ismartgate PRO Smart Garage Door Opener Remote. Compatible Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings. Compatible with All Garage Openers. Wireless Sensor Included.

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  • Compatible with all garage door openers (You can control up to 3 doors). For a ROLLER door you would need the GATE kit. For Chamberlain, Craftsman, LiftMaster openers with a YELLOW learn button you would need our ismartgate switch adaptor (sold separately). More info below.
  • VOICE CONTROL AND FREE HOME INTEGRATION: ismartgate works with major smart home platforms for free: Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings and iFTTT! Ask Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa to open or close the gate for you. Ask them for the status of the gate at any time and create scenes or home automations with other devices and services through our new “GarageWiFi & Gates” iFTTT channel.
  • THE MOST COMPLETE SMART OPENER: ismartgate allows you to create different user accounts (restrictions by time, garage and location). It also allows you to integrate up to three (3) existing IP camera for real time video monitoring and recording from ismartgate app. ismartgate allows remote operation (open/close) of garage and remote alerts (open/close/left open) too!
  • AUTOMATIC OPEN/CLOSE WITH GPS OR TIME: ismartgate will automatically open or close your gate when approaching or leaving your home (or at a given time). Simply link ismartgate to iFTTT to enjoy this feature!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE APP: ismartgate allows you to upload a picture of your garage when open and closed. You can also choose if you want the “open/close” button to be “up and down” or “left to right”. This PRO version also includes a visual acoustic alarm and can play a dedicated song/tone for every garage door when open or closed.
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‎Wi-Fi Standard PRO Garage Door Opener

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Frequently asked question

Do you need a bridge to make it work with HomeKit?

No bridge is necessary, but you MUST be on a 2.4 GHz WiFi to communicate with the device. In HomeKit the gate/door will indicate “No Response” if you are not in the same 2.4 GHz WiFi. I have set my 2.4 WiFi to “auto Join” and disabled “auto join” on all other home WiFi signals. This helps, but is not a perfect system

What kind of wire should I buy to run about 50 feet from my garage door opener to my gate opener? Or is there a wireless alternative?

Here is one example of an extension wire:

Does this support homekit over bluetooth for use without wifi?

The ismartgate requires an active Wi-Fi connection in order to function with Homekit, it will not work over Bluetooth

I have a pro with 3 openers at the wall and 3 tilt sensors. To go wired sensors instead, does this need to be mounted at opener or wall?

There is no need to change anything if you want to use wired sensors instead. You would only need to get the sensors and connect them accordingly to the ismartgate sensor terminals. In the instructions that come with the ISG-WDS you will see the placement for the wired sensor on a tilt door.

3 reviews for ismartgate PRO Smart Garage Door Opener Remote. Compatible Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings. Compatible with All Garage Openers. Wireless Sensor Included.


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  • Anonymous

    Great way to get HomeKit for existing garage doors

    Very few products are able to integrate into my existing garage doors…but these do. Now I can ask Siri to open or close them!
    Instructions were a bit of a guessing game…but I got there by restarting the syncing a few times.
    I do find these to be my slowest HomeKit accessory I have.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Use Ethernet if setup is failing. Worth it because it’s rock solid

    Update 8/9/20:
    I will get a life after this update, but my inner nerd has been really happy with how reliable this device has been for the past several months — when you use wired connections. (1) Connect it via Ethernet cable to a WiFi router. (2) Get the Gogogate 2 wired sensor to detect when your garage door is open or closed. It includes two wires that are plenty long enough to reach between your device and the door, assuming your garage is pretty standard. It’s easy to install when you follow the directions.
    Anyway, my point is what someone else wrote in their review: wire everything. Even if you have strong WiFi, you will be more frustrated than if you use wires.
    Update 4/26/20:
    Turns out its wifi connection isn’t so rock solid, long term. We have a strong wifi signal throughout the house, including the garage, but the iSmartGate would only have dial-up speeds some times, which meant occasionally it would show as ‘not responding’ in the iOS Home app. And the settings would never load — too much data over too weak of a connection.
    The solution has been to connect it via ethernet cable (needs a USB adapter) to our Google Wifi puck thingy. Now it loads the settings via the iOS app quickly and, hopefully, it won’t be incommunicado with HomeKit any more (although that was rare, and certainly not as often as the Insignia door controller I used to have).
    I think the wifi component inside iSmartGate must be pretty cheap, so the hard-wired connection seems to be the way to go.
    Update 3/23/20:
    Still rock solid. It hasn’t missed a command once when approaching on foot or in-car via CarPlay, and it always reports the correct status. If you have an Insignia controller and are frustrated with its reliability, ditch it and get this. You won’t regret it.
    Update 3/16/20:
    Wow this has been rock solid — no dreaded “No Response”, like I often saw with my Insignia controller. And it works immediately when outside and beyond the WiFi range. The status is always correct in the Home app and the Home control center widget. Hoping it stays this reliable.
    Just wanted to comment on the setup, in case it helps anyone. These are instructions for connecting to HomeKit using an iPhone.
    It’s tricky if your phone uses the 5GHz band on your WiFi network — which is why I’m posting. This device only operates on the 2.4Ghz band, and your phone and this device need to be on the same band during setup — almost impossible if you have Google WiFi or Eero or something that chooses automatically for you and doesn’t let you manually switch bands.
    After hours trying to get both devices on 2.4, I gave up and tried connecting the iSmartGate to a WiFi router via Ethernet (needs a USB adapter to fit into iSmartGate). That did it. My phone was still on the 5 band and it was able to add the device via the Home app quickly.
    So if your phone is connected to the 5GHz band, don’t try to change that. Save yourself lots of frustration and just connect the iSmartGate to the internet via Ethernet. It’s a small pain, but far less pain than the alternative.
    Just be sure to follow iSmartGate’s instructions carefully. You will probably need to reset it periodically if you’re struggling with the setup. Get a paper clip and push the tiny button on the back for about 10 seconds until you hear a sound, then let go. It will eventually reboot. You need the WiFi symbol to be blue to set it up. If it blinks red, you will need to use the paper clip to reset it.
    I recommend doing the full setup and not stopping at the minimal HomeKit setup. There are videos online to help you with this. The full setup lets you adjust the beep volume and other things that HomeKit doesn’t.
    Wish this device could use the 5GHz WiFi band for setup, but I suspect it’s either a cost-saving decision or a limitation of many smart devices to only use the 2.4 band.
    Anyway, once it’s set up and configured to connect to your WiFi, pull out the Ethernet cable and it should connect wirelessly (green WiFi symbol says it has). You may need to pull out the power cord and put it back in to allow it to restart — but don’t use the paper clip to reset it.
    So far it’s working reliably, which is why I bought this. I had an Insignia one, which was much easier to setup, but wasn’t particularly reliable. (I have strong WiFi in my garage.) Not great when you’re in bed at midnight and your garage says it’s wide open, when it actually isn’t. Even worse when you’re abroad and you get a false status like that.
    Anyway, this review isn’t about the reliability of iSmartGate, it’s more about installation headaches and how to solve them. Wish it had been easier.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Works Well – After Many Initial Failures

    I was adding home automation using Apple HomeKit. We live in a relatively new home that came with a Marantec garage door operator. I talked with a Marantec customer support rep and he said they recommended the iSmartGate system as the best option to work with their operators and also with HomeKit. So I ordered the Pro model plus one extra door sensor, since we have two doors.
    The items were delivered in a timely manner and the installation was straightforward, including the connection to HomeKit. However, the system immediately failed to maintain communication with the second door sensor, producing numerous error messages. Thus began a lengthy series of email exchanges with iSmartGate tech support. (I assume that the support person is located in Europe, as replies to my messages were posted in the late night hours.) Over the period of several days, we tried a variety of possible fixes. The most complex was to relocate the base unit, which I had installed adjacent to the main door operator. The tech rep thought there might be too many obstructions in the path of the signal from the second door, so I relocated the sensor at a mid-point, which required a fair amount of re-wiring. That did not resolve the issue. Next, we decided that I may have a defective door sensor, so I did a return/replacement with Amazon. That initially seemed to work, but the main unit ceased normal operation. After a few more email exchanges, iSmartGate (now called GoGo) agreed to send me a new base unit. This worked, but I still had an issue with one of the door sensors. After more email exchanges and more diagnostic troubleshooting (e.g interchanging the two door sensors), I isolated the defective sensor. (At this point, I was unsure whether this was the replacement sensor, or the one that came with the original base unit.) Amazon would not do another ship/return transaction, so I ordered a new one and returned the defective one for credit. After installing this new sensor, the system worked as expected. This process took about three weeks with daily email exchanges and several hours of diagnostics on my part. In the end, however, the system seems to be working as I had expected, and I am satisfied with its operation. It has been working well for a month. If I could, I would give it 5 stars for design intent and functionality, and 1 star for quality and 2 stars for tech support.
    Tech support was responsive, responding to my emails each day. It was, however, frustrating not to be able to have a phone conversation. I also had the feeling that many of the responses were generated without carefully reading what was stated in my emails. I am a degreed engineer with years of experience in understanding and troubleshooting electronics, and I found it frustrating that they kept asking for information that I had already provided in my emails.
    BOTTOM LINE: If the system components that you order are working as they should be, the system should be rather simple to install and to connect with HomeKit. If, on the other hand, they send you components with the quality issues that I experienced, be prepared for frustration and lots of effort during the process of getting the system to work.

    Verified Purchase

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