Smart Light Switch TREATLIFE Dimmer Light Switch, 4 Pack, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Neutral Wire Needed, 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Schedule, Remote Control, Single Pole, FCC Listed

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Operation ModeON-OFF-ON
Current Rating3.3 Amps
Operating Voltage120 Volts
Contact TypeNormally Closed
Connector TypeScrew
  • Easy Installation: Neutral Wire is required, no hub needed, standard wall plate size, the smart switch supports up to 150W LED/CFL or 400W incandescent bulbs, Dimmable bulb only, 2.4G Wi-Fi only (NOT 5G), single-pole use only (NOT 3-way). Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the wiring process.
  • 0% – 100% Dimming: The smart dimmer switch can smoothly adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%, it meets the atmosphere needs of special moments in family life. Dim to a gentle glow to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your families. Brightness memory function will remember and turn back on to the last light setting when powered off.
  • APP & Voice Control: This led dimmer switch Controls the light from anywhere and anytime by the Smart Life/Treatlife App. Light Switch works with Alexa and Google Assistant. The dimmer switches are easy to control the light with a voice command when your hands are not free, ‘Alexa, turn on the bedroom light. ‘
  • Home Automation: Treatlife smart light switch creates schedules (timer or countdown) to automatically turn on and off the light based on everyday routines , It is great when you are on vacation to trick potential intruders. Also your family members can control the dimmer light switch by family sharing function.
  • Reliable use & Good Service: FCC Certified. Flame-retardant material and built-in overheat protection for added safety. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for user manual. Any unexpected quality issues, please contact us in time to activate your warranty service, we always stand behind our customers.
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Features and specification

Brand Smart devices brand

Integration Supported smart home integration

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Interface Smart device connectivity interface

Manufacturer Smart device manufacturer


Material Smart home device material


Wattage (W)

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?

Batteries Required?

Product Dimensions

‎3.3 x 4.84 x 1.57 inches


Switch Style

Mounting Type


‎A-USB Fan-0325-5

Controller Type


Item Weight

Control Method

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Operation Mode

Contact Type

Connector Type


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Connectivity Protocol

Frequently asked question

When the lighting schedule is set for on/off using the phone app, will the lights turn on/off if phones are turned off?

It’s cloud based. The schedule is not stored in the phone. But the internet has to be up for your home fir the device to talk to the cloud.

What is the wattage consumption when the smart dimmer is on standby? If I have 10 of these in my home, should I feel the energy cost?

No. Energy use in the off mode is very minimal.

Does these work with google nest wifi ? google wifi uses same ssid for 2.4 and 5 ghz

This will work just fine as long as you are broadcasting the 2.4ghz. I use Google wifi and have nearly two dozen of Treatlife switches. I do prefer to flash them with Tasmota and load into Home Assistant for better control and home automation rather than use their app but work on wifi all the same.

Can the switch control multiple LED lights, 4 or 6 bulbs on one dimmer switch ?

Depends if your lights are already on the same switch. Most dimmer switches allow 12-16 lights on a switch. Recessed lights that is.

3 reviews for Smart Light Switch TREATLIFE Dimmer Light Switch, 4 Pack, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Neutral Wire Needed, 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Schedule, Remote Control, Single Pole, FCC Listed


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  • Anonymous

    Treatlife, a real treat!

    which each have their own proprietary smart apps). Since my purchase and setup, Treatlife has come out with their own companion smart app. My comments on the app address only the Smart Life – Smart Living app by Volcano Technology Limited (which I believe is or was affiliated with Tuya Inc.). I’ve had good success with this app and don’t intend to change to the Treatlife app.
    Since these Treatlife smart Wi-Fi switches were my first smart home devices, my only control option initially was through the recommended Smart Life – Smart Living app. The app is easy to obtain (Google Play Store – look for the one by Volcano Technology) and walks you through initial setup. As I recall, your first step is to create & name a “home” within the App. Then you add smart devices that you want to control and there are a TON of categories (i.e., Electrical, Lighting, Sensors, Large Home Appliances, Small Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Exercise & Health, Security & Video Surveillance, Gateway Control, Energy, Entertainment, Industry & Agriculture, and “Others”). Each category has many device types. You want the Electrical category and either the Dimmer Switch device for this product or the Switch (Wi-Fi) device for the other Treatlife switches. Once your Treatlife switch is installed and the power is restored, just open the App, click on the plus (+) icon at the top, select the category & device as mentioned, and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to connect. It’s all very easy. You’ll add the device to your home in the App, choose a room (optional) and rename the device as desired. Organizing your home, rooms and devices in the app is all part of the fun!
    All your smart devices are listed upon opening the app and they are controlled from there. You may arrange the devices in any preferred order, and you may view devices by room. One of the best features is the Automation. Have a closet light that is left on habitually? Set up an automation to turn it off after a time delay. Tired of coming home from a long day at work only to see that nobody turned off the porch light and it’s been on needlessly during daylight hours? Simply set up an automation that turns it off every morning at sunrise. A few automations are shown in the pictures. I will say there are no app instructions that I could find, but playing around will yield results without too much difficulty. The most complex automation I’ve created so far (a lot of trial & error for this one) was auto dimming the Master Bath lights within a specific time period, with the additional conditions that the light could be brightened once turned on, but they would dim again upon turning them off. No more fumbling with the dimmer while groggy during nighttime business – just turn on the light with no worries of being blinded!
    Tap-to-Run is another type of automation feature I have only recently played around with in the app. Once set up, a single tap will operate multiple devices. We have a Tap-to-Run established that turns off all but one light in the common areas to establish “Movie Lighting.” Thus, the normal Automations run whenever the conditions are met and Tap-to-Run actions require user activation. However, when it comes to operation, whether single devices or multiple devices via Tap-to-Run, Alexa via a smart echo speaker is Queen!
    Alexa integrates seamlessly with the Smart Life – Smart Living app! Honestly, my opinion is that without a smart speaker a smart home isn’t all that smart. Alexa is the perfect choice for a home assistant. “Alexa, turn off the Family Room Light.” “Alexa, turn on Movie Lighting.” The Smart Life – Smart Living app is required to create Automations or add smart devices (Alexa recognizes the new devices the instant they are added). But once you have a smart speaker, the app will rarely be used to operate the Treatlife switches. Alexa adds additional functionality in another way: establishing device grouping. With groups established within the Alex app (not the Smart Life app) additional commands are available. “Alexa, turn off all the lights.” “Alexa, turn off the downstairs lights.” “Alexa, turn off the lights in the Living Room.” I set up Google Home and the Google Assistant just to try it out. It does integrate with the Smart Life – Smart Living app, but frankly, Alexa is superior to Google (however I won’t explain why here since it has nothing to do with these Treatlife switches).
    I highly recommend these Treatlife switches as a start to anyone’s smart home project. The convenience of having remote operation of all lights in the home cannot be overstated. Alexa, Treatlife and the Smart Life – Smart living app, a terrific trio!

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  • Anonymous

    Finaly, one that works..

    I tried 3 diff manufacturers and finaly I settled on this and its 3way version. I bought 6. Its easy to install and works as advertised. Make sure you install the 3way version on the line side and not the load (i.e, light) side. The software works but can improve on the usability features. I recommend this product.

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  • Anonymous

    For the price it's great!

    Getting smart switches was a spur of the moment idea. Originally I was looking for new ceiling lights and came across an LED dimmable one I liked. There were no dimmer switches in my house so I looked at those and saw smart switches. After a little research I opted to try the Treatlife SS02 series. They have not dissappointed, though I should add the caveat that I was not looking for top of the line. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I think.
    1.) Price – for 4 dimmer switches per box the price is very reasonable, there was also a coupon that made it that much better.
    2.) Installation – the switches were very easy to install for there part. My condo is from ’81 so I lucked out on having the correct wiring. However the wall box was a very tight fit because the wires in my home are very thick and difficult to position. That being the case the switch still went in like a champ. It was even easy to flip it around since I installed it upside down the first time.
    3.) Design – the +/- dimmer portion is very simple and responsiveness is great. Not sure why they chose 7 lights when there are in-betweens but it does the job. The main switch is just a on/off pressure switch but the light in the middle is great for finding the switch at night and its not so bright it keeps you awake.
    4.) Alexa – I have not used the app that the lights are designed to work with other than to setup Alexa. The Alexa integration is fairly flawless and once I actually read the setup instructions it was easy to do. The response time is slightly slower than using the switch directly, but that should be expected.
    1.) Delay – the delay between on/off is noticeable, which can be quite jarring if you are used to normal switches. The dimmer portion also has a delay but from what I’ve read that is true with most smart switches. This is only really a con because I feel people should be prepared for it so they don’t think something is wrong with the switch, like I did.
    2.) Setup – the instructions are clear and vague at the same time. To setup the wifi you need to make sure the light in the on/off button is flashing RAPIDLY. It seems to start with a lazy flash which caused me to despair until I read over the instructions again. After that you need to set it up in the default app and then give Alexa access through the Alexa app. I feel some steps could be explained better but after doing it once the rest are simple.
    3.) Color – this is me being a little petty but all my trim is off-white and I really wanted some color options other than glaringly bright white for the switches. I’m not removing rating for this, but if any other manufacturer had this same item in bone or antique white for a little more money I would have bought them instead.
    Overall I think these switches are great. I went in expecting middle of the line and got above that. At less that $20 a switch this purchase was definitely worth the money. If you’re looking for a smart dimmer that functions well and wont break thr bank I think this is definitely worth a try.

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