not necessary.

    I FINALLY got it to connect. I figured it was the password – crazy clairvoyant I am – and also because it was the sticking point in the Alexa app. The mind block I was having is that I used my Google Account to create the Smart Life account. There was only that or Apple and all my finances are in my iPhone and connects to my Apple ID so I didn’t want to chance it. But how is my password wrong? A BIG issues I see here is the company knows I used my Google account to set up their app and now I just put my Google password into their app essentially. BIG no-no… and I breached that protocol. When connecting to the app, through Alexa it should have brought up a portal to Google so the app maker doesn’t record my password. Anyway I digress. The fix – as soon as you install the Smart Life app, change the password in the app. You will still use your Gmail address as the login, but a new password. Open the Smart Life App, go to Me (bottom right), Settings, Account, Account and Security, Change Login Password. They will send you a 6-digit verification code (from a Chinese address), you enter it and change your password. Now you can open the Alexa App and add the device. So:

    Second Tip: change the password in the Smart Life app (read above) BEFORE you try to connect to Alexa.

    It worked!!!

    The function of the bulbs in Alexa does not include the “Scene Mode(s)” but does include all of the colors. You can also add all of the bulbs to groups – example these 3 are all under Upstairs Hallway so I can say “Alexa turn upstairs hallway on, green” etc. but I would like to say “Alexa make upstairs hallway a dance party” and have all of the colors blink with “scene 2”. Maybe it is possible but I haven’t read that far yet.

    Another thing that just popped up was a lag when they were accidentally turned off from the switch and it took a minute of so for them to reconnect to the network and was laggy in the app and Alexa for a couple minutes.

    I have ordered some light switch holder things (I will add to the review) – 10-pack for $8.99 – to keep this from happening again.

    Good luck! (I just ordered 3 more 4-packs because they are on sale right now and cheaper than the large packs. I will add to this review if anything else changes…. )

    Added the 12 more bulbs to my house. Used the Smart Life app to make areas in the house. Also did the same with Alexa. Everything is working perfectly so far. “Alex, bonus room gold. Alexa Foyer green,” all works. Unfortunately you have t use the Smart Life app to make the scenes but I can do it one room at a tome or the whole house. We are digging Scene 3 – makes a party for sure.

    Update – just ordered another 2 sets of 4. Unfortunately the one day shipping has turned into 3 and we are still waiting. In the mean-time you can still order but for $6 more ams it still says next day?? Strange. My kitchen NEEDS these bulbs – let’s go Amazon I need them today!!!!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Different Versions, Sent me old version of bulbs

    Hello OHLUX, I hope you see this review. I’ve ordered multiple sets of bulbs from you all, and the most recent purchase set of 4 bulbs of the 7watt, the version they came with was 1.6.1! My other bulbs from you are version 2.9.6.

    The V1.6.1 bulbs are giving issues connecting to my smart home app. The newer version bulbs 2.9.6 had no issue and connected in 10 seconds or less. If I return the the V1.6.1 bulbs, how can I get a guarantee I will get your latest product?


    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Great Value! Close to Perfect But Software Has A Few Irritations (Not Deal Breakers)

    The best thing about these bulbs is they don’t need a hub. But you need to have a Wifi router than can broadcast the 2.4Ghz channel under it’s own network name.

    It appears the Smart Bulb industry has matured to the point you can get a decent quality, reliable product that is easy to setup at a low price now. The white color can be fine tuned to your liking (warm to cool) and the color mode colors are vibrant with very fine tune controls.

    It appears this bulb is sold under several different names (they all come in the dark blue boxes) and they all use the ‘Smart Life’ app which I believe is made by Tuya, which may also be the manufacturer of the bulb (not sure).

    Why no 5 stars? I am a Software Developer of 20 years and the app, while functional, has some issues, none of them deal breakers but a bit irrirating. Like most things these days, it’s all about the software (from our phones, to our cars, to our TVs) You can have a well-engineered hardware product with great specs, but if the software is poorly designed it doesn’t matter how good your big screen LED panel is, for example.

    Here are the things you may find frustrating about the software app to control the lights, at least at the time of this writing:

    #1 You can’t create scenes (aka scenarios) or automations that change the color of the bulb! You can only switch between white mode and color mode in which case it will use the settings you used the last time you were in color mode and the only way to change the color is manually in the app. So there’s no way to create a scene that changes the bulbs to red if the color they were last on was green (like if you wanted to switch between your sports team colors and Christmas colors with one button push.)

    #2 If you create a scene, or automation that changes the brightness or color temperature of the bulb when the bulb is in color mode, the bulb will change to white mode. So there’s no way to control the brightness via a scene or automation for any colors other than white. You have to do it manually. If you use the group function to group the bulbs in groups, it makes it easier to do this than changing each bulb individually while in color mode.

    Other than that, the app works pretty well. What is interesting is that my Google Home / Assistant CAN change my bulbs colors and color brightness using voice commands like ‘Hey Google, change the lights to red’ or while in color mode, ‘Hey Google, set light brightness to 40%’

    One other flaw in the software is that, you can create a scene/automation that gradually dims or increases the brightness over time using the time lapse/delay function, BUT, it doesn’t work for a wake up light sunrise effect very well. if you wake up before it’s gone through all the steps in increasing the lighting and you use the app to turn off the bulb (if your sleep mate is getting up later), the automation keeps running and the light briefly flashes each time the next brightness step is executed. So the automation isn’t aware you turned the light off, and even though it’s only running a step to increase brightness, not turn the light on, it flashes and the app remembers after that you turned the light off and turns it back off. Very strange.

    The other thing is there are at least three versions of this app: Smart Life, Swift Smart Life, and Tuya Smart (or something like that) they are all the same app. The main one that most people use, Smart Life, the manufacturer must have not paid their translators well because the time delay step in the automation is called ‘Time Left’ and scenes are called ‘Scenarios’ where on the other two versions they got the wording more correct.

    I think for the average person these are a better value for the money then the more expensive well-known name brand smart bulbs. Hopefully they will improve the software down the road, resulting in a 5-star instead of 4-star rating (at least from me.)

    Verified Purchase

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