Smart Switch 4 Pack, TREATLIFE 2.4Ghz Smart Light Switch WiFi Light Switch Single-Pole, Neutral Wire Required, Works with Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings, Smart Home Remote Control, FCC/ETL Listed

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Operation ModeON-OFF-ON
Current Rating10 Amps
MaterialPlastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Mounting TypeWall Mount
  • Easy And Safe To Install: Neutral Wire is required, Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the wiring process. standard size, screwless snap-on wall plate, no hub required. For 2.4G Wi-Fi only (NOT 5G). Max Power: 1250W. Output Current: 10A.
  • Voice Control: Enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling the lights in your home with your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, perfect for times when your hands are full or entering a dark room.
  • Remote Control: Control the light from anywhere using your smartphone, whether you are in your cozy bed, in the office or on vacation. You can create schedules, monitor real-time light status, share devices and even control a group of lights in your house with a tap of the phone screen.
  • Automated Schedules: Create schedules (timer or countdown) to automatically turn on and off the light based on everyday routines or to simulate occupancy while you are on vacation to trick potential intruders.
  • Warranty: Friendly and professional support team are at your service 24/7, 12 Month Satisfaction Warranty, please contact us immediately if you have any problem. You can use it as you like on the Christmas decoration lights.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


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Material Smart home device material


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Included Components

‎4*Single Pole Smart Light Switch, 4*Wallplate, 4*4 wire nuts, 4*2 Screws, User Manual

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Maximum Power

Operation Mode


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Connectivity Protocol

Product guides and documentsUser Manual (PDF)

Frequently asked question

Is the indicator light on the switch always on?

The indicator light is off when the light is on and on when the light is off. This will help you see where the switch is in the dark.

can you dim via voice command to google assistant? Eg OK Google dim light to 50%?

This switch is an ordinary smart switch, not a dimmer switch, so you can't dim it. You can of course wake up your lights or turn them off via google or alexa, like 'Alexa, turn on the light' . In addition, you can also customize some shortcut functions on the mobile app according to your daily habits.

what's the depth of this smart switch? I wonder if it fits my wall box or not.

The dimensions of this smart switch are compliant. If it is with wiring, the depth of the switch is about 1.58 inches, if it is not with wiring, it is about 1.38 inches.

If this is the newest model what is different than the $59 set of 4 ?

Hello, this one is a single-way switch, we also have a three-way switch that looks similar to this one. They are different prices, please confirm your specific needs before purchasing.

2 reviews for Smart Switch 4 Pack, TREATLIFE 2.4Ghz Smart Light Switch WiFi Light Switch Single-Pole, Neutral Wire Required, Works with Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings, Smart Home Remote Control, FCC/ETL Listed


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  • Anonymous

    Treatlife, a real treat! Wish I had installed more dimmer switches (but these are nice)!

    which each have their own proprietary smart apps). Since my purchase and setup, Treatlife has come out with their own companion smart app. My comments on the app address only the Smart Life – Smart Living app by Volcano Technology Limited (which I believe is or was affiliated with Tuya Inc.). I’ve had good success with this app and don’t intend to change to the Treatlife app.
    Since these Treatlife smart Wi-Fi switches were my first smart home devices, my only control option initially was through the recommended Smart Life – Smart Living app. The app is easy to obtain (Google Play Store – look for the one by Volcano Technology) and walks you through initial setup. As I recall, your first step is to create & name a “home” within the App. Then you add smart devices that you want to control and there are a TON of categories (i.e., Electrical, Lighting, Sensors, Large Home Appliances, Small Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Exercise & Health, Security & Video Surveillance, Gateway Control, Energy, Entertainment, Industry & Agriculture, and “Others”). Each category has many device types. You want the Electrical category and either the Switch (Wi-Fi) device for this product & the 3-way switches or the Dimmer Switch device for the Treatlife dimmers (naturally). Once your Treatlife switch is installed and the power is restored, just open the App, click on the plus (+) icon at the top, select the category & device as mentioned, and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to connect. It’s all very easy. You’ll add the device to your home in the App, choose a room (optional) and rename the device as desired. Organizing your home, rooms and devices in the app is all part of the fun!
    All your smart devices are listed upon opening the app and they are controlled from there. You may arrange the devices in any preferred order, and you may view devices by room. One of the best features is the Automation. Have a closet light that is left on habitually? Set up an automation to turn it off after a time delay. Tired of coming home from a long day at work only to see that nobody turned off the porch light and it’s been on needlessly during daylight hours? Simply set up an automation that turns it off every morning at sunrise. A few automations are shown in the pictures. I will say there are no app instructions that I could find, but playing around will yield results without too much difficulty. The most complex automation I’ve created so far (a lot of trial & error for this one) was auto dimming the Master Bath lights within a specific time period, with the additional conditions that the light could be brightened once turned on, but they would dim again upon turning them off. No more fumbling with the dimmer while groggy during nighttime business – just turn on the light with no worries of being blinded!
    Tap-to-Run is another type of automation feature I have only recently played around with in the app. Once set up, a single tap will operate multiple devices. We have a Tap-to-Run established that turns off all but one light in the common areas to establish “Movie Lighting.” Thus, the normal Automations run whenever the conditions are met and Tap-to-Run actions require user activation. However, when it comes to operation, whether single devices or multiple devices via Tap-to-Run, Alexa via a smart echo speaker is Queen!
    Alexa integrates seamlessly with the Smart Life – Smart Living app! Honestly, my opinion is that without a smart speaker a smart home isn’t all that smart. Alexa is the perfect choice for a home assistant. “Alexa, turn off the Family Room Light.” “Alexa, turn on Movie Lighting.” The Smart Life – Smart Living app is required to create Automations or add smart devices (Alexa recognizes the new devices the instant they are added). But once you have a smart speaker, the app will rarely be used to operate the Treatlife switches. Alexa adds additional functionality in another way: establishing device grouping. With groups established within the Alex app (not the Smart Life app) additional commands are available. “Alexa, turn off all the lights.” “Alexa, turn off the downstairs lights.” “Alexa, turn off the lights in the Living Room.” I set up Google Home and the Google Assistant just to try it out. It does integrate with the Smart Life – Smart Living app, but frankly, Alexa is superior to Google (however I won’t explain why here since it has nothing to do with these Treatlife switches).
    I highly recommend these Treatlife switches as a start to anyone’s smart home project. The convenience of having remote operation of all lights in the home cannot be overstated. Alexa, Treatlife and the Smart Life – Smart living app, a terrific trio!

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  • Anonymous

    Great smart switches!

    I bought these smart switches because I wanted a uniform look throughout the house and I had a variety of switch types to replace. We have standard on/off switches, but we also have 3-way switches and a dimmer switch. Furthermore, I wanted to replace the need to pull fan chains with dimmer switches as well. I found several companies that had on/off switches that looked nice or dimmer switches with cool functionality, but this was one of the only brands that had all of the types of switches for which I was looking.
    Being firmly entrenched in the Google ecosystem (my wife, daughters, and I all have Pixel phones, we have Google Home, Nest Minis, or Hubs in every room, and we have Google Nest Hello doorbells), I really wanted something that would work with Google Home as well.
    Finally, as we have over forty switches in our home, I wanted something that was a little more budget-friendly. These Treatlife switches seemed to check all of the boxes, so I bought a four-pack of each of the three types for a first run: standard on/off switches, dimmer switches, and 3-way switches.
    When they arrived, I briefly read through the instructions and pretty much jumped right in. If you’ve ever installed a light switch before, this really wasn’t anything new, but, even if you haven’t, the included instructions make it simple to attempt for the first time. There’s also no guesswork involved since, as opposed to the screws on the back of ordinary light switches, these smart switches come with color-coded (as well as labeled) wires, a few inches in length, to which you make the connections using included wire nuts.
    All the necessary hardware is also included in the box. As mentioned above, each switch comes with four or five wire nuts (depending on the switch type), as well as the screws to affix them inside the junction boxes in the wall. They even come with screwless, snap-on faceplates, which look really nice, but which I opted to forego because, as mentioned above, I was looking for uniformity throughout the house. No sweat, though, because I was able to pick up a ton of matching faceplates from Home Depot for just a few bucks, and these smart switches work with any standard faceplate.
    That is not to say that everything was sunshine and rainbows. I did have a few issues during the installation phase that I should probably mention at this time, but I believe that most of them are due to my unique situations.
    The biggest thing that I ran into was that, being smart switches, there’s a lot of electronics that go into them, and those electronics take up space. The ‘inside’ of the switches, the part that goes into the junction box, are significantly larger than a standard switch that only goes in as far as the toggle mechanism and screws require. This isn’t a problem for a single light switch in a junction box made for a single light switch, but, as things scale up, fitting three switches into a triple junction box along with all of the wires going to all of the various fixtures, things got a little tight.
    On a very much related note, many of my double and triple boxes have four or more white (neutral) wires inside the box, all bunched together in a single wire nut. Adding three more white wires for these three new smart switches didn’t really work with the existing wire nuts, nor did it work with the included wire nuts (which are obviously designed for joining two wires and not seven). Luckily, I had extra oversized wire nuts lying around from previous projects, but, again, that’s something you can easily pick up from Home Depot, Ace, Lowes, or wherever, without much hassle. For some of the black (hot) connections, there were already small ‘jumpers’ that the previous electrician had used to wire things together, which made it a little easier to use the supplied wire nuts.
    Once I got everything installed, setting up the ‘smart’ features was simple, though not as simple as it could have been. First of all, you need a smartphone to set the switches up. I’m assuming for most people that shouldn’t be a problem, but it is worth mentioning. My phone had trouble with the QR code not going to the right place to download the required SmartLife software, but I manually typed the name into the Play store and found it with no problem. That could have been out-of-date documentation in the box or it could have been a problem with my phone.
    When you first power on each switch, the LED on the switch will rapidly flash red to indicate that the switch is ready to be set up. If you don’t get it set up in time, no problem, just hold the switch down for five seconds and it will begin to flash again. My problem was that the software kept having errors setting up the switch in this mode. However, there is a second mode (hold the switch down for another five seconds and it will begin to slowly pulse red) in which the switch sets up its own WIFI hotspot that you then connect to on your phone to do the setup. This mode worked like a charm for me. After trying the ‘fast’ mode on the first four switches that I installed to no avail, I didn’t even bother on the remaining switches and exclusively used the ‘slow’ mode, which, ironically, was much quicker for me.
    Once all of the switches are added to the SmartLife software, you could stop there and be 100% happy with your setup. The software is easy/intuitive to use. Switches can be grouped into rooms within the house. You can group the switches for one-tap access, create simple automation, etc. And you can sit on your couch and control the lights in other parts of the house with a touch of a finger to your phone. I wanted to go the extra step of integrating my new switches into my Google Home so that I could control them with my voice, though, so there were a few extra steps.
    First, when I opened my Google Home app, it already recognized that I had added SmartLife, and prompted me to connect the two. After doing so, it quickly recognized all of the new switches and allowed me to add them to my existing rooms in Google Home. The only thing I think could have been better is if it had recognized that the rooms in SmartLife had the same names as the rooms in Google Home and automatically grouped the lights accordingly. I’m sure there is a use case that I am not thinking of to explain why it doesn’t work that way, but that’s really my only complaint when it comes to integrating with Google Home, and that could very well be a Google problem rather than a Treatlife problem.
    I’ve had the switches installed for about a week now, and things are still working great. I love being able to say ‘Hey, Google, turn on the living room fan and reading lamp’ while I’m still in my bedroom and having everything ready for me when I walk out. I also like that I don’t need to walk through my entire house before bed to make sure that all of the lights are out. I can just say ‘Goodnight’ and everything turns off.
    The switches themselves are attractive, as far as light switches go, and relatively unintrusive. They have a good analog feel to them when pressed. The 3-way switches are ‘smart’ enough to know when a light is on or off even if the other switch in the pair was used to toggle the light. The dimmer switches are press-to-turn-on/off and then touch-and-drag-to-dim, which did take a little getting used to, but I find that I like it a lot more than the separate on/off and up/down buttons on similar smart dimmers. Plus, if I want the lights or fan at 25%, I can just touch my finger at that point on the touch strip and it will jump right there, which you can’t do as easily with an up/down button. Of course, I tend to just say ‘Hey, Google, set the overhead light to 25%’ and be done with it.
    Overall, though, I could not be any more pleased with these smart switches. They are exactly what I was looking for, they work as advertised, and I haven’t had a single problem with them since installation (I will update this review if I do). So far, I’ve smartened up my living room, master bedroom, stairs, and landing (overlooking the living room), and I’m looking forward to putting in my next order.

    Verified Purchase

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