THIRDREALITY Smart Hub (with power adapter) – Smart Home Automation Hub, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, enable your Zigbee devices

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  • [ZIGBEE HUB] Third Reality Hub, or RealityAdapter, is the industry’s smallest home automation hub, smaller than a deck of cards. Note: Only support 2.4GHz Wifi.
  • [SMART SPEAKER SUPPORT] It communicates with RealitySwitches and RealityLights via Zigbee. Work for Alexa.
  • [REMOTE CONTROL] It works with Third Reality App, Download Third Reality App from Apple store or Android Play, Create schedules to reduce energy costs or monitor and control your home switches remotely from your smartphone.
  • [ZIGBEE COMPATIBLE] It has been successfully tested to work with Philips Hue, Singled Light, IKEA Zigbee Light, GE Zigbee Switch, Sylvania Zigbee Plug and more
  • [ADVANCED FEATURES] Along with RealityApp, you can have a lot of advanced group or schedule features for smart home, such as N-Way Switches, Count down timers, etc
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Features and specification

Integration Supported smart home integration

, ,

Interface Smart device connectivity interface


Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Color Available colors

Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎3.15 x 1.57 x 0.43 inches


Item Weight

Frequently asked question

Does this device need to be near (or in line of sight) of the item being controlled? Can it be hidden in a cabinet?

No need to be in sight, can be hidden but better not cover in hard layers just like wifi rerouters

Does this hub act like any other Zigbee hub, meaning can this be used for other zigbee products?

Yes if other devices follow Zigbee standard.

Is there a maximum number of switches the hub will work with? I was able to pair 12 switches but cannot seem to get any more to pair.

I just have 4.

Will it hook up the ge zigbee fan switch?

We have not tested it.

6 reviews for THIRDREALITY Smart Hub (with power adapter) – Smart Home Automation Hub, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, enable your Zigbee devices


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  • Anonymous

    Good low cost Hub

    Bought this Hub to use with their Third Reality Smart Switch Gen 3’s with my echo dot which doesn’t have Zigbee support.
    I had pre-ordered and guess I got one of the first models because it didn’t support the OTA firmware updates which was required to support their own switch. When I tried to connect their Smart Switch to it, hub never would see it.
    Support was very responsive (via Amazon), explained to me that was the issue and they would send me a newer version that did support OTA firmware updates.
    Second Hub work pretty much perfectly I was able to connect the switches and set up the Alexa integration.
    It’s only been about a week but so far Alexa has worked perfectly to control the two switches I have connected via the sub

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  • Anonymous

    Does not work with Alexa. Only works reliably with the Third Reality app.

    This hub was relatively easy to install. The only issue was that you have to put your Zigbee device in pairing mode and immediately hit the “next” button in the Third Reality app to connect the device to the hub. Any delay, even a second or two, and I could not get the hub to connect to the device. But that’s where the ok part of the review ends. Following successful pairing of the hub to my Zigbee devices, I added Third Reality’s Alexa Skill, added my Zigbee devices in Alexa, enabled voice and app control, and everything looked fine. But Alexa couldn’t control the devices connected to the hub. Usually she just said “There was a problem.” Sometimes she would say she was doing what I told her to do, but the device didn’t respond. It did work with Alexa perhaps 3 times in what must have been 50 to 75 attempts. The Alexa integration was why I bought this hub, so this was a deal breaker. I replaced it with a Samsung SmartThings V3 hub, which cost twice as much, but which has worked flawlessly on all of my devices. If you just want app control, this hub might work for you. But if you want true smart home integration, spends a little more and get the Samsung.

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  • Anonymous

    Very Reactive Support, I'll order a 2nd Hub

    I already did a review of the leak detector, but had not yet tested it. Yesterday I tested one of the 7 leak detectors.
    It beeped but didn’t change in the app nor send me an email.
    I contacted support and they called me the next day.
    This is a zigbee device.
    I originally decided on it thinking the Eero I have would act as a hub.
    It does NOT for leak detection.
    You need the 3Reality hub.
    Note: even with the hub it is stand-alone, as in, does not play with Alexa at all.
    Additionally, I had forgotten that battery powered zigbee devices do NOT create their own mesh network.
    So, when I took the device outside to test it, I was out of range of the hub.
    The leak detector did beep, but didn’t talk to the app nor send me an email.
    When I ran the test while on the phone with support…I happened to be inside/near the hub.
    It worked perfectly.
    Finally, in my review of leak detectors I said connection was good in my carriage house.
    While I was able to add the devices in the carriage house, none of those devices have stayed online.
    I will buy a second hub to rectify this.
    I’m normally opposed to getting yet another hub, but I want this to work AND…3Reality support was quick to react to my email and they called me and walked me through trouble shooting.

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  • Anonymous

    thank you, and good bye to wink

    bought this as wink now requires a paid $5/m subscription to provide service of turning my switches on and off each night. had been using wink for 2 years (paid $50 for their hub) now they want $5/m. Also wink was unreliable and would often go off line, requiring reboots and reconnection to wifi.
    wish i would have known of this third reality hub from the beginning, way easier to add swithches and program and no monthly subscription fees. thank you

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  • Anonymous

    Check your WIFI before buying!!!

    Only Support 2.4GHz Wifi, but it doesn’t say it in the description. Make sure to check your Wifi frequency before buying.

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  • Anonymous

    Tech support super responsive

    Bought a smart switch which wouldn’t connect to Zigbee. Bought their hub and still had the problem. Contacted tech support and they were super responsive, diagnosed the problem and are replacing defective equipment. I can’t wait to use their products

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