Sengled Smart Zigbee Multicolor Light Strip, 2M (6.56ft) Base Kit, Hub Required, Also Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, RGBW, Extendable, High Brightness, 1400Lumens, 3 Years Warranty (E1G-G8E)

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Indoor/Outdoor UsageIndoor
Special FeatureTunable White 2000-6500K, Flexible Set-Up Smart Lighting Voice Control, Hub Required, Smart RGBW Color Changing Light Strips, Multicolor LED Strip Lights 2MTunable White 2000-6500K, Flexible Set-Up Smart Lighting Voice Control, Hub Required,…
Light Source TypeLED
Power SourceAC
  • Versatile Lighting Option: Perfect for adding task lighting or accent color to any room, smart led strip lights are a great option for unique locations like under kitchen cabinets and islands, along bedroom walls, or lining a fireplace mantle or staircase. The 2M (6.56ft.) strip can be shortened for the perfect fit by cutting along pre-marked lines and can be extended by connecting to other Sengled Smart Zigbee Light Strip Extensions.
  • Create a Smart Home with Zigbee: Illuminate your entire house with up to 64 smart lights and devices using our Zigbee smart hub (sold separately) and free Sengled Home App. This is a great option for power users looking to add many products. Once set up, it’s easy to control or schedule your lights to set just the right mood in any room.
  • Hands-Free Voice or App Control: The convenience of smart lighting allows you to use voice commands or a mobile app to easily control the lights, like adjusting brightness or colors, setting schedules, or creating routines. Use with the Sengled Zigbee hub and free Sengled Home App, as well as with Alexa and Google devices and apps. Also, the 4th generation Sengled Zigbee hub (E39-G8C) is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri.
  • Vibrant Colors, Brightness, Customized Scenes: RGBW includes red, green, and blue LEDs, plus dedicated white LEDs, providing 16 million colors and exceptional brightness. Create personalized scenes for every occasion by adjusting color and brightness then saving the settings for easy access any time.
  • Quality Construction and Simple to Install: The led light strips are coated with a clear epoxy protective layer that is also moisture-proof, creating a strong product that helps prevent damage. The back of the strip has a secure, 3M peel-and-stick adhesive for easy mounting on any surface.
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Device detailed description

Do more with your lighting. Transform your space with a single tap in the app or a simple voice command. Sengled Smart LEDs fit seamlessly into your existing smart home. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it’s simple to add smart lighting in any room. Create scenes, set schedules, dim or brighten, and more with the Sengled Home app (iOS/Android). With over 16 million colors and tunable whites to pick from, your lights can set the mood for everything from cozy movie nights to party vibes. Brightness: 1500 lumens (100W equivalent), Input: 100-240V AC, wattage: 24W, operating temperature: -4 to 104ºF (-20 to 40ºC), minimum requirements: Compatible Zigbee hub.

Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material


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‎3 years.


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‎1 Smart LED Light Strip

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Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Do these have any functionality without a hub?

Yes, they do have a limited functionality with out a hub. There is a single button on the controller which you can press to turn the lights on and off, or press and hold to cycle through various color options. I would highly recommend using them with a hub however, to enable access to the full spectrum of features, … see more Yes, they do have a limited functionality with out a hub. There is a single button on the controller which you can press to turn the lights on and off, or press and hold to cycle through various color options. I would highly recommend using them with a hub however, to enable access to the full spectrum of features, so to speak. If you don't have a hub, take a look at the Hubitat Elevation. It supports zigbee, which these lights use, as well as z-wave and IP based devices. I've got a few of these strips running off of one, and they work perfectly!

For the multicolor lightstrip, going around corners, are these cut and rejoined or can they just be carefully curved without making an extreme bend?

Hello! Yes. Sengled Light strip can be curved , cut and rejoined.

Can anyone recommend a connector to put between the 2m LED strip and the 1m extension so they are not right next to each other?

The manufacturer might be able to help you at:

Do these function without wifi?

Yes, they connect to a hub using zigbee.

2 reviews for Sengled Smart Zigbee Multicolor Light Strip, 2M (6.56ft) Base Kit, Hub Required, Also Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, RGBW, Extendable, High Brightness, 1400Lumens, 3 Years Warranty (E1G-G8E)


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  • Anonymous

    Under Cabinet Lighting! Easy project that you can do on your own

    Get ready to earn brownie points with the wife… This project was very easy to do and adds another dimension to your kitchen.
    I chose these light strips due to:
    1. They integrate into my smart home solution
    2. Can easily change the color of the strip to millions of different colors (match the ceiling light color (warm/soft/white/cool/daylight), change colors for the holidays, change to a certain % during different times of day (e.g. 50% light at 10pm, 25% light at 1am), etc…)
    3. Can cut or add to the length of the strip to fit your dimensions
    4. Has a individual controller that has a button that you can manually turn on/off if needed each light strip
    5. Cheaper than other name brand smart light strips
    6. Fits nicely into aluminum tracks with diffuser.
    As you can see in my pictures, I installed two lightstrip bases to bridge the gap on either side of the microwave. Most people have an outlet above the microwave so I just bought a outlet adapter that fit two lightstrip base plugs. I drilled holes in the cabinets and ran the Sengled wires through the cabinets up to to the outlet.
    I also used aluminum tracks with diffusers to minimize the hotspots. This light strip will fit just barely into the track but if you push it in, it keeps it snug in place. Note: once you push it in, it is very difficult pulling it out without destroying the strip. Make sure you do all of your measurements before you secure the light strip into the track. You can find that material here:
    You will also notice that I had dividers between my cabinets that I had to cut through. I used a hack saw to cut up from the bottom to the base of the cabinet. I then used a dremel with a 1/2′ wood cutting disc to cut out the horizontal piece.
    I have my light strips integrated with my smart home environment (Sengled, Alexa, Philips Hue, SmartThings). I added a Hue motion sensor to the kitchen so the lights turn on/off with motion/schedules using alexa routines. For example, Lights turn on at 50% at 6am, when motion is detected they turn on to 100%. When no motion is detected it drops back down to 50%. I have multiple routines setup like this throughout the time of day depending on how much light is needed. Obviously at 1am you don’t want to be blinded by 100% light.
    I’ve seen a lot of people, including myself, trying to solve a few known issues.
    1. Q: How to gap the microwave? A: I was unable to find any viable adapters to run a non-lighted distance. I also didn’t want to deal with trying to solder anything. Buy two lightstrip bases and treat them as two separate installs. Group them together in the Sengled app so they act as one.
    2. Q: How do you make a 90 degree turn? A: There’s no special trick to making a 90 degree turn. The light strip will not lay flat about 4 inches in either direction. Just turn the strip sideways about 4 inches on both sides of the 90 degree turn. With the aluminum track with diffuser, you will not notice light loss. (see my corner pictures).
    3. Q: there’s hot spots with this light strip. A: use deep depth aluminum tracks with diffuser. The deeper the track, the less hotspots you will have. The tracks linked above worked really well for me.
    4. Q: I don’t have a smart home and want to control the lights. A: you can control the lights using the Sengled App or buying a $20 sengled switch that can be attached anywhere with no wiring required:
    For this project, you will need a
    1. dremel with a metal/wood cutting disc. (cutting aluminum tracks/wood dividers under cabinet)
    2. drill with 1/2 drill bit
    3. hacksaw (if you have cabinet dividers underneath that you need to cut through)
    4. Outlet adapter (if running multiple base plugins)
    5. Tape measure
    6. Scissors (cutting light strip / plastic diffuser)
    7. Marker/pencil for marking measurements
    I have spent years trying to figure out how to add under cabinet lighting without spending $1000s+ on an electrician/materials. As long as you have an outlet accessible and are semi handy, you can do this.
    Hope this information helps!

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  • Anonymous

    Functions fine with some modifications

    The lights work fine, they are versatile and give a nice white glow. However, it took some research and creativity to get a pretty simple setup to work. Hopefully this post will help you get to solutions a little more quickly.
    My goal was to put some lights under my kitchen cabinets and have a light switch. That’s it. At this point, they do that. But not without some struggles.
    – The glue was on the wrong side of the tape. When you get the light strip out, there is a piece of tape on the back to save the glue for when you’re ready to stick. I took the tape off and all the glue came with it. So there was no sticky stuff on the back of the lights. I’ve use some of the clips that come with the light, I 3D printed my own and I used some two-sided foam. They finally seem to be up there now and secure. MY SOLUTION: buy some two sided foam or tape.
    – The light switch didn’t work. I spent forever trying to pair the remote with the lights (the lights and hub paired relatively easily). I complained to Sengled who sent me three more switches. Nothing worked. And worse, of the five switches I had, only one battery made the green light work. So I tried the single working battery in all the remotes and it refused to pair. I sent another letter to Sengled. Then I read online that someone replaced the batteries. That the batteries that come included are too weak to make the pairing happen. And it turns out that was my solution. I got a package of four and put in four batteries to the remote and they all paired almost immediately. So by some C-2032 batteries.
    After hours of communications with Sengled (which is harder now that they no longer have a functioning help line), doing online research and fiddling with the app, I finally am where I want to be. And most of the problem is Sengled is just too cheap to buy functioning batteries. But between the extra switches they sent me and the customer service that had to deal with me, they really can’t be saving money by cutting corners on batteries. Disappointing that such a silly thing has led to so much frustration.
    Anyway, hopefully that helps you have a better experience than I did.

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