ELlight LED Strip Lights with APP, Dream Color 32.8ft LED Lights with Multicolor Chasing, Waterproof RGB Rope Lights Kit, 300 LEDs SMD 5050 Flexible Strip Lighting for Home Kitchen

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Color32.8ft (Dream Color/App)
Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Special FeatureDimmable, RGB Color Changing LED Lights, APP Control
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourceCorded Electric
  • ➤DIY via APP : The lights is controlled by IOS or Android App via bluetooth. You can adjust the color hue, brightness and speed by APP, make led strip lights brighter and swap them to your favorite color.
  • ➤Multi Applications : With so many static and dynamic color modes, the lighting can creat romance, relaxation, party ambiance. You can use our RGB LED light strip to decorate your dining room, bed room, upstairs, kitchen, porch, desk, and living rooms, especially great for holidays and events like Christmas, Halloween, Parties, and more. It is a great gift for your family and friends.
  • ➤IC Built-in: Unique design by adding IC in light strip, a variety of colors, brightness and speed can be changed simultaneously with frequency changes.
  • ➤User-friendly Design : All in one kit. Plug and play. No soldering is needed. Waterproof silicone coating protects it very well and makes it easy to clean. The strong adhesive on the back makes it easily mounted. 10m long distance bluetooth control.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


Voltage (V)

Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Special Features

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Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?


Power Source

Controller Type

Included Components

‎2 rolls of 16.4ft LED strip light, A control box, an ETL approved adapter, 10 support clips, an instruction book

Item Weight

Control Method

Connectivity Protocol

Number of Light Sources

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Water Resistance Level

Frequently asked question

Can I set them tp white only and if so can the color temp (3000ºK to say 6000ºK) vary?

There isn't really any color choice that resembles 'white.' The closest is essentially just a blue color.

I turned the lights to solid white, by the end of the second strip the color was yellow. Is this a faulty power supply?

it might be caused by faulty strip lights, can you email to [email protected] , i will do my best to resolve your issue

Can this product go down the strand one color and then come back another?

Yes it does, it has 120 mods available and that option that you want is available

When using the splitter cable I lose control of the lights, why?

Hi, Did you use the cable end by end to extend strip lights to 10m in a DC series circuit? I'm not sure how you use the Y splitter to connect, I need more information to check, can you email at [email protected] to help me? … see more Hi, Did you use the cable end by end to extend strip lights to 10m in a DC series circuit? I'm not sure how you use the Y splitter to connect, I need more information to check, can you email at [email protected] to help me? We are determined to pursue the highest quality of products and provide the best customer service. For any questions of this item, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, sweetsanwo Customer Service Team

6 reviews for ELlight LED Strip Lights with APP, Dream Color 32.8ft LED Lights with Multicolor Chasing, Waterproof RGB Rope Lights Kit, 300 LEDs SMD 5050 Flexible Strip Lighting for Home Kitchen


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  • Anonymous

    Updated Review: wORKS (Does not work as references.)

    The light strip does not pair to the app. I installed/ deleted/ reinstalled too many times to count. If you want to be crazy frustrated- order this product.
    *** The seller had a new light set shipped out that I received the next day. I got the lights installed and they worked perfectly. I must have received a bad set of lights as the new ones connected immediately and looked awesome.

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  • Anonymous

    Quality lights

    If you’re someone who’s convinced that you need LED strips in every room (guilty) then these are for you. The lights have amazing features and the app lets you get very creative with your lights. Make sure you clean the surface you stick them too really well though because the adhesive on the back is pretty weak.

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  • Anonymous


    After 2 years it randomly stopped working, I can tell it still lights up bc there’s a piece that always stayed on but I can’t use the app, it won’t let me in, nothing pops up showing that my lights are there to light them up, so even if it does still work and light up, I can not turn it on because it’s Bluetooth

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  • Anonymous


    I was surprised at how bright and colorful these lights are. Great quality. I wish I would have ordered two only because it didn’t fit all the way around the room but was good enough for my granddaughter. She just loved it

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  • Anonymous

    Bright, very nice LED's but LED's have limited functionality

    I bought 2 sets of 32ft. After a little trial and error I got them all synced up correctly. If colors don’t match the app or one strip seems a little odd, then you might have something in the wrong order, or a setting in the app incorrect (should be set to BRG WS2811). This set uses Bluetooth instead of Wifi, and does NOT have a mic/sound setting. Does not seem to work with Alexa or other of those types of services for those interested.
    The Good:
    The LED’s are bright and have so many static colors to choose from, just like most LED strips. What sets this strip apart from the cheaper options is that this has many presets that have multi color chasing, rainbow, and other settings that allow for multiple colors on the strip at one time. The connectors on the ends of each strip lock together so they won’t pull apart easily. The strips have the standard amount of stickyness to it, so while it should be fine, I would still recommend buying some mounting tape. The app has 7 static preset colors and 7 more you can change to your liking… and thats about all the good I can say about the app.
    The Neutral:
    Unlike other LED strips, this does not come with a physical remote. For the most part that’s ok, since the apps almost always have greater functionality. Since there is no physical remote, you can only turn on/off the strip through the app or by unplugging the strip. A bit annoying for those that want a physical ‘lightswitch’.
    The Ugly:
    The App is terrible and severely limits the functionality that you should be getting out of these strips. There are 120 presets for moving/rotating colors, but in truth there are few unique movement types with only a few colors available for each. I found maybe 10 presets I liked out of the 120 available. The most change you can do on the presets is speed of the movement & brightness level, but not the direction nor any color! This is a HUGE problem!!! If you want to have any color changing effects, you are stuck using the presets only. You cannot have a custom partial rainbow of 4 or 5 custom colors or brightness levels. My much cheaper RGB LED strip (only 1 color at a time for the whole strip) has far, far, better customization than this does. I can make my cheaper LED strip cycle between at least 16 colors and brightness levels, with different types of transitions. While this ELight LED strip does have some simple 1 or 2 color effect presets, you cannot change those colors, or direction.
    The LED strip is very nice and in some ways has an edge over some of the cheaper LED strips. However, I am severely disappointed with the app to control it. I expected more customization on the order of the colors you could arrange. Unsure if I want to return this just yet.

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  • Anonymous

    Very Bright, 120 Preset Patterns, Some Customization

    *Note, I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. I had purchased a product from this seller in the past and due to some feedback I had, I believe they felt I would be a good candidate to review their product.
    This is a review of the ELight 32.8ft LED Lights with preset patterns all set thru a bluetooth controller. Overall I believe this is a very good product that could use some tweaking in the bluetooth app to make it a really great product.
    The LED’s when plugged in start in a pre-set pattern. To my knowledge, there is no way to change colors or patterns without the bluetooth app itself. Once set, if you like the pattern and want to unplug or turn off the light set at a 120V switch, it appears that they come on to the last setting which is nice.
    The app itself is useful and there are 120 patterns to choose from, including chasing, fading, alternating, etc. Setup is pretty straightforward and I did not have any issues finding the app or connecting to the product. The included instructions do a decent job of illustrating how to do this.
    The LED strips come in two approximately 16′ reels, both of which must be plugged into the controller. There does not appear to be a way to connect the two 16′ reels in series end-to-end without some additional components. To make 32′, you’d need the controller in the middle, and run 16′ in either direction. Some additional components appear to be available from the seller. The set comes with some sticky-backed clips which can secure the LED’s to a surface, and the LED strips themselves also have a long continuous adhesive which allows you to stick them to almost any clean surface. This appears to be the same adhesive as on the last set I bought, which was very good.
    The LED’s say waterproof on Amazon but ‘splash-proof’ in the instructions. I am not sure if they carry a specific ‘IP’ rating. Without that info, I would not submerge these or put them in an area where they will be frequently wet just to be safe. The controller and power supply are not wet-listed and must be kept dry.
    I would like to see some tweaking on the app to make things a little clearer and more customizable. There does not appear to be a clear way to shut off the lights in the app. If you turn the brightness all the way down, it shuts them off, but I’m not sure if that’s the intent. With the preset patterns, you can’t change the colors it uses, just the speed of the pattern and the brightness. You can switch to a custom color mode, but it is a solid custom color and brightness, no patterns are available.
    This product would be great for entertaining areas and parties, and with some extra customization on the app, you could in theory choose two colors for a few patterns for holidays, or your favorite team’s colors, school colors, etc. There are some preset patterns which have holiday-ish colors, but it would just be nice to be able to set this.

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