Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL, Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation, Home Mapping, Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Black

Model NameShark RV1001AE
Surface RecommendationHard Floor & Carpet
Special FeatureCordless
Product Dimensions38.9'L x 26.3'W x 49.6'H
  • FORGET ABOUT VACUUMING FOR UP TO 45 DAYS: A bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 45 days of dirt and debris.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Deep-cleaning power to take on large debris, small debris, and pet hair on carpets & floors. Filter type: Non-washable filter
  • NO HAIR WRAP: Self-cleaning brushroll removes pet hair and long hair as it cleans–no more hair wrap.
  • PHONE OR VOICE COMMAND: Schedule whole-home cleanings or target specific rooms or areas to clean right now with the SharkClean app or voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • TOTAL HOME MAPPING plus ROOM SELECT: Maps your home and lets you choose which rooms to clean right now.
  • ROW-BY-ROW CLEANING: Methodically cleans row by row and then navigates room to room for complete home coverage.
  • RECHARGE AND RESUME: The Shark IQ Robot vacuum will return to the dock, recharge, and can pick up where it left off.
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Designed for homes with pets, this automatic vacuum features a self-empty base, a self-cleaning brushroll, and a high-efficiency filter to capture dust, dander, and pet allergens.
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION: Captures and traps 99% of dust, dander, and pet allergens. (Down to 1 micron)
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: (1) Shark IQ Robot, (1) Self-empty base, (2) Side brushes, (1) Filter
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Device detailed description

Forget about vacuuming for up to a month. The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL combines the convenience of a self-empty base + IQ Navigation total home mapping for complete, efficient cleaning with the performance of Shark suction and self-cleaning brushroll. After each cleaning session, your robot vacuum automatically empties into the bagless base, which holds up to a month of dirt and debris.When charging is complete, both blue lights will illuminate steadily. It may take up to 6 hours to fully charge your robot.

Features and specification

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer

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Special Features

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Warranty Description

1 year limited warranty.

Product Dimensions

38.9 x 26.3 x 49.6 inches

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Shark RV1001AE

Surface recommendation

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, ,

Included Components

(2) extra side brushes, (1) Self-Empty Base, (1) Shark IQ Robot

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Frequently asked question

Does this have no-go zoning?

I have the Shark IQ XL self empty product right now. So far it's okay except the fact that you'd have to use c the border strips for no go Zone. Which sucks for a product like this. I have a an ecovac that has no go Zone feature included in the app. I still have 30 days to return it for full refund. Supposedly there's … see more I have the Shark IQ XL self empty product right now. So far it's okay except the fact that you'd have to use c the border strips for no go Zone. Which sucks for a product like this. I have a an ecovac that has no go Zone feature included in the app. I still have 30 days to return it for full refund. Supposedly there's app feature update to add no go Zone. But I'm not going to hold my breath on that. 29 more days to go till I return it.

Is anybody else having issue trying to get a complete map? After 60 runs within 3 resets I still don't have a complete map. Glad it's still in 30 days

Yes. To speed up the mapping 1) turn OFF scheduling and always start cleaning manually at 100% battery (do twice a day if possible), 2) turn OFF 'Evacuate and Resume' and 'Recharge and Resume' and 3) set the power to 'Eco'. Sometimes when cleaning by schedule the robot only goes for 60 minutes which in my case doesn't… see more Yes. To speed up the mapping 1) turn OFF scheduling and always start cleaning manually at 100% battery (do twice a day if possible), 2) turn OFF 'Evacuate and Resume' and 'Recharge and Resume' and 3) set the power to 'Eco'. Sometimes when cleaning by schedule the robot only goes for 60 minutes which in my case doesn't seem to be enough time to make a good map. 'Evacuate and Resume' sometimes sends the robot to the dock after 30 minutes which burns battery life and seemingly the robot does not map on its way back to the dock. 'Recharge and Resume' sometimes creates a 2nd run in the day and the maps from the 1st and 2nd runs don't seem to reconcile into a better combined map. With the power on 'Eco' the cleaning runs could be 60% longer depending on your floor type so the robot will have more time to explore and map. For the first time, today I did all these settings and my robot ran for 162 minutes and did the best map of my entire floor yet (about 2400 sq ft of hardwood and tile - the app says it cleaned 1648 sq ft on this run). Previously I had the power set to normal and used 'Evacuate and Resume' feature and the run would only go about 90 minutes before the battery got too low. A tip about resetting/deleting the main map: A few hours after every run look at the main map and the daily map in the history. The daily maps should be covering 90+% of your floor layout with the robot going into every room at least a little. If the main map looks way off (or is very small) and isn't improving after a few runs that clearly have better daily maps, then delete that main map and try again. I have 47 runs with 1 delete/reset on Day 9 and I'm still waiting for a completed map (it's Day 18 (cleaned on 15 days)). Frustrating. I'm tired of the robot aimlessly wandering around the entire floor as if every room needs equal vacuuming. I'll be happy when I can get the robot to clean only the kitchen twice a day and the entire floor twice a week. My app is Android version 2.1.9 (1013) and the firmware version is V3.4.11-20191015).

Can i use this unit with 220v - 120v step down transformer but still keeping frequency to 50hz instead of 60hz?

Not to my understanding, motor made to run 60hz.

How does it do with kitty litter?

I don't know about Kitty litter, but it just flattens a loose pile if human hair. Dropped it, ran the vac over it 10 times, finally got the old upright. Same with 1/4 inch chunks of paper. Runs them over, but doesn't move them or pick them up. Really a pretty useless 'vac', especially after experiencing the Neato D7.



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  • Anonymous

    Best purchase for our home so far

    Since we bought this in late November, which I suggest getting since it was newely half off its retail price of 600 (gotta love black Friday), I have only had to get out the old vacuum once. I was worried that we would have to get it out more than that to get under our cabinets in the kitchen, but that is luckily not a problem. If I see something under there now I just push it to the middle of the floor if I know shark is going to clean that day.
    So here we go…
    -it literally cleans about 95% of your floors. Hair is not a problem, tangling on the roller is not a problem, larger debris is generally not a problem (I had some things here and there get missed the first go around, but I mostly see that it has problems on carpets, which we have mostly hardwood floors so not a big deal).
    -it mapped out our first floor, which is sizeable, in about 2 go cleanings. I was worried about this as a large amount of reviews stated that it took 30 or more cleanings to map their house out and it still didn’t map it correctly. The one thing I noticed about these reviews is that they are mostly from from a year ago, so I’m assuming that there has been a software update since then to address this issue. It was super efficient at mapping.
    – I see this as a pro, but some might not, is that it teaches you to adjust your cleanliness behaviors. You need to keep the floors free of obstacles (as much as possible) in order for this robot to do its job, which means moving your shoes, picking up toys, moving chairs, etc. It was good for my wife and i to adapt better habits anyway and this was a good way to Kickstart that for our household.
    – if you have allergies, this thing picks up a ton of dust. Since we don’t have a pet (yet) it mostly picks up some food, hair and dust on the floor. Man does it help. My allergies have been much better over the past 2 months.
    – some people gave the app negative reviews, but I found it helpful overall. It is simple, easy and quick to make adjustments on.
    -you really don’t have to empty this but once a month. And, honestly, I could get away with maybe once every 2 months instead. Don’t forget to do a monthly maintenance check and clean the filter, but this is a 5 minute routine once a month. Much easier than busting out the bulky vacuum all the time.
    -speaking of the app, it needs a no go zone feature. The magnet strips, while great, don’t effectively help in managing the bots path all the time. Make sure to tape it or use 3m sticky stuff to keep it on the floor otherwise your bot will try to suck it up and take it for a ride with it. The no go zone feature would be helpful for wire areas, furniture, or kid play areas. I hear it is supposed to come along sometime in the future, hopefully soon.
    -carpet cleaning is a little bit of an issue. We have a giant area rug in our living room and it sometimes has issues with picking up stuff. Luckily, the bot does 2 or 3 sweeps, which most times gets the debris or fuzzies on our carpet, but not all the time. This is indicated on YouTube reviews that I watched before I purchased this, so I knew what to expect.
    -it is slightly noisy and takes a while to clean. I advise to make the schedule while you are not home, because it can change your daily routine pattern. Generally, it takes about an hour and a half to clean our 600 square foot first floor. I keep it on normal mode, but there is a higher power suction mode that is louder. So get ready to turn the volume up on your TV. I did hear from a roomba user though that this bot is quieter, so I guess it’s subjective.
    -this is more if a personal gripe, it might not be a big deal for you, but I was hoping to have a meet the Jetsons vibe when I connected it to my alexa. I wanted to say ‘alexa, clean the kitchen’ and it do just that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do different room commands, it just does its normal full routine. You can do this through the shark app, which is simple and easy enough. So designate room names and tell it to clean just that room. Still, if you have a kitchen mess and you want to use verbal commands through alexa skills to do something while you are continuing chores or cooking, it would be a nice touch if it did it. Oh well, that’s just me.
    Overall a great purchase. Currently, I got mine for roughly 315 and I am doing monthly payments with Amazon, which I love this feature of Amazon’s payments. I pay it off in March in monthly installments of 64 bucks. It is worth the money compared to those roombas that cause double or triple the shark bot. I did a ton of research on different vacuums and this one is in the top 5 (as of right now). I highly recommend this to anyone with similar lay out as us (mostly hard wood floors with area rugs). I found the cons to be just nit picking at its performance, and overall it makes our life 80x easier. I give it a 4.5 out 5 for my personal home and I hope this review was helpful.
    1 year update:
    Dog hair: Still going strong and still highly recommend for those with mostly hard wood floors or linoleum. In fact, I recommended it to my mom and dad and now they have one and love it. We did finally get to test it with some serious dog hair. We had an Australian Shepard (which has super thick and clingy fur) and another dog that visited for several days. Both are extremely active and were all over our floors and our one carpet area. They left a ton of fur and it did take 3 or 4 cleanings to get up about 80% of the hair. Whatever was left over was bunched up on the carpet and was easily removable thanks to shark. Just be prepared to wait a few days for the fur to be cleaned up in the carpet. If it’s hardwood then it is cleaned up instantly.
    Hair and roller blade: I have not had any issues with the roller blades and hair tangling. I had to untangle some hair that rolled to the center twice. It is an easy fix. Take scissors and a quick snip and boom solved the problem. The big thing is that it doesn’t hinder the cleaning ability of the vacuum.
    Parts: I haven’t had to replace any of the parts yet on it. Just keep up with monthly maintenance and it will hold up. Clean the filters and the dust cup monthly and it will run smoothly. The battery life is still the same too. No issues with battery degradation.
    Errors and software stuff: so the errors are minor with this robot. It is the occasional bumper is stuck and that the dust cup needs to be emptied, which is nice if you forget to keep up with maintenance. The only issue I have with the software is that it used to be able to clean specific rooms when I originally got it, but now it doesn’t allow me to do that at all. It’s a bummer since sometimes I still stuff in the kitchen and I just want it to do that room, not an entire cleaning again. Also, and this is a small gripe, but I wish that I could have the robot automatically go to max suction mode every cleaning. Instead, I have to go to my shark app on my phone and change it from normal mode (which is its default cleaning mode) to max.
    Overall, I would still say this is a 4.5 out of 5. Minor issues, but still totally worth it.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent bot (if you get one that isn't defective!)

    I have two cats, a fairly large apartment full of carpets, and ADHD, so getting a robovac was an eventuality. I got this on sale for $299.99.
    The first bot I recieved was defective — it ran perfectly well for a few minutes at a time before inevitably complaining about ‘error 18,’ which I believe is a failure of the encoder on the drive wheels. After going through a long troubleshooting call with Shark customer support, they sent me a new one ($30 shipping), and the new one has luckily not encountered any errors other than the usual ‘whoops I sucked up a cat toy’ errors, which clear by removing the offending object.
    Here are my thoughts on this new bot (which I have christened Twobert, as the successor to the original defective Hubert):
    – Suction: 9/10
    Even on Eco mode, it still pulls up hair I didn’t even know was there. The first run pulled a softball sized wad of dust and hair out of 2 rooms. Subsequent runs continued finding more debris. It won’t grab anything larger than a Cheerio, but for dust and hair, it seems to work very well.
    The anti-hair brushroll was a big reason I went for this model. It does seem to work, though there is still a tiny winding of hair around the center of the roll where the anti-hair fins stop.
    – Navigation and Mapping: 7/10
    To get a full map, I ran Twobert on Eco (with recharge and resume on) with all doors open, lights on, and obstacles cleared. (The first few times were less successful due to my apartment having huge thresholds, but once I got some rubber ramps, he was able to climb over them). It took 2 full runs + 2 days of ‘processing’ to get a map. I did have to delete some incorrect maps from runs where Twobert was unable to get into certain rooms. I was able to label my rooms, and sending him to clean a room works fairly well. The cleaning path is an ox-plow style path with some cell decomposition so that it goes room-by-room (at least once the map is mostly made) and covers everything.
    Some obstacles will be a problem. High thresholds are the biggest one — it easily tackles anything up to even 0.5′, but needs a ramp for anything higher. Foam pieces, pieces of carpet, rubber ramps from Amazon, or rubber threshold transitions have all worked for me. The robot might try to climb things that it shouldn’t and get stuck, but the bot boundary strips help with that. The cliff and bumper sensors work well.
    – App: 6/10
    There are bugs, but it overall does what it is meant to do. Sometimes my bot disappears, but restarting the app fixes it. Sometimes a map appears before it is actually ready to be edited. Deleting maps takes forever. However, labelling the rooms and commanding the bot from the app seems to work perfectly. The ‘find bot’ feature, which makes the robot play a loud tone, is really nice.
    -Dock: 9/10
    I love the dock. I love that the bot charges itself (even scoots itself off the contacts when fully charged) and empties itself. My only complaint is that the sticker on the front does not peel off cleanly.
    – Noise: 7/10
    Even the highest mode is quieter than your average vacuum, but still noticeable. You might not want it running during a work call. However, it isn’t obtrustive enough to scare my cats. The dock suction is the loudest, but it’s only for a few seconds when the bot empites itself.
    Overall, I was frustrated with the process of getting it working, but I am pleased with its functioning now.

    Verified Purchase

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