Linkind PIR Motion Sensor, Wireless Motion Detector, Zigbee White, for DIY Use with Linkind Home Security System, Automation with Linkind Smart Zigbee LED Lights, LINKIND Hub Required (NOT Included)

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  • [REQUIREMENT FOR USE]: As the accessory of Linkind Home Security System, it MUST BE EQUIPPED with LINKIND Siren Hub (in Security Kit) or LINKIND Mini Hub to get it work: Siren Hub for home alarm system and smart lighting, Mini Hub only for smart lighting. Connected devices sold separately. Compatible with Alexa Echo (only 4th Gen), Alexa Echo Plus (1st Gen, 2nd Gen), Alexa Show (only 2nd Gen), Alexa Echo Studio if you don’t have a Linkind Hub. NOT comptatible with Echo dot.
  • [SENSING CAPABILITY]: Monitor the movements in a width of 110°, a range of 16 feet (without obstructing objects). Send alerts to Linkind APP and trigger the Siren Hub (SOLD SEPARATELY) to sound deterrent alarm once the motion is detected. Will not disturb the signals around.
  • [AUTOMATIC LIGHTING]: Combine the motion sensor with LINKIND Zigbee Lights (SOLD SEPARATELY and LINKIND HUB REQUIRED), make your lights turn on automatically when you enter the room, or turn off when you leaves. So much more to be explored on Linkind APP.
  • [COMPACT AND EASY TO INSTALL]: Extremely space-saving and unobtrusive to be placed on the wall. Adhesive tape and mounting bracket available for easy installation. Needed to be placed 8-9 feet off the floor for better detection.
  • [ANTI-TAMPER DESIGN AND BATTERY]: The sensor features an anti-tamper alert on the APP if intentional removal of the device occurs. 3V replaceable lithium battery is included and has a lifespan of up to 2 years. Remember to pull out the plastic partition before use.
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Frequently asked question

The description reads 'compatible with echo plus /echo show (2nd gen) if you don’t have a linkind hub.' how can it be paired?

Dear customer, Thanks for your interest in Linkind motion sensor. Please tap 'Devices' at Alexa app---->,tap the icon'+'--->,'Add Device' and follow the onscreen instructions. Thanks. Linkind Team

Does this work with sengled lights? (they have a zigbee hub)

My husband says as long as it have a Zigbee hub it will work.

automate your home' says this sensor works with echo 4th gen zigbee hub, you say linkind hub needed. which is true?

linkkind hub is not needed if you have a hub with a driver that supports it. As an example, I have this working with a Hubitat hub with the generic motion sensor driver.

I dont have a linkind hub. how does it pair with an echo plus?

I was able to pair it with Echo 4th generation which has a built in hub. All i had to do was - 1. Remove the plastic wrap to turn on the sensor 2. Go to Alexa, add device … see more I was able to pair it with Echo 4th generation which has a built in hub. All i had to do was - 1. Remove the plastic wrap to turn on the sensor 2. Go to Alexa, add device 3. Other, and search for new devices. It takes generally 45 seconds. 4. Alexa found the device and added to device list.

6 reviews for Linkind PIR Motion Sensor, Wireless Motion Detector, Zigbee White, for DIY Use with Linkind Home Security System, Automation with Linkind Smart Zigbee LED Lights, LINKIND Hub Required (NOT Included)


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  • Anonymous

    Firmware 0x51230002 issue

    Had the same problems others have had integrating the linkind sensor. My experience was it would lock into detected at night or any time it was too dark to detect movement. This behavior isn’t worth trying to resolve for me and I’m just returning the sensors instead.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Fine when it worked, died after a year

    Purchased this one to trigger lighting in the stairway in concert with Home Assistant. With a little prodding, it did pair and work fine for a while. The sensor was put in an area with medium traffic, which is to say that it was triggered several times an hour in a home. The alerts were speedy and predictable. The battery life, when compared to other motion sensors, was poor in this spot, as I ended up replacing the battery after 6 months.
    Fast forward to October 2022, almost exactly one year after purchasing it, and it just stopped working. Home Assistant can no longer see it, swapping new batteries into it does nothing, and the device itself appears to be dead. Given the short lifespan I wouldn’t recommend buying another one.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Took minutes to reset and redetect new motion

    This review is for the motion sensor. The gear I was trying to integrate this with is Deconz and Conbee II running on a Pi4B with Home Assistant (HassOS). My use case was that I was trying turn on a light when motion was detected in a room and turn it off after a short delay when there was no more motion. The sensor paired immediately with Deconz and showed up in Home Assistant. It also reliably detected initial motion in rooms. The problem was that it wouldn’t detect further motion for several minutes…at least five…before resetting itself to be able to detect motion again. This was a major problem because lights would be turned off on people even though they were still in the room. I am confident it was the sensor and not my Node Red code because I was watching it in Deconz to see when it fired. I compared this with the Aqara motion sensors which worked beautifully with my combination of gear. I purchased and tested six sensors and they all behaved the same. You may have different results with different combinations of hardware and software.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Worked first.

    These sensors worked well initially. A little cumbersome to set up with an echo 4th gen. Once they were discovered, the first two worked VERY WELL. In fact, they’re so sensitive that they were responding as I was approaching the unit from the other side of the wall – pretty impressive and made the automations feel like magic!
    That is…until I added the 3rd and 4th unit. Each time a new device was added, I had to basically reset and rediscover them all, in the exact order I initially set them up in. This actually caused other devices in the blue mesh network to stop responding as well, which may have been unrelated… It was a huge pain in the ass and I wouldn’t recommend these for that reason alone.
    Unfortunately, it gets worse… After they were all set up and working perfectly, one or more devices would stop reporting motion data and get stuck in an idle state. After the 6th or 7th time resetting all 4 devices, getting them to all work, and then having one fail again, I decided to return them and swap for a cheaper, no-name brand that feels far more cheaply made – but are rock solid dependable…
    It is worth noting that, while I did not purchase the mini hub (not needed with echo 4,) I also have Linkind contact sensors which all work flawlessly. I’ve never had issues with them not responding or needing to reset them, so I don’t think this is a reflection of the linkind brand – I could be too new to home automation and they just didn’t work to my expectations.
    Gave it 5 starts for battery life since it uses a coin cell (and technically, mine would have lasted WAY longer than expected since they weren’t reporting motion data LOL)!

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    Does not work with Echo zigbee hub

    I can’t say how well thus sensor works. I purchased it to use with Amazon Echo 4th gen. Built in zigbee hub but was not able to get it to function.

    Verified Purchase

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  • Anonymous

    I received a defective unit

    Unfortunately, the last motion sensor I purchased from this brand was defective and did not work properly, It integrated perfectly with my echo but the readings gave problems, it detected movement but stayed in that state for days no matter what happened, It was tested in different locations, reset the device multiple times, followed manufacturer best practices, no matter what I do, I had the same result, sometimes it decided to work but for just 2-3 hours and then failed again but was random, I tested in a friend’s house just to be sure it was not something in my environment interfering with the signal, same behavior, I contacted vendor support and provide the information seeking for a workaround, they asked me for a few days to review the information I provided but since then I have no received a response (more than 20 days). it is a shame because I have other sensors from this brand and they works perfectly so I believe I had bad luck on get a defective one.
    Update: the problem happens when the motion sensor is connected directly with the echo, I got a linkind minihub and the sensors works as expected.

    Verified Purchase

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