Aqara Cube, Requires AQARA HUB, Zigbee Connection, Magic Cube Controller, 6 Customizable Gestures to Control Your Smart Home Devices, 2 Year Battery Life, Works with IFTTT

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Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Controller TypeIfttt, Vera
Model NameMFKZQ01LM
  • NOTESAn Aqara Hub is required and sold separately. Requires a secured 2. 4 gigahertz WiFi network connection. The Aqara M2 or M1S Hub can connect up to 128 devices(*use of a repeater such as the Aqara Smart Plug or Aqara Smart Wall Switch(With Neutral) is required). Only work with IFTTT & Aqara Home app.
  • 6 GESTURES TO CONTROL YOUR HOMEPush, shake, rotate, tap twice, flip 180°, or flip 90° to set home automation and control programmable functions, such as turning on/off a device, activating a scene, etc.
  • CREATE HOME AUTOMATIONYou can change the Aqara Cube settings in the Aqara App to control your smart appliances via the Aqara Smart Plugs, or control ordinary lights via the Aqara Wall Switches.
  • EASY TO CONTROL THE LIGHTSThe Aqara Cube is the easiest way to switch on your lights. When paired with the Aqara Wall Switches, you can easily control your lights via the Cube or your smart phone. For example, you can push the Cube to turn the lights on and off or rotate the Cube to dim and brighten the lights.
  • EXPAND YOUR AQARA ECOSYSTEMEasily expand your smart home system by adding the Aqara Cube. The Aqara Cube can control the Aqara Hub, all Aqara Smart Wall Switches, and Aqara Smart Plug.
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Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration


Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Country of Origin

Color Available colors

Material Smart home device material

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Warranty Description

‎1 year manufacturer

Product Dimensions

‎1.77 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches

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‎Cube, Quick Start Guide, Customer Letter

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Frequently asked question

I already have two zigbee hubs in my house: vivint and philips hue. could i pair this cube with one of these two zigbee hubs?

Not with those two but you can pair with Hubitat hub. Just search for Hubitat Aqara driver, add the driver and pair as you would normally.

Does anyone have this working with Smartthings?

I know it's an old question but I'm sure others looking at the product will have the same. There is a custom Device Handler that will allow these to work with SmartThings. If you don't know what a device handler is, search 'Smartthings IDE' and start learning. It's not too difficult.

will this control smart switches like wemo, hue, tp-link, etc that im currently controlling with alexa? looking for a silent way to interact w/lights

Only if you already have something set up to interpret it. Alexa won't talk to it without a hub it can interact with, it's a zigbee device rather than a wifi one. I use Home Assistant for this job, but I believe the Aqara Hub will interact with Alexa as well. Have you considered just using your phone? Or a smart button?

Can i use this to trigger Alexa routines?

It depends on what your setup is, but yes. I have it linked with Home Assistant, and through the Alexa integration within Home Assistant, I would be able to trigger routines. I don't currently have it set up to do that, but there is no reason that should not work.

6 reviews for Aqara Cube, Requires AQARA HUB, Zigbee Connection, Magic Cube Controller, 6 Customizable Gestures to Control Your Smart Home Devices, 2 Year Battery Life, Works with IFTTT


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  • Anonymous

    OMG this is the single BEST smarthome device I have ever acquired and I have hundreds!!!!

    EDIT JULY 2021: Now, with Home Assistant automations, this is a snap to set up. Simply search for ‘Aqara Cube Blueprint’ and voila! It provides for 51 unique actions! Amazing!
    Where do I begin? OK, there’s some minor frustrations with this device. The first is that Amazon hasn’t figured out instantaneous delivery yet. I mean, come on… how hard can it be. Also, to get serious for a minute, pairing was a pain. I had to try multiple times. The time I got it to work, I didn’t feel like I did anything differently but it just worked. Maybe I was overthinking it before. OK, onto the GOOD (like seriously MIND BLOWING GOOD) stuff:
    1. Don’t believe them when they say you need the Aqara Hub for this to work. They are lying. You just need a Zigbee dongle attached to your Raspberry Pi that’s already running Home Assistant. The Nortek one works natively without any need to install other add-ons. I repeat: YOU DO NOT NEED THE AQARA HUB. Why send your activity through the cloud? Keep it local like playas do.
    2. You will need to know what you are doing, and flex some JSON skills to get automations working. What I did first was go into ‘Events’ under ‘Developer Tools’ and subscribe to ‘zha_event’. Click ‘Start Listening’ and then mess with the cube. Shake it, slide it, flip it, tap it. Go crazy! Watch in amazement as Home Assistant knows what you just did, including WHAT SIDE OF THE DEVICE IS UP. When you do the double tap it tells you which way the logo is aligned. What is this dark magic?
    3. Get familiar with the output. Once, done, create a simple automation to notify you that you did something with the cube. I used the flip event, and picked the one where I flip it so the logo is facing me. For the trigger of your new automation, select ‘Event’ and fill in ‘zha_event’. In the data section of the trigger, copy the ‘data’ section of the output from the listener into the ‘trigger’ area (remember to bring over the ‘{‘ and ‘}’ symbols – there will be two of each). Also, DELETE the ‘unique ID’ line. You might have to left-align stuff and remember to indent the lines under ‘args’. Then save the automation, exit it and go back in. You should now see that data but in YAML. If it’s blank, you messed up and you’ll get the notification for anything you trigger with the cube.
    But if you’re right, Home Assistant will know EXACTLY what you did with the cube!!! From here, you are off to the races. This can be used to trigger virtually ANYTHING that Home Assistant can do.
    Mind. Blown.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Half Dead Batteries

    The cube itself is nice but the battery is half dead straight out of the box. The battery does not have the usual piece of plastic to keep it disconnected until it is opened.

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  • Anonymous

    HomeKit InCompatible!

    The product itself is interesting and potentially impressive, but this model works only with other Aqara devices. HomeKit devices are inaccessible. There are some work-around, but don’t expect globally interactive use. Do more homework than I did, and wait for Thread compatibility.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Love this device!!! So much fun!!!

    I bought this because it looked interesting. I watched a lot of you tube videos and ended up getting a Hubitat Elevation to use with the cube. (I don’t have a lot of stuff setup in homekit). After some research I was able to setup the cube and get it to operate my lights. I use the flip 90 to turn on one set of lights and flip 180 to turn on another. I can use the rotate right/left to dim and brighten the lights. (I have to pick a set brightness) and shake to turn them all off. It’s so much fun that I bought another one to setup in the living room. Also, now that I have hubitat as well, I am getting a lot more creative with my home automations!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    A little buggy

    The first one I received had no battery and appeared to be a return. The replacement I received was packaged better and had battery.
    It took a couple attempts to pair with Aqara hub. All their other devices paired flawlessly. Don’t understand why this one seemed like an issue.
    The gestures are a little hit or miss with Aqara hub. I wish they had which face of the cube was up as an action. Their actions are like rotate 90, 180. Double tap (couldn’t get to work) and shake. I was pretty consistent with the rotate 90, but parents had a little bit of trouble. If you stop just for a moment with your rotation it won’t consider a 90 degree change as 90 degree action. The easiest one for everyone was the shake. Which is a few seconds of back and forth jiggling of the cube.

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  • Anonymous

    Great tech gadget

    I love that it works by motion rather than by which side is facing up.

    Verified Purchase

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