MySpool Water Level Alert with Text Message and Email Notifications, Battery Powered with a Float Sensor

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Power SourceBattery Powered
Number of Batteries3 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Email and text message notification when water level change is detected. All services are free.
  • Battery powered wireless water level detector using your WiFi, no app to install and no hub is required. Perfect as a standalone high or low water alarm.
  • Waterproof float sensor with a 3 ft wire connected to a rugged enclosure protecting smart electronics. This float sensor can be used to detect high or low water levels, the default setting detects high water levels. Flip the float ring and use this device to detect low water levels in aquariums, ponds, and storage tanks.
  • Alert is sent if the float rises to signal high water level. Flip the float ring to send alert when water level falls. 3 AAA batteries, included, last for years with limited activity.
  • Rugged enclosure supports up to 250 lbs, designed to operate in dusty and moldy environments. Avoid costly repairs by keeping MySpool Water Detector anywhere that has the potential for flooding or developing a leak.
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Frequently asked question

As the lead from the sensor to the box is only 2 feet, can you mount the box to a stud or wall?

Yes you cam: use either duct or double sided tape. You may also want to look at the rugged version: it comes with a 5 foot lead which is rigidly connected to the sensor. It also comes in an enclosure which has screw mount holes.

Installed the device, configured both text and email alerts. now i receive a text alert every 6:30 mins. but no email alerts at all. why is it so?

Look for an email with a subject 'AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation'. You need to click on the link in that email to confirm your subscription to email notifications. If you cannot find it, go to Configure Device, remove and then add your email again. All email changes require subscription confirmations.

Will this work on a 220v socket, or 110v only ??

It works on 110.

What water level does it detect at?

I have recently purchased this item and spent a few days testing it. In my test I placed the sensor on a plate dinner plate which contained water and it triggered a response immediately. Based on this I would say this sensor appears to be triggered upon contact with even very low levels of water.

3 reviews for MySpool Water Level Alert with Text Message and Email Notifications, Battery Powered with a Float Sensor


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  • Anonymous

    Pretty neat wifi unit for monitoring, but could be so much better!

    Okay, quick review first for those with short attention spans! This box works well for what it is, wifi range is decent at around 100 feet max from what I found in my testing. Battery looks like it would last forever too! 3 months on rechargeable AAA batteries and its still on 100% battery, according to its reporting when the unit is triggered.
    Alright, now on to my long review for those who like information! I’ve modified this unit to do reporting on my neighborhood’s water irrigation system. I’ve removed the float switch and run the wiring into our #2 pump house’s controller (Yaskawa P1000) to its normally open error port. this closes the contacts and triggers the wifi box. It works just fine, and while we don’t have many low water pressure or other errors, it has triggered several in a few months time.
    The big thing here is the antenna issue. MySpool could do so much more with this thing, but hasn’t offered any option for adding longer range to their detectors, so with a little internet googling, I found that the wifi board is pretty standard stuff and used for a wide variety of raspberry pi stuff. A little scraping, a little soldering, a bit of drilling and a bunch of crazy glue, I’ve added on an SMA connector (cut from an SMA thinwire coax extension I had laying around the shop) which is now connected to a cheap Yagi antenna!
    Range is now easily a quarter mile, and uses a neighbor’s internet connection for wifi service for reporting. Note, pumphouse #2 is quite far away from any neighbors and was not able to connect without this antenna at all. With just some simple soldering and a few extra parts, I’m sure if I really wanted to, having two Yagis pointed at one another with a direct line-of-sight between the two, I could probably get a mile distance, maybe more!
    This solved having to pay for an cable/telephone line installed at our pump houses, a 400 dollar network card for each of the 3 Yaskawa controllers we have and a monthly internet service bill for each pump house (2 total).
    I’ll continue testing this one box from MySpool for the rest of our watering season, and if all works out, I’ll purchase 2 more for the other pumphouse!
    For MySpool, if you’re reading these reviews:
    Love what you’ve done, but please think about adding an SMA jack to your boxes, as well as an optional 5VDC (usb type connector, maybe?) power input for either keeping an internal battery charged or at least powering the unit without batteries at all. It seems to take about 30 seconds to receive an email from the unit, so having a supercap powering the unit for a full minute would make this little box phenomenal!
    There’s probably a good market for these things if they are sold as I’ve modified mine and sold for irrigation error monitoring devices, as there’s literally nothing out there that really does this! Even at $200 or $300 for a device with the ability to work up to a mile away (FCC conformability requirements fullfilled, of course) would be a welcomed thing for us watermasters having to deal with irrigation pump failures!!! Hell, make it a 2-box system that connects via one of the business frequencies (900mhz to one another, with the receiver connected directly to a router would be fantastic!

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  • Anonymous

    Good product, but installation documenation lacking.

    Good product, but installation instructions lacked accurate details. And installation materials were also lacking.
    First, the instructions suggested that I install ‘3’ AAA batteries. There was only 1 in the package. So, I spent 3 or 4 minutes looking around the floor and through the packaging to find the other 2 batteries. So then I gave up and retrieved 2 batteries from my personal battery supply. I then opened the device up and found the other 2 batteries already installed. Not a huge problem but it resulted in a wasted few minutes for me and also my began an initial lack of confidence in the product.
    During the installation, it also required a little knowledge of networking as the documentation was lacking. On my phone, after connecting to the wifi SSID SASensor-****** as suggested, my web browser did not automatically load. So I brought up Firefox and entered IP address on the URL line and from there I was able to configure the device and enter my wireless network parameters – SSID & security key. The email sent to my email box went to junk mail. I believe that could be corrected by registering your domain and making sure it’s not labeled by reputable DNS servers as spam.
    Also, In my testing, it appears that there is an undocumented latent period between alarm tests because it didn’t consistently sound off during my testing. I’m only assuming that there is a required amount of time between tests, and it left me with a small additional amount of doubt.
    I would also recommend that a 3 or 4 zip-ties long enough to wrap around a 3′ sump pipe, to be included with the physical installation package. I had a couple zip-ties and made it simple for me to attach the MySpool float to the sump pipe. I also wrapped it with a couple layers of waterproof duct tape. And to mount the MySpool controller up above, about chest level, on the same pipe, I used only duct tape because I don’t believe with the design of the tabs, that a zip-tie would stay in place on top of the tabs. The 2 plastic tabs intended for screws (not included) was a little shaky to wrap the duct tape around. Again, the tabs should be more pronounced and designed with a raised ridge to allow a zip-tie to hold it in place along with screw holes for a wall mount install.
    Lastly, not certain how much cost would be added if a low battery alarm could be added, but would be nice.

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  • Anonymous

    Easy setup and works perfectly

    After our AC condensate drain line backed up twice causing carpet damage, I needed a solution. This sensor was easy to setup, and I’ve tested it a few times already just to make sure it’s working properly. It’s always provided me alerts, even with the smallest amount of water. It’s a huge piece of mind knowing I won’t flood my basement again!

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